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My Hot Non-Cousin’s Grad Party

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This happened a while ago, when I was 15 years old. My hot non-cousin was 18 at the time.

For some background, I’ll tell you how we came to know this other family, the “Fenwick”s we’ll call them.

My mom used to work for the government, as a computer analyst; basically she would fix computers that other people fucked up. She worked with another lady at the same job, I’ll call her Gina Fenwick. Through Gina, my mom met Gina’s husband “Richard” Fenwick. My mom introduced both of them to my dad, and instantly they all became friends. Our families did a lot of things together- Camping, water skiing, hunting, working, drinking, etc. The Fenwicks have two kids. A girl, Lanny, who was 11 at the time (same age as my brother was), and a son, Kent, who was just a year shy of me at 8. We grew up around each other, and became friends rather quickly. Then, my parents and the Fenwicks lost contact, even though we only lived around 20 minutes apart. I guess both sets of parents were just very busy, and didn’t have time for friends.

One day, my mom got a call from Gina, saying how sorry she was that they lost contact, and inviting us to her daughter’s grad party. My mom accepted, and had just planned on dragging my dad along. However, since I hadn’t seen Lanny in such a long time, I was interested in attending. From what I’d heard, she was a real trip for the parents, out partying and such. We always knew she would be- she was an early developer. Needless to say, when I saw her for the first time in around 7 years, my jaw dropped.

She wasn’t an overly skinny girl, but very fit. She had a modest breast size (a large B cup or a small C, I’d say), and an ass to kill for. She walked outside with her boyfriend in a skintight black tank and a short jean skirt. Her hair was a little past shoulder length and had blonde highlights. She had a round face, and a beauty mark right above her lip on the right, same as you find on old time supermodels. She was a total knockout, and my cock took notice quick!

The party was, for lack of a better word, lame. The parents and grandparents just sat around, reminiscing old times while I sat, bored out of my mind. I moseyed on out from bahis firmaları the two party tents set up in the back yard to see what kind of excitement was in the front yard. It wasn’t much better, so I headed into the house to get a soda. I walked in on Lanny trying (and failing, for that matter) to hide a 36 pack of Natural Light beer in the basement freezer. She had a “friends party” to follow the “family party”, and from what I could tell it would be a lot of drinking.

I’d never been drunk at that age, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to try. My parents were very strict about alcohol, I was never allowed to stay home alone, never allowed out without supervision, you know the whole deal. They were even stricter on the topic of girls. No girls in my room, never left alone with a girl for longer than 5 minutes without being checked up on, etc. It was hard to get any tail, and with the raging hormones of a 15 year old, that was bad news. I offered to help her handle the case of beer, after all I was a pretty strapping young football player. When we managed to stow it away in the bottom of the freezer, she pulled two out and tossed one to me and we sat on the couch.

That’s how it all began.

I’ve never been partial to beer, but given the chance to sip one in a dark basement not too many people passed through with a hot girl and no supervision, why the hell would I turn it down? We sat there for around 15 minutes, talking about old times, camping trips, fishing, that kind’ve stuff. We then got on the topic of sex, and she asked me how far I’d gone with a girl. The answer to this was pretty simple; no where. I’d made out with my past girlfriend, that was all. I asked her how her sex life was, to which she responded-

“Hah! My boyfriend is too busy for sex. I’ve done it before, sure, but I also like giving head. I love the taste of cum…is that weird?”. It took a minute for that statement to sink it, but when it did, my dick was already at full attention, hanging on to her every word.

“Wha..wha, cum?” I managed to splutter out.

“Sure,” she said, “I love it. Sex is great too, but I mean, my boyfriend wasn’t gifted with a huge penis.” She glanced kaçak iddaa down towards mine, mellowed out at half staff.

“Damn, looks like you DID get that gene.” She whispered to herself, thinking I couldn’t hear.

I couldn’t tell you how, but I got my confidence back. I managed to say “Well, its not huge. But I guess it would get the job done, if anyone ever actually wanted any part of it.”

There was a kind of awkward silence that followed, which proved to be my downfall, because looking at her really made me wonder what she looked like without all that encumbering clothing on. That thought brought my cock up another inch or so off my leg, which apparently didn’t go unnoticed by Lanny.
She kept looking, so I offered “You can touch it, if you want.”

She laughed at that, and said she would have to pass for now. She had to go open gifts, so I was left to chug the rest of my beer and drink a coke to chase the scent out of my mouth. I also had to deal with this hard-on she left me with. Five minutes after thinking of bloody stool and herpes, I was soft and safe to walk outside again.

During the gift opening, I saw some of Lanny’s friends sneaking into the front of the house with fifths of whiskey, bottles of vodka, and cases of wine coolers.

Somehow or another, I ended up sitting on the Fenwick’s deck alone, and Lanny decided to walk over and sit next to me. Maybe it was just my imagination, but it seemed like she put on quite a show of sitting down in that jean skirt for me, was she trying to show me what lie beneath?

I shook my head, clearing it of thoughts like that. “She’s got a boyfriend, and you’re only 15. Cool it.”, I thought.

We kept talking about school, sports, and cars when she mentioned she was thirsty.

“We can truck back into the house and get some of those wine coolers your friends brought in,” I said with a sly wink.

“You saw that?! Damnit, they were supposed to sneak in,” she was blushing. “Okay, okay, lets go I’ll let you have some.”, she relinquished.

Back inside, in that same basement, we sipped on wine coolers while her friends went outside and tried to put on a good impression for Gina kaçak bahis and Richard, acting as if they weren’t planning on getting totally shit faced later that very night.

I challenged Lanny to a wine cooler chug, which she accepted. She won, but it was close. Apparently I wasn’t too bad for my first time. I rematched her, this time I chugged mine faster. I started feeling a little dizzy. “I guess thats what alcohol will do to you”, I laughed after Lanny tried to get up off the couch and fell.

“Shut up…I wanna go find my boyfriend. Alcohol always makes me horny as hell.”

Well, lets just say my “Ferarri race car” in my pants went from 0-60 in two seconds. I tried to play it cool, so I responded with a casual
“What do you need him for, I mean, I’m here and you said yourself I’ve got a bigger cock.”

“Hahahaha…I guess you’re right. Why not?” she said as she sidled over towards me.

She had lust in her eyes as she tore off my belt and my cargo shorts and pulled my now fully erect cock out from my button-hole plaid boxers.

I never even had a girl touch my cock before…and here I had a now-partially drunk girl about to put it in her mouth? Shit!

As she licked the tip of my penis, I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. She started to stroke is as she put more and more of it in her mouth, I could get used to this! She worked her tongue all the way down and back, which isn’t an easy task. At 15, I had a pretty fair sized dick; around 6.5 long and an honest 6 inches around. It was pretty thick, but for a 210 pound football player, I guess it was proportionate.

Lanny slowly engulfed more and more of my girth into her stretching mouth, and I thought I would explode. It was like a warm, wet heaven. As she started bobbing back and forth, I lost control. I starting thrusting to match her rythm and before I knew it, I was cumming. I didn’t bother telling her, she said she liked it anyways. I shot rope after rope of hot thick sticky cum into the back of her throat. I was impressed, she didn’t gag once. She popped my softening member out with a smile and looked up at me.

“Was that as good as you’d hoped?” She asked sexily. “Absolutely, but even better! I wish I could make you feel like that too.”

She paused for a second, before slowly saying, “Well, I might have an idea how…”

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