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My Four Women Ch. 01

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The following story is based on friendship with benefits that I have developed through work. All of the women are women that I have worked with and they take place over a period of ten years. One of them ended up helping me get out of a very bad marriage.


NANCY She is a forty year old women who is almost amazonian. She is tall, slender with a set of breast that match her body almost perfectly. She has long brunette hair and legs that would wrap around my body twice. Her lips are puffy and full and she always wears a dark red lipstick. Just looking at her makes thank God that her paid special attention when he made her.

The first women that I was with goes by the name of Nancy. She worked in the office of the hospital that I worked at. I, first met her when I had won a raffle that had given me a gift certificate for a dinner at a local restaurant. At the time I was married but it was a bad marriage, and I knew that some day I would have to do something about it. I told her that I would need someone to come with me and I asked her if she would like to join me. She said that she would love to. We made a date for about a week later. My wife was out of town, and I just needed some company. She (as I found out later was divorced and was too in need of some company.)

I spoke to her the day of the date, and told her that I would pick her up at 6 pm. But she asked if we could wait until seven. I told her that was not a problem.

At dinner we talked generalities for the first little while, and then I ended up telling her about the problems in my marriage. She said “why don’t you dump the bitch.”

I said “That because she is well liked by my family, I would be pushed out of the family and cut out of my fathers will.”

She said ” What is more important? Your happiness or your families opinion.”

I kind of shrugged my shoulders, and we went on to other topics. As we were leaving, Nancy asked if we could go somewhere and have a couple of drinks. I was starting to warm up to her, and I thought that it might be a good idea to help me just feel better about my self.

We went to a lounge about ten minutes pendik escort from the restaurant and we found a table off in the corner. We talked about generalities until we got our drinks. After the waitress left Nancy started to talk to me about my marriage.

We talked back and forth and I started to realize that I had to do something about my marriage, and she finally said “you have to get out of that marriage before it destroys you.” I agreed.

We left the subject then, and then a small band came up and started to play some nice quiet music. The lounge had a small dance floor, and we went up to dance. We danced to about three songs, and then went to sit down for another drink. The evening just flew by and after about four more drinks and a dozen more dances we had to leave as the place was closing.

I said ” I guess I should take you home.”

She replied “Yeah I guess you better.”

We got into my car and we headed for her place. When we got there I got out to walk her into the house. When we got to the front door, she said “Come in for a drink before you go home.”

I thought why not and went in.

I didn’t expect what was coming next. After we got in the door, and had hung up our jackets, she turned to me and pulled me into a hug. The hug felt wonderful and soon she had pushed me up against the wall. She looked at me and started a kiss that was gentle but instant. I started to respond to her and we were soon locked in a kiss that was passionate, heated, and amazingly erotic.

After we finished kissing, she led me up stairs to her bedroom. I didn’t need to be egged on. When we got into the bedroom we hugged again and kissed. We were soon ripping each others clothes off, and were soon falling on the bed. We started to stroke and kiss and we were getting very turned on.

She said “Make love to me and treat me like the slut that I want to be.”

I moved her up on the bed and started to kiss her and stroke her body. She was responding and she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I started to work my way down her body to her breast and was soon consumed in sucking and nibbling on them.

She maltepe escort said” God I need you to fuck me.”

I said “I plan on it but there is more that I am going to do to you.” With that I kissed my way down to her pussy. I started to kiss her slit and lick up and down. Soon her button had come out and I started to suck and nibble on it.

She started to moan and called out “God oh God I am going to cum.” I stopped eating her and she whimpered for me to continue. I started back at it and soon she was orgasaming very hard and violently. She came for about 30 seconds and soon was starting to come down. I started to eat her again and she was crying for me to fuck her. I kept going and soon she came again. By this time the bed had a fairly large wet spot on it. I started to nibble my way back up to her face and she said, ” That was absolutely amazing.”

I kissed her for about ten minutes and she finally rolled me over on my back and she didn’t even bother kissing her way down to my cock. She just went down and sucked me into her mouth. She didn’t stop just in her mouth but took me right down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down and was working her throat muscles so that they were clamping down on my cock. It didn’t take long and I felt my balls starting to boil and I blew a load into her mouth. She kept a little in her mouth so that she could taste it and then came up and started to kiss me.

She stroked me until I got hard, and then said to me “Slam that cock into me and fuck me until I pass out.”

I rolled her on her back and started to fuck her. She soon was bucking and meeting my strokes with her hips. I started to slam into her and she started to scream “God fuck me hard, fuck me long, make me cum, make me cummmmmmmmmmm.”

She started to cum, and she bucked and pitched and almost threw me off her. When she came down, she had a look on her face of total ecstasy. She said” God do that again and blow your load in me, I want to feel your cum in me, I want to feel it running out of me.”

I started to stroke again, and soon she was getting ready for another orgasm. I was now ready kartal escort to blow again. She started to cum again and that was enough to finish me, and I blew a load into her cunt. After she came down she used her cunt muscles to massage my cock and soon had me hard as a rock again.

She said “God I want more. I want you to fuck me until I hurt so much that I can’t fuck anymore. I want to feel you in me all night and I want to be walking bow legged when you are finished.” I just started to fuck her as hard as I could and she came about four more times.

When I could no longer fuck her because of exhaustion, I rolled of her and laid down beside her. She said that she still wanted more. And to make her point, she straddled me and took my cock into her and rode me hard. She came again and then finally said that she felt that she had had enough.

When she laid down beside me, she said “stay the night, I want you in the morning.”

I said ” that would be a good idea, as I am so tired now that I don’t think I could drive home safely.”

We fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up in the morning with her giving me head again and trying to get me hard, It took awhile, but I got hard and she started to ride me again.

She got her self off again and then she said to me ” Do my ass, and do it hard.”

I got her on all fours and used her pussy juice to lube up her ass hole. I started to push into her and she pushed back and I just rammed into her. She was moaning almost instantly and I started ram her ass. She started to scream ” God fuck it hard, make it sore, Shoot your seed into my aching asshole, make me your ass bitch, I want you to take me as hard as you can.” I just rammed into her ass and soon blew a load that actually hurt when it was coming out.

After I got soft, and came out of her ass, she rolled over and said “I am your ass bitch now and my ass, and pussy are yours to use and abuse any time you want.”

She continued, “I will fuck you and suck you and take you anywhere you want, anytime you want and anyway you want. I want your cock in me as often as I can. I am your slut and will never go with anyone else.”

I told her that I would hold her to her word, and that I might bring some other things into the play.

Because of the affair that we had for about a year, I ended my marriage, and started to live my life all over again.

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