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Nervous Wreck

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I’m shaking so much! I couldn’t believe I’d actually driven here. Two-hundred kilometres of driving based on a promise, but that promise could see me through university without another worry.

My stomach has been trying to turn inside out for the past hour, never would I have I thought I could be so excited and so terrified at the same time. My nerves were fine when I left home but my fear kicked in as I got closer and closer to making this a reality.

A “girly” girl would be the last thing that anyone would ever call me, unless they saw me tonight. I spent all day yesterday at a beauty salon with my friend. My nails, hair and makeup all done up.

This isn’t me, I should be in a tank top and shorts, not this black silk cocktail dress and stiletto heels. I wanted to be sexy tonight, so I had to turn to the only help I could find, Toni. I simply told her I was going on a date and the rest was her, though I thought it better to leave out the little detail of being paid to go on this date.

She curled my hair and sprayed it with all kinds of ungodly things. Now it feels fake and… bouncy? She even dyed it black. Toni said it makes my eyes even bluer, whatever that means. My face feels like it’s coated in wax from all the makeup caked on me.

Sitting in my car, outside a nameless old building, parked by a dark alley at seven in the evening, all I could think about was how I got here.

A strange man comes up to you and offers you enough cash to make your dreams come true, if only you become his slave for one night.

What would any self-respecting girl do? Tell him to fuck off is what they’d do! The possibilities running through my mind had me think twice though.

It’s what I would have done if he was a normal man, but this man was odd. He just seemed to have this stare that made me melt, all I could think of was all the things he would do to me. I hated to admit it but it turned me on a little, plus I have always fantasised about doing something truly careless and wild.

“You are MINE until midnight, you will do anything I tell you, no matter what,” his grin searing into my memory.

“No fuckin’ way! So you can beat and rape me?!”

All he let out from that was a little chuckle. “I will not beat or cut you. If you ever want to back out, give up the money and go home, just say the safe word,” his voice echoed in my mind.

I’ve been with a few guys, but never had the guts to do anything out of the ordinary, and never had sex with someone I just met. I guess he saw that in me and that’s why he would pay so much. Would it be so bad if I did this just once? For the money?




Suddenly, reality reared its ugly head and snapped me back to where I should be. There he is, the strangely handsome man, the type that has impossibly perfect features, the type that you can never tell the age. Wearing a black suit, black shirt and a blood red tie. Smiling that smile that seems to get him anything he would ever want, and as it seems, that was me tonight.

He opened the door of my beat up old car with a bow, hand extended to help me out. Nervously, I took his hand and very unsteadily climbed out to the pavement. Those ridiculous shoes Toni gave me almost broke my ankle, the heels are almost two inches for Christ’s sake!

“I’m glad you made it, I was getting worried you might have changed your mind,” his voice was like silk but also masculine, he reminded me of a panther – smart, stealthy, sleek and oh so beautiful.

“I always keep my word,” I pathetically tried to sound confident, but it was obviously just a front and we both knew it.

He just smirked back. “I like a girl who is determined.”

A tingle ran its way down my spine as he finished that sentence. It sounded almost like a challenge to him, oh god, what have I got myself into?

“Come, it’s freezing out here,” still softly holding my hand, he led me to the door closest to us.

Clearly it was white once, but most of the paint had flaked and fallen off. My head just kept playing scenes of old 90’s B-grade horror movies as he grabbed the knob and roughly jerked it open, it screamed and squealed in protest of being moved but eventually allowed us access.

The realisation of it all was hitting me with every step as I made my way inside. My heart was pounding, I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Adrenaline ran through my body and my hands were shaking uncontrollably.

He continued through a series of rooms with me in tow, each one bare of anything except dust and cobwebs. Every room we entered, I felt a little more lost and a lot more scared. Countless doors were passed as we navigated the maze of this run-down building.

By the time we reached the ninth room I was close to having a full panic fit, but in the tenth room there was a nice warm light. Heat washed over me, sending the chill from my body, a stark contrast to the previous dark and cold rooms.

He sighed out happily “we’re here,” before turning to me and pulling me gently inside.

It looked like a room where you would shoot a porno, white carpet, blank walls and a king size bed in the centre with blood red linen. The only other furniture was a little oil heater in the corner and a single table on the left with a fat envelope.

He gestured toward the table. “As promised, all of it is there. I am sure you can trust my counting but if you want you can check.”

Just to make it look like I was in some sort of control, I walked over to the table and picked up the envelope. Inside was more money than I have ever seen – I tried to hide facial expression but accidentally let out a gasp.

I dropped the envelope back onto the table and spun to face him.

“Please, get comfortable on the bed, I just need to fetch something.”

I moved over to the bed as he left the room.

Instantly my feet felt the relief when I flicked the clasps of my shoes off. They fell from my feet and I tucked my legs up. “Aahhh, so much better,” I quietly sighed in relief. How do women wear those horrid things for an entire night?

While waiting for the man to come back I began to wonder. This room had fresh paint. A brand-new bed, lovely silk linen. There was no doubt this man had money, and a lot of it. Why drag me here? Why not book out a hotel? He did promise not to hurt me, why am I so stupid for believing in him? Why the hell would he drag me here if he even had the notion of leaving me alive!?

Soon I was thinking of escape plans as my panic exponentially grew. I almost jumped out of my own skin when the he returned.

Through my panic, I moved to get up and run. “What’s wrong? I just had to go get my phone.” He pulled a small cell phone from his pocket as if he were presenting a gun to the police after being arrested.

My panic slowly soothed with the childish smile that grew on his face. I sat back down, pulling my feet under me, showing off my legs as my dress rode up to mid-thigh.

He let out a small laugh as his eyes travelled my body. “I thought you looked uncomfortable in those shoes.”

All I could do was look down to my lap and blush.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He smiled warmly.

“But you didn’t need to go to that much effort. I liked the way you looked the other day,”

I looked up at him confused. “For how much money this is, I thought I should look as nice as possible.”

He let out a sharp laugh. “For how much money this is, I could buy thirty girls that dress up like you are now. I wanted you because you look so… normal.” His voice changed for the last word, taking on a predatory tone. I felt shivers of both fear and lust rush up my spine.

“Ahh.” Was all I could let out.

As suddenly as the predator beneath his skin showed, it disappeared again. “You were just dressed in a blue shirt with a high neckline and a picture of a tree on the front. Dark jeans that hugged your ass so well and black runners. You looked like a girl who knows who she is. I find that incredibly attractive,” he said then added after a sigh, “but very expensive.”

My eyes grew wide as he recalled everything so accurately, it was unusual to have someone pay such close attention to me. Warmth slowly grew throughout me and I couldn’t help but smile at the compliment.

“Well I guess you have me.”

“Only for one night though, unfortunately.” He looked playfully sad, putting on the slightest of pout but still looking sharp and handsome. “Do you remember the rules? I take them very seriously.”

I nodded. “I do anything you say under the condition that you don’t beat or cut me, midnight is when it all ends and if I don’t do what you say, or I say the safe word, you take the money and we call it quits.”

While reciting the rules, images of all the things this man could be doing to me on this bed flooded my mind. The excitement built but my stomach was still doing flips.

“Have you chosen a safe word?”

I couldn’t help but look away from him, a little embarrassed. Although the money would be saved for all my university expenses, there’d be enough to buy something I always wanted.


He let out a small laugh. “Good, now take off your panties and your bra, but keep the dress on.”

A little shocked at how suddenly his demeanour changed, I sat there with a partially open mouth.

After a small pause he snapped me back to reality “Well I guess that was a quick night, if you can’t even follow the first command,”

Quickly, I jumped up to my knees and moved my fingers under the dress. I found the waistband of my panties and pulled them to my knees. Keeping my legs closed, I sat back down and slipped them off.

Performing the difficult manoeuvre of removing your bra without taking your tight cocktail dress off is hard. I easily unclasped the back, but when I pulled the cups out of the top, both of my breasts spilled out.

Stunned, I looked up and found him quietly smiling away, staring at my chest. I desperately tried to stuff them back into my dress.

“I want you to play with yourself.” His orders were completely different to what I expected him to be like. He was so kind and attentive, now he was blunt. I think it excited me even more this way.

I let out a little gasp, obviously knowing where this night was headed, but it still shocked me anyway. Having learned my lesson however, I quickly responded by sliding my hand up my thigh.

The fake nails I had on tickled my skin lightly.

I spread my legs only slightly, his view still obstructed by my dress and knees, allowing access for my hand to reach my smooth mound. I jumped when a finger finally contacted my soaked lips.

Closing my eyes, I couldn’t help but let out a slight moan as I pushed just the tip of my middle finger inside, covering it in viscous juices.

Lost in my own world, filthy images of his body began to populate my mind. Another jump followed by a gleeful gasp escaped my lips, my clit finally got some attention. My fingers slowly rubbed circles around the little button, I felt his eyes as they wandered over my body.

His beautiful cock was just poised above me, his lips ravaging my naked breasts. It pressed softly to my swollen, wet lips. I moaned into his ear for him to fuck me and fuck me hard. The pressure of an orgasm built and was about to burst…

“Open your eyes and look at me.”

I jolted and stared at him, frozen as a deer caught in headlights.

“Keep going, but don’t enter yourself, I can’t have you too worked up yet.” He smiled

I rubbed my clit again, the glorious images raced back into my mind.

His beautiful cock reappeared in my mind as the pace of my hand increased, I could feel the first glimpse of an orgasm on the horizon, my eyes started to flutter.

“I told you to look at me,” His smile was gone, and the tone suddenly felt dangerous and threatening.

I started again, slow. I couldn’t trust myself to go faster, no matter how desperately I wanted to.

My whole body was tensed with frustration as fingertips played softly around my throbbing clit. He shifted slightly, my gaze dropped from his eyes down to his crotch. The obvious bulge in his pants made my entire body shiver.

Quickly I returned my gaze to his eyes, terrified of failing him and losing what I was here to earn.

Eventually, my entire body was twitching and writhing. I bahis firmaları needed to keep it slow but oh god I needed it. The orgasm was always just out of my reach, a few small flicks in the right place and I’d be in ecstasy.

“Stop,” I jumped as he spoke, his voice breaking the spell I wound over myself.

“Come here and get down on your knees,” he beckoned.

I had to pull my hand away from my aching, soaked pussy. An almost painful moan left my lips as it took every inch of my willpower to stop playing.

Knowing what he wanted, I climbed from the bed and stepped silently over to him, dropped to my knees and moved my hands to his straining zipper but instantly froze.

“I didn’t tell you to do anything other than kneel.” His voice was cold and level, but it still struck terror inside of me again.

“I’m sorry.” Was all I could stammer out as my hands lowered to my lap. I looked to his feet in shame.

He stood and with both a mischievous and wicked grin he commanded: “Now I want you to pull it out and suck it, oh, and look me in the eye the entire time.”

Slowly, my eyes travelled from his shiny, black shoes up his Armani trousers. I took in the sight of his tented crotch for the mere seconds I thought I could spare, before I continued up his torso to meet his piercing eyes.

My hands trembled as I raised my hands to his zipper, slowly pulling it over the bulge. It excitedly twitched as I exposed his cotton briefs hidden inside. I found the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down, his gorgeous tool sprung out, hitting my chin with a soft pat.

His eyes drilled into my soul the entire time.

I wrapped my hand around it, my fingers felt so lithe and tiny around his strong member. I leaned back slightly and guided the head to my lips, softly I placed a kiss on the end. My pussy sent spasms through my entire body and it was multiplied further with the look of satisfaction coming from his face.

Leaning forward, the head slowly pushed past my teeth to my waiting tongue. My eyes were still glued to his and my tongue seemed to develop a mind of its own. It ran all over the head and explored every crevice it could find.

“Oh yessssss,” he hissed. My tongue ran sharply back and forth over the underside of the head.

Having Pushed further forward, I let my tongue explore every delicious curve and vein on the surface of his shaft. As sensuously as I possibly could, I let out a soft moan into the bulging head, holding my gaze with his. The feeling of his eyes on me only made the heat between my legs intensify.

I let all the suction in my lips release, my head slid down toward his pelvis, taking most of his cock in before the final inch hit my throat. My lips sealed tight again and I pulled up, my tongue was free to explore any part of him it could reach on the journey back to the head.

“Mmmmmm you look exquisite,” he moaned while I engulfed his engorged cock.

His fingers softly played with my hair and my own moan hummed through his tool while I started to speed up my routine.

He gripped a full handful of hair which took me by surprise. I let out a squeak, but didn’t dare slow my movements. Soon he was slightly thrusting into me, matching my pace.

“Play with yourself slowly,” he panted out, “and make me come in that horny little mouth of yours.”

“Mmmmphfff.” Was all I could do to show him I heard. The change in his demeanour took me off guard and was not helping desperate throbs coming from my pussy.

He gave me my goal though, if he wanted to cum, hopefully he would be spent. I could go home, finish myself off to the most intense orgasm ever and be a lot richer in the process.

His thrusts became more urgent, every downward stroke hit my throat harder which made my eyes water up. I knew I had to keep eye contact, but it would be impossible unless I tried something I never had tried before. With nothing but the money in mind, I had to try and force it into my throat for good.

Just think of the money.

“Aaahhhh god,” he said through gritted teeth, I could tell he was close.

My fingers wrapped around each of his ass cheeks and I forced myself down hard. Frantically, I tried to swallow the end of his rock hard and throbbing cock.

It took him two of his own frantic thrusts to realise what I was doing, but he quickly helped by pulling my head forcibly into his rod. After a few excruciating seconds, tension suddenly released and the desperate need to gag was gone. I felt my throat stretch to accommodate his cock as my nose sunk to his belt.

He let out a deep, guttural groan as his body twitched and jerked erratically.

The world around me spun, but my one goal was at the centre of the spin, his stare.

A slick feeling coated the inside of my neck as his member pumped shot after shot of his seed down to my stomach. His jerks became less intense as his orgasm slowly abated.

It was weird that I didn’t have to swallow any of it, that must be a good benefit of deepthroating.

What felt like an eternity later, the pressure behind my head let go and I recoiled off his tool. I gasped for air but still kept my eyes locked to his, though his face was now quite bleary.

With a shudder, he softly told me to return to the bed. I complied with hope that this date could possibly be coming to an early close.

I climbed onto the bed and sat on my feet; he took his seat and just smiled at me. The heat between my thighs was almost painful.

“What are you thinking?” he said through a mild grin.

That took me off guard, my mind scrambled for an answer to make him happy. “I…. was thinking, I was excited for what you will do to me next.” I blushed and looked down; I wanted to tell him to fuck me like a dog in heat!

He let out a short, sharp laugh: “And what would you like that to be?”

His stare was intense, I felt that he demanded the truth, “Ah… for you to…” I grinned uncontrollably.

“Mmmm?” His eyebrows raised.

“For you to pin me down and fuck me hard!” I blurted out, then immediately covered my mouth, amazed that such language escaped my lips in the first place.

He let out an obviously fake gasp through his smug grin. “Oh? Would you love the feel of me deep inside you?”

The tension in the air was so taut. “Yes,” I squeaked out. All that ran through my mind was the glorious image of his strong upper body holding my arms. As he thrust into my aching pussy.

When the wordplay is done, I’ll get fucked, he’ll cum again, I can finally have that mind-blowing orgasm and then both of us leave with no regrets.

It’s ok to enjoy the night if I get paid, right?

“How much do you want it?”

“So badly I need it.” I inched forward on the bed.

He leant back and contemplated my answer.

He suddenly stood, snapping the tension of our discourse. “Not enough it seems.” He then zipped himself back up and walked briskly to the door.

I let out a little gasp of fear, thinking he was leaving, my pussy ever painfully throbbing and reminding me of its need for attention.

Had I failed? Oh god!

He opened the door and greeted three men as they walked in, all wearing suits, two in grey and one in blue. All three of them looked to be very successful with clean shaven faces and short, sharp haircuts. I just sat, mouth agape in shock.

One was clearly very fit and took care of himself, he had a stance of a predator and the eyes to match. Clearly, he was a leader of some kind, his eyes were a sharp blue with jet black hair. The suit was a navy blue with matching tie and a white shirt. He looked like the kind of person that gets what he wants, whenever he wants and likely didn’t know how to handle it if someone said no.

The second man looked to be a little older and it showed his age much more than the first. He looked like he had a life of stress as his hair was receding and his stomach, although not fat, was far from firm. His face was roundish and seemed to be constantly nervous. He reminded me of a crooked accountant in a bad sit com, constantly running from the police and looking over his shoulder.

The last man was clearly of Asian descent. His skin was a little darker and his hair pitch black. The suit he wore was the same grey as the older looking man, but clearly far more expensive. His eyes scanned the room cautiously until he spotted the bed with me sitting in the middle. A smile lit up on his face when he saw me, this must have been a planned surprise for him.

He laughed and had a quick conversation with the older man in Chinese.

It dawned on me what was really going on. Fear shot through my mind, while excitement lanced through my body. My mind was screaming, think of the money but be ready to run! Slowly though, my excitement was winning with a simple chant of FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!

They each shook hands with their host, thanking and greeting him. The balding man held a small bottle and placed it on the table, but I couldn’t make out what it was. I waited patiently and silently, trying to subdue my nerves.

The blue suited man strode up to the bed, pinched my chin and raised my face to look at his. He examined me, then glanced at my body before turning back to his host. He took an envelope from his inner jacket and handed it over and spun back to stare at me with a dangerous smile.

The host walked over to his chair again, pulled out his phone and sat. “These three kind men are here to help me. They know the rules, you will listen to me and me alone, do you understand?”

I nervously nodded.

“Do you understand?” He asked again in a serious tone that terrified me.

“Yes.” I squeaked out.

He looked over to the men, each stood there quietly. “You know the rules.” Was all he said to them.

They stripped right there in front of me, the throbbing between my thighs was almost unbearable.

The blue suit was slowly peeled off the leader, he was graceful and careful with his movements. He sexily pulled at each button of his shirt while he stared me down. The defined muscles of his chest and stomach came into view, I couldn’t help but squirm a little. After a few long minutes, he was finally naked with a neat pile of folded clothes deposited in the corner of the room.

The older man was far clumsier, pulling clothing off and scattering it near the leader’s neat pile.

The Chinese man was very efficient and was the first to be naked, his clothes were folded in an organised pile by the door.

One by one, their cocks were exposed to me, they slowly bobbed around and looked so appetizing.

After pulling the last sock off, the older man said something in Chinese. The Chinese man replied angrily. The older man let out a laugh, dropped the final bit of clothing and made one last sentence.

The Chinese man’s eyes opened a little wider, I just sat, unsure of what just happened.

The leader of the three looked glorious, he was shaven from his chin to his legs.

He clearly took pride in his looks. “Come here and kneel down,” he ordered. I sat frozen in place, staring at the three naked men in front of me.

The older man was not as vigilant with his physique, he had a round belly but was far from fat. His bush looked like it was recently trimmed, which made me smile as he must have done it for tonight.

The Chinese man was also clearly very fit, he had almost no body hair except a small black patch surrounding his cock.

I sat back on my heels and looked over to the chair, knowing my order. He sat and flicked through his phone with a mild smile on his face.

“Come here!” The sexy leader commanded again, obviously irritated. He clearly was someone who always got what he wanted.

I just sat, looking back and forth between the men hesitantly. “Ahhh…” I didn’t know what to call him, but I needed his attention desperately. “Master? Do you want me to leave the bed?”

He looked up from his phone with a small amount of surprise. “Hmm, Master.” It almost looked like he was tasting the word.

“I like that,” he said with a satisfied nod.

“Yes, listen to whatever he says for the moment.” He then looked to the new man.

“You know the rules,” he warned again.

The leader just nodded, then cast his hungry eyes on me.

“Come, kneel, and suck.” He said.

I climbed off the bed and got to my knees kaçak iddaa so fast I even surprised myself.

I Looked up at him and held his flaccid member with one shaking hand.

I leant forward with an open mouth. Just as my lips wrapped around its head, he grasped my hair and forced me down to the base of his cock.

A surprised, muffled squeal came out of my throat.

It filled my mouth while soft, so I diligently sucked at his cock. I wrapped my tongue around it in every direction I could while tracing over his hairless balls with my nails.

He let out a long moan as I ran my tongue over and around his shaft. Its length increased and eventually found the back of my throat.

I tried to back my head off to massage the head more. He, on the other hand, had other ideas and held my head firm against his pelvis.

A panicked excitement coursed through me as his cock pushed into the back of my throat.

I couldn’t help but gag and tears welled up in my eyes, blurring my vision.

“Swallow it girl,” he said. I tried to oblige.

The pressure built up, it felt like his cock was a foot long as it pushed my entire head away from his pelvis. I desperately tried over and over to swallow through the gags.

With one lovely movement, all the pressure disappeared, and his tool slid to the back of my throat.

He let out a long and deep groan in pleasure as he enjoyed the feeling of my throat massaging the top of his now rock-hard cock.

He stayed still for a few moments then slowly fucked my mouth. He was in total control, setting the pace with his hands and hips.

After a few moments, my head has yanked off his rod and another was presented in front of me.

The half hard cock in front of me was the Chinese man’s and he didn’t hesitate before shoving it into my mouth. I grabbed the original cock and pumped it slowly while my lips did their work.

It felt so naughty to have two cocks at once, one in my hand and the other in my mouth. I couldn’t help but let out a moan, the constant throbbing in my pussy told me how much I was enjoying this.

“She’s loving it!” The leader laughed before calling over to Master. “I thought you got innocent girls?” He grinned light heartedly.

Master looked up from his phone with a smile. “She was.” Was all he said before I heard a click from his phone.

Did he just take a photo?

After what felt like only seconds, my head was pulled off the hard cock and the third, nervous man was in front of me. His cock was almost completely hard by this point and looked to be the biggest out of the three.

I let out an excited gasp.

Unlike the other two though, he wasn’t rough or dominant. I felt his hand stroke my hair, just behind the ear.

He let out a massive groan as soon as my lips engulfed him, but unlike the other two, he just stood patiently and enjoyed my ministrations. It almost felt like he was pulling back slightly, as if he wasn’t sure he wanted me to do this.

I moved my other hand over to the Chinese cock next to me, now sucking a man while pumping two others with my hands.

I enjoyed the slow play of running my tongue over and around his bulbous head. He seemed to enjoy it too as his legs shook and his body twitched.

“She’s not your wife Steve, grow some balls and use her!” The leader laughed. “If you think that feels good, try this!”

I felt a hand grip the back my head roughly and forced me down his pole.

Without preparation to swallow, I just gagged and tried to recoil, again he didn’t let me up.

“Ah.. Oh god… Don.. Don’t hurt her John.” Steve half groaned out.

“She loves it, just you wait!” He replied as he pushed harder on the back of my head.

It only took a couple of tries to finally let him down my throat, but I wasn’t prepared for how much thicker Steve was. I felt every crevice and vein of his cock slide in as my face sunk down his pole, my nose stopped in his soft pubic bush.

“OOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck…” he moaned as my throat flexed around him.

“See? Its great! Now fuck her throat before we get her on the bed.” He let go of my hair, but my ears pricked at the last comment.

Oh, please fuck me.

Steve slid in and out of my throat with jerky movements, he twitched and shook while my throat massaged him.

The other two men moved away to sit on the bed and watch.

I needed a cock somewhere else as much as the other two, so I sped things up a bit. I grabbed his hands and placed them at the back of my head.

John let out a sharp laugh. “See!?!? I told you she loves it! You need to leave that wife at home and actually live a little man! I can’t believe you are the only one in the office that knows Chinese.”

He thrusted a little harder and grasped my hair tightly, pulling me onto his cock before receding. His knees shook, and his breathing was heavy, surely he’s not about to…




Shot after shot of warmth slid down the back of my throat and I let out a moan.

“Mmmmffff.” Was all he let out as he was desperately trying to stay standing.

“Ok Steve lets have some fun up here, you’re taking too long.” John said impatiently.

His cock still twitched in my mouth as he stammered. “Just.. Just one more second…”

“You don’t want to cum yet, let her come over here and cool off, savour it!” John said.

“Oh… Ah… Right.” He stammered as he removed his cock. I kept suction on it with my lips, it made a small ‘pop’ as it broke the seal and I couldn’t help but give him a sly wink.

He shuddered with either pleasure of disgust, I wasn’t sure which.

“Get on the bed and lay on your back.” John said, and I obeyed.

He grabbed my hips and spun me easily around, my head came off the side of the bed while my body was pointed toward the centre. I felt like I weighed nothing in his grip.

From my upside-down vision, I noticed Steve in the corner of the room. He popped a pill into his mouth and threw his head back. Before I could wonder what that was, my view became obstructed by the perfectly clean cock that stepped in front of my face, bobbing just above my chin.

The only sight afforded to me was his swinging balls as he thrust into my mouth. It sunk straight into my throat, but from this angle it wasn’t anywhere near as painful.

John groaned in front of me as he slowly thrust in and out. I felt someone climb over my leg and was sure they could see how soaked my pussy was under my dress, it begged for attention.

The occasional click, click, click came from Master, it was a dreadful but exhilarating sound. I would have loved to see how I looked at that exact moment, my dress all bunched up, a cock thrusting into my mouth, another just waiting to press into my steaming cunt, it was so hot!

When a hand finally touched my aching mound, a deep guttural groan worked its way over the cock shoved down my throat. It felt electric and I almost came on the spot but the hand was quickly removed when Master growled, “Keep to the rules.”

“Let’s see these tits,” John said. My (very expensive and new) dress was ripped down the front. I was far too horny to care; besides I could always just buy a new one with the reward money.

The pumping in my throat turned frantic and his groans became grunts.

Someone straddled my stomach, they pawed at my tits and pinched my nipples.

I felt a drop of cold liquid land between my exposed breasts and I let out a muffled cry as it was smeared over and around my chest.

My tits were mashed together and a hard cock pushed between them. I heard Steve’s whispered voice to the side. “So fucking hot.”

My throat felt that familiar warmth as John stopped thrusting and twitched repeatedly. Throb after throb, his cock unloaded into my stomach as he breathed out every obscenity he could. As he slipped from my mouth, I gasped in my first breath of air in what felt like minutes. My head spun with the sudden intake, but my vision soon centred on the Chinese man enthusiastically fucking my tits.

I opened my lips to suck the end of his knob, he let out a groan that was completely unintelligible.

After a few minutes, he pulled his cock free from my suction and let out a small gasp. He climbed off my chest and grabbed the bottle of lube laying next to me.

Before I could see what was happening, Steve turned my head, his cock was an inch from my lips, hard as before. He had one leg on the floor, the other tucked under himself. I half rolled toward him to grasp his cock with my right hand and placed its head between my lips.

I felt a set of hands grab my waist, forcibly rolling me further over. During the roll, I fell forward slightly and choked on Steve’s rock-hard tool. He stepped back off the bed, without letting his cock free from my hungry mouth.

Propped up on my hands and knees, I bobbed up and down on Steve’s rod. A set of hands grasped each of my ass cheeks and spread them. A head pressed up against my ass and I jolted when his tongue dove in. I couldn’t help but choke on the cock that was in front of me.

Soon I became accustomed to the feeling and even I moaned, pushing slightly back at him. He then left my ass and I let out a small cry of disappointment.

My disappointment was short lived as I felt his finger rub my hole with lube, eventually working it inside of me.

Due to the attention my ass got, I forgot to entertain the cock in front of me. Steve however was worked up and slowly fucked my mouth. The ache for a fuck was so bad the only thing I could do was moan into the head of his cock.

The Chinese man slowly pumped the lube into my ass with his finger, pain seared but after a few moments it numbed was bearable.

Steve’s thrusts became quick and sharp, his groans took on a more desperate tone and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Just when my ass became accustomed to his finger, he pushed a second in. The pain resurfaced but also numbed faster too, the lube must’ve had a numbing agent.

I heard John say from across the room, “Cum on her face!”

Steve pulled out of my mouth, groaned loudly, and shot load after load all over my face and hair.

Click, Click, Click. God, I wanted to see those pictures!

“That’s the spirit Steve!” John laughed. I noticed he was sitting on the desk with a lit cigarette.

I looked up at Steve then licked a drop of his cum from my lips. He blushed like a schoolboy that just got his first kiss.

“I… Ummm always wanted to do that.” He let out a small chuckle.

Just to make it even better for him, I scraped up another glob of his seed from my cheek and licked it off. I was going to let out a little moan just for show but pain lanced through my lower half as a third finger pushed into my behind.

I looked over my shoulder, my dress was in tatters, and beyond that, the Chinese man had three fingers buried in my ass.

It became numb again, but I could still feel his fingers inside me, it still felt good but not quite in the way that I needed.

“Please,” I begged.

“Hmm?” Master raised his head, as if I’d interrupted his reading a book.

“Someone please just fuck me!” I called out, to any of the men in the room.

Master just smiled, “Who wants the honour?” He said to John.

John sighed. “I’d love to, but Zhang here has come all the way from China, and I think he desperately wants it.”

I just writhed and groaned, excited to finally get what I needed!

A soon as Steve finished a sentence in Chinese, the three fingers pulled out of me. His cock slapped against my pussy and sent a shot of lightning through me.

I pushed back toward him, hoping to get impaled faster but he moved back with me. Before I could make a sound, I felt his cock pushing against my ass and he entered me. Pain shot through me as he sunk right to the hilt. I collapsed and his thrust just pushed my face into the mattress.

He groaned loudly as I just bit into the sheets, trying not to scream.

He just knelt behind me, completely sheathed inside my ass. I just prayed for the lube to kick in and let the pain die off. It felt like forever, but eventually the pain receded and my breathing began to regulate.

My eyes were still closed and I let the sheets out of my mouth. A hand grasped my hair and pulled my head from the mattress. kaçak bahis With almost no force, a cock pushed past my slack jaw and penetrated my throat. The smooth skin that pressed against my nose told me it was John. He held my entire head’s weight as he began to thrust.

My ass slowly changed from stinging pain to dull pleasure and soon the two cocks synchronised their thrusts. It was excruciatingly slow, both in, both out, but it felt wonderful.

A third rod, I presume Steve’s as it was only semi-erect, soon found its way into my right hand. I tried to pump it in time with the other two as they sped up their assault.

Tears fell from my eyes, not from the deep throating but from the sheer frustration coming from my pussy. No one could see though because my matted and tangled hair fell over my face.

Click, click, click.

A hand placed itself on my abdomen and worked its way lower. It brushed my clit only for a fraction of a second. The scream to leave my throat must have felt good because John moaned immediately afterwards.

We sped up, my hand pumped as fast as it could and Zhang rammed into me hard. Spit leaked from my mouth as the third fucked me so hard my nose was sore. A hand still occasionally brushed my clit, but it never gave enough contact for release.

“Lets soak her,” John said excitedly, followed by a translation from Steve.

Zhang pulled out, letting me collapse onto the mattress and started jerking his cock furiously. John withdrew from my throat, holding my head up by a fistful of hair, also pumped himself hard.

I kept a grip on Steve’s tool and pumped it with my only remaining energy. All three of them bathed me in cum, coating my face, hair, arm, back ass and thighs.

After a few moments of heavy breathing, Master said, Ok, off the bed.”

Steve and Zhang climbed from the bed and with a sharp laugh, John let go of my hair. My head dropped to the mattress heavily but I didn’t have the strength to complain.

Master lifted his phone and took a picture of my body completely covered in cum. I looked up at him as he took a second photo. “You can buy a souvenir if you’d like.” He smiled.

All three men went to pick up their clothes, I just let my head drop the mattress again, completely exhausted.

I just laid there, completely drained but still horny, as the three thanked Master and left the room.

Once alone, he moved quietly up to the bed and softly cupped the side of my face. “Do you want me to fuck you now?”

“Please.” Was all I could whimper out.

With a disappointed sigh he said. “That’s not the answer I’m looking for.” Then turned away from me, I couldn’t help but sob.

He moved to the door and opened it.

I let one eye crack open to see what was to happen. Utter defeat entered my entire soul when I saw a male and female walk in.

“Oh god no, please not again,” I cried softly to myself, knowing it wasn’t going to help anyway.

Just like before, the couple greeted Master and handed over an envelope. They stripped, the girl had a thin frame with smaller boobs than mine. The guy was young, smartly dressed and clean but seemed quiet.

It quickly started again with the same signal from Master. “You know the rules.” Just this time I knew the rule, no pussy….

The girl moved first, climbing onto the bed and rolling me onto my back. I was looking up at her when I was yanked by my legs to the centre of the bed. I looked down between my legs to see his wonderful bobbing cock so close to where I needed it. He slowly stroked him self as a hand pushed my head down to the mattress, my vision was blocked as a smooth pussy came down onto my face.

“We left a lovely present for you while we were waiting our turn,” she giggled.

I had never even kissed another girl let alone eaten one out so I had no idea what I was doing. I just started to lick, suck and bite her cunt as globs of his cum leaked out. She seemed to like my ministrations because she soon began moaning and grinding into my face.

She moaned out, “Go on, fuck our little toy.”

His tool poked my ass but soon found its way into my soaked and stretched hole. He was bigger than Zhang, so it stung a little to start, but by this point I could hardly care less.

They built a rhythm with each other, grinding and thrusting while I just lay there and every glob of his cum that came from her.

After several exhausting and frustrating minutes, they both came. She, flooded my face with her cum and he pulled out, coating my stomach and breasts.

Through the whole ordeal, I could hear the clicks coming from Master.

Over what felt like the next eternity, they pulled me into several different positions and fucked me in every way they could think.

Eventually the girl ended up on top of me in a 69 position. They forced me to lick her clit to several orgasms while he fucked her from behind. It was a new kind of cruel, to watch exactly what you need happen an inch from your face. He came into her, then made me lick it out again.

After both were happily sated, they dressed, thanked Master and left as quickly as the three men before them.

I lay, exhausted in the middle of the bed, soaked in both boy and girl cum when he approached me again.

“So, do you want me to fuck that hot little pussy?” He said with a wide, knowing grin.

I knew the answer he wanted now, I wanted to say it, but I couldn’t.

“Please! Just please fuck me!” I pleaded.

He sighed. “Not the answer again.” Then moved to the door again.

It felt like days, the torture he put me through. Group after group of people came and went, there were groups of males, mixed groups and couples.

It was all routine, they came and left. All of them handed over an envelope, were told to follow the rules, and each thanked Master when they left.

After every group, Master asked me the same question.

“Do you want me to fuck you yet?”

I tried everything, I sobbed, I begged, I tried to seduce but nothing worked except what he wanted to hear.

Eventually, after I don’t know how many people, one man alone came in.

I sobbed to myself on the bed, not from pain but from the sheer need for release. My hair was matted, make-up ruined, and my entire body was sticky.

He was a middle-aged man and looked strangely average, wearing a standard sports coat and trousers, short brown hair and brown eyes.

He, like all the rest, handed over an envelope, but unlike all the rest, he approached the bed fully clothed.

I looked up at him through exhausted eyes, he had a warm smile.

“Relax,” He said as he softly pushed my down onto my back.

He picked up my right hand and brought it to his lips to plant a kiss on my knuckles. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tenderness he showed.

His tongue lapped out as he sucked over my hand, if I wasn’t so exhausted it would have grossed me out, but it just felt like a soft massage.

A moan escaped his lips as he sucked my finger into his mouth. After sucking every finger, he moved up my arm. Once at my shoulder, he moved to my other arm and repeated.

He worked methodically, cleaning my body from head to toe with his tongue, it was both sickly but relaxing.

The real problem was when he hit my thighs, he licked and sucked every inch of my thighs, stomach and ass but never touched my pussy.

It felt like hours, but I was finally clean from every drop of cum. Once he was done, he simply just stood, thanked Master and left. It was an odd torture, but it worked so well. I needed to cum, and I knew I’d give anything for it now.

Just like every time before, the man left, and Master approached. I was on my back, legs spread and feet touching the edge of the bed.

But this time he reached down and ran his pinkie finger through my slit.

It sent jolts through me so hard that my body quaked.

He unzipped his pants and released his gorgeous hard cock for my hungry eyes to see. My pussy pounded so hard I couldn’t think properly.

“I’ll ask you again,” he said, “do you want this?”

“More than anything in the world, just please fuck me!”

“Then prove it.” He grabbed my ankles and dragged me to the edge of the bed. Grasping his cock, he rested the head of it onto my hyper sensitive pussy. I swear a mini orgasm racked through my body just from the touch, but it wasn’t enough! The war between my head and my body was raging fiercely.

After a long pause he grew impatient.

“Say it.” He threatened while his tool slid up and down my lips. The feeling was so intense, my body jerked uncontrollably every time he glanced past my clit.

I knew he wouldn’t ask again.




He sheathed himself inside me with one solid stroke and I let out a loud and wonderful scream. An orgasm wracked through me with violent waves.

He didn’t wait for me to come down though, he instantly withdrew, then plunged deep into me again.

All I could do was grip the sheets and gasp for air as an orgasm raged inside of me. The pumping was long, steady and slow, but with every forceful thrust my orgasm was prolonged and intensified.

Every time my orgasm started to ebb away, he upped his tempo, bringing the feeling to a new high.

After a few minutes all I could sense was his tool ramming into me over and over. Soon he was pummelling into me with all his might.

I just writhed and moaned but eventually the orgasm started to waver, its intensity starting to dull, and panic started to replace that feeling.

I couldn’t let this end, I needed to make this feeling last forever! I Threw my hand down to my clit in a panicked rush and made my orgasm hit a new peak. I Squealed again in lustful bliss, my hand moved at lightning speed as his hard rod continuously pumped into me.

Eventually the feeling got too great, every light touch both in and out of me was too much to handle. I had to let the orgasm finally run its course, the only sounds were quiet grunts and groans from me, but his pace never faltered.

He leant down, one hand grasped my shoulder, the other grabbed my side. With his new leverage, he increased the strength of the thrusts and pummelled into me. My eyes closed from exhaustion as my orgasm ate away the last energy I had left.

He suddenly stopped inside me and let out a long, deep groan. I could feel the pulses run through his magical cock as he filled me with cum.

I lay there panting for only a few seconds before he stood up and tucked himself away, leaving me laying there, dripping with sweat and finally sated.

“Thank you,” He smiled genuinely. I just smiled back groggily, still unable to open my eyes to look at him.

He walked over to the table, picked up the scattered envelopes and headed for the door. His last words to me before I heard the door close was, “Photos are 50 each.”

I then dropped into a soft unconsciousness, revelling in my post-orgasmic bliss.

When I awoke, complete confusion sunk into my mind.

“What just happened?”

*************** One Week Later *******************

Laying in the dark of my room, the expenses of that night ran through my head.

My dress, the fuel, the shifts I faked sick on, all totalled out to kill what was left of my savings. The thing that I hated most, knowing the outcome of the night, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The thrill of it!

The exploding pleasure!

That naughty feeling that washed over me with every click of the camera.

God, I wanted those pictures.

Every time I even think of those pictures it’s like my body lets a dam loose in my panties. I become so goddam horny!

I would kill for those pictures. I would do anything for them…


Grabbing my phone from the bedside cabinet, I unlock it and look through the call history.

There’s his number…

Maybe I can get those pictures…. If….

My thumb pressed the call as if it had a mind of its own, within two rings he picked up.

“About time little one.”

A tingle ran down my spine from his voice.

“I… I want those pictures…” I stammered out.

“$50 a piece,” I could hear the smirk he had on.

“I can’t… I can’t afford that… But…” I couldn’t bare finish my idea, there is no way I would really do it again. Is there?

“Tomorrow, 8pm, 167 Breakway Avenue. Your guests are already booked.”

Before I could answer I heard a clunk and the line was dead.

Oh God.

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