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My First Erotic Wrestling Match

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Big Dick

I was living in L.A. and had just lost 120 pounds. Everyone was thin in L.A. and I took a year to get into the best shape of my life. Weight training, basketball and running did the trick. I was 6’1″ 175 pounds of muscle. I had only a little success with women when I was heavy and now I was ready to mingle.

One night in a bar in Redondo Beach I met a beautiful girl named Kathy who was the sister of a guy I played basketball with. She was shapely and toned. I found out later she was 5’10” 165 pounds with full C breasts and a real blonde. We hit it off and we had sex that night at my apartment. It was mind blowing. She was in amazing shape and milked me from the top position like no other woman I had ever been with. We started seeing each other on a regular basis. This was the 1980s and Kathy taught 6 to 8 exercise classes a day at a high end health club in Torrance. We became close and I could not believe this goddess was sleeping with me.

After about a month Kathy said she had something to ask me. After she made me cum three times we were in bed and she looked at me with a very serious look. She told me she had a secret to tell me. I was sort of nervous as I had no idea what was coming. Kathy then began to tell me that she loved to wrestle men. I stammered something and she laughed. She told me that nothing turned her on like wrestling and she wanted to wrestle with me. I got hard immediately. Kathy did pendik escort not know I used to get off watching women pro wrestling shows. This was almost too much for me. I thought my heart would explode.

I told her how much that would turn me on too. She kissed me deeply and told me she was so glad I was into it. She then said she wanted to wrestle me with some rules and explained she liked sexual domination wrestling. She went on to explain that she wanted to wrestle me in a first to orgasm loses match where holds were used to immobilize and get the other wrestler off. The loser would be the winner’s sex slave for the weekend. now I thought I would stroke out I was so turned on. I agreed immediately and we made passionate love for the next few hours. Friday could not cum soon enough.

On Friday night I had cleared out my living room completely and put down several blankets for our wrestling area. Kathy came out of the bedroom nude and I stripped. She came up to me and kissed me deeply while working my cock and I was already losing. She then put me in a headlock and hip tossed me to the ground. I was a bit stunned by the quickness of her move and before I could react she dove on top of me and secured one arm between her legs and although I resisted she got my other arm trapped by my head. As strong as I was Kathy was just a s strong. This left her with her mouth and hand free to work me over. I felt maltepe escort her lightly scratching my body all over while attacking my neck and ear with her mouth and tongue. I was rock hard (6 inches and very thick) and moaning.

I could not believe she had me so helpless so quickly. She took her time and worked my nipples and body over and over until my cock was dancing and already producing a ton of pre cum. I tried to get away but it was useless. Then she laughed and told me that now she was going for the win. Her hand wrapped around my cock and she started to jack me off. Then to add to my problems she went back to working my neck and ear which was driving me insane. I thought my only chance is to just relax and try to get away at the last minute before I came. Kathy used her hand like the expert she was and I was getting close and she knew it. She leaned over to get a better view and I saw my chance. I heaved with all I had and she flew off of me. I rolled with her and got her in a half nelson with me behind her. I reached around and started to knead her tit and she rewarded me with a groan.

I was on my knees and transitioned the nelson to a modified sleeper that was keeping her where she was. I started talking trash and working her neck and ear with my mouth and tongue. I told her I was going to fuck her in the ass after I made her cum. She started swearing at me and trying to get away kartal escort but I had the hold locked in. I reached down and started to finger her pussy and clit. Kathy was soaked and I immediately got two fingers deep into her. She was now almost purring and I was working her as hard and fast as I could. I was fucking her ear with my tongue and working her pussy hard. I could tell she was going to cum. She started to beg me to stop.

“Please I’ve never lost to a guy. No more, no more!” I just penetrated her deeper and started to give her neck a real sucking, I left several love bites on her neck. Then it was over. Kathy screamed “I’m cumming nooooooooo” She came for about a minute and she told me later she had a very rare multiple orgasm. As she settled down after her orgasms I was amazed I had won. Kathy was mine to command. I got some lube we had put in a corner and after getting her ready fucked her in the ass for the first time. I came a ton and watched it drip down her leg when she got up. I made her clean my cock off with her mouth and I must have cum 6 more times that weekend. I was hooked and have been all my life since.

I wish I could say I won all my matches, or even most of them, with Kathy. However she won three for every one I won. She loved to sexually humiliate me after a win. I had to eat her ass out for hours and I had to walk around the apartment naked all weekend. We saw each other for over a year until she took a job in Japan and I saw her only a couple of times after that. I have gotten into sex wrestling with women and men and it is still the ultimate turn on for me. I will always remember my first match and how it changed my life.

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