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My Photogenic Mom Ch. 05

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By the time Susan and Michael had gotten their showers and got his car loaded it was almost 5 PM. They planned to take a leisurely drive to the cabin. The last time they had been to the cabin Michael was not able to drive. He was looking forward to this short trip with Susan. They planned on being at the cabin for two or three days to enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods and nature. On the trip up Susan broached the subject of Harold with Michael. She asked him if he knew about the problems that they had been having.

She also told him about her suspicions that Harold had another woman on the side, citing his lack of interest in her and Michael. She also knew about questionable charges on accounts he did not think she knew about. Michael also knew that if it had not been for him, they probably would have divorced long ago and told Susan so. Susan started to cry, knowing now that Michael had known of her problems with his father all along. Michael put his arm around Susan and pulled her against him to comfort her.

They rode along in silence for about ten minutes when Michael let his hand slip over his mom’s shoulder and onto her breast, Susan was wearing jeans and a halter top for the trip, so there was only a thin layer of cloth between Michael’s hand and Susan’s flesh. Michael could feel Susan’s nipple become erect under his caress. He could also hear Susan catch her breath when he started teasing her nipple with his fingers.

Michael slid his hand under the halter and pulled Susan’s beautiful tit out. Michael then freed the other one so that he could play with them both. Susan could not believe that Michael had exposed both her breasts while they were going down the highway, she tried to protest but Michael would not hear of it. Nobody around here knows us; they would not care anyway. We are just someone they passed on the road.

Susan could feel the heat of desire starting to burn in her cunt. The hot moistness building in her dark tunnel made her forget about her bare breasts. She started rubbing Michael’s cock through his jeans. Susan was thrilled to feel the throbbing hardness of it. She pulled his zipper down and carefully took out his cock, no longer caring that they were on open highway. She took off her seatbelt so that she could kneel on the floor and sucked Michael’s cock into her mouth.

Susan slowly licked the shaft of his cock, working her way up to the angry red head. She licked and nibbled on the head of his cock driving him wild. Michael really had to concentrate on his driving to keep in his lane. Susan was taking her time working on his cock. Michael could do nothing other than play with her tits while they swayed to the motion of the car and Susan sucking on his cock. Michael heard the sound of a zipper and looked at Susan.

Susan had unzipped her jeans and was sliding her hand into the opening. He felt her gasp around his cock and knew that her hand had found what it was searching for. He could see the outline of her hand as her fingers slid in and out of her hot dripping pussy. This along with her increased sucking on his cock made him shoot his wad into Susan’s mouth. When the first hot drops of her sons cum splattered off the roof of Susan’s mouth, it triggered her own orgasm.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure shot through her body. Carefully sucking the last of his cum from Michael’s cock Susan slid back into her seat. Smiling Michael took Susan’s right hand and licked the remaining moisture from her fingers. Susan looked at him and Michael smiled and said, “it’s the next best thing to being there.” Susan laughed as she carefully put Michael’s cock back into his pants and zipped him up. She then put her tits back into the halter top and relaxed on the seat.

It was just getting dark when they got to the turn off for the cabin. Michael did not need headlights to drive with. However, as they drew closer to the cabin they could see lights on in the windows. Michael pulled off onto the side of the road into some brush and parked the car where it was concealed.

Susan and Michael got out of the car and quietly closed the doors. They started to walk to the cabin to see who was using their cabin. Using the trees for cover the approached the front of the cabin and were surprised to see Harold’s car parked there.

Susan started to go to the cabin, but Michael pulled her back. He suggested that they see what Harold kaçak iddaa was doing before just barging into the cabin. Susan was very upset because Harold was supposed to be on a business trip not at the cabin. She suspected that this was where a lot of his business trips went to. The next question was whether he was alone or not.

The nice thing about the cabin was it was only one floor with two large bedrooms and a living area. So, they would not have to try and climb a tree to see what Harold was doing. They crept closer to the cabin and could hear music playing in the cabin. Since there were no neighbors, the curtains had never been kept closed and tonight was no exception.

Michael peered into the window of the living room, and it was empty. There were a couple of liquor bottles setting on the kitchen table and a suitcase on the chair. Michael could hear laughter coming from the main bedroom, so he crept back to the window and looked carefully inside. He could not believe what he saw. His father was flat on his back in bed with an enormous hard on. Sitting on his face was a woman a little younger than his mother and not built any nearly as well as Susan.

All Michael could see was her back and ass. He could hear her moan and say, “lick faster Harold please.” Michael went back to Susan and motioned her back to the car. “You were right about dad he is here with a woman.”

Susan had to admit that suspecting this for all these years did not make what Michael said any easier. Her first inclination was to bust in on them and have it out. Michael told her that if she did that she had no proof. “I will go back and take some pictures first, then go in and settle it.” Susan saw the wisdom of Michael’s plan and agreed.

While Susan waited in the car Michael took his camera and plenty of film and went back to the bedroom window. The woman was still sitting on Harold’s face, but her motion was much faster now. Michael started snapping his photographs. He saw the woman’s back stiffen as she froze on Harold’s face.

Michael knew that she was coming and waited to see what happened next. Harold rolled the woman onto the bed and mounted her. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and with one quick motion drove his huge cock into her still quivering pussy.

She gave a cry and bucked her ass to meet his plunge. Michael could see Harold’s balls bouncing off the cheeks of her ass every time he thrust into her. He still had not been able to see her face, but Michael compared her body to Susan’s. It was nicely shaped, though not as well formed as what Susan’s was.

This woman had more of a little girl’s body. Slim hips narrow waist and narrow shoulders. She had long dark hair and this matched the dark hairs on her pussy which was stretched around his father’s cock. Michael could not understand why his father was fucking this woman when he had twice the woman at home.

Michael continued to take pictures as his father suddenly shoved his cock deep into her pussy and hold it there. Michael could almost see Harold’s balls jerk as they pumped his come into this other woman’s dripping pussy. Harold let her take her legs off his shoulders as he leaned forward and kissed her. Michael almost dropped his camera as Harold rolled off the other woman.

Lying on the bed legs spread wide, with his father’s come dripping from her pussy was Susan’s younger sister Karen. Michael had always liked Karen, but he had never imagined her like this. She was nice enough, but she was never the woman that Susan was. Michael took several pictures of Karen with her legs spread showing her well-pounded pink pussy.

The picture also included Harold lying beside her stroking her small tits. Michael knew that he would not want to be in their shoes tonight. Michael took out the roll of film out of the camera and put it in his pocket. He loaded another roll and shot it on pictures of Harold and Karen naked on the bed together fondling each other getting ready for another fuck. They had no idea of the trouble that was about to occur.

Michael went back to the car and tried to keep Susan calm as he told her what he had seen and just who was in the cabin with her husband. Susan could not believe that her little sister would do this to her. They had never been exceptionally close, but she had never expected this. Susan told Michael that she wanted to see this for herself. She followed kaçak bahis Michael to the window and just as they looked, Karen rolled over and took Harold’s limp cock into her hand. They heard her tell Harold that she could cure his problem and watched as she sucked his cock into her hot mouth.

Susan just stood and watched as Karen’s head began to move faster on her husband’s cock. She was aware of Michael standing behind her watching what was going on. Michael was not sure what Susan’s reaction to the fact that watching Aunt Karen fuck his dad had given him a raging hard on.

Susan watched as Karen took her mouth off of Harold’s cock which was once again standing proudly. Karen straddled herself over Harold’s cock and slowly slid down on it until it was buried deep within her hot cunt.

Susan felt Michael’s hands unbuttoning her jeans, but she did not acknowledge what he was doing. Michael pulled them down to her knees and she felt his hard cock sliding between her legs. Susan’s cunt was still wet from the trip to the cabin, and she too was aroused from what she had seen.

Susan continued to watch Karen fuck Harold as Michael shoved his cock deep into her cunt. He reached around and grabbed her tits in his hands and began matching Karen stroke for stroke. Every time Karen dropped down on his father’s cock Michael rammed his deep in his mother’s pussy.

Susan could not focus on her sister and her husband she could focus only on her son’s hard cock taking her from behind. Michael could feel Susan rocking her ass backward into him in rhythm with his thrusts. Karen had suddenly dropped onto Harold’s shaft and sat there with it deep within her. He could hear Harold telling her that he was almost there, and suddenly Harold rammed his cock even deeper into Karen than she thought possible. Karen slid forward onto Harold’s chest. Harold’s cock was still deep in her.

Michael could see her pink pussy and her glistening brown asshole. Thinking about how tight her asshole would be around his cock made Michael shoot his wad deep into Susan’s grinding pussy. Michael could feel Susan’s own orgasm as her pussy sucked his cock dry.

So intense had Susan’s orgasm been, her knees buckled. But her sons cock still in her and Michael hanging onto her tits kept her from falling down. Michael helped her get her jeans back on and after kissing her beautiful nipples tucked them back into her halter top for her. They walked back to the car and tried to decide what to do. Susan decided to wait a few minutes, and then quietly enter the cabin and surprise Harold and Karen.

As they approached the cabin, Michael looked into the window one last time to make sure that Harold and Karen were still in bed. When he looked, they were not there he went around to the bathroom window and could hear the shower running. He could also hear Harold and Karen talking. When they went into the cabin the shower was still running. Susan walked over to the bathroom door and leaned against the frame.

Soon the shower turned off and Harold stepped onto the mat. Karen just stood and stared at Susan, her face a picture of shock. “Just what the hell is going on here” Susan yelled, neither Harold or Karen could answer her. Finally, Karen said, “Susan it is not what you think!” Susan laughed and said “really did I think you were fucking my husband? Did I think he would be eating your cunt? Tell me what I thought?”

Harold had not yet said a word, and neither he nor Karen had seen Michael yet. Harold tried to think of a way to explain the situation but was at a loss. Susan told them to get dressed then leave. She also told Harold to go home and pack his clothes because they were through, and she did not want him near her again.

Harold started to object but Susan interrupted and told him that she had pictures from the past two hours that she was going to give to her attorney. After Karen and Harold left Susan told Michael that she just wanted the night to herself, and she went into the bedroom and closed the door.

Michael went out and pulled the car up to the cabin. He unloaded it and then went in and changed the sheets on the bed where his dad had been fucking his aunt only an hour before. After changing the sheets Michael went to bed himself.

In spite of everything that had happened, Michael slept soundly through the night. Shortly after 9 am Susan knocked on the door and asked illegal bahis him if he was going to sleep all day. Michael pulled on a pair of swimming trunks and came out to the kitchen where Susan had made breakfast.

The sun was shining, and it was already past 70 when Michael said let’s go swimming. Susan stood up and started into the bedroom. “I will get my suit and be right with you” she said. Michael followed her into the bedroom and slid her robe off her shoulders.

“No suits, just us and the water” he said as he playfully grabbed her tits. He took her hand and pulled her out of the cabin towards the lake. The water was warm and refreshing and they swam for over an hour. Susan said she was going to lie in the sun for a while and walked toward the cabin. Michael followed her and went into the cabin to read.

Shortly Susan came in and went to take a shower. Michael got in the shower and started to wash her back for her. Then he washed her tits and finally her legs, saving her luscious pussy for last. As he soaped Susan’s pussy and ass he wondered if she had ever been fucked in the ass before.

He really doubted it, before this had happened, she had been really uptight. He did not think she had even sucked a cock before his. While was washing Susan’s ass he started playing with her tits. The nipples were taught from him washing them. He soaped his cock up and stepped close to Susan.

Dropping the washcloth, he reached around with his other hand and started stroking her pussy. Susan started to move her hips against Michael, feeling his cock sliding between her legs. She smiled and put her hands against the shower stall and bent over a little so that he could slide it into her cunt.

Michael started running his hand over her ass cheek and heard Susan whimper as she waited for his cock to find her hot wet hole. Michael took his cock in his hand and rubbed it on Susan’s swollen pussy lips. The contact made her jump like it was an electric shock. Michael stopped Susan from pushing back on his cock and quickly lined it up with her tight little asshole and thrust forward. Susan being totally relaxed did not realize until it was too late that Michael was planning on fucking her ass hole.

Michael’s big cock head was already into her ass by the time Susan realized what was happening. She had already started thrusting her hips back expecting Michael’s cock to go into her pussy, not her ass. She could feel her hole slide over the head of Michael’s cock and snap tight around it.

With her thrust and Michael pushing Susan did not feel the pain of being entered so quickly for a few seconds. When it hit, she screamed because it felt like she was being torn apart. She was pinned against the shower wall by Michael who had not moved after her scream.

He told her that it would be all right shortly, just stand still and relax. She got a chuckle out of that, how was she supposed to relax with a cock the size of Michael’s rammed up her ass. Slowly the pain did ease as she forced herself to relax, she could feel Michael moving his cock in small circles in her ass, as he moved his hand down and started fingering her cunt again.

Susan felt the fire in her cunt as well as her ass as Michael started pumping her ass slowly at first then faster. She could not believe the sensations that she was experiencing. Michael started pounding her ass as hard as he could every thrust bouncing her tits off the shower wall. Susan could feel him starting to swell in her and came with a rush.

She felt his cock shoot his load into her ass, feeling its heat in her stomach as he jerked every time he spurted more of his hot white cum into her guts. They just stood slumped against the shower wall until Michael’s spent cock slipped out of Susan’s well used asshole.

They finished their shower and went into the living room dressed in their gowns. Michael could see that Susan was a little sore from their recent escapade in the shower. He felt bad and tried to apologize but Susan stopped him. Trying something new is ok she told him but in the future please warn me first. That was definitely something I had not tried before, and you caught me by surprise.

Michael promised to ask first in the future and said “I heard that once you have a woman all three ways, she will be yours forever, I guess your mine now. Susan being a realist looked at Michael and told him that in the future he would meet a woman of his very own. For now, though she was his whenever he wanted her. Susan and Michael had a nice relaxing dinner and spent the evening listening to the animals in the woods.

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