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My Younger Neighbor

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First a special Thanks to My friend, I appreciated your help!

This is a story of a 19 year old college bound young man and his sexy 40-ish neighbor lady. He thinks it would be hot to bed her, but she has other ideas… After some time has passed, (a few years) He comes home and she reminds him of how it all began…

I had to smile looking across the room at Mike. Three years later and time has taken him from a boy to a young man. Age isn’t the only barometer of a boy’s maturity and his eyes that quickly dart to the floor as I speak remind me of the power I still have.

“Do you remember how it all began Mike,” I ask in a very sultry tone.

You had been watching me for sometime. Once I realized this I started to leave my curtains open all the time. And when I went out to the mailbox or to get the paper, I made sure to wear just only a robe, loosely fitted to my body so when I would turn a certain way you would get a nice glimpse of part of my breasts, or the very top of my thighs.

After a while I started to invite you over to help with a few manly chores around the house. Things that needed putting up or moved around. Once I needed shelves put up in the bedroom. While you were standing there you noticed the bedside table drawer opened just a little, silly me, how did I ever leave my vibrators where you could see them.

“You remember that day don’t You Mikey…” Things got real interesting.

After you put up the shelves I went down to the kitchen to fix you a soft drink, but you got delayed on your way when you noticed a pair of my panties laying on the top of laundry basket, so you had to know they had been worn. In fact I had worn them that very morning. You picked them up, brought them to your nose to inhaled my scent for the first time.

You looked so cute when I popped my head back in the doorway, your eyes were closed while enjoying my musky scent. Stepping back I called out to you to come get your drink, you quickly dropped the panties and nearly tripped down the stairs trying to look innocent.

I say to you if you, “Did you find anything interesting?” I could tell you knew that I had caught you so you fessed up saying “I was admiring your panties, nothing at all like my Mom would wear.”

“MMMM do you remember that Sweetie?” I ask, smiling to myself as I watch you arrange the bulge in your pants, obviously it’s all coming back to you like it was yesterday.

We went downstairs to the kitchen for the drink I promised you. I could feel you watch me move around the kitchen. You had to realize I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Just a little tank top and some really short cutoffs, you know the kind that showed the bottom of my ass cheeks. I made sure you had plenty to look at. It was cool in the house, my nipples were hard, just like they are now, and they seemed to be trying to push through the material. As usual I had a really low cut top on and I was showing you a lot of cleavage.

Just knowing you were watching my every move, is such a turn on! We chatted casually for a little while. I have to laugh thinking back on the way you squirmed on the stool on your side of the counter as I sat opposite you, leaning on my elbows, making sure you saw down my top and as much of my breasts as you could possibly see in that position. I knew the squirming was and is due to the growing bulge in your shorts, When I got up to get more drink for you, I glanced over my shoulder to see you trying to arrange yourself in a more comfortable position.

That just acted as fuel for my fire. I had to get you as hard as I could. I know this sounds mean Sweetie, but it would have driven me over the edge if I could have made you cum in your pants from just watching me move around the kitchen.

I learned from our conversation that you were without a girlfriend and that your parents were out of town for a long weekend. You told me about your plans for school in the fall and that you were attending State on a football scholarship. I knew you had to be going to school on an athletic I was just not sure which kind, especially with the body on you!

Since you were going to be by yourself for the evening I asked if you’d like to come over for a small party I was giving. I would have understood if you couldn’t on such short notice, but I had a pretty good feeling about what your answer was going to be, but I enticed you a little more by telling you that it might be kinda fun. Of course you said yes and left out the back door to get ready.

While I was in the upstairs bathroom getting ready to take a shower I had that familiar feeling of being watched.

Damn I missed that while you are off to college!

I did a slow strip tease, not that I had that much to take off, but it’s such a turn on for me, I’m such an exhibitionist.

Slowly peeling the ümraniye escort tank top from over my head, my breasts coming into view, I cupped the girls, giving them a slow gentle massage, gently pulling and twisting on my nipples. Till they’re hard, bringing them together to plant a kiss on them. I slid my hands down my tummy to my shorts, unsnapping them, sliding the zipper down slowly, glancing out the window, I see your curtains move, I know your watching and I know what your doing while you are. I wriggle the shorts down my hips, letting them drop to the floor, bending over to pick them up, lol, not really, just wanting to give you a good ass shot!

After getting in the shower I wondered if you’ll stroke your cock till you cum, like any normal red blooded young man would or will you save it in case you get lucky that night. I finished my shower and got ready.

Mike thought back on that night. After he had showered he couldn’t help notice the cars pulling into his neighbors driveway. He noticed a few ladies go in, not quite sure how many, then a thought crossed his mind…ladies but no men? Well, maybe they got there while he was showering you think. So you jump into some nice jeans and a pull over shirt that has 3 or 4 buttons at the top, and your best sneakers, you think she did say casual!

After splashing on some cologne, he said to himself in the mirror, Show time! He bounded down the stairs eager to have a good time with his ‘older neighbor lady,’ wondering if everyone there will be her age. And what the evening will hold. As he walked up the front steps he could hear several ladies voices as they chat and laugh with each other, but still don’t hear any male voices.

I was so happy to hear you knock on the door. I took your hand to pull you to me for a light kiss on your cheek.

As I pulled back you were able to see what I was wearing. ” Do you remember what I was wearing that night?” After 3 years I can still remember every detail.

A short black skirt with nylons and “come fuck me heels” a low cut silk blouse, that was form fitting. I had my hair pulled up in a twist on top my head, with just a few wayward strands hanging here and there. I know you liked what you saw as it caused a stirring in your loins. And then you let out a low whistle, forgetting where your were at. Everyone stopped talking to look our way, Oh my how you blush! All those sexy ladies looking at you, as you look around you realize you were right, there aren’t any men here. And you leaned in to me and asked if maybe you got the nights mixed up.

I say, “No, not at all. I think the odds are just right, don’t you?”

I tell you to come on in. And let’s have some fun. I start by introducing you around, Can you remember the ladies that were there that night? I’ll bet a night doesn’t go by when you don’t relive parts of that night. I giggle because 3 years later and the sheer mention of some of these ladies names has you stirring and squriming in your seat.

I started by telling them your name, This is Mike I say , then I go down the line, with Marie, a blonde with hazel eyes, Brenda, a brunette with hazel eyes, Linda with long brown hair and brown eyes, these were some of my best friends. The others are more like acquaintances or friends of friends wanting to check out the action. Oh and that is when I told you to stop calling me Ms Jones and start calling me Tara..

There were 7 in all, dressed in very sexy attire, and all are in the late 30’s to mid 40’s range. Well, except for you, Mike! I say. Ready to have some fun? The girls start chatting with you, asking this and that, when you’ll be going to school and such. So much for you to take in, all this visual stimulation was keeping you aroused. Every once in a while you caught one of the girls admiring your bulge in your jeans, causing you to puff up a little more. Your male ego is definitely being stroked.

I had a little buffet set up for everyone to enjoy. Which we did, the drinks flowing also, it was margarita night. Then I asked if your ‘up’ for a little entertainment.

Drawing you to a comfy sofa, as we sat down I laid one hand on your thigh, the other one coming to your face, looking into your eyes, I planted soft kisses on your lips. My tongue snaked out of my mouth to outline your lips with the tip. I could feel you tremble with anticipation. Lightly sucking on your bottom lip, your tongue comes out to meet my mine. Your hands come up to cup one of my breasts. My hand on your thigh, rubbing in little circles as it makes it’s way up your thigh, the back of my fingers grazing your growing bulge in your jeans, you think your feeling like an elevator, your cock is up, then goes down, then up again, driving you crazy with the stimulation.

I stand up from the sofa, then sit in your lap, bringing üsküdar escort My hands to clasp yours, fingers intertwined. Planting soft kisses all over your face, you leaned your head back, enjoying the attention. That was when you felt the sofa shift and opened your eyes to see the girls have joined us. Your head was spinning with all the attention. You feel soft hands caressing you, slowly undressing you. You felt like it was so out of your control, since your young hormones were raging, and you really don’t want it to stop it anyway.

I told the girls to wait, let’s take this upstairs where a king size bed awaits our playtime. Your were all for that, so I tell you to go on up. Then we decide which and how many will play at a time. Figuring any more then 2 or 3 at a time will put you into hormone overload, lol. You jogged up the stairs in anticipation of what’s to come.

With the ladies all excited, we decide to draw straws to see who started out with you. I was going to be there no matter who else is, just for your safety. Some of the girls went either way, so I knew everyone would be amused somehow. Marie and Linda were first up. They come into the room seeing you stretched out in the middle of the bed one slid in on either side of you. And as you tried to close your arms around them, they giggle saying “no-no” and applied the wrist cuffs. Leaving you stretched out and an easy target for Our games. You felt your ankles being cuffed as well.

Oh and even though we had you naked, we kept our clothes on at least in the beginning. Not that you couldn’t see enough flesh to excite you. The attire for the evening was skirts with jackets, some had bras or camisoles on underneath. Or even little tank tops on the younger ones. And all had nylons and heels.

We decided to start with some warming lotions, Stroking your weenie with a hand over hand motion, the scent itself intoxicatingly sweet, and the stimulation is such that your not sure whose hand belongs to who. As soft moans are elicited from you. Hands gently massaging your balls, while there’s hands stroking slowly up and down your shaft, causing you to thrust your hips into the hands in hopes of getting enough friction, with the only thing that was on your mind was trying to cum. Eyes closed, low groans escaping your lips, and then you felt someone lightly tweaking first one nipple then the other. Looking up, you see I’ve joined the girls, smiling seductively I ask,” Are you enjoying the party so far?”

That’s all you could do is nod your head. I lean down kissing you softly, you responded with a “please, please let me cum.” Smiling I said, “Baby not yet, everyone hasn’t had a chance to play yet.” But since your new to this, I tell you I’ll go check on the others. Leaving you in the very capable hands of Marie and Linda.

Before leaving I gave them instructions to only bring you to the edge,not to allow you to cum yet. As I left the room I heard you groan, and start begging them, in hopes you could con them. Being a little bit on the evil side, they just laughed at your predicament.

Going down stairs, the first thing to hit Me is the smell of sex in the air, the soft moans and see that the girls have been amusing themselves with each other. The two friends that came with Brenda are BI so they’re pretty involved with each other on the sofa. No clothes on and in a sixty-nine position eating pussy like there’s no tomorrow. Brenda has her skirt hiked up fingering her pussy watching these two going at it. With a little ‘ahem’ I get their attention, as they look up their lips glistening in girl cum, I just laugh, saying well guess your not too interested in what’s upstairs huh? And say there are extra bedrooms upstairs if they’d like to get more comfortable.

Going back to the stairway, I paused to watch as they continue trying to see who could make who cum more, wow, what a contest. Even being straight it’s still very erotic to watch. Standing there rubbing my pussy through my skirt, sliding it up a little so I can rub it better, getting so wet just watching them, Brenda moaning as she brings herself off, panting and gasping, the inside of her thighs covered in her cum. Licking her fingers like the slut she is, hearing me laugh she turns and sees me, shrugging her shoulders saying she cant help herself.

My interest going back to watching the girls, both of them so excited their skin is flushed pink. Their fingers manipulating the others pussy, while their tongues are licking and sucking the other’s clits, soft moans only adding to their excitement from the vibrations. Sitting down on the stairs to watch, my fascination taking over, all thoughts of Marie, Linda and oh poor Mikey, I was sure you were having fun from the sounds coming from upstairs.

Back to watching the girls, while my own fingers ataşehir elit escort caressing the folds of my outer lips, swollen with excitement, brushing over my clit occasionally sending shock waves through me. My other hand on my breast, tweaking and twisting my nipples first one then the other. I’ve been told that sex with another woman is definitely different then with a man, the softness, the gentleness, so much passion involved. And can definitely see that with these two. So into each others needs, so selfless. A total act of giving.

Hearing My Mikey squealing and begging pleaseeeeeeeeee, brought me back to reality, and I quietly climbed the stairs curious to what kind of torment would bring about your begging so loudly.

“Is it coming back to you Mike?” Smiling you say it was just the beginning in my trip down the road to being a submissive male.

So when I went back to the Master bedroom, there you are laying there so young and virile. Marie had put a C & B harness on you. Your beautiful cock standing straight up, and she’s straddled your cock, with just the head of it in her, grinding in little circles, not allowing you to thrust up into her. Driving you a bit crazy.

Linda has straddled your face, making you eat her pussy, while she’s playing with your nipples, tweaking them, raking her nails over them, in little circles. All the while she’s rocking back and forth on your face. Marie keeps bringing you close to cumming but with the harness firmly on, it doesn’t allow for a little mistake. Linda finally gets enough pussy licking after she’s cum numerous times, your face glistening in her girl cum and climbs off, laying next to you. Your so tired but still licking your lips of her cum. Your body tired from getting so close to cumming, only to have it stopped just about in midstream.

After standing there a few minutes watching them, I call out to the girls to give the you a break.

Marie saying,” Oh, you mean unhook the harness and allow him to cum?”

Snickering I said, Yea sure, NOT! I just think you’ve had your turn,Time to let him rest. The party is breaking up anyway.

Marie and Linda picked up their things to get dressed, giving you a long sensuous kiss and say hopefully we’ll party again soon, ‘Hot Stuff.’ I walked them out, and they realize how late it is, everyone else has left. We hug and say chat soon. I come back upstairs to you, poor baby, laying there, looking so tired, and I haven’t even got to play yet.

You look at Me and say please, Thinking you’ve had enough for one evening. I walk to the head of the bed and sit next to you, giving you a few soft kisses, thinking I’ll unfasten your restraints so you can shower and sleep. Then you ask can you please cum now, that you’ve been hard all evening and your balls are aching, you beg a little saying you’ll service anyone who wanted you. You were so cute with a that little whine in your voice.

Laughing I said, Oh so your not as tired as you say huh? In that case, guess I’ll take my turn. Doing a slow strip tease, all the while I watched as your weenie twitched and precum oozed out and slowly rolled down your shaft. The girls have definitely did their job that night! Reaching into the bedside table drawer, I pull out a long fluffy feather.

You ask, “What are you gonna do with that?” I say this, as I swirl it around the head, causing you to gasp, then all over your poor so sensitive tormented weenie. Then you start begging, to just let you cum, please you beg, I’ll do anything you want, but I need to cum…

I say so if I let you go, you’ll take care of My needs?

You said,”Yes Ma’am.” Nodding your head vigorously.

Laughing I say, ” OK, maybe we can compromise.” And I undo your restraints, rubbing each area, bringing the feeling back, you stand and stretch your long, lean muscular body out. And you say, If you would please lay down, I could bring you a little pleasure now…”

Starting with my hot, juicy pussy. Your tongue licked my pussy lips up and down each side. Then sucking on them as they swelled with excitement. My little clit poking it’s head out from beneath it’s hood. My pussy so pink and glistening the more excited I got. And as you got a good taste of My essence, I pushed you away. I knew you were hooked now and tell you, I have something for you.

You still haven’t cum all night, and your very hungry, I said to wait and left the room and came back with a present for you. You opened it and looked kind of stunned as you didn’t know what it was. Smiling I told you it’s a cock cage, Your eyes got big as you asked why? I told you, so you don’t play with My weenie. That’s all you can get out is but…but… but… as I apply a cold pack reducing your hardon and sliding the cage on, the last sound you heard is click as I snapped the ‘lock’ closed…

So as we sit on the sofa, remembering that first night, smiling, I glance to your shorts and see the same reaction you had back then… You look at Me and blush. MMMM shall we go again?

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed it, please rate it accordingly. Email always welcomed!

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