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My Wife’s Surprise

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Fbailey story number 659

My Wife’s Surprise

Linda said, “After bowling tonight Jenny said that she wants to lick my pussy.”

I lit up and replied, “GREAT! Tell me all about it afterwards.”

Linda said, “I won’t have too. You’ll be right there.”

Surprised I said, “Wow, I get to watch.”

My wife then said, “Not only do you get to watch but you get fuck Jenny while she does it.”

I smiled and said, “I’ve died and gone to heaven. Jenny is a ten in any man’s book.”

Linda said, “Not only do you get to fuck her but you get to stick it up her ass. You are always asking me to do anal, so here is your chance.”

Even more surprised I said, “Jenny will take up her ass! Hell, even you won’t do that.”

Linda said, “It was part of the negation.”

I asked, “What negation?”

Linda then told me all about their conversation in the parking lot after they had finished bowling. Jenny had been pestering my wife for a few weeks about them having sex together. My wife knew how much Jenny wanted her in bed so she kept asking for more and more until Jenny finally said that she had given Linda all that she could.

What it amounted too was sex with Linda and me every Thursday after bowling. Jenny would let me butt fuck her and stay naked all night letting me fuck her as often as I could. Then in the morning after I had gone to work Linda would let Jenny do anything that she wanted too to her until one o’clock in the afternoon. That meant that I could fuck and butt fuck Jenny for the next twenty weeks.

The following Thursday, Linda brought Jenny home with her. We made some small talk and then headed up to our bedroom. The women’s league ends early so that those women with children can get them in bed. So there it was just eight o’clock and we were heading to bed. Linda took no time at all getting naked and then she helped Jenny get naked too. I undressed while watching them. My wife had never been with another girl in her life, according to her. However, she didn’t waist any time at all in kissing Jenny, tongue and all. I watched my wife slip a finger into Jenny’s pussy and start rubbing her clit. Jenny damn near whet down to her knees before she pushed my wife back onto the bed.

They güvenilir bahis got into position, with my wife almost sitting up against the headboard with Jenny’s face in her pussy. I got behind Jenny and I slipped my hard cock into her nice pussy. I reached over to grab the tube of K-Y Jelly and started to put some in Jenny’s asshole.

Jenny looked back and said, “Be careful and be gentle.”

I aimed my cock at her puckered ring and pushed gently. At first she resisted but after a while she relaxed enough to let the head slip in. I waited a moment and then I pushed some more in. After a few strokes I had a little more than half in her ass.

Jenny looked back again and said, “I’ve never done this before.”

I said, “Neither has Linda.”

Linda shouted out, “Ouch! That hurt.” She looked at me and said, “She just bit my pussy.”

Jenny said, “I should have done more. You told me that you take it up the ass all the time.”

Linda laughed and said, “What I actually said was that my husband wants anal sex all of the time. I never told you that I let him do it.”

Linda said, “Ouch! She bit me again.”

In my wife’s defense…or maybe just because I wanted too…I shoved it all up Jenny’s ass in one motion.

Jenny cried out and said, “Be gentle and I’ll stop biting her. Just be gentle…please.”

I held still, my wife pulled Jenny into her pussy, and we all got into a nice gentle rhythm. When my wife cried out, “Oh God, Jenny that was incredible. I’m still cumming” I started cumming in Jenny’s ass.

When we rolled out of that position Jenny asked, “Why did I have to let him have anal sex if you won’t even let him?”

Linda replied, “Because you agreed to it. You really wanted to have sex with me and I took advantage of you.”

Jenny smiled and said, “Honey, it was worth it. Besides you are all mine until one o’clock tomorrow.”

I gave Jenny a kiss, sucked on both of her nipples, and patted her pussy. Then I said, “I want your pussy next. Imagine, we get to do this every Thursday for the next nineteen weeks.”

Jenny kissed Linda, sucked on both of her nipples, and patted her pussy. Then Jenny said, “I get this every Thursday for the next nineteen weeks.”

I fucked Jenny’s pussy türkçe bahis before I fell asleep, when I woke up in the middle of the night, and before I went to work in the morning. The girls never did get any sleep. They were both in my bed sound asleep when I got home from work.

I nudged Jenny and she said, “Sorry, but I’m off the clock now. Fuck your wife. I’m done eating her pussy anyway.”

Linda got on her back, opened her knees for me, and pulled my in. Jenny watched and cheered us on.

Before she got dressed and left she joined us in the shower. Linda walked her to the door to kiss her goodbye. I overheard Jenny say, “Your husband is a sex maniac. Does he fuck you like that every night?”

My wife replied, “Not every night but at least five times a week. I think you satisfied him this week so I’ll have it easy. Oh, by the way, thank you for letting him fuck your ass. I’m afraid to let him try.”

Jenny said, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After all I knew what to expect for a whole week so I’ve been sleeping with a butt plug in me every night since.”

There was another kiss and Jenny left calling back, “See you Thursday.”

The door closed and my wife leaned back against it. She looked at me and said, “I had the best time ever. What about you?”

I hugged naked body against mine and said, “Honey, you’re the best wife a man could have. You can surprise me anytime.”

Linda looked at me and got serious when she said, “Your sister has been trying to get me in bed too.”

I smiled and said, “I’m free on Monday.”

My wife said, “Okay, we should both be fully recovered by then. I’ll give her a call.”

My sister’s answer was, yes.

Then we watched two DVDs that Linda had recorded. That was another one of my wife’s surprises. The first DVD was the first two hours that we were in the bedroom. It contained the girls getting naked, me butt fucking Jenny, and of the two girls making out. The second DVD was of them alone after I had gone to work. It was very sexy, very gentle, and a real turn-on.

I didn’t know about the nanny cam in the teddy bear sitting on top of her dresser. She had bought it over the weekend and placed it there. She never told me what it was for. I made her güvenilir bahis siteleri promise to record me fucking my sister. She said, “Donna likes anal. She told me that I should let you butt fuck me. She said that she lost her anal cherry to Bobby Joe before he took her pussy cherry.”

I said, “That can’t be. Bobby Jo is a girl that she spent a week with at gymnastic came when she was twelve.”

My wife said, “Surprise! Bobby Joe is the guy that fucked her every way but loose all week long at that camp. The gymnastic leader didn’t know that Bobby Joe was a boy either and assigned them to the same cabin. They never told anyone about the problem.”

All I could say was, “Wow! I never knew.”

Linda said, “After that summer Donna became sexually active with girls as well as boys. You must have known about her reputation in school and all of the dates that she went on.”

I replied, “I ignored them. I figured it was her life. Besides I spent every waking hour trying to get laid myself.”

Linda laughed at me and said, “You really screwed up. You could have been fucking her all along.”

The more I thought about fucking my own sister the hornier I got. When I got home from work that Monday both girls were naked and standing in the garage as I pulled in.

Donna said, “About time you got home. We started without you. I hear you like anal…so do I, big brother.”

I followed them up to my bedroom. My sister’s naked ass looked even better than it did in her tight blue jeans. Her tits looked bigger too. We did a repeat of the Linda and Jenny show, with me in Donna’s ass the whole time. She really did love it up the ass. My sister was great in bed. I wish I had done her when we were younger. She said that we could make up for lost time if I wanted too. It seems that her and her husband were separating and looking at a divorce in another year.

Between my sister and Jenny, Linda finally let me in her ass.

The next nineteen weeks led into the next five years. Which turned into a lifetime of enjoyment for us all. Linda and I had children and Jenny and Donna moved in together. One of them baby-sits while the other joins Linda and I in bed.

Every now and then my wife still surprises me.

One night she said, “Honey, next week our daughter Lindsey turns thirteen and she wants to join us in bed.”

I can hardly wait.

The End
My Wife’s Surprise

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