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My Student, My Lover

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I carried the panting girl in my arms. Setting her gently in bed I pulled off her small bra and panties. Jenny blushed and covered her eyes.

My hands spread her legs slightly, revealing a thin patch of blonde pubes snuggled around a soft pink slit… I kissed her pussy and ran my tongue along her slit.

Jenny squirmed. “Don’t… please sir.”

Opening her smooth thighs I felt the girl shiver as my aching cock slid along her furrow… pushing and pressing against her moist hole.

She looked up. “W-wait sir…” My open mouth kissed hers and our tongues twisted together in an ancient mating dance. Jenny’s thin fingers touched my face.

Jenny bit her lip as my cockhead stretched and spread her delicate petals. Her soft pussy opened to accept my stiff manhood.

Rubbing her pointy tits I pushed into her tender folds, feeling her velvety pussy flesh… virgin pussy flesh.

I gazed down on Jenny, taking in her innocent beauty… Long blonde hair flowing in waves across the pillow, pouty red lips and soft glowing skin dotted with tiny brown freckles.

She sighed and relaxed her thighs, allowing me to slip further into her yielding flesh.

My mind recalled the first time I saw sweet Jenny… at a ballet recital. The pretty, eighteen-year-old girl swirling around in her pink tutu, lifting her lovely legs up and down… Oh yes.

Her pussy tightened around my shaft. My prick pushed harder and Jenny whimpered.

“Relax honey.” I ran kisses across her cheek and along the nape of her neck. My lips moved to her pert titties, sucking Jenny’s nipples, licking and nibbling them like pink candy… feeling her buds swell in my mouth.

My aroused prick plunged deeper, her young body tensed as my shaft ripped through her cherry. She whimpered again… and we kissed, our lips melting together, breathing each other’s breath…

Jenny threw her arms around me, pressing her perfumed breasts against my chest as I pushed all the way into her womanhood, and stopped.

It was a beautiful moment. We lay motionless, her soft breath batting my face as we cuddled in my bed, our naked bodies fully joined…fully and intimately joined. My prick began to pump slowly inside her pink folds.

Jenny moaned, burrowing her head into my neck as I fucked faster, feeling the tight walls of her pussy tug at the ridges of my cock as it pushed in and out. Her pussy moistened, allowing me to fuck her with long deep strokes.

She moaned softly, raising her hips to my strokes… cleaving her young pussy onto my hard shaft. Lifting my body I looked down past Jenny’s small breasts to her peach fuzz mound, watching my prick pull up and plunge back in to her wet folds.

Specks of blood dotted my shaft.

“Ohh Mr. Alex… you’re so hard…” Jenny groaned as I pounded into her gripping love tunnel. My cock swelled and my balls began to churn. With a final thrust I buried my cock deep in her tender pussy and let my cum gush out.

Suddenly Jenny jolted up and grasped my neck, her young tits crushing against my chest as her body shook violently in waves of climax. “Oooh… Oooh Mr. Alex…!”

As the last of my cum spewed into her pussy I rolled on my side, pulling her next to me. We lay there panting, my softening shaft still buried inside her love hole. Her warm body clung tightly to mine as her head snuggled to my chest.

She looked up at me with her clear green eyes. “Did… did you like it Mr. Alex? Did you like me?”

“Oh yes Jenny. You’re a miracle, casino şirketleri a sweet slice of heaven.” I hugged Jenny, my student and lover, and thought back to that day. The day it started with a touch… an innocent forbidden touch.


Her piano lesson was right after ballet class. Jenny was a superb ballerina and an awful pianist. Often I considered dropping her from lessons. But the freckle-faced girl was cute as hell… and so heavenly.

Every lesson Jenny seemed to sit closer… and closer. On the keyboard our hands touched far too often. Sometimes I caught Jenny staring at me instead of the sheet music. Sometimes she caught me staring at her innocent beauty.

The looks and touches continued.

That day Jenny was late and rushed in still wearing her sweaty pink leotard. The wet leotard highlighted every curve of her body… The round tops of her tits and hard nipple bumps… her lovely bare thighs… and the little pink camel-toe peeking between her legs.

Tossing her gym bag, Jenny hurried to the piano bench and plopped down, almost in my lap. We started a keyboard duet. As we played I was distracted by her smell… an erotic scent of teen sweat and cheap perfume.

So distracted that my hand slipped off middle C and landed on her bare thigh. “Oops sorry.” I left it there for a few seconds then jerked it away.

We kept playing and it happened again, right on her naked thigh. This time Jenny grabbed my hand, holding it against her bare thigh as she continued to play with her other hand.

Stunned as hell I tried to play the piano… while feeling her soft smooth thigh.

Jenny stared at me without releasing my hand and while her other hand raced too quickly across the keyboard. I whispered, “Adagio Jenny… adagio.”

“…oh yes adagio… adagio… please sir…”

Her green eyes sparkled as her pouty lips opened… Our lips met in slow motion, pressing together… our tongues entwined in a long sensuous kiss. I leaned her back on the bench, and gently touched her camel-toe…

“Nooo!” Jenny jerked up and pulled away, rushing out of the room.

Through the window I watched her titties jiggle and her little butt wiggle as she ran out to her moped. Jenny hoped on the moped and zipped away. Damn she was a hottie.

Next to the door lay Jenny’s gym bag. I couldn’t resist and peeked inside, finding a pair of purple panties covered in dancing unicorns.

I took a whiff of her unicorn panties. The smell of sweaty teen pussy aroused the primal urge in my prick— the primal thundering urge to fuck!

Suddenly Jenny rushed through the door, grabbed her panties and slapped my face hard. Then the girl kissed me hard and ran away dragging her gym bag.

Holy shit. Slapped and kissed!

Our next lesson was awkward as hell. My mind torn between my job, Jenny and the throbbing beast in my pants. Jenny walked in wearing bright red lipstick, a too-tight blouse and a skirt that barely covered her hoo-hoo…

Wow. The small room filled with sexual tension. Jenny stared at me for a long minute. Then she sat on the bench, wiggled her nice ass and told me not touch her thigh “…or anyplace else down there.”

“Okay Jenny, today I’ll help you with your fingering.”

Jenny turned blazing red. “Try it buster and I’ll slap your face off!!”

“No sweetie on the piano keyboard. Your keyboard fingering.” I touched her hand. “Lift each finger in turn, up and down.”

“Oh, okay sir.” I watched her delicate fingers casino firmaları lift up and down, gliding along the keys. Jenny played her lesson perfectly… perfectly terribly.

She stopped and looked up. “Mr. Alex do you think I’m pretty?”

“Hunh? …oh you’re absolutely gorgeous.”

She smiled. “Yes I am. Now is it time for our duet?”

“Yes it is.” Sitting close beside the teen nymph we played an etude. A simple melody which quickly become erotic. On the keyboard her little finger kept touching mine, pinky to pinky… so damn sensual.

Below the piano our legs rubbed together as her small foot tapped mine on the pedals.

With the all touching and her warm body pressed so close to mine… I absolutely couldn’t concentrate. Our duet sounded like a catfight on the keyboard. And at the end she looked up at me with a funny look.

“Sorry Jenny that piece was very hard.”

She whispered. “Harder than that lump in your pants? Is that lump because of me?”

“Oh um… yes.”

“Do you want to touch me?”

“Yes…I mean NO! Jenny you said no touching.”

“No touching down there…” She pointed between her legs and loosened her blouse. “Lock the door sir.”

My mind screamed Don’t Do It! But, brain is always overruled by boner. I locked the door and carefully sat beside Jenny.

She watched my face as her nimble fingers unbuttoned her blouse… button by button… inch by inch… until her blouse dropped. Jenny placed my hands on her bra-covered breasts. Kissing her pouty lips I eagerly squeezed Jenny’s soft titties through the silky fabric.

After a minute I reached for bra clasp.

“Mr. Alex you really shouldn’t…”Jenny’s eyes sparkled as I unsnapped it. Her bra flipped off and her tits fell out bouncing and jiggling. Perky teen titties with pink candy nipples. Jenny grabbed them.

I hugged the girl and kissed her neck, letting my fingers slip between her trembling thighs.

The topless girl panted. “Ooh…ohmygosh… Okay Mr. Alex, okay you can touch it— but don’t take off my panties.” My eager hand crawled under her skirt and…

BAM! BAM! BAM! Some jerk pounded on the door. I looked up to see stupid Herbert, waiting for his piano lesson. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

“Jenny sweetie, could you come over to my place later for a… a private lesson?”

“A piano lesson?”

“Maybe… will you come?”


After stupid Herbert’s lesson I raced home. And my heart raced when I spotted Jenny’s purple moped in my driveway. And at my front door stood the freckle-faced girl, nervously clutching her purple gym bag. I fucking love purple.

I walked up and Jenny blushed. “Mr. Alex I… I can’t stay very long.”

“That’s okay honey.” Taking her hand I led the young girl inside. “Jenny this lesson is extra special, so you’ll need to sit on my lap.”

The teen girl bit her lip, sat on my lap and played Chopsticks. As she played her little butt wiggled back and forth across my aching cock. Jenny looked back at me.

“Oh Mr. Alex I feel it… your lump… your big lump… Why is it so hard?”

“Um, because it likes you sweetie. It really likes you.” I kissed Jenny’s lips and lifted the girl so she sat on my lap facing me. My hands cupped her spongy titties and I felt her body shiver ever so slightly. I moved to undo the buttons on her blouse.

“No Mr. Alex… you really shouldn’t.”

“Shhh, its okay. I just want to admire your beautiful breasts.”

Jenny nodded güvenilir casino but moved a hand in front of her blouse buttons, while staring at my face. But soon her blouse fell open. Kissing the girl I reached around and undid her bra clasp. Her yummy boobs fell out, jiggling in the cool air. She grabbed them.

Pushing her hands away I licked a nipple. Jenny whimpered. “…don’t sir.”

I sucked on her aroused nipple, batting it around with my tongue. Jenny writhed in my lap, stretching her tit out as she tried to pull it back. But my mouth opened wide, sucking in her entire boob.

“Gosh Mr. Alex!”

After sucking her other tit I sat Jenny on the piano keyboard and tugged on her skirt. Her hands moved to hold it, but I kissed and hugged her hard, pressing her naked breasts to my chest.

She blushed when her skirt came off… and we both stared between her smooth thighs.

Wow, the naughty girl wasn’t wearing panties. Her tiny peach-fuzz slit sparkled with pussy dew, virgin pussy dew. We kissed and she let my hand rub her silky mound… Jenny panted into my mouth in tiny puffs.

I carried the blushing virgin in my arms, setting her gently in bed.

Jenny glanced up at me, with her eyes wide, mouth open and quivering. I moved over her naked body, and my lips met hers. The nervous girl sighed in a brief moment of surrender and timidly spread her lovely legs.


After our lovemaking we cuddled in bed. Then Jenny was thirsty. Walking back with a bottle of water I saw the naked teenager sitting up in my bed and my prick hardened again.

So I walked back firmly, letting Jenny watch my erection bounce up and down. Her big eyes followed every bounce.

“Oh Jenny, your lovely red lips drive me crazy. Could you suck me?” I moved my throbbing boner in front of her face. Jenny’s eyes bugged out and her lips puckered up tighter than a frozen nipple.

I kissed her face. “It’s what lovers do honey.”

Jenny blushed deep red and dropped slowly to her knees… I just love a naked girl on her knees. Her green eyes looked up. “P-promise not to pee in my mouth?”

I nodded and Jenny nervously opened her mouth. Her red lips stretched around my cockhead and the girl began to suck. Jenny gagged but kept sucking. I squeezed her hard nipples, watching her blonde head bounce up and down as she sucked my prick.

My hand pushed her head down a bit. Jenny gagged and but took my prick down to her throat like a good student. I felt her tongue lapping at my shaft. Soon my cock swelled and I pumped faster, fucking her virgin mouth.

“Ooh yes!” My prick spewed, gushing out gobs of cum.

“Gggluggh!” Tears came to Jenny’s eyes as she choked and gagged down my load, her cute cheeks bulging with each cum swallow. And I kept spurting hot cum down her throat.

After the last spurt the panting girl looked up. “Did-did you like it sir?”

“That was wonderful Jenny.” I kissed her forehead and we cuddled. “Now honey, I’ll fix dinner before you have to leave.”

I prepared us a romantic meal. Spaghetti carbonara with a choice of a fine cabernet or Kool-Aid. She chose the latter.

A tiny candle lit up the checkered tablecloth. We ate and kissed, and I watched the candle light flicker softly in her clear green eyes. But the nervous girl kept glancing in the corner, at her floppy bag.

“Jenny why did you bring your gym bag?”

She looked up at me with her pouty lips and those big green eyes. “Th-that’s not my gym bag sir. It’s my over-night bag… and I brought my baby-doll pajamas just for you…”

“Oh my sweet-sweet lover.” Cradling the blushing girl I kissed her lips softly and carried her to my bed, to once again experience… the velvety miracle of teen pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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