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My First Guy in the Park

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Briefly this is me, I’m 24, 5’5″ and 126lbs. My hair is long dark brown and my complexion is natural tan from my native heritage. I’ve been a crossdresser ever since I was born. Period.

Now that I live on my own I have all sorts of outfits, makeups, shoes, breast forms and toys.

I just have one thing I have never done. I’ve never been with a man. I’ve fantasized about it and have even taken out ads on Craigslist but nothing ever happened.

So anyway this is what happened to me that changed everything. It began that spring/summer. I would go to Ridge Pond State Park, find a secluded place and sunbathe totally nude. Then I’d walk back to my car in short shorts, tank top or tshirt and converse. I always wore a thong or bikini panties. Occasionally I’d also wear a bra and tan breast forms.

Rarely did I encounter ppl. Although this is a gay pick up Park most of those guys bypassed me even a second glance because I looked like a girl.

Then one day I drove out to the park wearing white cutoff short shorts, white converse, white lace bikini panties and grey crop top that showed plenty of midriff. I also had a belly button ring.

I pulled in and noticed a silver Mercedes parked where I usually park. Not too perturbed I parked next to it. There was a man in the car, military hair cut and dark sunglasses. Not too bad looking. I guessed in his forties.

I had brought a book and was going to walk down a trail to a small pavilion deep in the woods. Smoke a little weed and enjoy my book. antalya escort

I got out of my Honda Civic and grabbed my little backpack and headed down the trail. The hike takes about 15 minutes. Even if I encountered people they usually said hi and kept going. Even straight people thought I was a girl. I liked that. But I never wanted to hook up with a straight guy. Too much drama there.

I arrived at the pavilion just about the time it started to drizzle. I got water out, my book and a bowl. I looked around to see if the coast was clear. And oh my God that guy from the Mercedes was walking toward me, more like jogging as the drizzle started to downpour. He laughed as he ran under cover of my pavilion. Yes, mine!!

“I’m sorry, do you mind?” He asked politely.

“Uh, no. Not at all,” I was a little nervous.

“Thank you. What’s your name?”


“Hi, my name is Frank. Pleased to meet you.”

I shook his extended hand.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

I shook my head.

“Well, you are a boy right? I don’t mean to offend I’m just asking so I don’t embarrass each other.”

Well this was a first. “Yes, I am. Are you okay with that?”

“Oh yes, very okay with that!” He smiled. “You are passable for a young lady. Do you realize that?”

“Thank you,” I said sheepishly, “that’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in a long time.”

“Do you mind if I sit with you?”

“Please do.” I said politely.

Frank lara escort sat close but not too close. We talked awhile about nothing in particular just chitchat. He did ask if I was seeing anyone which I wasn’t. He told me he was single again after 5 years with a lover. Actually he was pretty lonely.

Somehow the conversation switched and got a little more personal. In to which I explained I am a virgin. I had been with a girl but never been with a man as a girl.

His ex was a crossdresser. He made a point to tell me several times he didn’t look anything like me.

Would I consider having dinner with him? If so he’d either cook for me or take me out. Whatever I chose.

I accepted his invite. But honestly, with this tall rugged man I wanted more. And I wanted it now.

I got up and walked, more strutted across the pavilion and back just looking around. The rain was easing up. I sat back down, closer to him now.

I noticed a rather large bulge in his pants. I looked up into his dark gray eyes. He smiled back and sighed deeply, “you are sexy, Toni.”

“Thank you.” I touched his leg. “I’m a virgin but I’m not naive. Would you like a preview before dinner?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Can I see it?” I motioned toward his crotch.

Frank looked around then back at me before he unbuckled his belt, then his pants, and pulled his boxers down. What he pulled out was bigger than mine, and he wasn’t even that hard. It was so pretty. I was amazed. side escort

“Do you want to touch it?” He asked whispering.

I nodded still staring at it. I reached down and touched his cock. It was so soft and bigger than my hand. I rubbed him gently. He moaned quietly.

It didn’t take long before he grew longer, at least eight inches and not to thick. He was cut, the head a purple velvet color with a vein coming up the side. I wanted to taste him. I wanted him in my mouth.

I bent forward and kissed the head with my wet lips. My tongue licking just around the head.

I must admit I’ve seen this a million times on porn.

I opened my mouth a little more and took the head in, tasting his precum. I did this for several moments enjoying his smell and taste. I was intoxicated with lust over his manhood.

At last I began down his now rock hard shaft. He was moaning, his hand was in the back of my head. I took him inch by inch until my nose was touching his belly and his cock was down my throat. He moaned again as I twirled my tongue under his cock and licking his balls with him all the way in my mouth. This was my joy!! I had found my place at last!!

“Ohhhhh-sh-shi-shiiiiit I’m com-ing…”

I felt his ballsack tighten, his legs stiffen and then he shot his load straight down my throat. I quickly pulled back wanting to taste his juice in my mouth. Hot load after hot load shot into my mouth and I savored every drop until he finished. I held him in my mouth until he was done then gently released him and sitting back up again.

I smiled at him and he leaned in and kissed me. We kissed gently for a few seconds then sat up again.

I looked at him cutely, “Still wanna have dinner with me?”

“Oh yes Baby, yes I do!”

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