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Never Too Late to Learn

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Big Dicks

It was like a tornado, a hurricane and an earthquake hitting all at the same time. The roaring in my ears was like a tornado bearing down on me, the howling of my voice and drenched in sweat was like standing in a hurricane; and my entire body was shaking and quivering like the San Francisco earthquake had hit again.

What was it? It was an orgasm, and the mother of all orgasms like I had never experienced in my life. My eyes were rolled back, spit dribbled from my mouth while obscenities spewed out of me like a sailor on shore leave. I knew I must have been a sight but at that moment I really didn’t give a damn.

Now I am no prude or virgin; sex was not a novelty to me. Hell I’m a thirty year old mother of two kids, be real I had to have had sex at least twice in my life. But this was not making love, or even having sex; oh my God this was primal fucking at its core; and that was something I had never experienced.

Have you ever heard the story of the farmer who lived in the back country with no running water or electricity, and he was happy? Then, one day he had to go to town. When he saw running water and lights for the first time he was astonished. When he returned home he saw his happy home changed, or rather what had once been more than enough to make him happy, now it was dismal and dark.

That described me in every detail. For thirty years, ten of them married to a wonderful man, I had been living in the wasteland of sex; and in that pinnacle moment when my body began to uncontrollably squirt my juices out all over the bed, while the hottest seed I had ever felt filled my belly, I knew. I could never go back to that wasteland again.

The funny thing was this had all come about from the least expected place, and from the most innocent question. It wasn’t about sex or perversion, but about love and concern that started everything.

I had arrived at my parents’ house just before noon on Tuesday. I figured I had some free time with the kids in school; I could take mom out to lunch. I was surprised dad’s car was still in the driveway, but figured he would be working from home.

My father was an architect and with the building market finally resurging things had been very busy lately. My mother had been one of those rare stay at home wives who delighted in raising her children and now grandchildren. In other words, I believed I had grown up in the most mundane middle income home you could find.

Both of my parents were over fifty-five, and like most children I refused to admit my parents were aging. Seeing mom it hit me she wasn’t young. As she filled her coffee cup she moved a bit slowly and seemed to stand at an odd angle.

“Hey, are you all right?” I asked as I slid into the chair at the kitchen table.

“OH…uhhh yes I’m fine.” My mother seemed a bit startled. “Just a bit sore.” She gave a small smile.

I watched as mom carried her coffee to the table and then with a grimace she slowly sat in her chair. This was more than just a bit sore, I thought.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” I asked again.

“I’m fine” mom waved her hand. “I’m just not as…flexible…as I used to be.” She gave that strange smile again.

“Do me a favor and cut back on the aerobics, it seems to be doing something.” I told her.

“Oh I don’t do aerobics” mom said to me as she gingerly shifted in the chair.

“Then what happened? Did you fall?” I wanted to know for sure she was really all right.

“No I didn’t fall honey” mom reassured me. “We were…just…ummm…exercising.” Again she had that strange smile.

Wait a minute, I thought. ‘We’ were exercising? Then I looked at my mother, I mean really looked at her for the first time that morning. Here it was barely past eleven o’clock, and mom was still in her robe, and wait dad was home, and that flushed look on her face. Suddenly my eyes grew wide as it hit me what mom was saying.

“Jesus mom” I said to her. “Either you are getting older or it must have been a hell of an ‘exercise'” I tried not to laugh. “Is dad as sore?” I giggled.

“Oh God” Mom groaned when she realized I knew. “Sorry sweetie” she said.

“Its OK mom” I did finally laugh. No child wants to admit their parents have sex, but only an idiot would claim it as fact. “I’m just glad you and dad can still…well you know.” I smiled.

“Oh he has slowed down a bit” mom murmured over her cup. “Thank God” she added softly.

“Can’t keep up with the old man?” I teased.

“An hour and a half gets to be a bit much.” Mom shocked me.

“Holy shit.” I whispered. They went at it for an hour and a half? I was stunned. Dan made twenty minutes huffing and puffing on top of me and we had a good session. My mind tried to grasp the concept of having sex for an hour and a half straight.

“Jesus, no wonder you’re sore.” I whispered in awe.

“Hopefully it will take a couple of days for him to reload.” My mother said quietly.

I couldn’t even answer to that. A couple of days, Jesus Christ Dan and I were happy with once a week, if that. I could only nod as pendik escort my mother said she would get dressed for lunch. The image of my father pounding away at my mother echoed in my brain as mom headed out of the kitchen.

All I could think of was that my fifty something parents were having mind blowing sex for hours at a time, three or more times a week. Jesus, that out stripped me and I was only thirty.

I got up from the kitchen and wandered through the house, finally stopping outside the door to my father’s office. I glanced in and saw him leaning over his design table without a shirt on, a sight I had seen many times growing up.

Only this time something new hit; something totally unexpected. I looked not at my father, but the broad chest and muscular arms of a man still in his prime. I watched the muscles in his chest ripple, and my eyes were drawn to the outline of a bulge in his slacks.

I was startled to realize my panties were wet as I watched him move about the room. No, they were fucking soaked to where I swore I would drip down my thighs. I was staring at this half naked man envisioning him ramming his cock into my pussy and it was driving me insane.

“Quite the specimen isn’t he.” I was startled to hear my mothers’ voice behind me.

“Is he that good?” I asked in a hushed voice.

“No, he’s better.” Was my mothers’ simple reply as she picked up her purse?

I couldn’t suppress the shudder as the two of us headed for my car. All the way through lunch that image kept popping back into my mind and I couldn’t stop it. Finally, mom just grabbed the bull by the horns and jumped in.

“We’ve covered the kids, we covered Dan” mom said. “We’ve even discussed the weather.” Mom laughed as she took my hand. “Now, why don’t you ask the questions that are really eating at you.” She said.

I couldn’t stop the blush that swept over my face. God, she knew, mom always knew.

“Mom…really…it’s OK…” I tried to mumble.

“It’s all right sweetie.” Mom laughed. “I’m not a prude, and I’m too damn old to hide things.” She squeezed my hand. “I know you are just dying to ask, so go ahead, it’s only sex” she smiled.

“You really had sex for an hour and a half?” I blurted out, unable to contain myself.

“It was a short round” Mom sighed. “God I remember when we would go at it for over half the night, like two rabbits.”

“Jesus” I could only whisper back.

“Your father likes to fuck, what should I say” Mom said so matter of fact. “While I do too, I have to admit it’s getting harder to keep up with the old goat.”

“You go even longer?” my eyes wide with amazement.

“Well…sure.” Mom looked at me puzzled. “Don’t you and Dan…” I shook my head.

“Twenty maybe thirty minutes tops” I said softly.

“I’m sorry” mom squeezed my hand again. “Well every man is different.” She smiled.

“You didn’t say sex, you said…” I tried to form the word.

“I said” mom smiled. “Your father likes to fuck.” I was stunned again. How could this frank and outspoken woman be my mother?

“This morning wasn’t slow sexy petting, or making wonderful love; it wasn’t even plain sex” my mother informed me. “It was gut wrenching, bed squealing fucking.” Her voice hypnotized me.

“Oh God” I murmured. I closed my eyes as a sudden gush of wet warmth leaked from between my thighs.

My mother looked at me puzzled as I felt a shiver run down my spine. I was trying to imagine what sex like that was, and I just couldn’t. Not that Dan and I didn’t enjoy physical intimacy, we did, but what my mother was describing was totally different, totally alien.

“I don’t think we are talking the same thing, are we?” My mother asked softly. I could only shake my head.

“This it’s my turn for questions” mom said firmly. “When was the last time you…” she began to tick off on her fingers. “Did it doggie style?” I sat immobile. “Got eaten?” my eyes grew wider. “Took it up the ass?” I could only gasp at that remark.

“Lydia?” My mother asked, using my name for the first time that day. “Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“I…I think so.” I whispered back.

“You think so?” My mother seemed shocked.

“Yes…then yes I have OK.” I tried to strengthen my voice from the growing quaking in my body.

“We’re not talking about some sparkler here Lydia” my mother said firmly. “I’m talking about toe curling, gut wrenching, screaming your lungs out orgasm.”

“Oh fuck.” I groaned. I swore a swamp just flooded my panties at her words. I knew I was going to leave a puddle in the chair when I stood up. My mind was filled with first the image of my mother screaming out her orgasm, and then me following her; as my father pounded the shit out of both of us.

“OH my God, you’re excited.” My mother whispered.

“Yes” I groaned softly.

“Are you thinking of your…” She started to ask.

“YES!” I barked back cutting her off.

Mom sat and stared at me for a moment. My nipples were so hard I thought they might bore a sefaköy escort hole through my bra and blouse, and I couldn’t stop the tremors that were rippling through my body. As if making a decision, mom reached out and took my hand.

“Let’s go” my mother said as she rose from the chair. “I’m driving.”

“What…why?” I mumbled.

“We need to take care of this, I had no idea.” Mom said in her matronly voice. “You are in no condition to drive so give me your keys.”

Unable to even struggle back let alone fight back, I did as she asked and followed her out of the café. All through the drive mom kept looking at me in the passenger seat. There was a constant leaking between my thighs and it was as if my body had been lit on fire and I couldn’t put the fire out.

“You want to touch yourself, don’t you?” She finally broke the silence.

“Yes” I groaned, as I felt that unfamiliar fire growing between my thighs.

“Then do it.” Her voice was so matter of fact.

“I can’t” I moaned. “You’re here.”

“Bullshit” I had never heard my mother curse and it shocked me.

Before I could react she reached out and grabbed my wrist, shoving my hand down between my jean clad thighs. I groaned as my fingers pushed up against that heat.

“Where are we going?” I gasped as the pressure of my hand sent a bolt through my belly.

“Home, you need Dan” Mom said firmly.

“I can’t” I shook my head. “We did it Sunday, he won’t be ready.” I gasped as I pressed my hand harder against my jeans.

“You were serious.” I saw a look of shock on my mothers’ face. “What is it; once a week, missionary, in the dark?”

“Basically” I groaned as I ground my fist between my thighs trying to relieve that growing ache I didn’t totally understand.

“That settles it” mom wrenched the wheel of the car and tuned at the light.

“Where…” I tried to form the question as my body began to do strange things.

“Home, we are going home.” Mom insisted again.

I could feel my belly tighten in little waves as I continued to shamelessly masturbate in the seat next to my mother. I felt like some wanton slut but couldn’t stop myself. I kept seeing the images she had painted during lunch as my body climbed this big hill.

Just as I thought something was going to burst inside me, we pulled into her driveway. By then not just my panties were soaked, I could feel my juices seeping into the denim of my jeans.

I groaned in frustration as my mother literally pulled me through the front door and up the stairs. Before I realized it, we were standing in the doorway of my father’s office.

“What’s going on?” my father asked, concern on his face. I must have looked the sight right then, eyes wild and body quivering.

“Kurt this is Lydia” my mother said. “Lydia has never been fucked; she’s never been eaten, she’s never had anything but missionary, and most of all, this poor woman has never had a real orgasm.”

I could only stare at my father as my mother put everything in such cold clinical terms. Neither could I refute what she had just said, so I stood quietly.

“You want me to do what?” my fathers’ voice rumbled.

“I want you to show her what it’s really like” I couldn’t believe my mother. “It’s never too late to learn.” She said.

“Are you sure about this?” he looked at the two of use.

With the tight knot deep in my belly I was beyond being able to even speak at the moment, but my mother was quite firm.

“I am very sure” she told dad. “I am going to go get the kids from school and spend grandma time; take all the time you need.” She looked down at his crotch. “I’m sure that thing is already reloaded anyway.” She gave a half smile.

I listened to the sound of my mothers’ receding footsteps as I stared at my father. “Twice…in one day?” I was in utter disbelief.

“Twice” my father snorted. “Hell it used to be three or four.”

I thought my knees were going to buckle at his words. Oh my God, they had had sex more times in one day than I had in one month, I was numb.

“Was she right, about all those things?” he is asked softer.

I didn’t trust my own voice and meekly nodded my head. My father took two steps swiftly towards me, and then his powerful arms scooped me up as I gave a weak squeal.

I clung to his neck like a small child as he carried me effortlessly down the hall and into the master bedroom, where he simply dumped me onto the bed.

“You’ll need new clothes when you go home.” He said as he climbed on the bed to straddle my body.

Why would I need clothes, I tried to grasp, I was already dressed. Then, I watched in wonder as he reached down and gripped the front of my blouse. With a grunt he jerked his hands apart, and I could only watch as five small buttons went flying across the room.

Numbly I realized now why he had said I would need clothes, as he stared down at my bra encased breasts. God, this wasn’t my father, this was some feral alpha male looking at his prize.

I started silivri escort to tell him the clasp was in the back, when he reached down and gripped the front of my bra; I watched in amazement as his biceps bulged, and then I heard a ripping sound as the cups of my bra separated in his grip.

God, he was literally ripping my clothes off me. Every move made more of my body become exposed, and caused another gush of hot fluids between my thighs as my father took what he wanted; and God help me did I want to give it to him right then.

As the shredded fabric of my bra parted my breasts felt the sudden rush of cool air from the bedroom, and then were engulfed in a wonderful heat as my father’s mouth closed over them.

“Oh Godddd” I groaned as I arched my back up to meet his bent form. “Sooooo wrong” I moaned as raw pleasure washed over me.

Dan had done some tit play when we had made love, but this dwarfed that. They were being bathed in wet kisses, and then the hard nipples sucked into his mouth. I felt my father use the tip of his tongue and then his teeth to tease the rock hard pebbles. He squeezed and molded each one in his hands as his mouth traveled between them.

I wanted to reach up and hold his head against my tingling skin, but my hands were too busy gripping the sheets. I felt his weight shift and then a hand slide down my flexing belly.

Even as he unsnapped and unzipped my jeans, I wondered if this could really be happening. I knew it was so wrong, but still lifted my ass from the bed as he tugged my jeans down over my hips.

I think the only thing that saved my panties from joining my blouse and bra was that they also rolled down my hips with the tight denim. In what had to have been less than five minutes, my father had me lying flat on my back on his bed in all but my naked glory.

I tried to look up as I felt hot kisses travel down my skin, going lower…closer. His hot tongue followed the lower curve of my breasts, then down my flexing belly to swirl in my navel. Sensations I had never experienced rocketed through me. He wouldn’t…he couldn’t, I thought. Just as I felt his hot breath on my inner thighs, I finally found my voice.

“Dad…no…please…” I begged like a little girl. “Not…cleaned…oh God…” I moaned; and then it hit.

“Fucking HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL” I screamed as wet heat enveloped my pussy.

My ass bucked on the bed as his tongue drove between my lips, if this was heaven kill me now I thought. Fire raced through my body as my fluids poured out into his devouring mouth. My hands finally released the sheets to shoot down, my fingers wrapping in his silver hair.

“What are…oh fuck…Dad…oh Jesus…” I babbled as I felt a hot mouth between my thighs for the first time.

Dan had always considered oral sex to be dirty, and unnecessary. God was he wrong. My father expertly ate me out as my body convulsed and shook under him.

I felt his tongue slip between my swollen lips and then probe inside me, his fingers spreading me open wide. I splayed my legs out as wide as my hips could, offering myself to him as my body gave in to the new stimulation.

“Cumming…oh God cumming” I gasped as my belly flexed hard.

I heard my father hum as my cream poured out of me. I knew he was drinking me, and that simple thought only made the waves bigger as they flowed over me.

“Eat me, eat your daughters needy CUNT” I screamed.

For the next twenty minutes my father licked, sucked, slurped, nibbled and teased my cunt through three orgasms. I could hear some woman screaming and gurgling, and realized it was me as I experienced orgasms more intense than I ever had.

By the time I was floating down from my third orgasm, my body was feeling like jelly from all the quivering. If this was oral sex, dear God what was the rest like? My eyes snapped open at that thought, as I felt my father sliding up my sweat slick body.

I watched as he knelt between my lewdly spread thighs, his face slick with my juices. He began to undo his jeans, but I felt this rush, an urge that all but overwhelmed me.

“No…don’t” I gasped. I struggled to sit up and reached for him. God but I wanted to see that unholy thing for myself.

As my fingers unhooked his jeans, he rose up and actually stood on the bed facing me. I reached up and with a grunt pulled his jeans down over his hips.

Like me, I felt his boxers come down with his tight jeans; exposing him in one motion. There IT was, in all its glory. I knelt on the bed staring at my fathers’ cock.

I had never considered Dan as lacking in the cock department, but Jesus this thing was huge, as I stared in amazement. There was something distinctly different, and that was shape. I tentatively reached up and wrapped my hand around his shaft; I could hear a sharp intake of breath from him when we made contact skin to skin.

Where Dan was more like a slim torpedo, Dad was slightly thicker and had this upward curve in the shaft even though I could tell he was steel hard. I could feel the blood pulse through the veins as my hand gripped him pulling him down to be more in front of my face.

The head looked angry and red and inflamed and there was a drop of clear fluid seeping from the tip. Unlike my husband, who was not circumcised, my eyes traced that crowned head and I realized my father was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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