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My Friend’s Daughter: Kristin Pt. 02

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Continued from Part 1. Please read that first then come on back!

Kristin and I had slept together for the first time yesterday, meaning we’d fucked. We had slept in the same bed a few times but yesterday was the first time I’d really had her. And when we were done, I had her again. I woke up bright and early the next day and the sunlight was streaming into my room giving everything a warm, beautiful tone, including my lover’s face. Her long, blonde hair fell about her shoulders and I looked at her with yearning.

We had decided to give into our feelings of love and lust and pursue a relationship, despite two major obstacles. The first problem was that she was 20 years old and I was more than twice her age. The second and more complicated issue was that I had known her parents Bill and Kate since before Kristin was born, and they remained my best friends. The friendship went beyond normal acquaintance, they were my family, which is part of the reason I had been wracked with guilt and worry all through my wonderful courtship with Kristin over the last few months.

But love conquers all, or so we hoped. All these thoughts, mixed with the fresh memories of our love making raced through my mind as I watched my girl sleep. My heart swelled for her, and I vowed that no matter what happened, I would put her needs and feelings first and try to protect her from hurt. I left her to her slumber, quietly got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast and coffee.

I had started the coffee maker, cut some bread for toast and put out a little selection of jams and jellies for her delectation, when I heard footsteps approach from behind. I pretended not to notice and let her come to me. I had my back to her as I felt her body against mine and her arms wrap around me. I was only wearing briefs and it felt like she wasn’t wearing much more as her nipples brushed against my back. I felt a surge of electricity run through me as her skin rubbed against mine. Her hands wandered over my shoulders and chest and she whispered in my ear, “Hi, baby.”

I melted with her touch and put my head back on her shoulder. She was wearing one of my shirts but it was unbuttoned in the front. My hand dropped down and found her thigh which was circling around my leg. “Hello, sweet love,” I whispered back. Her hand moved down my body, cupped the lump in my briefs and gave me a squeeze.

“Mmmmmmm,” she uttered softly in my ear and I inhaled sharply at her touch. She continued playing with my cock and balls through my briefs and I let the sensation wash over me as she pushed her breasts into my back. The thought crossed my mind as to what I had done to deserve this perfect moment of peace and ecstasy, but couldn’t form the words to speak. “Sir, I do believe you have an erection,” she whispered in my ear playfully. I just groaned in reply. I felt her hand pull down my briefs and I understood that she wanted some play time before breakfast.

“Hungry, baby?” I asked her with a tease in my voice.

“You could say that,” she replied as our lips met. I turned around and our bodies collided. She was naked under my big shirt and the loose clothing only accentuated her curves and the feel of her soft skin. I put my hand on her waist as she removed my only piece of clothing. “You’re so hot, Mr. Bailey,” she whispered with some urgency through our kiss. She pulled my cock towards her pussy lips and started rubbing me against her. We both giggled and groaned.

I flipped us around so she was against the counter, then turned her so she was facing away from me and I could enter her from behind. “Mr. Bailey!” she said with mock offense as I pushed my cock between her legs and teased her box.

“Want this before breakfast, sweetheart?” I asked her. I didn’t want to be presumptuous.

“Stick that cock in me right now, Mister,” she ordered breathlessly as I gave her my tip. She lifted one leg on the counter spilling a pot of strawberry preserve. I dipped my finger in the jelly and fed it to her as I penetrated her sweet young flesh with my hard cock. “Oh yeah, babe, give it to me…mouth and pussy…do it,” she told me as I fucked her. I took more jam and fed it to her. She sucked on my sticky fingers and I held her around the waist as I drove my cock deeper into her.

I soon forgot all about the strawberry jelly as I felt the cum rise in my cock. I started ramming her hard and I was quickly past the point of no return. “Don’t come yet, babe,” she asked me but it was too late. I grabbed her round the waist and exploded inside her.

“Sorry, honey, I…”

She turned her head and kissed me. “It’s OK, I understand I’m too hot to resist,” she said and laughed.

“I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”

“I know you will,” she said with a smile, turned around and sat on the counter. She took some of the strawberry jelly, spread it on her little strip of soft pubic hair and opened her legs. I knew what I had to do. I licked at her greedily and she caressed my hair in appreciation. It wasn’t long before pendik escort the jelly was gone, her juices were flowing and she was bucking her hips as waves of pleasure washed over her. I furiously licked at her clit as she moaned and groaned. “Oh fuck yeah…oh…uh…” she said as her voice rose in pitch and volume and she started to come. I would never, ever get tired of making this goddess reach orgasm.

She pushed my sticky face in her pussy as she hit her climax, screaming my name and wriggling around in ecstasy. I sat there on my knees in front of her as she got her breath back, gently kissing her flower. “Babe, thanks,” she said and hopped off the counter, pulling me up. “Now, you go and wash your face and I’ll finish up breakfast. Still hungry?” she said with a smile.


After what felt like eons of flirting and playing games, the cork had been removed from the bottle and all our passion was set free. With all that pent up frustration and desire unleashed, we made up for lost time and had sex constantly, multiple times a day, everywhere we went. Kristin sat on my knee in the back row of a half-empty movie theatre and insisted that I give it to her. She hitched up her skirt, pulled her panties aside and I entered her from behind as she watched the movie. The next day, she sucked my cock in the bathroom at a concert venue when we went to see a band. We couldn’t help ourselves.

The weekend after our affair was consummated, Kristin and I went out to the country again to take more photographs of her. I was a keen amateur photographer, my subject was exquisite and it was a beautiful day. The last batch of pictures I had taken had been a hit with everyone, except for the saucy ones which we’d kept to ourselves, and a few people had encouraged her to take steps to being a model. “It’s not want I want to do with my fertile mind, but it could be a means to an end,” she had said, then suggested that it made her horny to be photographed by me.

The last time we had done this, our relationship was in an uncertain place, but now there was no doubt about where we were. Again, we planned a picnic in our special spot and I snapped pictures of her while we ate. She looked like an Edwardian lady with a delicate sun hat and long white dress with lace trim, but it didn’t take long for her to unbutton her top a little to give a glimpse of her luxurious bosom. I leaned over and kissed her plump cleavage and felt the warmth of lustful desire rise inside me again.

“You could take me right here, right now, Mr. Bailey if you wanted me,” she said with heat in her eyes.

“You want me to make sweet love to you in this secluded meadow, Ms. Anderson?”

“I’m just saying that you could and there’s nothing I could do to stop you.”

“With only the bees and the butterflies to observe our coupling?”

“And maybe a few fortunate bird watchers if they chanced along,” she replied teasingly.

“Do you remember the last time we were in this place, Kris?” I said, only partly changing the subject.

“How could I forget, Michael? If I remember correctly, you fed me lots of exotic food and then took advantage of my vulnerability but ravaging my breast.”

“That’s not exactly how I remember it, but in essence, yes, that was it.”

“And you wanted to steal my virtue but I refused and had to take my glove to your cheek.” We both laughed.

“I seem to remember you sitting against me…” Kristin moved over and sat in the same position as before, between my legs, her back to me, recreating the scene.

“Like this, Mr. Bailey?” she said flirtatiously.


“And I believe this is when you touched my breasts for the first time.”

“I believe so.”

“Although you’d seen my nude before.” It was true that I’d spied on her while skinny dipping in her pool at her house.

“Whatever do you mean, Ms. Anderson?”

“I mean, silly boy. You watched me when I swam nude outside your window.” I didn’t reply. Up to now, this had been an unspoken little moment between us and I had never been quite sure if she knew I had seen her or not. “Why do you think I swam nude, sweetie? And made all that splashing noise so you would come and see me?”

“Well, I…” Despite everything that had happened, I was a little embarrassed about this.

“Did you jerk off while watching me, Mr. Bailey?” she purred softly in my ear.

“Actually, I didn’t. But I did watch you, yes, it’s true.”

“Ha! I knew it! I wasn’t sure until now, but I had hoped you had.” She laughed uproariously at my discomfort.

“Oh, I see. So you tricked me,” I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“I wanted you. I wanted you to fuck me that day and I wasn’t messing around. I figured by swimming nude, then walking around with no panties on and giving you a massage that you would get the message, but…”

“But by an extraordinary force of will I was able to almost resist you, although I seem to recall that I, um…”

“You what?”

“Hang on. maltepe escort No, this is wrong. The naked swim was after our picnic, anyway,” I said, but I still wasn’t sure.

“Oh, was it? I had no idea,” she said innocently. This whole thing was so I would admit to spying on her. Nice. She gave me a kiss and unbuttoned her top a little more, revealing her brassiere. “Unfasten it, Michael,” she whispered as we kissed delicately. It was just like last time. I unfastened her clasp and she pulled the cups of her bra away to reveal her magnificent bust. I caressed her breasts as we kissed. Just like before, my hard cock pressed into her back.

“Last time, Mike baby, I spread my legs, asked you to touch me everywhere, but you didn’t. Do you remember?”

“Try it again now,” I suggested.

She spread her legs and whispered, “Touch me everywhere.” I moved my hand down to her panties and got my hands all over her. I rubbed her pussy lips and ran my fingers through her pubic hair, then I pulled her panties down to her knees. “What, are you going to ravish me right here in a field, Sir? You would seek to ruin my reputation in this fashion?” She said as I fingered her, her voice hot with desire.

“If my lady objects, then…”

“Take your cock out, Sir,” she interrupted. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I quickly found out. “Sit cross-legged,” she asked me, and I complied. Kristin sat back on my lap, then lifted herself up so that her little pink opening was perched on my hard cock. She was still facing away from me. She let her weight press down on me and she lowered herself down on my shaft. She let out a big sigh. “Don’t stop taking pictures, she said as she started grinding on me.

As discretely as was possible in an open field, screened only by a few trees and rolling hills, we made love in a variety of positions and I snapped photographs of the whole thing, documenting our passion in as artful a way as I could. “When you take photographs of me, it’s like you’re fucking me with the camera, babe. The first time you shot me, I felt like you had me. It was…thrilling,” she said then started to come. Although she tried to muffle her cries of ecstasy, a few squeaks and squeals echoed across the countryside as I exploded inside her from behind. Her pretty white dress was now crumpled and grass stained and her hair was a beautiful mess. We collapsed in a heap and then lay down in a perfect moment of sunshine, peace and sexual satisfaction.

“I love you, Kris,” I told her.

She looked at me and said, “I love you too, Michael.” That afternoon, I took more pictures of her in a few different outfits and locations and it turned out to be one of the loveliest days of my life. We returned to town and went back to my place to cook dinner and load the pictures into my computer. She wanted me to print out a few good ones that we could look at during sex later that night, and there were several strong candidates for mastabatory stimulation as well.

“Kris, your parents asked me over for dinner this week,” I said to her while cooking.

“Well, you should come over.”

“It’s gonna be weird. Everything has changed.”

“Changed how? Because we’re in love and fucking?”

“Well, it will now feel like I’m lying to them.”

“Well, we can either tell them the truth and face the consequences, or keep lying to them. Or, not tell the truth by avoiding certain topics. If we keep the conversation to old movies, politics and Bob Dylan then we’ll be OK.”

“Your Mom is going to ask about this other Michael guy, you know, your new boyfriend with the big dick who you love so much?” Kristin laughed and gave me a kiss. “Especially as you haven’t been home in a few days.”

“You’re right, she will. And I can tell her the truth, she just won’t know it’s you, yet.”

“I guess it’s inevitable. We’ll have to tell them. They’re going to want to meet this lucky guy,” I replied. We stood there in the kitchen looking at one another. I’d never been happier, but I was suddenly filled with doubt about the relationship. Would Kristin want this to be a long term thing? It seemed absurd, but I didn’t know. My guard was down and my barriers were gone when it came to her. “Kris,” I went on. “Do you really want to risk hurting your parents and potentially alienating them because of me?” My voice was filled with emotion and uncertainty. She walked over to me and held me.

“I don’t think it’s a risk. They’ll understand in time when they see how happy I am. And anyway, we don’t have a choice. You’re stuck with me,” she said sweetly and we looked at each other, lost in love.


A few days later, the day came and I went over to Bill and Kate’s for dinner as planned. Oddly, when I arrived, Kristin wasn’t there and so I just hung around with Bill and Kate in the kitchen, making small talk, doing my best to avoid any personal topics such as my girlfriend “Jane” and their daughter. I’d never felt awkward around them before kartal escort and I didn’t like it. They had been my best friends for many years and now it was difficult to even be around them. I was relieved when Kristin finally made an appearance, although I was slightly disconcerted by her appearance.

She waltzed into the room looking like a classic Hollywood starlet and my heart skipped a beat. She was dressed in a long black and white dress with an abstract pattern, a low cut neck line and a slit up the side which revealed her female charms in all the right ways. It appeared as if she had just had her hair done and she had jewelry and make-up on, all immaculate. She was in high heels. The effect was dramatic and all jaws dropped when she entered the room.

I exhaled deeply and looked away. Her mother and father looked at her in surprise and Kate asked her what the occasion was. “Oh, Michael is taking me out to a movie after dinner, so I wanted to look my best,” she said happily. I didn’t realize I was, but I guess she was keeping it interesting, which I was fine with. Luckily, neither Bill or Kate thought she was talking about me, so we didn’t have to lie.

“What are you going to see?” I asked.

“Kiss Me Deadly. It’s a late Noir directed…”

“Yeah, by Robert Aldrich. I know what it is,” I replied, playfully.

“Don’t open the box!” her mother yelled and laughed hysterically.

“Nice spoiler alert there, dear,” Bill chimed in.

“Am I the only who’s not seen it?” Kristin asked.

“Yup,” I said. And tried to change the subject.

“What time is the movie?” Kate asked.

“9:30. We have time,” she said and looked at me with a sly grin. Bill went off to their local liquor store to pick up a case of wine and Kate took the opportunity to interrogate her daughter about her boyfriend.

“Quickly, tell me everything! Did you get him in bed? You’ve been gone three days.” she asked in rapid fire succession.

“Ohhhh yeah,” Kristin said and stretched out luxuriously as if dipping herself in a hot tub. “He’s a dream. I’m in love, mom.” Kristin shot me a glance and I concealed a smile.

“And the sex?” Kate went on.

“Mmmmm…” Kristin closed her eyes. “I feel like a was a virgin before I met him. He’s been keeping me in ecstasy for this whole week. I’ve virtually been coming non-stop. I’m on fire for him,” she said and let out a long moan. “My skin is still tingling. He makes me wet just by looking at me.” I gave her an intense, hot look and she bit her lip.

“And his cock…are you satisfied?”

“He’s a god, mom. He’s like riding a stallion. I’ve been spoiled forever, because now no other man will ever measure up to him. I just want to suck him off all day long,” she said and both of them laughed. I guess her mother was getting off on her thrill vicariously and I was no longer shocked by their crude talk.

“Sounds like quite a guy,” I said, pretending to be annoyed.

“Oh, you’re just jealous because she’s getting this amazing sex and you’re not,” Kate said.

“Wait, didn’t you say Mr. Bailey had a giant dick, mom?” Kristin said, and again they both laughed.

“Yes, that’s true,” Kate said and threw a saucy look in my direction.

“Plus, he’s got a new girl too, isn’t that right, Michael?” Kristin said. She was pushing it. “I want to hear more about her. Spill it, before my boring old dad gets back.”

“Well, at the risk of repeating myself, I’m in love for the first time, Kris. When I’m with her, nothing else matters and the world crumbles away. When we’re apart, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing I’ll be with her again. She has brought me sunshine, music and life.”

Kristin stood there and melted. “Wow…you really like her. Have you fucked her yet?” she said, holding back a laugh. Kate looked at me with interest.

“It’s been like entering into heaven,” I said, then felt pretty lame.

“Isn’t she much younger than you, Mike?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, can her tight young pussy take your monster cock, Mr. Bailey?” Kristin said and once again, the two of them fell about laughing.

“We’ll just have to ask her. Why not invite her round for dinner?” Kate suggested. “And your Michael, Kris. Invite him too. We’ll make a feast of it and you guys can share stories and maybe play twister,” Kate said and laughed, but no one else did.

I just shrugged and looked away. “He’s kinda shy because of the age difference,” Kristin muttered, blushing.

“What age difference?” Bill said, catching the tail end of our conversation as he came through the door.

“Oh, these two have lovers of an inappropriately disproportionate age,” Kate said.

We all sat down to dinner and Kristin placed herself in front of me. The footsie games started almost immediately and I noticed that she had removed one of her heels. Her toe started exploring my inner thigh as Kate was passing around the vegetables, potatoes and gravy. I just sighed and looked at my love.

“Do you think there’s such a thing as an inappropriate age difference these days?” Bill said nonchalantly. My heart sank.

“I think it’s hot,” Kris said, as she reached my cock. I looked at her and she licked her lips as I felt her toe run up and down the length of my shaft.

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