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Neighborly Relations Pt. 01

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Author’s Note: As is true with all of my stories, this is a fantasy. In this case inspired by one photo I saw on Instagram of a perfect young woman. I combined my immediate and obsessive lust for her with my submissive nature and created this story. I hope to continue the story and explore additional themes and ideas. The themes and ideas I find erotic might be different than yours, that’s ok. Please leave comments, my ego will appreciate the positive ones, the writer in me will enjoy the constructive ones, and the submissive side of me will accept the berating ones. Enjoy!


To say she was gorgeous was an understatement. Some how she managed to be both “girl next door” cute and smoking hot at the same time. She just turned 18 and she was in fact the girl next store. Maddy lived with her mom Heather and her step dad Mike. We moved in 6 months ago and I have pretty much lusted after her since. To be honest, my lust has been pretty obvious and she, her mom, and her step dad seemed to roll with it.

Pretty much every time I encountered Maddy I was rendered speechless. It rarely helped that she tended to wear tight and revealing clothing and seemed to be spending her entire life in a photo shoot. Her eyes and the tilt of her head pretty much say “come fuck me” every moment.

Just yesterday she came out as I was speaking to Mike and her outfit once again left me speechless. Her jeans might as well been painted on and she was wearing a crisscross halter top that not only exposed her perfectly flat stomach, but divided her large, perfect breasts and created ample cleavage to boot. She always calls me by first name and it makes me weak in the knees every time.

“Morning Jim” she smiled at me as she posed like she was doing an Instagram photo. I literally couldn’t speak. I just stared in awe at her perfectness.

“Mike, could we trade cars today since you promised to take mine in for it’s oil change?”

“No problem, my extra keys are on the hook.”

“Thanks, and good talking to you Jim.” She smiled knowing I was speechless in her presence, did a hair flip and walked away. I watched her walk away like a horny teenager.

“You Should try living with her.” Mike laughed at my obvious attention to his step daughter.

“Sorry, I just can’t really function with her around.”

“I have figured out the trick, perhaps I will share it someday! In the meantime about the neighborhood block party…”

We went back to discussing the party and our roles getting it organized. After about 15 minutes I went back to my house where I bee-lined it for the one window that often allowed me a glimpse of Maddy. I could often see her in their kitchen. The highlight of that was when she walked around the kitchen in a hot red bra and panty set. I had stood frozen in lust as she padded around the kitchen fixing herself some breakfast.

Unfortunately today I had to survive on my memory of her perfect outfit and perfect body as she was not in the kitchen.

I was just about to go to my bedroom to masterbate, some thing I was doing almost daily based on my Maddy sightings, when a knock came on my slider door. It was Maddy. I went over and opened the door.

“Mike sent me over.” She said as she entered. She passed right next to me and I could see down her cleavage as she passed. My cock twitched. As usual, I didn’t say anything. She pivoted back to me, paused to let me enjoy the view. I simply stared. No words were exchanged.

“Where’s Paula?” she asked. Paula is my wife.

“She is visiting Emily this weekend up at State.” Emily is our daughter and she is in Grad school.

“Perfect. Mike says he promised to teach you the trick.”

I was lost, but I couldn’t stop staring at Maddy. She seemed to just accept my stares for a while longer and then continued.

“I really get a kick out of how helpless you are when I am around.”

As she said this she stepped forward and was now just a foot in front of me. I was staring at her but I was still speechless.

“It’s OK,” she said as she grasped my right hand and brought it against her flat exposed stomach.

As she held my right hand against her, she took my left hand and brought it to her left breast. She gently placed it there and looked up at me.

“Don’t worry, this will just between you and me, and Mike. We are going to rock your world”

Her use of “we” struck me as a bit odd, but I was in a trance. She literally owned me at that moment. Which of course I later learned was the point. I found my finger starting to trace the edge of her top. Her nipple hardened and became visible thru the tightly stretched fabric.

“Take your time, merter escort enjoy me.” She leaned up and whispered in my ear, “I love having my nipples sucked.”

I gave up what little resistance I had and began massaging her perfect breasts. She reached her hand forward and started to rub my hard cock thru my jeans.

“Tell me you want me!” she exclaimed as we explored each other’s bodies.

“I have wanted you since the first moment I saw you,” I responded as I freed her breast and began sucking on her engorged nipple. The fact that I had the most perfect breasts in the world in my hands and mouth was amazing. They did not disappoint. They were both firm and soft, and she wasn’t lying when she told me she loved having her nipples sucked because as I enjoyed them she was letting out soft coos and moans and kept arching her back to push her nipples into my mouth.

“Hmmmm, that’s good baby. Do you like my tits?”

I broke away for a moment, “They are perfect!”

“Yes they are,” came from behind me. It was Mike.

I straightened up and stammered, “I am sorry.”

“Don’t be buddy, I sent her here to get things started. Come over here Maddy.” He commanded her in a strong, but perfectly calm voice.

She didn’t cover her breasts, but just walked over to Mike and kissed him passionately. He then stood behind her and helped her completely out of her top. He reached under her breasts and basically used his hands like a support bra and brought her breasts up high enough that she started to suck her own nipples. It was fucking amazing to watch.

“My trick… I fuck both her and her mom, often at the same time.” Mike informed me.

“And I have an offer for you. You can fuck her too, and fuck her mom, but first you are going to have you do a few things for me. I think you are going to end up liking the favors I ask, but I always find using Maddy to soften up my targets helps immensely.”

He was being cryptic, but I really didn’t care as I was so horny at this point that he could have told me to go rob a bank and I likely would have complied. The reality is I have a submissive side and this whole situation was triggering it big time. I just wanted to do whatever he asked so he didn’t take Maddy away. I watched him massage Maddy’s breasts and then I looked up at him and I simply nodded for him to continue.

“I like sex, but what I like even more is having power over people. I have a small, but growing set of people who have given me control of their lives. Did you realize that power is when you freely give your decision making power to another. I don’t have power, unless it is freely given. Does that make sense?”

“I suppose so.” I responded half following his words, and half still just being focused on watching his hands roaming over Maddy’s perfect breasts.

For instance, I completely own Maddy, “Isn’t that right my pet?”

Maddy turned to look up at Mike and replied, “Yes daddy!”

I was entranced. Mike owned the most perfect female I knew. It was intoxicating.

“She gives herself to me whenever I ask. That is my power and to be honest, that power makes me happier than anything. But it makes her happy too. She doesn’t have to think or worry, just obey and let herself be free.”

He stopped talking and continued to enjoy Maddy’s body as he stared at me. His look was penetrating. I found myself wanting to look away, but it was like he had captured me. I found I was now concentrating my look at him, versus Maddy’s perfect body.

“You are starting to understand. I can see it in your eyes. The freedom that is going to come from giving me power over you. You can just obey, just serve, and it will feel good, it will feel right. Can you feel it?”

Everything Mike was saying was crazy, but true. I had been thinking how easy it would be to just say yes, to give in and just accept his command over me. It was a feeling of surrender, but not in a bad way.

“I think I am just horny.” My reply was my ego trying to reassert itself.

“Well, let’s up the ante. Baby, why don’t you enjoy my cock while I talk to our neighbor.”

“Of course daddy.”

Maddy dropped to her knees and unzipped Mike’s jeans. She pulled out his cock and I literally made a gasping sound.

It was huge.

“Women who tell you size doesn’t matter are lying! Isn’t that right Maddy.”

“God yes. Size always matters and you have the best cock in the world daddy.”

She looked at me, licked her lips and started to slowly consume his cock. I could not believe her petite mouth could take all of Mike.

“Impressed?” Mike asked.

“Incredible.” Was all nişantaşı escort I could say. My pulse was racing and my cock was so hard it hurt.

“You commenting on Maddy, or my cock?”

“I guess both.”

“That’s a good start. Just watch for a while. Think about how good giving me power is going to feel. Look at how happy it makes Maddy.”

I did. It was outrageously hot. She worshiped his cock like it was a god. She held it, and licked it, bobbed on it and deep throated it. All the while keeping her eyes up at Mike. He truly did have her under his control. And I was spellbound too. It made the world simple. Just do as you are asked. Don’t overthink it, just obey. The idea was adding to my arousal.

It was like Mike was reading my thoughts. “Look at her enjoying my cock. It is arousing isn’t it?”

I just stared caught between observing Maddy and Mike’s cock.

“I asked you a question.” He said in a calm but domineering tone.

“This is so hot!” I spurted out. Again, my ego was making a last ditch effort to regain control.

“Maddy, show him my cock.”

Maddy slid her lips off Mike’s cock and then placed her hands under it, displaying it to me.

“Isn’t it magnificent?” she cooed as she ran a finger down its length.

I was entranced. His cock was amazing. It was longer and thicker than mine. By a large margin. And it currently had the most amazing girl showing it off like a fine piece of jewelry.

Mike offered me the opportunity to give him power over me. “It is time to give yourself to me. Become my property, just like Maddy. I know, and you know, it is what you want. Be free. Submit.”

His mixture of words, his tone, it calmed me. I looked at him, and nodded.

Maddy reached up and touched me on the thigh and then looked at me intensely, “come down here and join me.”

I froze. This scene was hot, I wanted to be free, to obey, but I wasn’t gay and while impressed with Mike’s cock, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be that close. I had never crossed the gender line before.

Mike simplified his offer, although it came off more like a command, “join Maddy.”

I looked from Mike, who wore a calm expression, to Maddy, who had an inviting look. She reached out a hand. I took it.

She gently pulled me down. I joined her at Mike’s feet, only a few inches from his cock.

He spoke, “Excellent. Let Maddy guide you.”

With that Maddy’s hand guided mine and she rested it on Mike’s cock. It felt warm and hard. She brought my other hand up and removed hers. I now was holding his cock solo.

Mike remained silent, but I could feel his stare on me. I looked up at him and without prompting said, “I am yours.”

It felt amazing to say those words. It did make me feel free. I held his cock like it was the most important item in the world. Mike looked at me with a slight smile on his face confirmed my position, “Thank you for that power. I will use it and you will learn to cherish your new role. But for now, show your gratitude by pleasing me.”

Maddy jumped in and started to guide and encourage me. “Stroke it. Feel it’s power.”

I did, and I did. I was mesmerized and shocked at my willingness to stroke another man’s cock. But it felt good. And it was so hot kneeling next to the hottest girl in town.

Mike spoke, “it’s time.”

Maddy replied, “Yes daddy.”

And the she turned to me and said, “if you ask nicely, Mike will let you suck it.”

As she said this her hands found my cock and started to free it.

“It will be incredible to give him your mouth.” Her hands were now stroking my smaller, but as hard as I have ever been cock.

I was overwhelmed and started to lean in towards his manhood. She reached up and put her finger on my chin, “always ask first. Go ahead and ask him.”

She tugged at my cock and whispered, “Go ahead!”

I couldn’t resist. I quietly said, “Can I suck it?”

She laughed a playful laugh and said, “No silly, look at him when you ask!”

At this point my lust and arousal we’re beyond control. I looked up at Mike and asked, “May I suck your cock?”

Mike paused, then replied, “Throw in a sir and you may.”

Without hesitation I re-asked, “May I suck your magnificent cock, sir?”

“You may.”

I took a deep breath, got an encouraging look from Maddy, and slid my mouth over his cock. It felt so strange. I actually had a man’s cock in my mouth. But I have always liked being good at things, so I began to bob and suck. He let out a soft moan.

His moan was like a booster shot. It motivated me. I started to really focus on his cock, and his pleasure. ortaköy escort Maddy was in my ear encouraging me.

“Suck him, worship him, be his bitch.”

I was able to get a “oh god yes” out before he grabbed my head and guided me full onto him. He held me firmly and started to face fuck me.

“Breath thru your nose!” Maddy encouraged me. “You are doing so well!”

I was about to lose my battle with my gag reflex when he loosened his grip, pulled out, moaned loudly and started to spray his cum all over my face.

“You’re completely mine now.” Mike declared as he looked down on to my cum splattered face.

“Yes sir” I replied. It came out naturally. How could I argue? I had just voluntarily given him my manhood and control over me and flat out enjoyed being a source of pleasure to him. I had his cum all over my face and I felt rewarded and satisfied. I continued, “I willingly give you power over me. I am your property sir.”

“Over here” Maddy called as she snapped photos.

I was mortified about the photos, but even more satisfied that I had made such a big cock explode like that. I was proud.

I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck and clean him.

“You’re a natural” Mike exclaimed as he rubbed his cock across my face and fed me his cum via his cock.

Maddy was now filming this. She looked at me and smiled, “and when you’re done cleaning Daddy up you can lick your own cum off the floor.”

In all the excitement and focus on Mike I hadn’t even realized I had come.

I finished cleaning Mike, and then cleaned my own cum off the floor. Maddy then kissed me and then got up and walked away.

I watched her perfect ass exit my house. I was on my knees in front of Mike.

“You understand that I own you now, correct?”

“Yes, sir”

“You will do what I want, when I want, anytime I want.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I will be fucking you soon too.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And soon after that, I will be fucking your wife.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And then your daughter.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You can suck it again if you would like.”

“Thank you, sir”

And I immediately started to suck his cock. This time I had no odd feelings, no hesitation. I was all in on providing Mike pleasure.

He let me do the work, and lasted a long time. He simply said “swallow” a bit before he came in my mouth and down my throat. I savored every drop and cleaned him fully.

“Well done faggot”

The pride over the well done part competed with my resistance to being called a faggot, but ultimately I responded honestly, “My pleasure.”

“What are you?”

“I am your cock sucking faggot, sir!” I said enthusiastically.

“Yes you are. And soon you will also be my fuck toy.”

He pulled his cock away and tucked it way.

I was disappointed. I wanted it again.

He sensed my longing, “Don’t worry cocksucker, you will get another chance.”

As he said this the slider door opened and Maddy reappeared. She now had a red top on, and it was equally revealing and hot.

“I am going to be a demanding master, but today I am feeling generous, so have Maddy, every and any way you would like. Then tomorrow you will start your life as my celibate cock sucking, ass giving slave.”

“I look forward to tomorrow” I responded honestly while I watched Mike depart.

I turned towards Maddy and said, “you are the most amazing woman I have ever encountered. Come here now.”

Maddy did, and I proceeded to enjoy every inch of her body, fucking her four times by morning. She was the most passionate lover I had ever been with. If I added up all the sex and passion I had experienced in my life, it didn’t add up to how incredible my one night with Maddy had been.

She got out of my bed as the sun was rising, her naked body reminded me I still loved women even if I had already started to think about Mike’s cock and my lust for it. She turned to me, and asked, “What is today?”

“The start of my life as Mike’s possession.”

“That is correct. I enjoyed our night, you are a good lover Jim, but I am the last woman you will have for a really long time. Mike won’t allow you to be with a woman until he is absolutely sure of your devotion to him.”

“I understand, and that is OK because you were perfect and by far the greatest sex I have ever had. If I never get to be with a woman again I will still be luckier than any man in the world”

“Thank you, Jim. Be obedient to Mike and someday he might allow you to have me again. I would like that”

“I will obey him completely.”

“Be at our front door at 10am. Your life as Mike’s property begins then.”

With that she walked out.

I lay in bed amazed at my new situation. I wanted Maddy again. But just as strongly I wanted the opportunity to serve Mike’s perfect cock again.

I had a couple of hours to shower, eat and contemplate that. Because at 10am my new life will begin.

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