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My niece Debbie-part 2

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My niece Debbie Part 2

What are the chances that I could finish in Debbie’s mouth without waking my wife? What if her hubby came looking for her? Before I had a chance to sort out the options, the sheets were suddenly pulled off, exposing Debbie sucking up and down on my cock. I watched in disbelief as my wife glared at me, and then my cock began to ejaculate in Debbie’s mouth. Her gulping sounds as she swallowed my cum seemed to infuriate my wife even further.

“Honest honey, I woke up to this and didn’t know what to do”

“Don’t try and pretend that you didn’t enjoy that. You obviously orgasmed in her mouth”.

“What do you want me to do honey”?

“For starters you can take your cock out
of her mouth. Is she even awake enough to know what she was doing”?

My wife shook Debbie and tried pulling her out of our bed, but she wasn’t responding.

“She’s probably still in a drunken stupor hon”.

“Yah, but she was sure awake enough to suck your cock and swallow your cum”.

“I’m really sorry hon, but I don’t know what to do”.

“How would you like it if I went to her room and did the same for her husband”?

“I wouldn’t like it and her hubby would probably come charging in here wanting to fight”.

“Maybe not, if I was sucking güvenilir bahis his cock good enough”.

“Look, I get it. You want to even the score, by sucking him off, but please think of all the consequences”.

“Fine. I’m going to go sleep on the couch downstairs, and you do whatever the fuck you want”.

I can’t remember her ever being that mad. She left the room and presumably headed downstairs.

As I lay back trying to figure a way out of this mess, I felt a tongue lapping at my wilted cockhead. Yes, she started sucking again, and my cock responded by growing to full length in her mouth. Fuck it, I’m already in a heap of trouble, I might as well get my full jollies.

I pulled Debbie off of my cock and placed her face down on the bed. I got a pillow under her hips so her ass was raised off of the mattress. I spit on my cockhead and placed it at her ass, and started to massage my way into her tight opening. Debbie pushed upwards, to my surprise, and I slowly entered her ass. A few slow thrusts and I was fucking her ass balls deep. Her moaning grew louder so I cupped my hand over her mouth, to keep the sounds down. After a few minutes of hammering her ass, she pulled my hand from her mouth and screamed that she was cumming. That caused me to cum up her ass, although
I türkçe bahis didn’t have much left to shoot. She had sucked me dry only a few minutes ago, but the orgasm in her tight asshole felt awesome, nonetheless.

Fuck, I wonder who heard her scream when she orgasmed?

Then I heard it.


What the hell was that?

I pulled out of Debbie’s ass and got up to check. As I entered the hallway, I saw that their bedroom door was ajar, and with the nightlight glowing, I saw my wife crawling out from under the sheets, with cum running down her chin. She saw me looking at her and just grinned, proudly displaying the cum running out of her mouth.

Neither of us said a word, and returned to our room. My wife took Debbie out of the bed and steered her back to her room. She crawled into bed, with cum still gleaming on her lips and chin, and asked me what I was thinking.

“Did he believe that Debbie just sucked him off”?

“Must have. He went back to snoring after I swallowed his cum”.

“Do you think that we can ever put this behind us honey”?

“Unlikely, since you fucked Debbie up the ass after I left. Yes, I watched it all from the hallway”.

Shit, can this get any worse?

“How could you do that in our bed? You have never güvenilir bahis siteleri given me an anal orgasm”.

“I didn’t think you would let me”.

“Well Debbie sure seemed to like it, so maybe I should try it with someone”.

“Anyone that you have in mind”?

“Get over here, and fuck me up the ass”.

I didn’t have to be told twice, so for the second time in an hour, I was tasting the forbidden fruit.

I must admit that my cock was struggling to hold a full erection, but when my cockhead felt her tight ass, it started throbbing and gained enough steam to penetrate and get balls deep inside her. This was something new fucking her anally in the missionary position, especially since I could still see cum gleaming on her lips and chin.

She moaned and writhed underneath me, and I could tell she was reaching her orgasm quickly. Before I could hammer her hard, she tried to kiss me, and I lost my erection. The thought of kissing someone with another mans cum on her face turned me right off. She forced her tongue into my mouth, and asked me to lick her face as punishment for fucking Debbie up the ass. What could I do, other than comply. It was actually kind of kinky, and my erection was now full blown hard, so I hammered my cock up her ass with quick thrusts, and soon we were both orgasming together.

“Pump that cum up my ass you bastard”.

“You got it cocksucker”.

To Be continued………………………………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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