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Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 02

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Dave showed me where lube was kept in a nightstand drawer, as well as condoms should I decide to go all the way with a “client.” He also retrieved a new toothbrush for me from his apartment, some hotel mouth wash and finally threw my panties in his washer. I would have to be commando for the next hour or so and would need to bring spares of everything my next shift.

“One other thing” he said, “if you ever get a freak so bad it scares you, flip any of the lights in the room on and off two times fast. You can pretend you’re having trouble with it. That turns on a light out front and I come running in. Don’t worry about false alarms, your safety is first.”

I was still tingling all over and could barely stand, much less walk, and somehow in my mind I thought my first time would both begin and end with significant cuddling. This was not to be. When Dave returned from throwing my panties in the wash and bringing the toothbrush, paste and mouthwash I had already slipped my skirt and blouse back on. wiped my face with a wash cloth and was fixing my make up. He was dressed except for his shoes and that his shirt was unbuttoned. Before I went to the bathroom for oral hygiene time I slipped my arms around him and purred just a bit, a small sigh to let him know how good I felt fresh from the earth shattering orgasm he had given me.

He turned and faced me with a smile.

“Sorry babe, we can’t. We’re already late opening the bar. The hotel manager gets upset if we open too late.”

“Oh.” I said, somewhat dejected, then a question occurred to me. “Does he know about, uh, the arrangement?”

“Yeah, about that. No, officially he doesn’t. Unofficially he will want a cut starting in a week or so. I usually just throw him a couple hundred as he doesn’t ask how business is. Thing is, until then, if he takes an interest in you, he might want to work it out in trade.”

“You mean fuck me?”

“Yeah, but just tell him your limits, he will abide.”

“What if those limits are ‘Ewwww I don’t want to touch you!'”

“Then you won’t work here long, and that would be a shame. But I wouldn’t worry about it. Most girls think Bryan is an okay guy.”

“You’re being awful loose with who I, uh, sleep with.”

“No, you can always say no. I just supply the clients and do the PR work with them. But if you say no to everyone, then really, what is the point? You have to earn a living. Anymore questions?” He smiled but his voice was firm. It was clear I would have a limited number of times to turn down a client.

Only one occurred to me, then two. “Yes, first, what is the lube for?”

“Oh. You really are new to this. Put a big gob in your hands and rub them together before you give a hand job. It makes it easier and feels better.”

“Okay. I’ll try to remember that. Second, and then I’ll leave you alone, when I was fooling around with you, I got sort of worked up. If that happens again, what do I do?” I confess I was almost too ashamed to ask this.

“Well either let the customer help you out, or after he leaves take care of things yourself, or after work I will. If you want him to, put it in the form of something extra that he can do if he tips. Just don’t ever say you’re charging for it.”

“I think I can wait until after work.” I smiled.

“Great! Sounds like we have a date at ten!” He grinned. “Seriously though, don’t worry. We all get worked up here and its nice to take care of each other. Happens all the time.”And then we had to get up and open the bar.

He unlocked the bar door though there was no one waiting, then took the time to show me how to take drink orders. We didn’t serve food but the hotel had a full service restaurant that we could call in orders to, however since it also served alcohol generally people just went there to eat. Our customers were generally here to drink, but the select few knew of our expanded services. It took about ten minutes to learn the menu, mostly the wine list, but there was a copy of it on each table so I didn’t expect any questions. My job was just to write down the orders, smile, and check the tables every few minutes for refills. Well, and the obvious.

I spend most of the first half hour staring at Dave’s package and wondering what it would feel like in the other end of me, and occasionally, “accidentally” flashing him a view up my skirt. I was acting the total slut and I could only figure it was because our little romp was enticing but that I was not as yet satisfied. It was about when Dennis arrived that I got my first wave of anxiety. Before then I had been unabashedly horny, and it had all been hypothetical to some extent, but when a real potential client arrived I got nervous. Could I really give sexual satisfaction to a stranger in exchange for money? I guess I was about to find out.

Dennis sat at the bar so I didn’t need to wait on him and Dave sent me to the back to inventory some item we didn’t actually have so he could barter. A few minutes later Dave came into the store room with a smile.

“Okay, I got you three hundred, and from what Brandi,” the last girl to hold casino şirketleri the job, “said he’s a great one to start on. Usually just wants to watch you while he strokes, and tips a lot.”

“Watch me what?”

“Uh, you know, touch yourself.”


“What is it?”

“Its just… I really don’t do that. I haven’t since I was twelve or so, my mom said it was disgusting so I didn’t do it anymore.”

“She catch you?” Dave laughed.

“No, just, you know, when we had the talk.”

“Well, I don’t know what to say. It should come naturally, and its not disgusting. Just strip down slow, its okay to seem nervous and act silly a bit if you feel like it. Then lay down, rub your boobs, wet a couple fingers or stick a couple inside”

“That is so gross!” I exclaimed.

“Uh, no. No its not. Anyway, use your wet fingertips to rub your clit. Circles or letters of the alphabet work best. Honestly, if I had known that”

“You wouldn’t have hired me?”

“No, I would have made you rub one out while I watched so you would get through some of this repression.” He smiled. “You do know where your clit is don’t you?”

“Yes! Of course! Oh, and I can do that after work if you want me to.” I grinned. The idea of Dave watching me was sort of hot. The stranger at the bar? Well, not so much at that point, but I figured I could fake it. With a swat on my ass from Dave I went out to be picked up by Dennis. Dave went to the other end of the bar to over hear and step in if need be. I figured his plan was just to be blunt to get through my first, but I had some idea of what to say, so long as the guy was actually trying to pick me up.

“Hi!” Dennis smiled as I approached.

“Hey yourself, did Dave get you taken care of?”

Dennis was mid forties, average shape. He was a bit red faced like he was either nervous or had been in the sun all day. What hair he had was sandy blond and it was clear that by fifty he wouldn’t have that. He wasn’t bad looking, but looked more like someone that would hang out with my father at the country club than with me and my friends.

“Well I wouldn’t say that, but he got my drink. You must be Natalie, the new Brandi.”

“That’s me, although I prefer to think that she is the old Natalie.” I smiled.


“So you’re Dennis that she liked so much. Where are you from, or am I not supposed to ask that?”

“No worries. I’m on the road so much I’m not sure I’m from anywhere, but I pay taxes on a house outside Chicago.”

“So you’re not home very often? That must suck.”

“Oh it has its ups and downs. I do network sales and installs for control modules at manufacturing sites. The money is great, there’s no one home in Chicago anyway, and I get to meet a lot of interesting people. Like you. What’s your story?”

“Oh the usual. Struggling college student, majoring in finance and accounting.” I smiled.

“That’s solid. Brandi was what? A dental hygiene student? I told her to be the dentist instead.”

“Yeah, but she likes to make people smile!” I ad libed, quite proudly.

“What about you? Do you know how to make people smile?” Dennis asked.

“Let’s find out!” I winked as I motioned for him to follow me. As I led him away a couple came in but Dave waved me off indicating that he could take care of them. I gave him a smile as I crossed the threshold from college girl waitress to whore.

I opened the door to my room and led Dennis inside, but it was clear he had been there before. He went straight to the chair that Dave had started out in only a couple of hours before.

“So what else did Brandi tell you about me?” He asked.

It was weird because I had never met Brandi, but Dave had told me what she had told him so I faked it. “Well, she said you like to watch. I’m not sure what that means though. Why don’t you tell me?”

“Well its…uh” he stammered, “when I was growing up I would get my dad’s Playboys, and the best ones always had pictures of the centerfold girl looking like she was about to touch herself. I grew up wondering about that, and, well, jerking off thinking about it. Now, its my favorite thing. I would rather watch a beautiful girl like you touch herself while I take care of me, if that’s okay. You know, and not too weird.”

“That’s not really that weird Dennis, I mean, in here, everything is a bit weird, but that’s, well, kind of intriguing.” I fibbed this. Truthfully I thought it was a bit strange but most of my friends thought my virginity at my age was abnormal so who was I to talk? “Can I tell you something? Dave may have told you but, well I grew up sheltered. He called it repressed, I don’t know. But, well, I’ve never really touched myself before like you want. Will you help me and tell me how?”

Now he was flabbergasted. “Really?”

“Yes. When I was a little girl my mom talked to me about, well, you know, the talk. And she said that touching yourself down there was disgusting and no nice girl would do it and a guy wouldn’t want a girl who did. So, like now I know none of thats true, but I just never really have. casino firmaları Will you pretend I’m your model and tell me what to do?” I asked as I began unbuttoning my shirt. He was trying to listen, but his eyes followed my hands down my chest as I undid the buttons. I stopped talking and let him watch until I pulled my blouse slowly from my shoulders and set it aside on another chair.

Then, making sure I still had his attention, I unzipped the closure at the side of my skirt and let it fall from my hips. My panties were in Dave’s washer and Dennis let out an audible gasp as my girl stuff came into view, just a light wisp of hair protecting it from his full view. Next, still looking into his eyes, I unclasped my bra and let the girls go free. I was now naked in front of the second man to see me so. Even my doctor had me wear a gown.

I walked to where he was seated, standing only a foot or so in front of him, opened my stance so my feet were a couple feet apart and my weight shifted to my right leg, my right hip sticking out a bit to the side. My hand came up to my lips nervously while the other arm argued with my conscious mind about covering my breasts. These moves were not natural to me, and probably looked forced to him, but I was trying!

“Like what you see?” I asked, as much as anything to quell my nervousness.

“Oh yes, very much. You are, well, beautiful” he stammered.

“Thanks” I said as I leaned over to kiss him gently, a kiss he sort of returned. It was clear kissing whores wasn’t his thing, and for a moment I had some self realization as to what I was becoming. If a middle aged guy didn’t want to kiss a reasonably attractive, or so I felt anyway, 19 year old, for fear of all the cock she had swallowed, she must be really disgusting to him. This made me freeze up with a blank stare, but I noticed Dennis looking at me oddly as I stared so I moved on, hoping he had not figured what I felt. I didn’t want to share feelings with him, especially a few seconds of doubt and self loathing.

He was wearing a dress shirt and slacks, so I began to unbutton his shirt, kissing his chest and abs as I did so. I saw this in a movie once and it looked hot. In the movie though the actor didn’t have a tee shirt on underneath however, and was built rock solid, but I improvised. When I got to the last button he half rose from the seat and pulled both his shirt and tee off. Not bad. His chest was hairy and his muscle tone had no definition, but he wasn’t flabby either. I’ve seen worse at school throwing footballs in the yard to impress girls.

“Let me help you get started, then you can tell me what to do, okay?” I asked as I unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. He stood and slipped his loafers off, then let his pants and boxers fall. His legs and abs were in about as good of shape as the rest of him, but again, he wasn’t flabby. His manhood was smaller than Dave’s, I had no one else to compare to, and appeared to be a very manageable 4 or 5 inches. His testicles were bigger though, or so it seemed. I wondered if they were full of hot semen for me, even though I knew what wasn’t how male anatomy worked from health class. A girl can daydream can’t she? Logic told me there had to be some relationship between the size of a guy’s testicles and the amount of sperm he produced, but that wasn’t something they covered in health class.

“Mmmmmm I love your cock” I whispered as I began to stroke it gently.

“Thanks, I think it likes you too” He said as it entered my wet, loving mouth. I gently stroked the shaft up and down while I licked and kissed around the head. He grew larger and harder, but was still managable. I took the salty flesh knob into my mouth, then while licking the underside where the head meets the shaft, sank as much cock as I could into me. It was most of it and he groaned his approval. After a couple more attempts to swallow as much of his shaft as I could I released him from my mouth and whispered.

“I think you’re ready. Do you want me to lay down now? Like those models you used to look at while you stroked that big, thick, cock?”

“Yes” he whispered back.

I lay back on the pillows on my side with my knees together and pointed at him, while one arm covered my breasts and the other held a finger tip to my lips like I was going to chew my nails. It was the only “porno” pose I had ever seen, and that when I found a magazine in my parents room when I was looking for my mom’s lipstick as a child.

“You like?” I asked as his eyes slowly scanned up and down me.

“Yes… could you, uh, touch your, uh, breasts?”

“Of course, anything for you” I whispered. I gently cupped my left breast, it being the one furthest from the bed and best in his view, then rolled my nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I knew this would get it hard and soon it was like a little pencil eraser atop my areola. I closed my knees together as I rolled onto my back and cupped both breasts, lifting them up towards my face as I rolled both nipples now between my finger and thumb.

“Mmmmm you still like what you see?” I asked as I güvenilir casino slid my left hand down to cover my girl parts, my right still massaging my breast and nip.

“Yes.. but”

“But what darling?” I whispered as sexily as I could.

“But you’re very shy with your pussy.”

No one had ever said “pussy” as a word for my junk before and I was almost taken back, but recovered quick enough I think. I mean, I was familiar with the slang terms, even though I was raised to never use them. I guess I was just surprised to hear it out loud. I knew guys called a girl’s stuff a “pussy” I had just never heard it directed at me and what I had.

“Oh? You want to see me down there? I will show you if you want.” I said as his face got as purple as the head of his cock.

“Yes, please, I would like that.”

I slowly opened my legs as his eyes bore down on my most private places. I reached between my legs with a finger tip and wet it with my now copious juices before slowly circling my clit. It was as gross as I expected it to be, but the ecstacy was so great I gasped at my own touch.


“Does that feel good?” He asked.

“Yes…it, yes.” I moaned softly as I continued to touch myself. As gross and slimy as I felt down there, it still felt great. It went against everything I knew about the care of my genitals. I was supposed to keep them dry and clean, not wet and leaking everywhere. The feeling of warm moisture was as disconcerting as what Dennis was doing. He pulled on his meat and stared, but that was not enough to distract from the pleasure I was giving myself as I was focused more on me than my surroundings.

“Good, that’s good. Open your legs more, let me see that pussy.”

His vulgarity I guess was supposed to turn me on, but it really had the opposite effect, well no, that’s not exactly right. His language was a turn off, but his treating me like he was, a whore to be used and directed, well, that was sort of hot. Still, I gently touched myself and as I looked into his eyes obeyed his request.

“Damn girl, that’s beautiful” he whispered nearly under his breath, then added “I bet those college boys love fucking that.”

“I guess they would, but I’ve never let them.” I giggled. I think the wondrous feelings from my loins were making me a bit euphoric.

“What?” He looked up to my eyes as though he had not heard me correctly.

“I’m a virgin. I told you, I grew up sheltered, or repressed or… whatever. Anyway, it just never has happened for me, you know, that moment when everything is right.” I smiled at him as I continued to pleasure myself.

He stared at me for a minute, it seemed longer maybe, then stood up and reached for his khakis. I thought he was going to leave and I had screwed up, but instead he reached in his pocket, took out his wallet and laid $300 on the nightstand.

“I know its not part of our bargain, but I would really love to do oral with you.” He whispered.

I decided I wanted him seated in the chair while I sucked him, so I got up on my knees and moved towards that corner of the bed.

“Well, its not, but, uh, you are a very generous tipper. I think I would like to share that with you.” I smiled. I took the money and laid it with my clothes. I reached out to take his rock hard cock into my hand. I was kneeling on the corner of the bed at this point and he was standing in front of me. I started to lean forward so as to suck on him when he stopped me by kissing my forehead. I continued to kneel as his hands went first to my breasts, setting them afire and coursing hormones through my blood stream. One hand slid down my abs and to my vulva, where he parted my lips and slid a finger into my drenched vagina.

“Damn you’re tight.” He mumbled as he kissed my ear, face and neck, then down across my collar bone to my breast as I began to lay back on the bed.

“Oh mmmm” I gasped as his finger entered me, it felt so good and, well, intimate, to have a part of him inside me, but I realized his finger wasn’t the part I wanted. I reached out for his cock and found it rock hard and it felt as though it was throbbing. I wonder how good it would feel to be invaded by this angry, swollen penis. Some fluid oozed from the head and felt slimy to the touch as he kissed his way down my body to my pubic mound, gently pulling his cock from my hand and his finger from my birth canal. I remembered from school that some fluid came before the sperm so I thought, well, what few brain cells I had working thought, that he must be about ready to erupt.

“Are you about to, uh, orgasm?” I half whispered and half groaned.

“Yes, but not before I eat your virgin cunt.” He grunted back at me, and then his lips and tongue found their mark and I nearly passed out from pleasure.

He circled my hot spot, my clit as Dave called it, or my clitoris as my health teacher knew it by, but whatever it was called his tongue and lips were the key to unlocking it, and behind it were convulsions of ecstacy. I groaned immediately and lifted my hips to press myself into his mouth. Instinctively I squeezed and massaged my breasts and they poured their excitement into the fire in my loins. I closed my eyes and let the arousal and torturous build up wash over me and pumped my hips up and down to mash my womanhood into his lapping mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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