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My Enjoyment with My Mom Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

As mentioned in my previous story, I started groping my mom during her afternoon sleep. It started with squeezing her boobs over her saree and blouse, next by moving her saree aside and squeezing her boobs over her blouse and finally opening her blouse hooks, squeezing the naked boobs and nipples.

Then after few months, while staying awake for longer hours I found that my mom sleeps only with saree and without blouse and petticoat. I started touching her back and boobs initially. Then started removing her saree end, make her topless and play with her boobs. Finally started smooching and sucking and licking her boobs and back. It was in the 2nd half of 90’s where internet was something that didn’t know at all.

So many holidays and no tensions. I was getting some nice pocket money. I got introduced to watching x-rated movies. Started with b grade movies where only smooching and groping and tight hugging happen.

I was continuing both my daytime activities and night time activities in the holidays. Wanted to try tight hugging at home as in b-grade movie. Didn’t know how as my mom and I used to sleep on different cots. Then I got an idea.

I complained to my mother that the cot on which I slept is not not enough in length for me as I grew taller. She told that she’ll ask my father for a new cot for me. I told I don’t need a new cot and will sleep on the floor with a mattress. She tried convincing me and I told many reasons such as bigger cot will make the room congested etc and all and she got convinced.

Then she told me that she will also sleep on floor with me as she didn’t want me alone to be sleeping on floor. I expected this and was hoping for this. I acted like I don’t want her to have the trouble of sleeping down for my sake. She told it’s not a big deal. I was very happy from inside.

That evening, I was holding a novel and waiting for her to come to sleep. She came in wearing just a parrot green saree. I got a whiff of the soap smell and my dick got very hard. Some tension feeling in my stomach with some anticipation.

While trying to sit on the mattress, she has bent forward. Her saree loose end hung forward and I was able to see both her boobs hanging. It was an awesome yalova escort view and my dick got even harder.

She sat beside me, asking me what I was reading. I replied and after few minutes of chit chat she fell asleep. I immediately threw away the book and switched off the lights. She was sleeping on her back. I pulled out her saree end from her back and made her topless.

I was very close to her, bent over her and started sucking her boobs and nipples. After few minutes, I moved even closer and laid one leg on her. Now my thigh is on her thighs. I wrapped my arm around her and was trying to touch her as much as possible.

In this position, I saw that my dick is touching her on the side of her thigh. I started rubbing my erection against her while I was sucking her boobs. This took my mood to peaks and I have cummed immediately.

I controlled my sleep and continued kissing and sucking. She then stirred a bit and turned towards me. I slid down a bit and took her boob more into my mouth. I got a bit carried away and was sucking vigorously while I was rubbing my again erected dick against her.

She started stirring a bit more. So immediately stopped and put back her saree end and acted as if I was sleeping but watching with my eyes slightly open. She woke up after few seconds. I was tensed thinking that she might have understood my activities.

She sat, removed her saree end and was touching her boobs. Maybe she got some sensation when I sucked her boobs vigorously. She did so for few seconds, put back her saree end, drank some water and slept. I was relaxed a bit but didn’t want to proceed any more and slept off.

Next day after waking, I was checking her behaviour. She was quite normal and I was now relaxed completely, but decided not to get carried away.

That night I wantedly laid down as if I was asleep before my mom’s work was done. She asked me why I am sleeping early. I told that I was feeling too tired and sleepy. She told ok and told that she’ll wrap up her work and come to sleep after bath. I told ok.

As soon as she went to bath, I went to the window to peep and got erected. I acted like I was asleep by the time she came. Since I was the one who usually switches yalova escort bayan off the lights, she forgot and laid beside me without switching off the lights and fell asleep with in few minutes.

I sat up and was looking at her. She was sleeping on her side with her back towards me. It was a different experience looking at her back in light. I threw off her saree end and it was so sexy. I immediately moved closer to her, put one leg on her and hugged her from behind.

My dick started touching her ass and my chest was touching her naked back. That feeling was too good. I put my hand around her and was squeezing her boob while rubbing my erection against her ass slowly. I cummed in few minutes but I continued.

Then I got an idea and wanted her naked flesh on my naked flesh. I removed my t shirt and again hugged her from behind. My dick has become too hard again though I have cummed few minutes back. Skin on skin feeling was like heaven.

I wanted to feel her boobs on my skin. So I caught hold of her shoulder and pulled her slightly towards me. In few minutes she was on her other side facing me. I again put my leg on her and hugged from front. The moment her naked boobs touched my chest, it was too good for me and I cummed again. I have set her saree end right and slept off.

Next day I went to watch another x-rated movie. It was normal but in the middle they added some clips which include vague shots of fucking. I got some understanding about fucking and all though I already had some vague idea. Now new ideas were running around in my mind.

That night after she slept, I immediately removed my t shirt, threw off her saree end. First time I wanted to kiss my mom on her lips. I leaned on her, her boobs pressing against my chest and my dick touching her hips. I put my lips on her lips and gave a small kiss. That’s it. I blasted off in my lungi.

I waited few minutes for my heart to beat normally. I again leaned on her and kept on giving lip kisses while I was squeezing her boobs with hand. She then turned towards me and it became even easier kissing her and squeeze her boobs simultaneously.

I never knew lip kiss to be so good. Remembered the bits in the b-grade movie escort yalova and lifted her saree upto her knees. When trying to pull even higher, it got stuck under the weight of her legs as she was sleeping towards me.

I softly pushed her on her shoulder and she turned to her other side. It became easy for me to now pull up her saree. I was feeling the back of her thighs. I now slid down near to her ass and thighs. I could see her naked thighs from behind and touching them to feel them. Since it was dark, it was not that clear. I was kissing her naked thighs and then her ass under the saree.

I wanted to see her pussy. I pulled her slightly so that she is on her back. I lifted her saree completely, but couldn’t get a clear picture. I just touched it with my palm. Felt smooth and assumed that she maintains a shaved pussy. I got an idea to watch her pussy clearly the next day. So adjusted her saree and slept off.

Next day again I slept early than her with an anticipation that she forgets to switch off the lights. As expected she slept with the lights on. As soon as I confirmed that she is asleep, I first removed my t shirt, then made her topless and lifted her saree until her knees.

I waited patiently, squeezing her boobs and sucking them based on her sleeping position. On the whole in sometime I lifted her saree completely. I moved closer to her pussy and was looking at it keenly interested. I found it clean with slight darker shade. I didn’t understand how exactly to fuck as I didn’t see any hardcore fucking movie clips.

I touched it with my hand, rubbing it. I felt like touching her with my naked cock. I opened my lungi, touched her with my naked dick and was rubbing with it. When she was on her back, I took a very daring step.

I switched off the lights, removed my lungi also and came above my mom carefully without touching her. I put my arms on both sides of her chest and legs on both sides of her legs. Then as if doing pushups I slowly lowered myself on her.

Lowered myself very slightly enough for my chest to touch her boobs and my dick to touch her thighs. I stayed in that position for some time and slightly kissed her on her lips. Moved my dick ever slowly until I cummed on her thighs.

I got off and cleaned the cum with my lungi, wore my lungi and adjusted her saree. I continued in this way all through the holidays until I joined my +1. Later with few more incidents took it to another level.

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