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My PE Teacher

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“Yes, Miss,” I replied, knowing that by the tone of my PE teacher’s voice she wasn’t altogether happy with me. I wondered what I had done, other than to wiggle my bum in an obvious manner, hoping she would notice. I really liked it when she noticed me; she was so hot. It was my last year of high school and I had just turned 18; ever since my first year I had had a crush on her.

“Jane, I want you to have your shower and report to my office. No need to get back into your uniform; just wrap a towel around yourself.”

PE was my last class for the day, so I took my time, waiting for the other girls to dress and leave the gym area.

Her door was open, so I walked in, clutching my towel around me.

“Shut the door, Jane, and come here.”

I did as I was told, walking over to stand on the other side of the desk from where she was sitting.

“Come around here, girl. Stand right in front of me.”

Heart racing now, I stepped around her desk, stopping half a step in front of her. My boobs were right in front of her face and, to me, they never seemed so big and obvious.

She must have felt the same way, as her eyes left my face and travelled slowly down my body.

I couldn’t help myself. As she was stroking me through my towel with her eyes, I was mentally undressing her with mine. Her large, but well-proportioned breasts pushed against her tee-shirt, and her shorts seemed to clutch her pussy as she sat, gazing at me with a look I hadn’t seen before.

“What are you looking at, Jane,” she demanded. I hadn’t noticed that her eyes had returned casino şirketleri to my face.

Blushing, I stammered, “Nothing, Miss. I mean, I was just noticing how pretty you are.”

“Thank you, Jane,” her voice softening now, “I think you are very attractive, too.”

Her hand reached for mine and I stood, stunned, as she placed it on her breast. It was immediately obvious that she had removed her bra and, as I gave her breast a slight squeeze, her nipple rose. My fingers traced the outline of that growing nub as I watched her eyes seem to glaze over momentarily.

“That isn’t why I called you in here, Jane,” her voice harder now. “I was a bit annoyed that you saw fit to wiggle your bum at me earlier.”

‘She noticed,’ I thought, wondering what was going to happen next.

“You, my girl, need to be taught a lesson, and that lesson means a paddling on your bum. Bend yourself over my knee, now.”

Reluctantly, I removed my hand from her boob and, with a sense of anticipation, coupled with a bit of fear, bent over her lap.

She paused for a moment, probably surveying her target, I thought, and suddenly gave me a whack on my bum.

I yelped, and she did it again, harder this time.

‘Mmmmmmmm,’ I thought, ‘where is this going to lead?’

I could feel my pussy starting to become wet, and wondered why. I hadn’t been spanked for years, and that had been by my Mum.

Two more whacks and she stopped. “This won’t do at all. Your towel is a cushion for your bum.”

Her hand landed gently on my bum and she stroked down gently, but swiftly, casino firmaları until she reached my naked thighs. Then, reversing direction, she moved her hand under the towel, stroking upward until she reached my bum cheeks.

I lay frozen, afraid to move, as her other hand reached for the bottom of the towel and started to raise it. My hand, as if on automatic, moved to hold the towel in place.

SMACK! She hit my hand. I withdrew it from the towel and let it hang, touching her ankle this time.

“You’re not getting off lightly, young lady. Let’s see how you like this.”

She raised the towel above my waist and I could feel the cool breeze from the window caress my bum, joining her hand in giving me the erotic attention I had been subconsciously hoping for since I first met her.

She started spanking me again, alternating cheeks until I knew both were getting red with the attention they were receiving. By this time I had grabbed her ankle and, if she noticed what I was doing, paid no attention.

As she continued my spanking I slid my hand up her leg as far as it could go, finally reaching her shorts. Slowly, ever so slowly, I slid my fingers under the material, trying to control their trembling.

‘Omigod,’ I thought as my hand reached the edge of her lips, ‘she’s not wearing any panties.’

My curious hand froze in place, just touching the edge of her slit. I didn’t dare to move another millimetre.

All the while, she continued to alternate smacks on my bum, finally pausing to say, “Spread your legs, girl. You need a bit more punishment.”

With güvenilir casino my entire body trembling now, I spread my legs, awaiting my sensuous fate, hating and loving it simultaneously.

Her smacks became softer now, still alternating cheeks, but moving closer and closer to my pussy. I could hear her breath becoming more and more shallow, as mine was doing.

I was wetter now than I had ever been, as her smacks became hard caresses. Feeling that I had nothing to lose, I moved my hand further under her shorts and she spread her legs to give me easier access.

To my surprise as I started to stroke her pussy lips, she was as wet is I felt I was.

Suddenly, there was no doubt that I was sopping. She slid her hand fully along my pussy, caressing my clit for a moment, and finally slipping two fingers inside me. I could feel something, probably her thumb, just touch my rosette, not probing inside. Another finger was stroking my clit, first on one side and then the other.

My hand was in position to do almost the same to her, and I returned her caress, inserting my two fingers into her soaking wet pussy as far as I could.

Then, my spanking resumed, with her free hand coming down hard on my bum. With each smack her fingers seemed to go deeper and deeper into me, and my pussy was on fire with her touch. I started to thrust my fingers in and out of her in rhythm to the smacks.

The smacking and mutual thrusting increased as we both became wetter and more excited.

I felt that my body had taken complete control of my mind as we moved together faster and faster until I reached the most exquisite climax I could ever imagine. My pussy twitched and clutched at her fingers as she did the same to me. I think we both screamed as we slumped into a heap of exhausted flesh, my sated body across hers.

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