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New Job at the Village Store Ch. 01

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I had moved to the small town of Alston in Cumbria in the spring of 2004 with my parents. After settling quickly into the local school, I decided that during the summer holiday I needed to keep myself busy and earn some money to keep me in the up to date fashions. I was disappointed with the lack of employment options in the small village, but mum persuaded me to try the local convenience store.

After visiting the shop a few times in my short time in the area I knew the shop owner, Derek reasonably well. I went to see Derek, who was pleased delighted that I had decided to come and see him as he always needed help in the summer months.

I started work the following day, starting early in the morning stocking shelves and tidying the back stores. Part way through the morning I met Derek’s wife Paula for the first time, when Derek announced that he was going to the cash and carry (a 50 mile round trip) and his wife was going to be in charge.

I was taken back a bit with Paula as Derek was nearing 55 years of age and Paula could have only have been 35 at the oldest. Paula was quite ümraniye masöz escort short, probably around 5 foot 4 inches and plump. She was very quiet, reserved and had difficulty looking me in the eye. Right then I knew that she would not be in charge when Derek went to get his supplies.

Derek drove away from the shop and I went to seek Paula out to engage her in conversation behind the counter at the side of the shop. I was struggling to get more than one or two words out of her but she never failed to answer a question thrown at her – how long has she lived in Alston, where was she from, when did she meet Derek etc etc.

After a few minutes I told her that I could do with a brew and offered to make her one, Paula quickly said that she would make them and hurriedly squeezed passed me. She couldn’t help pushing her big arse into me and this only registered with her after the rush of squeezing by. As she looked over her shoulder at me, her face went bright red. She quickly apologised ‘sorry John’ and rushed into the back to get the drinks.

After ümraniye olgun escort a few minutes she came back through, still red faced and I thought that it was time for a little fun. She put the drinks down on the counter and made to come past me to get behind the counter. I moved back a little to allow her easy access, but as she was passing I closed the gap and put my left hand down by the front of my trousers palm facing out and I couldn’t help having the tiniest of squeezes as she went passed. She blushed deeper but made no attempt to stop me what so ever – interesting!

After we’d both finished our drinks and chatted further, I handed her my cup and told her to go and wash them up. As she passed me this time, I moved aside and lightly smacked her big ass as she walked by. Her face was crimson at this point but she still said nothing. I loved every moment and something was telling me that she was to.

When she came back through after five minutes, she was still drying her hands on a towel and wasn’t prepared for my next question. ‘Did you ümraniye ucuz escort like it when I smacked your ass earlier?’ She made to make a comment opening her mouth but nothing seemed to want to come out, she only blushed further. I repeated the question in a more dominant tone – ‘When I ask you a question I expect an answer. Did you like it when I smacked your fat ass earlier Paula?’

She still couldn’t answer, blushing deeply she turned on her heels and rushed into the back of house area of the store. After five minutes of not seeing or hearing from her I went through to the find her. I heard a quite moan from around a corner and turning the corner I found her sitting on a small pile of boxes with a large pair if white knickers round her ankles, one hand stuffed in her hairy cunt, with the other mauling one of her breasts through her blouse, with her eyes closed.

I interrupted her with a quick burst. ‘I’m working hard in your store and you’re out the back here rubbing your fat hairy cunt and playing with your tits! Pull your knickers back up you dirty slut, your husband’s just rang he’s two minutes away. I’ll deal with you tomorrow.’

Derek arrived back shortly and Paula excused herself and went upstairs to their house which was above the store. Derek said it was a really quiet day and to knock off home at 3pm – if this was a quiet day, I couldn’t wait for one with a little more life in it.

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