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My Uncles House

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In my first summer after high school I was an 18 year old virgin, lacking confidence, job skills, or even a girlfriend. I was working at the big box store with two friends but we all worked different shifts. This, of course, meant that in my free time my friends were at work.

My uncle was about five years older than me and best of all he owned a house where I could hang out in the evenings. He had two room-mates; Chad and Paul.

They each had girlfriends who spent a lot of time there too. I looked up to all the guys thinking they were so worldly and that I could learn so much from them.

In turn, they decided to teach me about drinking beer, ping pong, and girls. In reality they made me feel more inadequate than anything else.

Chad was dark haired, tall, and always confident even when he didn’t know what the hell he was doing, while the brooding Paul merely followed Chad’s lead.

Chad was dating Stacey, an equally tall blonde with a super body that wouldn’t quit and long sun kissed hair. I didn’t know her as a person but I very much enjoyed seeing her sexy lingerie drying in the bathroom.

Additionally, Paul’s girl, Tracy, was pretty good looking too. She had a round ass that I never failed to look at when she walked away, bigger boobs, a nose ring, and different color hair every time I saw her.

One night early that summer I showed up after work in shorts and a t-shirt ready to stare at the girls and let Chad and Paul convince me that either Heineken or Miller is the better beer.

Chad and Paul sat on a short couch watching bloopers then playing video games while I fetched beers. I would get a green one for Paul and a brown one for Chad and one of each for myself because they had me drinking both so I could finally figure out which was better.

Unfortunately the girls were both at nursing school that night and my uncle was on-call so it was just us three.

After two beers for the guys and four for me, Chad suggested we watch the Arya video like they did with Stacey last week. I had no idea what the Arya video was nor what they meant when they joked that they should give me the “Arya treatment.” but I acted like I understood and went along like a lamb to the slaughter.

At this point they started surfing Pornhub stopping occasionally at one video or another until finally arriving at the famous “Arya video.”

They wouldn’t stop talking about how hot she was and how great she looked in her sexy outfit. I agreed she was hot but I must admit at that time in my life all naked girls were hot to me. Not that I had ever seen a naked girl in person.

Chad confessed without shame that he bought the same outfit for Stacey and she wore it last week when they gave her the Arya treatment they had mentioned earlier.

I couldn’t see very well from my spot on the rug and was invited to join them on the couch. It was a tight fit and the closeness of male bodies made me uncomfortable.

In time, I was feeling more relaxed despite noticing that they both were rubbing obvious hard ons through their pants. With re-emerging uncomfortableness I decided that if I complained of being cold (which I was) in just shorts and t-shirt I could make an excuse to go home.

Their solution was to move closer to me which caused our legs to touch. I could have dealt with that but when they took off their pants to stroke their dicks – both bigger than mine, the feeling of bare skin on mine got me really unsettled. Of course, their raging boners didn’t help either. Again, I renewed my complaint of being cold.

Paul asked if Stacy’s socks were around. casino şirketleri Chad gave me a pair of heavy grey wool knit socks – one from on the lamp and the other from a drawer in the coffee table and told me to put them on to keep warm.

Those socks were unbelievably long and went all the way up to the top of my thighs. Chad said they were thigh-highs. Paul added that they were the same ones Arya was wearing in the video. I looked and could see this was true.

Arya was super sexy in them and my dick throbbed. Her matching sweater, garter, and smokey eyes helped a lot too.

I didn’t care about them being girly cause they were super warm and I wanted to stop shivering. Though I suppose I was shivering more from nerves than cold.

I also really liked that now our knees were no longer touching skin to skin.

The video got me wanting to jerk off too but I was embarrassed and afraid that my dick would be too small.

Chad noticed I was still shivering and told me to find the sweater which was behind the couch. Leaning over the back of the couch and stretching to reach the sweater the guys teased me and said I had a cute ass. Somehow it felt good to be validated even in this, notwithstanding their diminutive comments.

When I put on the sweater Chad said I looked almost as good as Stacey did when she wore it. This I doubted could be even remotely true. As if on cue, Paul suggested that something was missing.

They had me lift one leg up in the air then the other. Surprisingly, my legs looked pretty feminine in the socks. Shapely even. They debated what was missing and told me to stand up, turn around, and model for them.

I just went along with whatever they told me to do eager to gain whatever approval I could get. Chad had me put on the garter and Paul got me a blue wig from Tracey’s room.

I strutted back and forth once, not even caring that my six inch dick was exposed for all to see, while the guys whistled and cat-called. It seemed like nothing more than a game in good fun.

Paul had me sit down again. Pointing to the video, he smirked and casually mentioned that we should see what happens next.

After a couple more beers I was feeling no pain and didn’t even resist in my mind, when the guys told me to lay across their laps. They used their hands to position me how they wanted. My groin was right on top of chad’s so I could feel his hardness poking my balls.

This put my head in Paul’s lap. I turned my head away from his dick to watch Arya whose legs were pulled back to her chest as the guy ate her pussy. I had never seen this before and was fascinated.

Chad said I had a smooth ass and began to caress it. I loved the attention.

Paul caressed the wig and told me I was pretty. Would you believe it gave me a warm feeling to hear that? Chad grew even harder and pulled his cock up between my thighs so the tip was just visible.

At this moment Chad’s girl walked through the front door. She was instantly livid, yelling about the slut they found, but when she recognized the blue wig she figured out it was me.

I was mortified. I felt as if my face were on fire and I must have turned a sunburnt red as I tried to hide my eyes in Paul’s crotch. To my astonishment as soon as she realized I was not a girl she calmed down.

She looked me over and commented snidely that I looked “realistic,” except for my dick pulled back between my legs. I guess she didn’t know it was Chad’s cockhead peeking through.

She bent over and gave what she thought was my dick a little suck. I could feel the warmth of her nose casino firmaları near my shy winker and while I had never before thought that I would, I wanted more attention back there.

With fingers that to me felt electric, she pushed his dick toward my hole, where it made a brief exhillerating contact, and said I was almost long enough to fuck myself.

Then as quickly as she had arrived she stormed off saying us “assholes” should enjoy ourselves since we didn’t have the self-control to wait until she got home.

He resumed rubbing my buns and soon enough was circling a finger around my ass-ring which felt damn good.

Not just the sensations but having someone, anyone, pay attention to me sexually. This was an exciting first for me.

Paul’s dick felt hot on my ear as well and moved occasionally which I attributed to my sexiness.

Arya was wearing the thigh highs and garter only having lost the sweater along the way. Her beautiful tits were perky with pointy nipples. The guy was licking her bum hole. I never imagined that people did that. But seeing it now I wanted to lick her asshole too.

Paul handed Chad a couple items from the end table on his side. I didn’t know what they were but later learned that they were a small and a large vibrator, shaped like penises.

In no time, the small one was lubed up and sliding into my tight bung hole. He pushed and pulled it in and out just long enough for me to discover that I liked it. When he pulled it out for what seemed too long I raised my posterior up to reveal clearly where it should go. It was only then that I sensed the switch.

The big one didn’t go in easily but with plenty of lube and a few attempts he managed. It stretched me but also caused me to groan in pleasure.

While I was distracted by what Chad was doing to my ass Paul turned my head so his balls pressed against my lips. He told me to lick so I did.

This was the most erotic experience of my life and it didn’t matter that it was with two guys. As I licked Paul’s balls he smiled at me and told me I was doing a good job which made me want to do better to please him.

Chad announced it was time for the treatment and they maneuvered me onto the floor. Now I was kneeling between Paul’s legs with my face still in his crotch. His cock was maybe seven inches, and fatter than mine. It was also uncircumcised which was something new to me. I liked seeing another guy’s cock.

Chad got behind me continuing to do my ass with the dildo.

Paul rubbed his cock all over my face then unceremoniously stuffed it in my mouth. The foreskin was rubbery but kinda neat. Soft it was about six inches long. It all went in easily enough and wormed its way to the back of my mouth but no further.

I could feel chad fiddling around back there and had just enough awareness to know that he was about to corn-hole me. I don’t know if I resigned myself to it or accepted it, but I certainly failed to object in any way.

Paul had his arms wrapped around my head and held me firmy with my lips pressed into his pubes. When it had first gone in I tasted some precum which was sweet and pretty good but now any precum was too far inside me to taste.

Meanwhile, the head of Chad’s cock was touching my puckered anus and already it felt better than the vibrator. It was softer, spongy, and warm at first, but soon enough I felt it lose the sponginess so that he could actually start to make some headway inside me.

It went in slow until the tip was past my sphincter then he had little trouble working it deeper.

At about the same time Paul’s güvenilir casino dick started to harden and grow which had the effect of pushing my head up and back into his encircling arms. This stopped my head from retreating any more than an inch. This monster cock (in my naive mind anyway) filled me and expanded into the area behind my tonsils eventually going down at least an inch into my throat.

In the next thirty seconds they rapidly progressed from exploring and invading my fuckholes to full out ravaging me. I for one loved being the center of attention.

Chad pistoned in and out while Paul held my head and pumped up and down into my mouth. The feeling of two cocks in me, the slipperiness, the raw power, it was awesome.

I can’t explain why but at that moment I felt important and needed.

There was grunting and moaning and some of it was mine. It felt lusty and it felt good and I felt accepted and appreciated. I was turned-on and my cock never felt harder nor did the skin ever feel more tightly stretched taut.

The guys kept up a dialogue the whole time attempting to time their orgasms to finish at the same time. I heard them tell each other that they loved the Eiffel Tower which only served to confuse me.

They pushed and pulled sometimes in unison and sometimes not. At times both cocks were driven deeply into me and at times I was impaled by just one. I heard Paul yell out that Arya was at this exact moment getting used the exact same way so I was truly getting “the treatment.”

Insistently, Chad grabbed my hips and pulled while giving a final thrust. Meanwhile Paul laced his fingers behind my neck and lifting his hips up off the couch forced himself deeper into my mouth. My mouth was flooded with a warm gush that backed up from my throat where it had been deposited and simultaneously I could feel Chad’s big cock expand even more as several spurts of molten cum invaded my bowels.

They did it! They had timed their orgasms. Sadly, they had also ignored my needs for release too.

Paul pushed my head off and Chad got back on the couch wiping his shriveling dick with my t-shirt.

As I went to the bathroom to clean up I heard them talking about how fun it was to have another willing cum bucket.

When I was leaving the bathroom I saw Stacey in her room so I apologetically stopped by to give her sexy clothing back to her.

She casually asked me what I thought of the “Arya treatment” and I told her that while it was new and exciting to try, I didn’t really think it was my thing and that I hadn’t even gotten off.

She hissed that the real reason I hadn’t gotten off was because the guys were just assholes, then winked, and muttered she hadn’t gotten off either.

I must have stood there looking confused for too long because, taking charge, she grabbed my towel and pulled me closer to her. As she fondled my re-erection I admitted that it had not been me she had sucked before. She laughed and told me she knew all along and had just been playing with his emotions.

She and I enjoyed ourselves greatly while the assholes slept sitting up on the couch. I had four or five completely new and fantastic sexual firsts with her that night and lost my virginity, adding to the less spectacular firsts I had with Chad and Paul as I lost a couple other virginities.

I didn’t go back to that confounded house for a few more weeks until there was a party one night. I was surprised that the guys seemed to genuinely feel bad about how they had used me and included me in their antics on a more equal standing.

Stacey and I shared a secret look: though we never had a repeat.

My uncle heard about what happened so he took me aside and asked if I was alright. I was and am actually fine. It was all, every bit of it, educational, and I learned alot about myself…and sex.

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