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My Women Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

Note to the Reader: This is Ch. 04 of my series called ‘My Women’. Please read previous chapters. The story here continues where it left off at the end of Ch. 03.

Also, I intend to tell this story in a slow burn. If you are looking for instant gratification, please be aware that you may not find it here. But I promise you, if you are prepared to stick with the series, I’ll make it worth your while. Happy reading!

Recap: Nitin goes away on a solo trip to Goa frustrated at not being able to get ahead with Navya, his sister-in-law. He is also anguished since his mother-in-law Uma stopped talking to him. At Goa he gets treated to expert handjob and blowjob from the masseuse Mary. His anger at Navya fizzles out soon and she bares her breasts to him on video call. After a drunk call with Uma, they reconcile and she models the bra he bought for her on video call. Nitin gets news of his wife Swetha’s accident and rushes back to Pune with misgivings about his relationships with his in-laws.

The sky above Apollo hospital, Pune was a brooding grey when the cab dropped me off at the entrance. My mind was filled with apprehensions as I took an elevator to the 3rd floor room that Swetha was in. The impossibility of my situation crippled my brain. The further I explored the sexual relationships with my wife’s mother and sister, the shakier my position became. I felt like I was playing a game of Jenga. Each piece removed was like pushing the boundaries a step further with Mom and Navya. While the excitement increased with each piece, so did the risk. I couldn’t shake the feeling that one day it would all come tumbling down. What would I be left with… I didn’t know the answer.

I knocked on the door of room number 306. Mom opened the door and let me in. The Maroon saree and blouse she was wearing reminded me of our video call earlier… the way she had removed her blouse and showed me the red Victoria’s Secret bra on her breasts… the meaty cleavage revealed at the plunging neckline of the bra… I sighed silently as she walked in front of me towards the hospital bed where Swetha lay. She was sleeping. I ran my eyes over her.

There was a cast on her left foot. Other than that she looked no different. The baby bump protruded on her belly. I thanked God for not letting any harm come to the life within the bump. I lifted my hand to caress her hair.

“Don’t wake her up,” Mom whispered, “Let her sleep… she needs it.” I withdrew my hand. She gestured the extra bed on the opposite side of the wall and walked towards it. I followed and sat beside her on the bed.

“How is she?” I asked.

“She is okay… the cast can come off in a month or so… the doctor has advised complete rest… but most importantly, the baby is fine.” Mom answered.

“Mmm.” I murmured, still looking at the sleeping figure of my wife.

“But she is really nervous… even after the doctor told her the baby is well… she is not letting me out of her sight… like she used to do as a child when she was scared.”

Chitra, her colleague who had admitted her here had hinted that she was in a fragile state… but Mom revealed the true extent of Swetha’s fear. It came as no surprise for she was too deeply invested in the baby’s life. I wanted to ask Mom if Swetha had asked after me… but something stopped me. ‘You don’t need confirmation of what you already know,’ my mind seemed to say.

When does a woman feel secure with her husband and stop needing her mom or dad as much… my thoughts were all over the place. How could I be such a hypocrite… another thought popped up the next moment. How could I complain on my presence not being enough for her when my actions proved that she was not enough for me. I convinced myself that we still had many years of life to figure it out and wished that one day just the two of us would be enough for each other.

“Can we go home today?” I asked.

“The doctor advised to stay here tonight.” mom said. I stared blankly at Swetha.

“Nitin,” Mom called, bringing me out of my tired daze.

“Go home… you look tired… I’ll stay here tonight… she will panic if she wakes up and does not see me here.” She said.

Though I was tired, I didn’t want to burden her with what was clearly my responsibility. My hesitation must have been evident on my face for she placed her hand on my knee.

“It’s okay… it’s just one night… I can manage,” She assured me, “Navya has prepared something for you… Go have some food and rest… I’ll order something from the canteen for me and Swetha.”

I left the hospital at 7 PM and took an Auto home. I had been reluctant to leave. Though Mom took it for a dutiful husband’s desire to be with his wife, it was only partly that. I was reluctant to go home due to the prospect of being alone with Navya and what it would lead to. This conflicted state of mind was new to me. If this was a couple of days ago, I would’ve jumped at the opportunity… but now fatih escort I was nervous.

By no means was it a lack of interest in pushing the boundaries with Navya. I was really excited for it… but the excitement was tempered by the sobering thought of what would happen if and when I crossed that ultimate taboo line with Navya.

As I stood outside my apartment door, my body was thoroughly exhausted and hungry. Still my heartbeat picked up and my cock tingled when I pressed the doorbell. I heard footsteps rushing towards the door from inside. The door swung open and the blurry silhouette that appeared on the other side of the netted door screen took my breath away. The door screen was pushed open and my eyes were treated to the gorgeous view of Navya, wearing the ravishing ‘Reformation’ midi dress that I’d bought for her. She looked like a million dollars. An almost transparent cream coloured shawl was draped over her shoulders. The effect was breath taking. The shadow like lines of the cleavage teased by the see-through shawl were bewitching. Her hair was brushed smooth and curled at the tips. She had put on light make-up and bright red lipstick.

“Come in baby.” She said. I walked in, my eyes hooked on her. I stood in the hall, my mind hazy from the effect of her look.

“You look tired… why don’t you freshen up… I have prepared something special for you.” She told me. Still speechless, I walked towards my room. I couldn’t help but look back at her a couple of times before I went inside. Once alone, I heaved a lust-filled sigh. It was curious how my apprehensions vanished at just the sight of her. When she was in front of my eyes, my mind gained absolute clarity… that I wanted her.

I removed my clothes one by one. When I was down to my briefs, I entered the attached bathroom. There, I found waiting for me, a bucket of warm water and a tiny bottle of hair oil. A nice fragrance filled the bathroom. I noticed a new pack of bathroom freshener placed above the wash basin. I realized that Navya had meticulously planned these ‘I missed you… welcome back’ gestures for me.

Just as I was about to close the bathroom door, Navya appeared with a bottle of shampoo in her hand.

“Your hair looks like it needs this.” She said, fixing a naughty look on me. I took the bottle from her hands. I caught her eyes dropping to my crotch before she left. I looked down and found a tent formed by my semi hard cock at the front of my briefs. I closed the door and stripped off the last piece of clothing.

As I took a relaxing shower and shampooed, my mind was trying to decode this transformation in Navya. Before I went to Goa she had been playing hard-to-get. Our conversations were dominated by her interests. She had placed hard boundaries on our interactions… but the woman that welcomed me home today was focused on me, what I needed. The change in her was stark.

After the shower, I put on a pair of track pants and t shirt and came outside.

“Take a seat at the dining table… I’ll be with you in a minute.” Her voice came from the kitchen. I did as I was told. Plates had been set on opposite ends of the table. I found it odd. Swetha and Navya usually sat at my sides while mom sat opposite me.

Shortly Navya came out of the kitchen holding a bowl and a casserole in her hands. She placed it at the centre of the table and opened the lids on both. The spicy aroma of the contents reached my nose first.

“Paneer butter masala and chappatis.” She said, proudly exhibiting her efforts. The corners of my mouth curved upwards at the smell and sight of the food. Whoever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach was absolutely right. My hands reached out to grasp the spoon in the curry bowl but she beat me to it. She came around to my side and served a couple of chappattis and a generous amount of curry onto my plate. The shawl hung loose on her chest as she bent to serve me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her cleavage under the shawl. I wasn’t discreet… for she noticed where my eyes were glued. She turned around and walked towards the sofa. The dress accentuated the curves of her back.

When she turned back, I saw that she had discarded the shawl on the sofa. My cock throbbed at the unrestricted view of her cleavage. She came to the table and sat opposite me. A naughty grin played on her mouth as she proceeded to serve herself. I ogled without reservation knowing that what was being displayed was meant for my eyes. The spaghetti straps and the V-neck left most of her upper chest and the whole of her shoulders bare. Her slender neck and shoulders primed my lust. The slight depression above the clavicle was incredibly sexy. The cleavage of her 36B breasts, though not that meaty, was still hot… but when I looked at it, another image flickered in my mind… that of mom’s meatier cleavage ensconced in her red lace bra… superimposed on Navya’s chest. I had to blink a few times to get that image out of my head.

She ate in silence fındıkzade escort pretending not to be aware of my stare. I found the role of sexy doting wife that she was playing now immensely arousing.

“You look amazing.” I broke the silence pregnant with lust.

“You used a better word before.” She replied. Her luscious red lips moved sensuously as she spoke. I felt an urge to pull her close and kiss her… but I suppressed it.

“You look sexy!” I said, correcting myself.

“Mmm.” She murmured in a husky voice. It was apparent that I had walked into a gradual seduction sequence. I smiled to myself at the thought.

The food that was getting cold on my plate called my attention and I focussed on eating. I tore a morsel of chappati and dipped it into the thick orange coloured curry. I wrapped the morsel around a cube of paneer and lifted it up to my mouth. My taste buds were overjoyed as the thick gravy unleashed amazing flavours. A strong tinge of ginger and garlic hit my senses and I closed my eyes chewing the morsel. Pure delight spread through my body as my empty stomach received replenishment.

A sudden metal clang brought me out of the buzz induced by tasty food. My eyes flew open and I saw Navya looking down at the floor under the table.

“The spoon fell off my hands.” She answered my confused stare. It took me a few more moments to glean from her expression that she wanted me to play the part of chivalry and pick up the fallen spoon. I pushed back the chair I was sitting on and looked under the table. I saw the spoon but it was far and I would have to bend down to pick it up. As I bent my torso to reach for the shiny steel, my eyes caught something entirely different. The dress which was as long as her knees, now lay bunched at the top of her thighs. My line of sight like aimed arrows fell at the junction of her closed legs. Seconds ticked loud like bombs in my ears as I watched her legs open up in a gradual movement. Her thick and milky thighs parted ever so slowly revealing something dark in between. As my eyes adjusted to the dimness under the table, it became clear that what I was seeing was the crotch of the black colour panty she had on. My cock pulsated and my body trembled. I couldn’t take my eyes off her mystifying view.

“Found it yet?” I heard her voice from above the table like it was coming from another room. I grudgingly pried my eyes off her crotch and picked up the spoon. I stretched my hand out to hand her the spoon once I sat back straight.

“I’ll just wash it and come back.” She said as she took it from me. As she stood and walked away to the kitchen the dress that was bunched at the top of her thighs straightened and fell down to her knees.

The air was thick with sexual tension after she came back. The rest of the supper passed in silence. Contrary to outside, it was loud Inside my head.

‘I want to fuck her,’ my mind screamed like a maniac. With great difficulty, I managed to keep a straight face. She had finished her meal before me and was waiting. I stood picking up my plate when I finished… but she took it from me.

“I’ll wash the dishes… you rest baby.” She said before walking into the kitchen. This devoted wife character she was playing was turning me on like crazy.

I went into my room and sat on the bed. My mind was buzzing with expectation. I tried to force it to be cool. I fished out my phone and browsed through it to occupy my mind. When that didn’t work I dialled mom’s number.

“Nitin.” Her motherly voice answered after a couple of rings. My mind calmed down immediately.

“Mom,” I spoke, “How is she?”

“She is fine… woke up and had supper… went back to sleep a few minutes ago.” She said.

“I told her you had come in the evening… and didn’t want to wake her then.” She added as an afterthought.

“What did she say?”

“Uh… she said… she said okay.” Mom ended up telling the uncomfortable truth when she couldn’t think of anything else.

“Huh,” I scoffed.

“She said okay… wow… are all pregnant women so insensitive?” I added.

“Nitin… it’s just a phase… don’t take it too hard.”

“How long is this phase going to last… and what am I supposed to do in that time?” My frustration at Swetha came out.

“Son, I understand that you are feeling neglected… but be patient for now… for the baby’s sake at least… she can’t be upset now… her mind is fragile.” Mom tried to console me.

“Mmm.” I murmured.

“I’m here if you need to talk to someone or just vent… you can talk to me.,” she said, “I care.”

My heart felt heavy with love. It yearned to be near her.

“I want to see you.” I said. The line went quiet for a few seconds.

“Come.” She replied in one word.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“Tell Navya to pack some clothes for me.” She said before I hung up. I came out of my room just as Navya was done washing the dishes.

“Mom said to pack some clothes halkalı escort for her… She asked me to bring it to the hospital.” I said without thinking. Navya’s face fell. I realized too late that she must have had more plans for the night. The two women were pulling me in different directions and my heart didn’t have the sense to resist or prioritize one over the other. It wanted both and was letting itself be pulled to both randomly. My brain had become a mess of overlapping desires.

“Can’t she wait till tomorrow?” Navya asked, a bit irritated.

“I’ll be back soon.” I promised. I didn’t know if I really would… but promised nevertheless.

I waited near the door with the car keys in my hand while Navya went to Mom’s room to pack. She came back with a small plastic bag and handed it to me. I took it from her. I felt like something needed to be said before leaving… but I blankly stared at her, unable to form words. When the silent stare felt like it was becoming awkward, I turned and came out of the apartment door.

I turned again to face her after I picked my sandals from the shoe stand outside the door. She closed the door screen as I wore them. Just as I was starting to leave, I heard her voice.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

I looked through the netted door screen at her slightly blurry silhouette. Her hands came up to her shoulder. My heart skipped a beat as her fingers dragged the spaghetti straps over her shoulders. The straps went over the curve and dropped down to her elbows. The top of the black dress fell off her chest exposing two round tits… tits I’d seen only on my mobile screen before.

The muscles on my forearm tightened with the urge to tear down the screen door and scoop her up… but before I could react she closed the door and the gorgeous vision vanished. I was left outside with my heart beating out of my chest.

‘Fucking idiot!’ I cursed myself. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why I was not able to compartmentalize and prioritize opportunities over feelings. I was running hither and thither like a confused child. I told myself I would hand the clothes to Mom and come back as soon as possible.

Twenty minutes later, I knocked softly on the door of room no. 306. I heard no sound for a few seconds. Then the door came open really slowly. It was dark inside as I entered. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust and see mom.

“Shhh… she is sleeping.” Mom whispered. I looked over at the patient bed and saw the sleeping figure of my wife.

“I’ll take this.” Mom took the plastic bag from my hand. The plastic rustled a little as she placed it on the other bed in the room.

“We can’t talk here… she’ll wake up.” Mom whispered.

“Let’s go out for a few minutes.” I mirrored her whispering tone. We tiptoed out and closed the door without making any sound. Once outside I was faced with the dilemma of where to go. While I stood racking my brain, a man wearing janitor-like clothes walked by. On an impulse I called out.

“Bhai.” He stopped and turned around. I went close to him and whispered.

“Where can I go… if… I wanted to light a cigarette?” I felt really awkward asking the question inside a hospital… but thankfully the man didn’t seem to mind the question.

“Take the lift to the top floor and go right, you’ll see the staircase that leads to the terrace… the key will be under the doormat.” He told me… but didn’t leave. He looked at me expectantly.

I fished out a ? 50 note from my pocket and handed it to him.

“Saabji… don’t stay there for too long… I’ll get in trouble.” He said before walking away.

“Come.” I said to Mom and walked to the elevator. She followed. We took the lift to the top floor and like the man said, found the staircase. I fished out the key from under the doormat and opened the door. Cool night air greeted us as we stepped out onto the terrace. It was totally empty except for some solar panels at one corner. I walked towards it. I stopped at the narrow space behind the panels, between them and the parapet. I turned around to see mom close behind. We stood facing each other barely two feet apart. Neither spoke for a while.

“Son,” it was mom who spoke first. I waited for her next words. She lifted her right hand up to my chest and placed her palm flat right above my pounding heart.

“How are you feeling now?” she asked. The touch of her hand made me freeze. My tongue felt like it was made of concrete.

“You can talk to me.” she said in her soft motherly voice. My body thawed from the warmth in her voice.

“I… I’m confused.” I said.

“Tell me.” She encouraged.

“Can one be in love with two people at the same time… is it right?” I framed the statement that was running through my mind as a question.

Her face became hesitant as she comprehended what I was trying to tell her. The struggle that she herself was facing came to the surface. She was finding it difficult to reply.

“I… I don’t know Nitin,” she began, but then stopped searching for words.

“The heart wants what it wants… It’s no use explaining logic to it.” She then said. Her face softened.

It was so beautiful the way she said it. I felt goosebumps on my arms. I don’t know if it was what she said or the cold air flowing around us.

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