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My Invitation

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[This story includes a woman with only one breast, oral, coitus and the hint of many things to come. I welcome feedback and comments, especially from women.]


My day started when I opened a letter addressed:

Dear Mr. N. Peterson:

You are invited to a party. The Grand Opening Party of a small Club. When the Club opens the rules will be the same as the rules on the opening nights.

The Club has a bar, a dining room, a dance floor, wonderful lighting, comfortable seating, food service, and some extraordinary play rooms. Entrance, for the Opening Night Parties, will be by presenting this invitation, paying the guest fee, written and videoed acceptance of the rules.

What we offer: Valet parking in an underground private lot at no cost. In addition to the Dining Room (which seats thirty couples) and the “Ballroom” (for dancing), there are various other rooms for the enjoyment of all attendees, at their choice. Each of the group rooms is large enough for everyone attending to be in any one room at any one time.

• The Dungeon, with appropriate items and facilities for such a room.

• The Wet Room with three large hot tubs as well as accessories for your enjoyment. Water from each hot tub is replaced hourly from ten pm until five am.

• The Swing Room with fourteen sex swings hanging from the ceiling. On Opening Night and Friday nights, there will be an instructor in the room to assist couples in using the swings safely and creatively.

• The Voyeur Room with couches around a central pedestal bed.

• The Orgy Room (no shoes of any kind may be worn in this room as they may damage the soft flooring).

• The Machine Room with three fucking machines in it. The machines do not fuck each other, they are used to fuck people either anally or vaginally. There will be an attendant in that room at all times to clean and maintain the machines for your health and safety.

• Seven Private Rooms (named for the Seven Seas) which are small enough for the king sized bed and three feet of walking space around the bed. Three of the Private Rooms have the king bed and a sex swing.

The Rules


WOMEN may not be nude in any area where food is served. Just inside the entrance they will be shown to a dressing/undressing/locker room where they may change from street wear to Club wear. Before entering any other part of the Club they must show that their areola, nipples, and vulva are physically accessible. Panties and/or pantyhose that cover the pubic slit will not be allowed inside the club. Bras that cover the areola and nipples may not be worn. The vulva must be covered and accessible in areas where food is served.

MEN may not be nude in the areas where food is served. Just inside the entrance they will be shown to a dressing/undressing/locker room where they may change from street wear to Club wear. Before entering any other part of the Club they must show that their genitals are physically accessible and that they are not wearing underwear (boxers, g-strings, or briefs). The genitals must be covered and accessible in areas where food is served.

• Behaving in anti-social, rude, or belligerent ways will not be tolerated at any time. First offence will suspend membership for 30 days. Second offence terminates membership forever.

• Anyone who behaves as if they do not understand the word ‘No’ will leave the Club. First offence will suspend membership for 30 days. Second offence terminates membership forever.

• The use of illegal substances (drugs or herbs) will be cause for permanent loss of membership.

• No cameras or other devices capable of taking or transmitting pictures are allowed. They will be taken and damaged beyond repair. Use or possession will be cause for permanent loss of membership.

• Body jewelry (piercings, tattoos, etc.) are permitted and must be in place when you arrive.

COSTS: For the Opening Night Party no membership fees will apply. Everyone will pay the $175 guest fee which includes dinner. After the Opening Night Party dinner is not included for members. At all times beverages will be offered at posted prices. After Opening Night dinner for members will be at prices posted in the printed menu. A minimum of six entrees will be available each night.

After the opening night party membership costs:

Men: 1 year = $800.00 2 years = $1400.00 3 years = $1950.00

Women: 1 year = $500.00 2 years = $800.00 3 years = $1000.00

For couples (driver’s license’s must show the same address):

1 year = $1100.00 2 years = $2000.00 3 years = $2800.00

NOTE: deduct $200 from either individual membership fees and $400 from couples fees if purchased during the Opening Night Party. Polyamorous families must discuss their situation/parameters with the site host to obtain a discounted membership price.

Guests: After opening night a member may bring a maximum of three guests on any night that they attend. Guests are the responsibility of their member. Guest pendik escort behavior will be seen as the member’s behavior with appropriate consequences for behavior not within the rules. Each guest will pay a $175 guest fee per visit. A guest may only attend as a guest three times. On the forth visit the guest must purchase at least a one year membership or they will not be granted entry. One half the guest fees paid will be applied towards the membership fees.

The Opening Night Party begins at six-thirty when the doors open. At eight o’clock that evening dinner will be served. The dining room seats thirty people. Once the dining room is full, the Club is closed. The entry process may take up to twenty minutes that evening. Please allow for this delay in your planning. At nine-thirty live music will begin and dinner will be cleared. The party ends at six in the morning and at six-thirty the doors will be locked until nine o’clock each Friday — Saturday — Sunday night thereafter.

Reservations for the Opening Night Party are available and recommended. Call 1-888-555-6699 and ask for Gemini. Any questions you have not answered by reading this invitation can be asked when you speak to Gemini. Reservations must be paid by credit card, at the time the reservation is made. Driver’s license numbers of all persons attending in your party must be given at the time of your reservation. A cancellation must take place two or more full days before the event to obtain a refund. Arriving after eight o’clock the night of your reservation voids the reservation and forfeits your reservation fees. You will be given the address when your reservation is accepted. Our Club is located in an industrial area for reasons of privacy and security. Our Club is within thirty miles of Los Angeles City Hall.

Only the persons named on this letter may respond to this invitation. Do not share this information with anyone you are not bringing. This invitation is yours until 31 December 2007. If it has not been used before that date it is withdrawn. We think this offer is one that you will appreciate.



I read the invitation twice before calling. Gemini answered and I felt myself starting to get hard just from her voice. She sounded undressed, on a bed, and horney. I know I made all that up but that’s what her voice did to me just from hearing her say, “Good afternoon. This is Gemini.”

I asked if reservations were still available for opening night. They were. I asked if I could make a reservation for two and then call back with my date’s name and license number. I could. However, I would need to call the name and license number in at least three days prior to the reservation date. If I did not the reservation would be cancelled and our money forfeited.

I gave my credit card information and made the reservation. She gave me the web address and password so I could see the facility. When I got off the phone I typed in the address and looked. The rooms were as described and much nicer than I anticipated.

My next move was to get a date for that evening. My first thought was to call Anya. Every time I had been out with Anya we both had enjoyed an adventure. She was exotic in looks and unpredictable in actions. My second thought was to call Kim. She is tall, blond and athletic. I met her running at the Revlon run for Breast Cancer. She was the only woman there who ran wearing shorts and a jog bra without a prosthetic in it to balance her chest. Her missing breast was obvious. The remaining breast was a “D” cup. I was attracted to her because she was so strong and confident.

I called Kim. She answered and I asked if she had fifteen minutes or so for a conversation. She did. I read the invitation to her and asked if she was interested in being my date for the event.

“Perhaps. I need the answers to some questions before I give my answer.”

“Ask anything.”

“Am I your first choice?”


“Do you intend for us to have sex in front of others during that party?”


“Do you intend that you may have sex with others while we are at the party?”

“No, and it is possible.”

“Do you intend for me to have sex with anyone, other than you?”

“No, and it’s possible. That will be your choice.”

“If someone at the party comes on too strong and can’t hear me say no, will you make sure my no is respected?”


“Are we going to be together between now and the party?”

“Would you like us to be?”

“Yes. Tonight, eight o’clock at my place.”

“Is that a yes to my invitation?”

“I’ll answer that question at breakfast. You still have my address?”

“Yes, and I like sausage, not bacon.”

“I know. So do I.”

The phone was against my ear but she was gone. I hung it up and made some plans. I ordered flowers sent to her office to be delivered tomorrow morning. I wrote my plans for getting my car detailed before the party evening, buying a new shirt, having my place cleaned and new sheets for the bed.

On the way home that maltepe escort afternoon I stopped at the car wash. Fifty bucks later I drove off in a clean, smelling good car. I got home, changed the sheets on my bed, cleaned my place, showered, shaved, and dressed. I dressed casually and relaxed. I ate a light dinner, just in case Kim had planned dinner as well as her for dessert. At seven forty I left my place and drove to Kim’s.

When I got to her door I noticed it was slightly ajar. I pushed on the door and called her name, “Kim!”

“The door is open. Come in.” Her voice was coming from somewhere deep inside the apartment. I entered and both closed the door and locked it behind me. I had been in her apartment once before. Our first night together. It was the weekend after the Revlon run. She had met me at the front door wearing just panties and suspender hose. She showed me three dresses and gave me my choice of what she would wear that night.

The three dresses gave me the choice of making her missing breast very noticeable, sort-of noticeable or not even hinted at. I picked the sort-of noticeable dress. As she put it on she asked why I picked it. I said it was because of the color of the dress. I actually liked the very noticeable dress better except it was red and I don’t much like red dresses.

We ate outside that night overlooking the marina. After lots of getting-to-know you conversation I asked the question I really wanted to ask, “Why are you so open about having lost a breast?”

“You aren’t asking for all the medical crap?”

“I assumed that because we met at the Revlon run you lost it to cancer, I don’t need more details than that. If you want me know the details I won’t faint. I’ve never known a woman so open about her surgery. That I do want to know about.”

“The surgery?”

“No. The why you don’t wear a padded bra, a prosthetic in your dress or your jog bra.”

“My sister had breast cancer ten years ago. She was so ashamed about it that she put off treatment until it was too late. She died and the last thing she said to me was to tell everyone she had a heart attack. She couldn’t even say breast. When I was diagnosed I decided I would be different. I was open about everything that happened to me. Because I was lots of the women I knew got tested and took care of themselves. When I had surgery I decided I wouldn’t hide. I’m happy that I am just who and how I am.”

I stood in her living room and she walked in carrying two outfits. She was wearing suspender hose, high heels and nothing else. Both dresses were teal. One was a halter dress the other a sheath. I picked the halter. She slipped it on and I noticed that her breast filled one side and the other side had been altered to fit snugly against her flat chest.

She smiled and asked, “Does this please you?”

“There is a legend of the Amazon women who were warriors. They cut one breast off so that it would not get in the way when they fought using a bow and arrows. When I see you proud, strong and beautiful like this I am reminded of that legend.”

“I think it says something about you when you can choose that interpretation for how I look.”

“Thank you. I feel good when I am with you. I like strong, confident women. Hell, I like strong, confident people! Shall we go for dinner? Drinks? Dancing?”

“Would it be alright with you if I drove and surprised you?”

“Yes! Now, I am on an adventure! Lead on!”

She led me to her car and opened the passenger door for me. I got in, said Thank you, and she closed the door. I reached over and opened her door as she walked around the car. She slid in and smiled at me.

“Thanks.” She said.

She drove us to the beach and to a place called Shoreline Village. It isn’t a village. It is a tourist spot at the edge of a marina filled with shops, restaurants, a merry-go-round and a wonderful view of the harbor, the marina and the Queen Mary. As she parked I remarked that this was one of my favorite spots.

We walked, holding hands and watching the boats, the people and the sea gulls. The sounds of the marina included the tinkling of the lines against the metal masts of the sail boats, the squawking of the gulls, the music from the merry-go-round and the sound of walking on the wooden planks of the village. The weather was comfortable and so were we.

I thought we would walk around for a little while and then stop in at the Lighthouse Restaurant for dinner or dessert. I was wrong. Kim walked us along the jetty across from the Queen Mary and at each of the decks along the path we stopped and watched the sights for a few minutes.

We talked about our jobs, our thoughts about relationships and about the future. I discovered much more about Kim than I had imagined. At the very last deck we found ourselves alone and far from the possibility of being seen. Kim turned to me and we kissed. I held her and felt her press herself against me in a very welcoming way.

When the kiss ended I asked, “Are you aware that I like you a lot?”

“Yes. No one would kartal escort take me out twice if they weren’t really interested.”

“Well, perhaps you are right about most men, but I’m such a devoted breast man that seeing you has me crazy about hanging out with you.”

She hit me. Not hard and not in anger. Then she kissed me again and said, “Most people are put off by my letting them know I lost a breast. It doesn’t seem to put you off at all.”

“If you were to meet all the women I have ever dated, married, loved or wanted to be with, you would know that body had very little to do with my being attracted. I was married to an overweight woman, dated a woman with MS and she was in a wheelchair, I was married to a woman who lied when she said she was an “A” cup and I’m sure there have been tall, short, heavy and thin women throughout my life. I’m interested in who you are… inside. I’m interested in what lights you up, turns you on, excites you, inspires you, touches you. What attracted me to you was your willingness to be authentic about you.”

“Want to know what attracts me to you?”

“I can be quite pleased just knowing that you are.”

“I am attracted to you because I can trust you. I’m attracted to you because you aren’t just after me because of my body and you’re willing to accept my body just as it is.”

“I am interested in your body.”

“And, I’m interested in yours. Let’s go home, take off our clothes, leave the lights on and see what we can discover about each other.”

“May I touch you?”

“Now or when we get home?”



I kissed her again. I pulled the hem of her dress up and ran my finger along her slit as we kissed. When I pulled my finger back I put it in my mouth and sucked on it. The nectar I tasted was wonderful.

“Thanks. You taste great!”

“In can’t wait to taste you.”

“You don’t need to wait. I’ll unzip here for you if you’d like. I’m not quite as wet as you, but I am wet.”

She backed me up against the railing and unzipped my slacks. Her hand withdrew my hard cock and she bent and gave it a lick. Then she stood back up and kissed me. As we kissed she tucked me back in my slacks. At the end of the kiss she said, “We taste good.”

I zipped up and the trip back to the car was quite a bit faster. She concentrated on her driving and we were home, to her home, in less than an hour. Just inside her apartment she undressed me. Then she undressed herself. Almost. She left the suspender stockings and the heels on. She used my erection as a leash and led me to her bed with it.

We spent lots of time that night exploring each other slowly, carefully and attention to details.

Kim asked that I eat her. I spent a long time doing it. Nibbles to the edges of her pussy then tongue touches along her slit. I held her legs wide, opening her lips to the explorations of my tongue and fingers. When I could feel her approaching her first orgasm I slowed down and changed my approach. I still stimulated her but not enough to have her orgasm. My hands shifted her legs up onto my back and then I reached around her ass and up onto her chest. My fingertips gently touched the warm skin of her breast and all around the edges of her scars.

She moaned. She pulled her knees up a bit, shifting the position of her puss relative to my mouth. I probed her opening with my tongue, reaching in as far as my tongue would reach. I loved the taste of her and the flow of her juices was thirst quenching, warm and fragrant. My right index finger and thumb pinched her nipple and my other hand spread over her scar and held it.

“Oh Nick, I’m close! Suck me, please,” She whispered. Her back arched and her head went back. Her heels pressed into my back near my shoulder blades as she sucked in her breath and held it. My lips surrounded her clit and I sucked hard on it.

It was enough! Kim shuddered, screamed and then, after long seconds of tremors she relaxed and let out a long sigh.

My head rested where her pubic hair would have been, if she had any. Her breathing returned to normal and she said, “Hey, Sailor, Wanna fuck?”

My answer was in the form of action. I flipped her over, knelt behind her and lifted her ass to align with my cock. I pulled her hips back and slid into her pussy. I entered about an inch and stopped.

“Oh please mister, have more to give me than that!”

I smiled and gave her another inch. She pushed back, wanting more.

“Nick, fill me up! First with your dick and then with your stuff! Please!”

All the way in as slowly as I could. When my pubic bone pressed on hers I pressed hard.


My motions were slow as I pulled back, watching as my wet cock came out of her pussy, pulling on her lips. Just when I saw the head of my cock emerging I slammed back in, hard, clear to the bottom. As I bottomed out I began the slow withdrawal again. Five times I did that and Kim was getting frantic.

“Do me hard and fast, Honey! Push me over the edge again!”

I pride myself on being good at following directions. I glanced at the clock as I began pounding into her. 11:26pm. My hips pistoned my cock in and out of Kim as fast and hard as I was able. Quickly I felt my nuts draw up and my juices building pressure. Kim felt the pressure building too.

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