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My Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

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This story is purely fiction, all made up for my masturbatory habits and fun. This is chapter 3, if you do not like gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight and incest as well as a few other fetishes that will be in future chapters, then do not read on. On the other hand, please vote for this story and contact me if you like it, I would love to hear from you, good or bad, but especially if it helps you get off and want to chat about it.


I sat in front of the TV flipping channels. Bored and alone, the thoughts kept flowing and I couldn’t really care what was on the boob tube. Finally I decided to go to my room and relieve some of the built up sexual stress I felt from what happened with John, my brothers best friend and Gary, my brother watching.

Once I settled onto my bed and the bedroom door was closed, I started gently rubbing the front of my jeans to build up a nice hard on. Thinking about my brother Gary telling me of how he became bisexual. How his first experience went and how he let go of his homophobic feelings. Then as I focused on the image of John with my cock in his mouth and the incredible feelings he gave me.

The last image that crossed my mind was of John sucking the rest of my cum from the end of my cock, I was rock hard and it was time to let the beast out of its cage. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, lifted my ass off the bed and pushed the jeans and my underwear down to my ankles. Using my feet I pushed one leg off, then the other. Naked from the waist down and ready to handle my urges, I fisted my erection and slowly stroked.

My experience with John was so burned into my mind’s eye, I started recalling the blowjob so clearly I was actually murmuring the words I said to him while he was sucking my cock. “Please suck my cock!” As I rocked my dick up and down, I kept repeating those words semi out loud, “Please suck my cock!”

My jerking off to that memory was pushing me closer and closer to the edge of shooting my load all over. I was in my own world, delirious with lust and wanting to cum so bad. So close, so close, seconds away, I rubbed faster.

In a flash of a second, multiple things seemed to happen simultaneously. My orgasm broke loose as I was crying out; “John!” as my sister Sara standing at my door said; “Ohhhh…..Ohhhh My GOD!” Her mouth open watching me shoot globs of cum on my shirt, I opened my eyes to see her. In the throes of Cumming all over myself, I really couldn’t do anything but let my orgasm finish its course. And I couldn’t help but watch her face as she saw me shoot 7 or 8 ropes of cum all over myself.

As my cum subsided I could finally move to cover myself by pulling my shirt down as far as it could go, stretching it out past most of my rod. Sara started to come to her senses as well after watching her little brother cum. “Sorry, I am so sorry.” She spoke as she turned and started back through the door.

“Sara..wait!” I yelled out, but she would have none of that and just kept on going to her room where I heard her door close followed by the click of her door locking.

“Shit!” I exclaimed.


Hours past and I felt like shit not knowing what to do about what happened. Would Sara tell mom and dad, would she tell my friends? I doubted those thoughts because she was always cool and we were always close, but would we lose our close relationship because of this? Would she even talk to me anymore? “Fuck!”

I heard the phone ring and someone in the house must have answered it because it stopped ringing pretty quickly. A couple minutes after that, Becky (my other sister) knocked on my door and announced through it that mom and dad won’t be home until late tonight, so dinner is whatever you make for yourself. “What else could go wrong to make my life worse?” I thought.

Getting myself together, figuring it would be best to feed myself early and stay out of the main rooms where Sara and I could see each other, I headed to şişli üniversiteli escort the kitchen. Not being a cook I took a box of mac and cheese out and started to boil some water. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, cook something fast and head back to your room just as quick was the idea.

“We need to talk about today.” Sara said from behind me. My heart plummeted into my stomach. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. Sara chimed in again; “Look, why don’t you stop making that and I will take you out to dinner so we can talk in private about today? Okay?”

Still not knowing how to respond, I just shook my head in the affirmative and turned off the burner. “Good… Come on let’s get out of here.” Sara took the lead. She grabbed my hand and led me towards the front door. I just followed. In the drive way, she pushed the button on the remote locks to her car and we separated to each side and got in.

“Look, it’s not that bad!” She spoke as she started the car. “Smile a little would you?”


We pulled through the drive in of fast food place a couple miles from the house and ordered burgers, fries and soft drinks. Once we were through the drive in, she got right back on the road and we drove about another 5 miles away from our house. Totally confused now, I finally spoke up; “Where are we going?”

“I am house sitting a friend’s place and no one’s there, so we can talk in private.”

A couple blocks later we pulled into a driveway and Sara used a remote to open the garage door. “Let’s go in and eat.” Sara chimed in and I followed her through the big house until we got to the living room. “Wow this is a great place, whose friend of yours owns this?” I asked.

“Actually a boyfriend of mine, well more like an occasional lover. But he asked me to keep an eye on the house while he’s away on business. You know, water the plants, and gather the mail, stuff like that.”

“Very nice.”

We sat on the couch on opposite ends and opened the bags of food, splitting it up and starting to eat. Sara stopped me and said “Hang on a sec.” Walked out of th room and came back with two beers. “I need a drink and I figured you could use one too.” Then we commenced eating not really speaking, sometime during the meal, Sara turned on the big screen TV and flipped to a movie channel.

I finished up my meal just after Sara and gathered our trash. Sara told me the kitchen was through that door and the trash can was under the sink. She followed that up with; “Bring two more beers back with you too!”

Doing as I was told, I grabbed the beers and headed back. As I sat on the same edge of the couch, Sara shifted and moved towards me until she was sitting next to me. Thank god she was taking control of this conversation, because I wouldn’t know how to start or what to say.

“I ummmm…. I’m sorry for walking in on your today” She stuttered out. ” I just want to explain and apologize because I don’t want for you and me to be awkward okay?”


“Let me tell you what happened and then we get through this. Okay?”

Again I just nodded.

She looked me in the eye and started. “I was coming down the hall and was about to pass your room and I heard you a little. It sounded like you were talking but I couldn’t tell what you were saying and was going to ignore it. I figured you were on the phone. But then I heard you grunt and it sounded like you were hurt.” She paused, seemingly gathering her thoughts. “So…. That kind of stopped me and I asked through the door if you were okay and you didn’t answer. I knocked and asked again and when you didn’t answer or open the door, I ummm heard you grunt again and I really thought something was wrong.”

Listening to her, I didn’t believe she called out to me or knocked on my door. I would have heard her. I was sure of it.

She continued; “I didn’t know what to do. So taksim anal yapan escort when I heard you grunt again, I went in and …. And ….and that’s when, well you know the rest.” Sara almost completely stuttered that out. “I am sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose and…” sighing she finished; “I can’t believe this happened again.”

“What do you mean happened again?”

“Long story, I will tell you some other time about it, but are we okay because I don’t want us to be all weird and awkward. Okay?”


We finished up those beers and Sara went and got two more for us. As she sat next to me, she asked; “Can I ask you some questions about today?”


“Are you gay?”


Hours went by and beers went by and hundreds of questions went by in both directions. But as it seemed the conversation was seemingly coming to an end, I asked if she was okay to drive because it was late in the evening and we should be going home. We both had too much to drink.

Sara suggested; “Call home and tell them you’re sleeping over a friend’s house, mom and dad know I am house sitting and they won’t care or even notice if I don’t come home tonight. We’ll crash here tonight. So it won’t be a problem.”

“Cool… and thanks.”

I made the call and talked to Becky, she said she would leave mom and dad a note. As I came back to the living room and hanging up the cell phone, Sara handed me some swim trucks. That’s when I noticed she was in a 2 piece black bathing suit, and not a large one either.

“Get changed and meet my out back, we’ll soak in the hot tub.” She stammered out as she stumbled towards the back of the house. I quietly thought that she had too many beers and as she turned the corner, I hurriedly dropped my pants and put the suit on. Trying to catch up with her, excited about being in a hot tub for only maybe the third time in my life.

As I walked outside I saw my sister in the tub, just her head and shoulders above the bubbling water line.

“Grab some beers from that fridge on your way, pleeeaaasseeeeee.” Slurring a little as she spoke. I turned to find a mini fridge on the patio well stocked with beer. I took four bottles and entered the hot tub, setting the beers on the edge of the tub between us.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Sara slurred again. And I just nodded. “Okay but don’t peat this, I mean repeat this. Sorry, I had too much beer I dink……think.” Quickly followed by a hiccup, she looked right at me and with a grin said; “You have a great cock and if I wasn’t your sister, whadddi, what I would do. I mean wow!” she exclaimed and hiccupped again. “And you know what? You know what?” she kept going; “When you were telling me bout the…(hiccup) the blowjob from (hiccup) John…. God that was (hiccup) hot!”

I was as red as could be from embarrassment. Here I was sitting listening to my drunk sister tell me how great my cock was and how hot it was when I explained why I called John’s name as I came.

Sara was still looking at me. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was staring right through me. Then she started again. “Damn hiccups. But really you have a great cock bro. I’ve been with a bunch of guys (hiccup)… none of them pack what you got bro.” A couple of hiccups later, “You know what, you know, you (hiccup) came so much it was amazing. Can I? Can I…mevernind, I mean nevermind.”

“Can you what?” I asked completely clueless where she was going with her possible question.

“Okay. (hiccup) can I see it? I mean can I see it (hiccup) again?”

“What?” Unbelieving… “Sis, we’re related,….. No.”

“Come on… I already saw it once, and it was in action that time. I won’t tell I promise.” She batted her eyes and pleaded, “Just one more time.”

Here I was listening to my sister beg to see my cock. And this isn’t something I am used to hearing from any girl, needless to taksim bdsm escort say this conversation had me hard under the water and I had to come up with an excuse to not show her. She might think I was hard because of her. I was, but I didn’t want her to know that.

“No sis, I…. I can’t.” I protested. But even in a drunken state, she wasn’t going to let me get away with that answer. “Why not?” She made puppy dog eyes this time. “I already saw it once (hiccup). I just want to see it one more time, please?” She begged but I knew I couldn’t do it. “Sis, not right now, another time okay?”

I think that answer caught in her head because it took a minute for her to figure out why it sounded wrong to her. So she used what she figured out against me. “So bro, it’s because your hard right now isn’t it?” She let out a moan and closed her eyes. “Okay I get it, you’re shy and you don’t want to show me cause your hard, (hiccup) but you know what(hiccup), you know, what if I show you? Will you show (hiccup) me?”

At this point, now my cock is as hard as it’s ever been. And I am semi drunk. I wasn’t thinking as straight as I should be. But now my dick was doing the thinking for me and I was just offered the sight of a hot, sexy, wet naked woman. Even if it is my sister, I don’t know I can pass this up. “But…” I stammered.

Without notice, Sara stood in the tub, her waist just over the top of the bubbling water. I half expected her to take off her top right then and there. “Come on bro, stand up for me.” Almost a question, almost a command, I stood slowly. As I raised myself up I could feel my cock shift to a point where it was tenting my swim suit. Just below the water, my aching rod was coming up and out from the hot steamy water. I reached for the edge of the tub to complete my stand and to show my pointed trunks.

I slipped just a little towards my sister and she caught me on my chest and shoulders. I wouldn’t have fallen, but I certainly would have looked awkward and gangly. Steadied now by Sara’s hands on my upper body, I finished standing erect (in more ways than one) in front of one of my sisters. Her eyes shifted down and I can see her looking at my shorts. She hiccupped, then started running her hands over my chest and down onto my abs. Another moan escaped her lips and before I knew it her hand was cupping my erection from the outside of the trunks. It was my turn to let a moan out.

Sara quickly re-established eye contact with me and continued to rub my cock. “Oh Sara.” I groaned. “Does that feel good bro?” she asked and I just nodded. “Did it feel this way when John touched you?” I just grunted, neither in the affirmative or negative. “Can I see it again?”

Not knowing how I found my voice, “Yes!”, Sara brought both her hands to my waistband and inserted her thumbs. She started wiggling down my wet trunks, but she didn’t get far as my cock was pushing so high and hard on them she had to bring her hands into the front so she could pull them outwards and over my rock hard prick. In doing that, her fingers ran over the crown and I moaned again “Sara.” Once the shorts were pulled out enough my cock came into view and she quickly pushed them down. “Mmmmm.” She teased, my cock standing 45 degrees into the air in front of me, pointing right at her bikini clad chest. “What a beautiful tool bro.”

Standing with my proud erection, with the trunks around my knees, Sara clasped her hand around it. We connected eyes again, and she started to stroke me gently and slowly. “Does that feel as good as when John was doing it for you?”

I couldn’t answer, I was in heaven. “I have another secret to tell you.” Sara smirked, stroked my cock and continued. “After I got back to my room today, I had to masturbate and I dreamt of this cock while I did it. I came dreaming of your cock!” Her eyes still locked on mine, she leaned into me and our lips connected for our first kiss. It started slow and gentle, building until I felt her tongue at my lips and I was too far gone not to let her in.

Our tongues twisting together, her hand squeezed around my cock tightly between us. She broke the kiss and sat down, not letting go of my dick. I continued to stand there with my eyes closed in dreamland when I was brought to my senses by her lips wrapping around the crown.

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