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My Chemical Romance Ch. 03

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“How do you feel?” I stopped my hands from where they were heading, down to my lightly-furred mound and caught Rita’s eyes in the mirror. “How does touching yourself make you feel?”

“It makes me feel good.”

“You know why I like to masturbate, Nikki? Because I can show myself how much I love myself when there’s no one else to do it for me.” I reflected on her words and thought about the times I’d cried myself to sleep, hearing her soft whimpers, knowing that she getting off and wishing that I was, too. “Come over here and sit down.”

I went over and joined her on her bed, sitting down on the opposite end and trying not to look as uncomfortable as I felt. I tried to cover my body as much as possible but Rita just laughed at me, shaking her head. In response, she propped herself up on the headboard, pulling her thick, muscular legs apart and showing me the white lace throat of her teddy.

“Spread your legs apart.”

I hesitated, my eyes glued to the thin layer of fabric that covered her brown crotch. She spread her legs and gave her mound a languid stroke. She watched bursa escort as I lowered my arms and made myself more comfortable on the end of the bed. Then I raised my knees and opened them wide, letting them slide down until my ankles were lying atop hers.

“Good girl.”

Rita closed her eyes and let her hands wander over her figure, tracing the soft, deep curves of her body. Blood suffused my face, bringing unwanted heat and my nipples tingled as they tightened into blood-filled buds. She reached up and slipped one strap over her shoulder, releasing one of her 38C-sized breasts and she gave it a healthy squeeze. Her fingers traced the pebbled skin of her nipple, rubbing it into hardness, then rolling it between them and a deep moan escaped her parted lips.

I couldn’t help echoing her and my hands began to roam across my own skin, squeezing my breasts together. I watched as she pushed her breast up and her hot mouth covered the nipple, sucking hard on it. God, I wished I could suck my own nipples! My pussy clutched as I kneaded my own nipples, pulling and pinching them. Her eyes bursa escort bayan opened and she gave me a sultry half-grin.

“Don’t just watch me, Nikki. Discover your own pleasure. Find out what you like.”

Her words made me feel like someone had unleashed me. I released one of my breasts, letting my hand slid over my quivering stomach and between my legs. That familiar feeling stole across me, the light-headedness returning as it had during the lecture and sweeping me off my feet and leaving me breathless in its wake. My fingers searched under the fleshy hood, finding the little pearl and I pressed my thumb hard against it.

I shouted as warm liquid flooded my pussy and my legs stiffened, rubbing against Rita’s. She gave me a smile and continued rubbing her own cunt, shoving her fingers deep into her hole. I shivered, massaging my clit and finally releasing it to part my thick lips. A thick, warm fluid met my fingertips and I smeared it all along my pussy lips, diving down and seeking more. I was rewarded with another fingerful and I used it to lube my way into my beckoning escort bursa hole.

“Oh, God!” My exclamation brought Rita’s eyes open and I looked over at her, noticing that two of her fingers were deep in her own honeypot and glistening with juices. The sensations that flowed through my body had me gasping for breath and a deep vibration began in the center of my spine, radiating through my belly and sending my pussy into a frenzy. I lengthened my strokes, going more from instinct than knowledge and found my special spot, a spot that made my toes curl and back arch each time I stroked across it.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I neared my orgasm, trembling with a combination of fear and anticipation and I dug deeper, panting as I came closer, closer, closer …

“Oh, yes!” Time stopped and I lost my hearing. All I heard was the pounding of my heart and the harsh rasp of my breath as the wave washed over me. My pussy flexed and squeezed, sending the sweetest feelings possible through my body. I was aware that Rita was also cumming but I couldn’t respond. I was overwhelmed and suddenly, very exhausted. I hadn’t realized that I’d passed out until I opened my eyes and Rita was hovering over me, gently stroking my cheek.

Her smile was brighter than the tea lights blazing around us. “Now you know the truth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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