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My ‘First Time’ with a Pro

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It was 2.30 on a hot Sunday afternoon. I decide to cool off in the adult entertainment center. I bought a ticket and entered a cool, dark room. It was half filled with guys watching a porno flick. The same as usual, sucking, fucking, and lots of moans. Then after some time a lady came in a police officer’s costume and started stripping in the aisle to some loud music. The guy who sold the tickets was selling coupons for a lap dance by the lady. I bought some and called the lady over.

She was skinny with pert little breasts and she gyrated in front of me with her breasts in my face and moving her thong covered pussy over my thigh. After she finished, she did a couple of guys more and left. The movie started again. Now I was really hot. I went upstairs to the peep show and bought some coins and entered one of the booths. It smelt of dried cum. It had a tissue dispenser and a huge bin, overflowing with tissues. I put the coins in and a lady (maybe mid 40’s) with sagging breasts and a shaven pussy came to my window and started fucking herself with a slim pink dildo.

I took out my semi-hard dick and started wanking myself off. Suddenly the window shut. I fed it the last of my coins and the lady was there in front of me again. She came to my window, put a leg on the ledge on her escort ataşehir side and spread her pussy lips. She rubbed a finger along her slit, which was enough for me to go over the edge, I came in spurts. I took a tissue and wiped myself. The window had already closed. Even though I had come, I felt unsatisfied. I needed to touch some pussy and feel a woman’s flesh next to me.

I walked downstairs and asked the guy selling tickets whether he knew of any massage parlors around that area (you know, the rub and tug joints), he told me of a place where I could have real sex. He also gave me a coupon for a discount and I caught a cab to the address. Getting there, I found myself climbing the stairs and ringing the doorbell. A lady in her late forties-early fifties opened the door. She was dressed very conservatively in a skirt and a blouse and a sweater. She welcomed me and took me directly to a room and asked me to sit down and mentioned that she would be sending in the girls one by one and that I should select according to my taste.

The first girl entered, young and skinny, she told me that she would cater to all my interests, then came the blonde, tall, big boobs, endless legs, my dream come true, she introduced herself and lightly blew in my ear. After that came kadıköy escort in an Asian with big boobs, she said that she doesn’t mind doing anal too. I was out of my mind. Then entered the lady who was in charge and asked me which one would I prefer. I was pretty nervous as it was my first time and I told her that, I mentioned the blonde and gave her the money and the discount coupon. She told me not to worry and that it was going to be fine. She sent in the blonde who led me downstairs to another room with a Jacuzzi.

The room was all red in color, a very good atmosphere. The blonde was very aloof, we made small talk, she was wearing a silk chemise with a white thong. She asked whether I would like to get into the Jacuzzi for some time, and I nodded my approval, being too dry mouthed to answer. She asked me to remove my clothes; I did so, to see that she was already in the water. I followed suit and we sat facing each other, then after some time we moved to the circular bed.

She made me lie down, she had a beautiful body, firm breasts with rosy nipples, and a lovely pussy with a thatch of blonde hair on top. I was rock hard by then. She then caressed me and took a condom rolled it on my dick with her mouth. My, she had talent and she started sucking like there maltepe escort bayan was no tomorrow. I couldn’t hold myself any longer and I came hard.

She looked up at me and was annoyed that I couldn’t hold any longer. I just smiled sheepishly. She removed that condom and threw it away and rolled on another using the same technique and started blowing me, trying to make me hard. I was semi hard, but being excited as I was, I came again, I was so embarrassed, she said that she couldn’t make me hard enough for me to enter her and that she would try one last time. She got another condom and rolled it on my dick and took me in her mouth again. This time I was hard and she made me get up, she lay on the bed with her legs wide open and told me to get in her.

I inserted my dick in her, but somehow the positioning didn’t seem right, she was pissed off and she exclaimed as to what I was doing and I asked her to get on top of me. She then straddled me and started moving up and down, I touched her breasts and she asked me to go easy, in the end, I just lay there and let her do her job. After some time, I came and she rolled off me with a sigh and got up. I got up, dressed while she dressed too. She then comes to me with a smile and leads me to the door.

I say that I’m sorry that I did not perform well since this was my first time. She says that it was ok, since this was the first time I was ever paying for sex. I tell her that too and it was my “first time”. She looks at me in disbelief. I smile feebly and walk away having lost my virginity…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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