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My dark fantasy .chapter 1

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My Darkest fetish

Are story starts with a horny slut of a sub who would do anything to fill his arse to the limit and anything to amuse the Mistress he visited .

This Mistress loved to see him used and degraded beyond belief for her amusmit and at hart were a deeply sadistic person that revelled in abuseing and destroying her willing playthings .

She had slowly imposed her wishes on this sub and had made him her cuckold and slave in the past and now a full time adult baby and shitty nappy licker and anal slut for her amusmit .

He craved deep down a utterly wrecked arsehole and to be left in adult nappies for the rest of his life for her amusmit and he hoped she left him so wicked that he shit his nappies every day with out even knowing it .

But deep down he had much darker fetish”s ones he had never told anyone about but somehow this Mistress knows one of his most humiliating “he wants to be used by a horse ” for her at first he were shocked that anyone had worked it out .

But she knows him better then anyone he though and knows how sick he is and the level of degradation he needs in his life .

So over the next months she made soure to tease him with her body and and mind and slowly make him ready for what’s to come by making him a dribbling idiot who would do anything to get to cum.

And every time she fucked his lose and huge arse she would tell him to think about a horse fucking it about being taken up the arse by a stallion and having his cave bahis firmaları of a arse filled by hot horse spunk for her every time he would cum in seconds and wish for it to happen .

After meny months of this she though it were time for the real thing so the Mistress had him come visit her little did he know what we’re about to happen she had arranged for a horse to fuck him for her she had picked one with a huge cock but just about still safe for him to take up his arse with out killing him .

She could always get that to happen down the line of she wanted it in a evil though

So he arrived and seen the Mistress dressed stunningly as always in latex and with a smile on her face he smiled back little did he know .

She had him strip for her then he sub were blindfolded and put on a collar and lead bent over and a horse tail buttplug up his arse before she came up behind him and whispered that they were going on a trip as she lead him by his lead to her car outside in the darkness .

Blindfolded he felt himself being put on the back seat and being told to lay on all 4″s and relax

After what felt like a age of driving his Mistress stopped the car and got out and garbled is collar and pulled him out of the back he tryed to stand put she kicked him hard in the balls putting him on the floor and told him that he belonged on all 4″s and she wanted him to crawl for her .

He felt the hard gravel drive below him as he crawled as she lead him to the stables all the time with kaçak iddaa massive evil smile on her face . She stopped outside the stable door and put her heals up to the subs mouth “lick then clean bitch ” she says looking down as the sub licks the mud dirt and horse shit that had coved them off .

And thinks his Mistress for the privilege as he gags and chockes on the filth he is licking off them .

Now dragging him inside she leads him over to beside the stallion she had fond and whispers to him “I know how much you want this bitch ” before ripping off his blindfold .

Before him he see”s a wonderful black horse a stallion and the massive cock hanging between is legs I stand there shocked mouth open as you tease me by staying “this the horse that’s going to fuck you slut “.

You push me down on to my knees and tell me to “get under him now slut ” I make my way under the massive imposeing stallion and face you all I here you say is “wank that horse cock for me ” I slowy rap my hands around it and start to rub it with my hands .

I can feel it harden in my hands and start to work it faster as you stand there looking on .

Faster and faster I pump on the horses cock and try to make it spunk on my face suddenly you say “stop get on all 4s now and lube up that fuck hole ” I drop down on all 4″s and fell lube fill the outer rim of my arse and rub it in .

I feel the horse line it self up with my fuck hole and slowy start to feel is cock on my arse cheeks I look over to you as kaçak bahis I fell it enter my arse with is 15 inch cock and is sore but I do it because im your slut .

I look at you as the horse starts to bottom out in my sluty arse and as it pulls back as I slam back on it and cry out in Paine as I feel it slit me in two with is cock .

You look on telling me that I’m just a pace of trash that’s only use in life is getting fucked for you .

I push back harder and faster as you say this milking the horses cock with my arse as it pumps me faster as I feel is massive cock deeply inside me .

I see you filming me with this horse cock deep inside me and smiling and tell me to wank my tiny clit for you as I’m getting fucked .

I start to wank my tiny clit as I feel the horse start to pond my wracked arse hard I start to spunk as you say that this is were I belong and I’m noting but your horse cock slut .

I feel that stallions cock start to stiffen inside me I know that is about to fill me with hot horse spunk as it starts to fill me arse with is white spunk as it ponds me still .

He slowy pulls out as I pull myself away form his flaccid yet still massive cock I sit there spent as I here the horse being lead away as you video the spunk flowing out of my arse blood along with it .

You stand over me and ask me what I’m … I’m your horse spunk cumdump and anal slut with a wrecked arse .

You smile to yourself and tell me ” if you ever let me down this video will be going online with you full name address and will be sent to every one you know ” and I’m might just post it to amuse myself slut .

The end

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