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My Time with Roni – Adventures Ch. 01

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The week following our trip to the cabin I didn’t invoke “Slut” to appear. I was testing something that was running through my mind.

Saturday morning, we went to a flea market and just looked around. Even though Roni will only turn 20 in a few weeks, she really loved antiques. I caught her looking at a few men and women as we wandered around; this happens a lot more often lately. ;o) The women were all right around her age; most of the men were all 30 or older. I guess she likes mostly older things.

The thought I had been pondering was from when she had commented, after her retest, that “she” couldn’t, but “Slut” could. I started to notice that she really did seem to change when “Master” called for “Slut” to appear. Two different pieces, one complicated woman, distinctly separate, but with the other always just below the surface.

It was an interesting dichotomy. She had managed for herself to almost completely silo her incongruent feelings. One part, Roni, was the shy, sweet girl. “Slut” on the other hand was something Roni wished she could be, but that just didn’t fit in to her lifelong view of herself and Catholic upbringing. It appeared to work for her though, so it worked for me.

As I suspected would happen, Roni found something she just had to buy while we were winding through the market, an old umbrella holder for the apartment entryway. She thought it had a nice variety of paisleys on it. I told her that to me, they looked like flowering penises. It forever became known as Roni’s cock can.

It was actually a pretty good find since she had been after me to build a coatrack of some sort for the entryway. Her new find did alter the design a bit, but all worked out in the end.


Facing it, the U-shaped entry was 9-feet wide and 5-feet deep on each side. A little dark and dull as there was no direct light entering it. The door was on the left side, 2-feet from the back wall where the rack would go.

I came up with a nice design, using old reclaimed Oak. The base had a sloped space for shoes, with a run of bar-rail running lengthwise; to hook the shoe heals over. I added a deeper section in the center, round on one end. The oval shaped umbrella can fit perfectly there.

The German “Meister” craftsman who ran our craft woodworking shop, found me an old Oak coffee table that was no more than a cross section slab from a tree trunk crafted into a 6-inch thick table. For something unique, we rotated, measured and rotated again until we came up with an idea. We ended up slicing it into matching 3-inch thick slices. From there we cut the two new slabs into pieces and shapes we wanted then glued the pieces back together. We ended up with a unique double wave shape about 7-inches deep on each end and in the middle with two 12-inch deep waves on either side of center. The center of the two waves was nearly an exact inverse to the curve on bottom shelf, the two completing a 3 dimensional “Oval” that, in 3-dimensional space, “surrounded” the umbrella holder if one looked straight down from above.

The back was made from 2 sheets of Oak plywood that would join behind the center shelf. Above the shelf, there were four wide, vertical rough-cut oak stiles, one on each edge, the other two towards the center. Between each side pair I would inset antique marbled mirrors to reflect what light did get to the entry back in to the room. Between the center two stiles were two 4-inch shelves for Roni to set Girly knick-knacks on. On the edge stiles I also added 1-inch brass bar-rail to match the base. The entire unit was topped off with a carved, antique mantel found at another flea market.

When finished It was heavy and took a friend and I, with his large pickup truck to get it home and into place. The whole thing ended up being very unique, antique looking so it of course ended up Roni approved.

Roni had no idea how MUCH she would come to approve! ;o)


A few days later, I visited the website Mason had given me. My first thought was, WOW! Are all these people real? Then it occurred to me that Roni and I couldn’t be all that unusual.

I purposely left the site up on my computer one day when I went out for a ride and shortly; the screen saver would be running. Roni couldn’t resist a running screen saver, nosey little thing, lol.

When I returned about 2.5 hours later, I found a note on the new entry shelf that Roni was out shopping with Kirsten. (eye-roll)

After grabbing a cold drink, I went to the office to check the computer. I moved the mouse to clear the screen saver and… Hmm, nice cock, she should have set it back to the Home page, where I had left it. That must have been the page where she had landed when Kirsten called and forgotten to come back to change it.

I checked the browser history. She must have checked out 10 bi-girls and 45-50 guys within a 100-mile radius. The profile she looked at, just before the one still showing on the screen was, without a doubt, Damian, our neighbor. He had his face blurred, avrupa yakası escort bayan but the car behind him was a dead giveaway.

Chuckling to myself, I somehow knew quick that a check in the clothes hamper would most likely reveal a pair of wet panties, which equaled orgasm. When I went up to shower that would be confirmed, I was right. She was so predictable. Oh, how I love this woman.

Damian would definitely be on the list, Roni wants his BBC, as was one of Mason’s suggestions, Tony, since I knew him.

I found the third quite by chance while watching her flip through the web history. Another guy Roni had checked out turned out to be Jim, Damian’s work out partner from the gym. The gym bag in one of his pictures was his dead giveaway. In a matching couple of pictures on each of their profiles, they were tag teaming a girl who was obviously a bartender from one of the local pubs, getting taken over one of the barstools. She was enjoying a matching pair of yin-yang, 8-inch cocks.

I sent Damian and gym-Jim a message, outlining my request. I also did some work on several pictures from the Mason weekend, blurring faces and added them to the profile I had set up for Roni and me.

Picture one was an upward angled shot of Roni, riding Masons big cock, with her head thrown back. Another was of her on her knees, taking me in her mouth, while Mason did her doggie-style. Then one of her ass and one of Mason between her legs, her heals on his shoulders, from behind his him, showing her with arched back, tits pointing to the sky, with the lake in the background.

The final set was a series of 5, which Mason had requested.

The first showed Roni starting to suck his cock straight on, her tongue just getting ready to lick pre-cum from it and showing the entire length.

In pic

, she had the tip halfway in to her mouth.

showed his cock 2-thirds in.

Pic is Mason’s favorite. In it, she has her lips right up against his body, with his full 10-inches completely buried in her mouth.

Finally came the coup de grâce. – Roni’s face, full of Mason’s cum (with just enough blurred to make it anonymous, but still enough to see a ton of juice dripping down her face – I hit upload.

Within 45 minutes, they had both replied and I replied to them, setting up a meet for the next week, when I knew Roni would be late at work. – Then I deleted the messages. – I wouldn’t want “someone” nosey finding the evidence.

Now, to enlist
, Mason’s friend Tony.

Tony is a no BS, New York straight shooter, give it to him straight up, or don’t waste his time. That’s his credo. I didn’t waste his time.

Yo, Tony!!

Hey, you’re Dale, Mason’s friend, right?

Yup, Mason told me you were a man who might be able to help me with something.

Sure, if I can help, I will, anything for a friend of Mason.

Quietly, so as not to be overheard if anyone wandered by, I started, no BS, right to the point.

So, He tells me you got 9-inches you can give my girlfriend. That caught him right between the eyes, in a curiosity kind of way. Mason had already filled him in on “the weekend” but not the “who” involved. I confirmed Mason’s story and what I had planned.

Tony laughed loudly, then added; I thought the little bastard was pulling my leg, I guess he wasn’t. – Tony was in and would show up next Wednesday to the meet and greet.

OK, now to plan, I have two weeks until her birthday, a Friday.

The next Wednesday was the meet and greet with the 3 guys. I arrived at the quiet bar downtown at 5:30. A few minutes later, Damian walked in and I waved to him.

Damian came over and said hello, but told me that he was meeting someone soon. I said; yes, you are, and you have. His eyes got a nice sparkle in them because if things went as expected, he now knew he’d get to fuck Roni. He liked the idea.

Tony arrived next, Yo, Dale, how’s it goin’. I introduced him to Damian. Jim arrived last.

Damian was 32 and a notorious confirmed bachelor, a lady’s man who knows it. Damian joined the Army after hurting his knee in college. He had been a Division 2 wide receiver, quite a good one at that. He was tall and slender with a muscular build. Damian stands 6’3″, 200 lbs. with nearly no body fat. Every muscle he had was ripped. Based on my size, I’d say he had a 46-inch chest that tapers to a 32-inch waist. He grew up an Army brat. He father came from La and his mother was Puerto Rican. He had more of his mother in him, which gave him a light skinned, Adonis look. – His muscles helped.

Jim was a tag-along type, always trying to impress Damian. Good looking in his own right, around 6′, 190 lbs. Try as he might, he’d never match Damian in the gym. He had a great sense of humor and was Damian’s perfect distraction wingman and did quite well with the women as well. Someone had to keep those “not quite up to Damian’s standards” women busy.

Tony, as bahçeşehir escort bayan I said, was a different sort. He put on the NYC bad-boy image, but people who knew him also knew he was a teddy bear. He was the shortest of the 4 of us; 5’10 with a stocky, sturdy build. His plus, Mason relayed to me, was his cock. 9 inches long, but thin. He loved a woman’s ass. Mason said he remembered one weekend watching as Tony introduced an entire Bachelorette party of 7 to the wonders of backdoor fun, gently and sweetly. This skill made him very popular. Mason guesses he’d ass fucked a good number the American women in the city, single and married. Mason said that would he guessed around 150 of them. Bastard! LOL

I explained my plan to them, the basics of how, why and when. They were all good for the Friday evening in question.

Everything was set. The first Friday in October would be the night. Just over two weeks left to go. Could I keep the secret? You bet!! – Just a few things to pick up.


I had Damian add our profile as a “Friend”, pretending to ask questions as if he didn’t know us, in a message. When I saw the message, it had already been read. LOL

Roni had, several times, checked both Damian and Jim on the website. She had even downloaded all of the tag team pictures Damian made available to “us” in a private folder. – I asked Damian and Jim to upload all they had, which they did, without their faces blurred. Roni knew. LOL ;o)

Roni took her birthday off and I sent her to one of the local spas for the afternoon. She was nice and relaxed when she got home around 4pm. She got ready and we walked downtown for dinner. She almost swallowed her tongue when she saw Damian and Jim sitting with two girls at the restaurant. That was Damian’s idea and added an interesting intensity to the evening. She kept sneaking looks. I knew she was imagining herself between them, balancing, on a barstool.

We finished our wine and left about 7:45 and walked home. When we got home, I gave her an envelope. She opened it. It was a gift card for a full-service boyfriend evening. I asked her to take a hot shower, shave and put on her little silk robe and come back down when she was ready. She kissed me with little happy tears in her eyes and told me how thoughtful I was. She gets so emotional sometimes over the little things.

When I heard the shower come on, I turned and opened the door. SSSH! Come in guys, wait over there in the office. I commented to Damian that I hope the two girls didn’t mind when he and Jim ran off. He said “Nope, they thought Roni was hot. They want to know when their turn will be.” (note: that story is on the list)

I went to work.

Roni likes big everything. I took everything off the coatrack and draped black and red curtains over it. Looped from the center, then hanging down, back up to the corners and dropping to the floor. Then I made use of the hidden features.

Roni likes to sometimes be lightly restrained. I popped out one of the center shelves of the Rack to expose a 1-inch dowel. I attached the end of a thin leather strap, which then attached via a D-ring to a 3-inch wide, padded leather collar, hanging just at a point just where Roni’s neck would be. I also attached similar cuffs to the brass side rails. I let them all dangle, in plain view.

I put a tube of lube in the cabinet on the right-hand wall. The video camera was already set up across the way, with a perfect angle. When I heard the water shut off, I hit record and looked at my watch. 6 hours capacity – there should be plenty of tape. I then lit 10 large candles around the general area; she’d get a nice picture when she rounded the corner at the bottom of the steps. It was 8:54pm

Roni came down in her robe and when she turned the corner, she gasped at the sight, her nipples were instantly erect when she saw the cuffs and collar hanging on the “rack”. Her view of the coatrack completely changed in an instant. I went up behind her as she took everything in, kissing her neck, untying her robe, letting it just open on its own. “Slut” I said, I am going to tease for a long time and take you tonight. Do you understand?

Yes, Master! I do.

With that, I walked her to “The Roni rack”


I turned her to face me and slowly lifted her in to place. “Surprisingly”, the waves had just the right width between them to widely open her legs. It was as if it was planned that way, to suspend her, legs wide open on the backs of her thighs, with her labia and open pussy dangling in mid air. A man, say one about my size, could fit right between her legs with the base of his cock, right at pussy level when buried deep inside. Go figure, what a coincidence! Roni was shocked, until she wasn’t.

Roni: Master? Did you build this just for me?

ME: Yes, Slut, I did.

Roni: Oh Master, thank you, I love it!!

I reached over and pulled her left arm to the side and attached bakırköy escort bayan the cuff and also did the same to her right arm. They were just high enough to keep her breasts spread, nice and high. Then I attached the collar around her neck. She let out a small moan. Roni could barely move… and she liked it. Then, I did what she hadn’t seen coming. I pulled a blindfold out of the cabinet drawer and covered her eyes. She hadn’t known until right then, she loves that too. I told her I needed to get a few accessories from the office and I’d be right back.

When I returned, I put the portable CD player up on the top of the Rack and put the headphones on her. Roni’s favorite hot movie title track is from “Sliver” which I put it on repeat and let the music lull her to relaxation for a few minutes.


Suddenly, Roni felt a tongue on her left nipple and moaned. Oh, Master yes. The tongue stopped right after she spoke. She squirmed, trying to move her nipple back to “Master’s mouth.

Then she felt it on her right nipple, another moan, but she said nothing and it kept going. She learns quickly.

Soon, the teeth began scraping and gently torturing her nipple. It stopped.

A second later, I lifted the headphone and asked. “Do you want it to continue Slut?”

Yes, Master.

Headphones back on, the right nipple teasing began again. Then Stopped

I lifted the headphones; “Do you want more Slut?”

Oh, Yes, Master, please don’t stop.

In unison, more teasing began on the right nipple – AND THE LEFT!! Roni let out a low moan; Damian and Jim started slowly on her tits.

I backed Jim off, took off the headphones completely. Then let him restart.

After 5 minutes of teasing I had them both stop again. I spoke from a slightly lower angle, near nipple level.

Do you like both tits teased Slut?

Oh, yes Master, I do, thank you for having Mason come for my birthday.

I told the guys she might think it was Mason helping me, so no one reacted.

Would “Slut” like her torture to continue with a finger in her pussy?

OOOH!! Yes, Please, Master,… Mason…? Please suck my tits! finger fuck me! Roni was pleading for more.

Damian and Jim went to town on her tits as Tony lubed a finger with her wetness and from his knees, started to slowly finger fuck her.

After a few minutes, just as she was really enjoying what she thought was just Mason and me sucking and fingering her, I let my hot breath hit her earlobe and said. No Mäuschen, not Mason, or me? Roni gasped at the sudden knowledge that 2 NEW men were sucking her tits. I chuckled slyly and said; no dear, you only think it’s two, it’s three. Roni’s orgasm came immediately. The first, of many. Everyone backed off.

Roni told me later her mind was racing not knowing who was pleasing her.

After she relaxed. The teasing continued, much to her pleasure. Except the finger was replaced with a tongue. Three tongues on her, along with 6 hands, she loved it. When I whispered in her ear again with all three tongues on her she exploded again. Everyone backed off.

When she relaxed, I asked her; “Slut”, you’ve had three cocks in your life, would you like your three NEW cocks to continue?

Oh my god Master! Yes, please tell them I do, please have them take me, now. Roni was almost in tears, begging for cock, any cock, all cock!!

Damian had his hard cock all lubed and ready. I touched Roni’s pussy. Lube was over kill. I whispered to Damian. His placed the head of his cock against her pussy. She begged for whoever it was to fuck her. Damian didn’t ignore her pleas. He pushed, with slow, gentle pressure, and slid his entire 8 inches deep in to her, the initial entry lasted 7 long, agonizingly pleasurable seconds for her. He withdrew his cock completely and did it again and only then began slowly fucking her. 3 seconds in, pause, rotate his pelvis then 3 seconds out, pause, and repeat. Roni was in heaven.

As Damian continued to fuck her slowly, I released her left hand and put it down to Tony’s long thin cock. She stroked its full length.

I then did the same with Jim. She stroked his full length as well. I let her enjoy the feeling. Boy Damian had great control.

Roni was moaning in pleasure as I asked how this compared to the tag team of Damian and his friend in the pictures in her mind. She responded “much, much better.” I slowly lifted the blindfold from her eyes.

Slowly her eyes focused on Damian, between her legs, fucking her slowly, looking in to her eyes. That was all she needed. Roni came hard and slumped a bit. Damian held her up while I released her collar. He then carried her to the sofa as she regained her senses.

I told her to sit on the sofa. As she did, Tony stuck his hard cock in her mouth. She gladly started sucking it and she also soon had an additional cock in each hand.

Tony pulled his cock out and Jim promptly replaced it with his and not missing a beat, Roni happily sucked on it. Damian also had his turn. After a minute, the two cocks in her hands were removed.

All three of them moved closer and stood in front of her, the tips of all three cocks held within inches of each other, and her mouth. They had her suck each one in succession, shuffling her mouth from one to the next, left to right. This rotation went on and on. It also made for several nice pictures.

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