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My Petite Co-Worker Affairs

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Welcome to my story, I am aware that my grammar is not the best, but as a second language I am trying hard. I have sent request to many editors’ from Lite, but only one answered and she is saturated with demands. Therefore if you absolutely require the best of grammar to enjoy the story, I suggest you move on to one that will fill your desire and thank you for dropping by. For the others feel free to write comments, send constructive comments and send story ideas. I like to talk with people on email as well.


We have a new employee in our section and she is in her early twenties, but she looks 16 years old. We asked her to confirm that she was in her twenties because we needed to know to ensure she could come and have dinner with us and have a drink to celebrate a colleague’s retirement.

Now, let’s describe this young woman, her name is Nicole, she is not bigger than 5’2 “, very small with small perky tits and a well-rounded little ass. Dark hair and eyes. Her hair goes down pass the shoulders. She is probably the shyest person I have ever met. She barely says hello when we meet other people. She blushes so easily. She is always dressed conservatively and elegantly.

I’m lucky, I must work with her every day and over the past year, I’ve built a respect and trust. She even started to smile regularly and joke occasionally with me. She slowly leaves her shell. She is a unique daughter of professional parents. At home she was subject to strict rules. She never went out much and always had to study. This explains her acting with others has she never really socialized.

During a conversation, I asked what her boyfriend was doing for living and she said she was single. Good way to know if she had a boyfriend without been to forward. She explained to me the guys she meets, were mostly guys who had no plan for the future and not serious enough for her. She said that she likes people who are more stable in their lives and who know what they want. This of course is normal for a twenty years old guy to still not be settle, women are faster than us guys on that aspect. This also works better for older gentleman that like younger woman.

I am a man of a certain age, married, in my fifties. But I can almost say that I am not married because my wife travels all the time and she is always too tired to have sex. We have a common rule, that we can have sex with other people, but never at home. This plan works well for both of us, we play when we feel like it. I know when she travels, she gets fucked by other businessmen, because often when she comes back, I can see that she has new lingerie. I even check some of her panties and they were so soiled with cum. One time all of the lingerie outfit with nylon, garter etc. was soaked/drenched in cum. No way had she only had one guy, this was too much. I asked her how her trip went and if she met guys. She answered back, she did and got to live one of her fantasy of gang banged. It was a small group of some sort of junior sports team (all over 18) that was in her hotel on same floor has hers and on second day one was challenged to run nude in the hall way as she got on the floor. He was black and hung and she said I like what I see, can you use it. She told me one thing led to another and his friends came out the hallway and she asked if they were up to satisfying an older lady. That explained the drench lingerie. That night we fucked like crazy while she told me what they did to her. But that would be another story. Basically, an open marriage that works well for both of us.

Nicole asked me how long ago I was married and how many children we had. I told her that we had been married for over 25 years, that we had children her age. I also told her that we were an open marriage couple, because over the years it has always worked well for us and that’s probably why we were still married. She was surprise at the open couple bit but did not ask more question.

When the invitation for dinner arrived, she said she was not interested and I convinced her that it would be good for her to join the team and get used to going out a few times with us at a more informal venue. I offered to sit with her, that way she would feel comfortable and would not have to chat with people she does not want. She accepted.

The day of dinner arrived and we all went to the restaurant. We were sitting at a round table in a corner so that she would be away from most people and it was acceptable to her. There were 8 of us around our table and the other six people were also quiet people and less social. This table could have been called the table of the misfits to such an extent that they were all different characters. In a group of 40 people, there are always some.

I was the unconventional one at this table, I am normally very talkative with a loud voice and a joker. But for this time, I decided to be nice for Nicole to enjoy dinner and maybe she would be joining us more often in the future. I like her a lot marmaris escort and I think she needs to socialize. The dinner was going well, we discussed her work and her diploma. She drank wine and me a scotch. Then she asked me questions about my life and my career. On my private life I said to her, “Nicole, lately, my wife is traveling a lot more than usual, more often than not, I am alone. I know we have chosen to focus on our professional life, but I guess its part of the arrangement. Do you remember when I told you we had an open marriage, well, that’s what’s going on and as she’s such a gorgeous woman, I know she has a lot of fun traveling? It’s harder for me at home to find a friend because people always feel like you’re looking for more than just unattached fun.”

“Really, I’m sorry to hear that, I’m surprised you’re having trouble finding a friend, you’re very good looking and do not look your age and you’re a very nice guy!”

“Exactly Nicole! The good guys are never lucky, we go on the friends list! “

“You know, I’m young and I cannot find a friend either, so it has nothing to do with age!”

During this conversation, I saw that the wine was beginning to affect her. She was very red and the conversation was more personal. Then we all received a shooter of Jägermeister to lift in honor of our friend who is retiring. She looked at me and said, “I never had that!”

I laugh and said to her, “Raise it up at the same time as everyone else and when you’re ready, you drink it all at once. It’s sweet and tasty. It’s a section tradition.” So, we proceeded and she drank it, her eyes became watery and she shook her head a little.

“Whew, it was strong and sweet with a bit of a burn going down, but I like the taste afterwards.”

When she said she liked it, I ordered another shot at the names of our friendship. She laughed and said, “It’s the last one, because I do not drink much and I’m going to get drunk!” After a few minutes, I realized she was getting drunk.

People were starting to leave and I offered to bring her back because I did not think she would be able to walk without staggering or taking the bus. Especially because of her normal shy attitude. She agreed and asked if I could drop her at home because she did not want to be seen like this at work in the afternoon. I agreed and we were on our way to her place. She had some difficulty giving me the directions as she was giggling so much.

“Thank you, I’m glad you are bringing me home, I’ve never been so drunk, hihihhihihi, these Shooter really worked on me hihihihihihi and I did not want people at work to see me tipsy like this in the afternoon!”

I laugh and say, “Do not worry about the others, they will not see you that way anyway. Just enjoy this feeling, nobody will find out, except me and I can keep a secret.”

After 30 minutes, we arrived at her house and she asked me if I wanted to have a coffee. I liked the idea, anyway, she could use the help entering her home. She was always laughing and talking so much, which is completely out of character for what we knew about her. She was talking about her life, how she likes talking to people on the computer. She mentioned how few friends she had. She said that her family was not a united family and that it was very lonely. She continued on so many topics. I listened because I think she felt good to let out a little loneliness and trusted me enough to chat. She mentioned that chatroom were her big things and really help take away boredom.

Once at the front door, I opened it to let her in and she almost tripped over the door. I held her up and she grabbed me and laughed saying, “Thank you sir! … Now sir! Don’t take advantage of me even if I’m a little bit drunk!”

“Of course not, I would not dare!”

“Hoooooo! Pity! She laughed …”

I was a little surprised at the way she answered, I had never seen her or heard her say that, and in fact she never spoke much yet alone a sexy comments?

When we arrived at her unit, she opened the door. She still stumbled a bit and I still held her back, but this time it was me who said, “I think this time I took advantage of the situation and I liked it, I hope you too! Hihihi!”

She giggled and asked me, “Do you want to visit my apartment before I make coffee?”

“Of course I would like this!”

The kitchen was very small but comfortable, then the living room was very cute, you would have sworn it was decorated for a magazine, everything was in the right place and very tasteful.

She kept wobbling as we walked and talked about her tastes in decoration. She was happy to see that I liked it. We went down the hall and saw the beautiful bathroom and she showed me her room. It was very feminine and nicely decorated. She had a double bed with two side tables and a girl dresser. She had all sorts of objects that decorated the room, but one of them stood out the most. It was a vibrator on her bedside table. When she saw it and realized that she had not marmaris escort bayan put it away, the last time she had used it, probably not expecting people to visit her, so she blushed immediately and looked at me to see if I saw it too. I took a look at it, then I looked at her and said, “Don’t worry! I will never say a word! You are a young woman and you also have needs, like me! Its normal to masturbate, I do it too!”

She did not know what to say or do. I took the torch and joked: “At least you’re lucky to be able to satisfy yourself with a toy that looks and feel like a cock, for us guys, we have our hand and believe me, I often use it lately with my wife always gone on a business trip or too tired!” Then I laughed and she started to relax and laugh.

She said, “Poor you, just your hand!” And laughed.

“Yes, just my hand, but maybe someday I’ll find a fuck friend.”

“Me too!” Came out of her mouth with a very faint voice.

“Nicole, if you like older guys, I’m a volunteer you know! It could be fun and without attachment. I promise no one will find out!”

She looked at me and said, “I only had one real guy and it was horrible! So I’m a little uncomfortable! On the other hand, I would like to have a friend to show me what to do in reality because a toy remains a toy and yes I like older men!”

The conversation had taken a turn that I liked a lot and that I could not believe that these words came out of her mouth. The shy girl was disappearing more and more, it must be the drink that was doing the job.

I wanted to know how far I could draw the line or push my luck, so I got closer to her, took her hand, pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear, “I know what I would do to make you shudder! We can take it as slowly as you want!” At that, I turned her head to face me and kissed her gently.

She returned the favor, said nothing and kissed me so deeply and passionately that it was off-character. I quickly realized that once in the room, she was not the same person. We kissed slowly then she turned it into a passionate French kiss. Our tongue caressing each other’s, she grabbed my back and brought me closer to her. At 6’3 “and 200lbs she was lost in my arms. I pulled her hair to see what I could do that would be acceptable, how she would react. I pulled them so that her head was tilt backwards. She looked me straight in the eye and surrendered herself to me. I kissed her neck and nibbled her, she reacted positively and her breathing became heavy. I turned my head aside pulling her hair and began to untie the button of her blouse. I was going so slowly to make the desire last, one button at a time, my finger touching the inside of her blouse, another button, now that the blouse was open under her small perky breast, I saw a nice transparent white bra with lace and front snaps. Meanwhile, I went behind her and kissed her neck, ear, while looking down at the front of her blouse and still pulling on her hair. I undid the snaps of her bra and slipped my fingertips around her very small breast. Her nipples were straight, perky and swollen. I undid another button of her blouse, now down to her navel. I pulled her hair again to turn her head and kissed her. I kept controlled of situation, she was just responding to my moves, abandoning herself to my touch. She was looking at me and her eyes were asking for more.

You could feel the electricity, the eroticism, the desire in the room. Her breathing was heavy, I undid the last button and removed the blouse and the bra. I whispered in her ear: “Nicole! You are so sexy! Grab my cock, you’ll feel how excited I am!” At these words, she grabbed my throbbing cock and squeezed it hard.

She gasped and said, “I can’t wait to feel you inside me, I need it, but you’ll have to go slow, it might be hard to fit. But I really want you to take me! I trust you.”

“I promise I’ll stop if you need it! Let’s take it as slowly as you want! Abandon yourself to me and it’s time to live our fantasy. All that happens here, will remain between us Nicole!”

At these words, I undid her pants and zipper and dropped them on the floor. She had a pair of matching white lace panties. I let my hands slide slowly to the front of her panties and went down with my finger on the outer sides of her pussy lips without touching them. I went down so slowly, applying pressure on the lips from the outside, squeezing them together. She continued to squeeze my hard cock. I went down below her crotch and my fingers slipped inside her very wet lips at that point. I slowly raised my fingers up. It was so wet, as I touched her my finger brush the entrance of her pussy and I let one of my finger go in to the first knuckle, it was tight, she buckled at the knee a bit at my touches. Then my finger went up to touch her clit, her knees were weak at my touch of her clit. My cock was so hard it was ready to burst out of my pants. I held her to me, turned her, kissed her and pushed her to the bed. When she fell on the bed, escort marmaris I put my fingers to my nose and my mouth.

“HUUUMMMMMMMM! Nicole! You have such a sweet taste and smell, you’ll be licked, suck, fuck today and you’ll be really wet, so I can fuck your tight pussy!”

She looked at me and this other person came out of her shell and she said in a very loud and firm voice, “Fuck me hard! DAAADDDYYYYYY!”

I look at her, surprised and casted myself in the role “Oh, the little girl has a daddy fantasy! I’ll take care of it now. Spread your legs for dad, spread your pussy lips and show me the price that awaits me!” Meanwhile, I got undressed. I had such a hard on, looking at the little woman with a small size B chest with puffy nipples and pussy lips like a butterfly. They were so wet, you could see cream oozing from her pussy. I knelt down and started to taste her pussy lips. She was so creamy and sweet! I sucked those lips while she was holding them as far apart as she could, just like I ordered. Licking the inside of her pussy and then probing the entrance of her pussy with my tongue, she arched her back. Then I went to her clitoris and I started to lick it very slightly, barely touching it, then sucking it slowly. She was breathing so heavily that you could see her breast raise and collapse, her pelvis was moving franticly to every sucking motion of her clit and she shouted “Fuck Me Please! DADDYYYYYYYY! “

“NOT YET, young girl, play with your pussy for Daddy, show me how you masturbate, but do not bring yourself to orgasm!”

At that moment she started to masturbate her clit, she then got down to her pussy and pushed two finger in her pussy, she pulled them out and brought them to her mouth and sucked on them, she then went back to her clit. I watched her for a bit, she was looking at me in the eyes and I was playing with my cock for her. Then, I went back on her body kissing it and I began to nibble her small breasts grabbing them with both hands. She reacted to each contact. I kept it for a few minutes and went back to kiss her. She looked me in the eyes and she said, “Please! ohhhhh PLEASE FUCK ME DADDY! I AM YOURSSSSSSSSS AND I NEED IT! I want to feel a real man in me!”

I put my cock at the entrance of her pussy and began to push it slowly. It was so tight that I was not sure it would go in. So, I took a lot of time to go a little further with each thrust. The head of my cock pushed in and she was so creamy and wet, you could see the white cream on my penis.

I said, “If it hurts too much, tell me and I’ll stop!”

I pushed deeper, surprisingly it slipped tightly, but not enough to hurt her. She grabbed my ass and drew me to her and held me there. I looked at her and she had a tear in her eyes and I said, “Sorry! Did I hurt you?”

She replied, “Noooo! It’s so good and it’s wonderful to feel wanted by someone!”

It made me want her even more and kiss her slowly, thrusting in and out a little faster and deeper each time. I did everything in my power to avoid cumming. She started to get very noisy, breathing hard, moving her pelvis to respond to each of my thrust, she started shaking and shouting.

“I’MMMMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGGGGGGGGG!!” The lips of her pussy contracted on my cock so tight that I started to cum too!

She grabbed me and pulled me towards her and kissed me. Then she said, “Do not withdraw yet, please! I want to feel your cock in me, it feels so good!”

We started to kiss each other and this time she was passionate and not the shy little girl I knew. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I still need more, I want to be fucked from behind, make me yours, I want to be your little slut daddy!”

“You’ll be fucked from behind and several positions, you’re my little slut when we’re here. At work, you’ll be the shy girl I know. I’ll tie you up, fuck you, make you mine, you’ll come in every possible position.”

“Can I call you daddy when you’re here?”

“You like that, don’t you? Calling me daddy! Why?”

“I always dreamed of being a slave to an older guy and calling him daddy. When I’m alone, I fantasize a lot and I go a lot on the Internet. It’s a fantasy that I developed and that I would love to live to the fullest. Can I show you something?”

“Yes, you can call me dad, and what do you want to show me?”

She got up, went to her dresser and brought her laptop to bed. She opened her laptop and connected to a sexual site on incest. She had an account and went to the chat room.

She looked at me and said “Just watch!” She turned on the camera and said, “Who wants to see how my father filled me up?”

So many ping came in and she lowered the camera and zoomed in on her pussy oozing our cum!

Nicole said, “Guys! My daddy fucked and filled me and it was so good. Watch my fingers slip on this cum. Yum! I think I’ll taste it for my dad now! Should I do it! Who wants to see me taste it!”

She took 3 fingers, pushed it in her pussy and came out wet and dripping. She slowly brought it to her mouth. She started to suck her fingers and said, “Yum! This taste good. My father is such a great lover, see the beautiful size of his cock he used on me, it is much better than my dildo! “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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