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Night out

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*This is the last short of them before I publish the actual story. It’s language in this short that’s offensive. Sorry in advance.*


Tonight both me and Tyrell were able to chill together without work. He was watching a show called ‘House’ and I was reading a book. He had his head on my lap with his hair tied into a high ponytail. Like usual I had on shorts and he had on nothing. His semi-hard dick was laying on his thigh.

He started flicking my pages making me mad.

“Can you stop?” He looked up from the tv then to my book then to me. He stopped with a pout.

“You know I don’t like these parts.” I looked and saw the doctors taking out a tumor.

“Such a baby.” I leaned down kissing him before going back to my book. “You kill somebody everyday, why is this affecting you?”

“I shoot them not cut into their fucking brain.” I flicked his ear.

“What about the show makes you hard?” He smirked at me.

“Dr. Cuddy fine as hell.” I went to say something but got cut off by my phone.

“Hey baby.”

“Hi lover I have a favor to ask.” Charm’s bright voice came from the other end.

“No.” I answered, setting my book down. I guess I won’t be reading tonight after all.

“Bassir come on I’m bored and Chad is out of town.” She was asking me to go to the club but I don’t wanna. Every time I go out with her I end up getting shot at.

“No I don’t wanna go to the club and get my ass blown off.” Tyrell head perked up at the word club. He snatched my phone with a giddy smile.

“He’s coming don’t worry.” He answered. I took my phone from him and hung up. I glared down at him.

“I know you didn’t just answer for me.”

“I did now get yo bean head ass up and put on some clothes.” He rolled outta bed and walked into our closet.

By the time we were ready I was dreading the idea more than before. He was in some blue jeans and white tee with some blue retros (Jordans). He put on his silver chain and some cologne. I on the other hand had on a black button up with black slacks I put on my matching chain and my cologne. I buttoned only three buttons so my chest was showing and I put on some rings to complete the look. We looked good, don’t get me wrong, but I still didn’t wanna go.

“Damn you a fine ass nigga.” Tyrell kissed me before looking at me with a glare. “Go put some fucking underwear on Bassir.”

“No.” I smirked at him before grabbing the car keys and heading out.

When we got to the club we met up with all our friends. Beau was there with Trey and Coby was with Travis. Star and Luck were there but they were kissing and grabbing at each other as usual.

“Alright I’m getting drunk.” Charm dragged me to the bar and started ordering us drinks. She ordered me a coke because she knows I don’t drink.

Me and Tyrell didn’t really talk the first hour at the club. He kept looking my way with a smile making sure I was fine. Even though he was in V.I.P he still made sure I was safe. Since soğanlık escort bayan he kinda knew the guy who owned the club he was able to get a section and had bottles brought out to him. I would’ve joined him but Charm had forced me to dance with her.

When I looked back over to them it was some girls hanging off his and Luck’s arm. Star, like me, was more amused than worried. . Tyrell looked at me and winked. I smirked back and kept dancing with Charm.

Beau came and joined us getting in front of Charm. We sandwiched her grinding into her from the front and back. The DJ put on ‘Eye On It’ by Partynextdoor. I know that song is about to make her act a fool.

“Oh I’m bout to throw my ass back. Get ready Bassir.”

“Do that shit charm!” Beau encouraged her. She threw her hands around his neck while arching her back wining into me. I grabbed her waist going with her to the beat.

I looked over and saw Tyrell doing the same with the girl. He was staring at me with lust in his eyes. I looked away from him going back to Beau who was now grinding with me. Charm drifted off to Coby and started dancing with him. I grabbed Beau’s waist moving him to the beat with my hips.

Tyrell was still staring at me, making me hard. It’s something about how he looks that’s turning me on.

“Oh you hard hard. You should go to Tyrell and tell him you want yo dick sucked in theV.I.P.” I looked down and smiled.

“You’re right.” I kissed his cheek and walked over to my man. The girl was still bent over grinding on him when I got there.

“You made me hard and now you gotta fix it.” The girl looked up at us with a shocked look.

“What the fuck is going on?” The girl turned around with her arms folded.

“Sorry bitch.” Tyrell yelled, grabbing my hand and rushing us to the car.

“What made you so hard?” Tyrell asked once we got back in the house. We both had calmed down but I was planning to build us up again.

“I wanted you grinding on me instead of Charm and Beau.” I grabbed his waist pulling him in.

“Bassir I’ve never twerked a day in my life and I’m not starting today.” He wrapped his arms around my neck. I kissed him softly before pulling away.

“I’m not asking you to twerk if I wanted that I’d ask Charm or Beau. I just want you to follow my lead.” I grabbed his phone and went to his playlist titled ‘panty droppers’. ‘Slow Down’ by Bobby. V started playing.

I grabbed him from behind and started swaying us to the beat. My arms circled around his waist while he grabbed my arms hugging them.

“Were you okay with me dancing with that girl tonight?” I shrugged.

“I wasn’t mad. I didn’t care because I know at the end of the day you’re coming home with me. I trust you not to make dumb decisions after what happened awhile back.” He hummed laying his head back looking up at me.

We kept dancing to the song till the next one came on which was ümraniye escort bayan ‘Grind With Me’ by Pretty Ricky.

“This was to be the shit when I was eight.” He turned around and grabbed my neck again. We started grinding on each just like the song.

“You were way too young to like this song.” He shrugged.

“You can’t tell me you ain’t pull no niggas with this song.” I laughed. I took us to the couch and sat him in my lap.

“That’s telling me you pulled girls with this song.” I kissed his neck. He nodded smiling down at me.

“Yeah I had all the little hoes on me off this one.” I kissed his lips softly biting them. He moaned out which made me laugh.

“You remember when we first started dating and you were scared to moan.”

“I wasn’t scared to moan I just didn’t usually moan but you always on some freaky shit. You be having me on cloud nine so I can’t help but moan.”

“I like that though it shows me you appreciate what I’m doing to you.” I moved his body so he was bent over the arm of the couch. His head rested on the arm of the couch in a position so he could see what I was doing. I pulled his boxers down exposing his round ass. I rubbed it before slapping it hard.

“What the fuck Bassir?” I kissed the part I smacked before doing the same with the other cheek. I started licking his hole before pushing a finger in. Once I was two fingers deep I started licking his balls. I alternated between sucking on both balls then licking his ass. I still moved my fingers in a steady pace till I heard him cry out.

“I want you to hold your orgasms till I say so.” He nodded pushing back on my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and walked to the bedroom. I grabbed our black box and came back to him sitting down stroking his dick.

He’s fine as hell. Tyrell is almost my height but is light skin. He got tattoos all over his body and he’s growing his hair out while still keeping the sides cut. He works out everyday and his body shows that. His ass is fat and he got a nice nine inch dick.

I walked over and got on my knees in between his legs. I took his dick from him and started sucking the tip. I slowly inched him down my throat making him moan out and buck into my mouth. I held his hips down so he wouldn’t do that again.

“I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.” I pulled back and started stroking him. He looked at me intensely staring into my eyes. I leaned up kissing him. He fought me for dominance which turned a sweet kiss into a heated battle. We kept going while I pulled out some lube and a butt plug.

“I want you bent over the couch again.” He did as I said. I poured some lube over his hole before rubbing the tip of the plug over it. He shivered and looked back at me with a glare. I smiled pushing it in slowly.

“Now I want you to suck my dick.” He turned around and nodded.

“My pleasure.” He got down in front of me and started licking my balls. aksaray escort He licked his way up my dick before putting the tip in his mouth. He worked his way down taking me as far as he could. I grabbed his head forcing him down and keeping him there. He started gagging so I pulled him back up by his hair. He paused and stared at me. We had a stare off before he went back to sucking my dick. I repositioned him so I could fuck his face. He started stroking his dick while I face fucked him.

I grabbed his hair making his head go back and forth on my dick. His hands were still stroking himself. They soon grabbed my waist for balance while I rammed into his mouth.

“I want you on all fours.” He hurried in the position on the couch. I pulled out the plug and quickly put my dick in.

“Fuck me.” His lips were bright red and his hair was out of his ponytail. Not wasting time I started fucking him fast. His ass clenched around me making me groan. His moans increased the faster I went. I slapped his ass earning a surprised yelp.

“Yo ass is fucking amazing babyboy.” I pulled his body up so his chest was on my back. He turned his head so I could kiss him. He let me take control which let me know he was almost ready to cum.

“Bassir please touch my dick.” He whispered with closed eyes. I nodded and started stroking his dick. I slowed down and kept kissing him and stroking his dick. “Please Bassir.” He begged. I smiled and nodded. He clenched around me before shooting into my hand.

I pushed him back on all fours before shooting across his back.

Once I came down from my post orgasm high I ran us a bath. We got settled into the bath together. I could tell his body was sore. His ass was red from the slaps. I’m sure his scalp was on fire from all the pulling.

“Are you okay babyboy?” He nodded laying his head back on me.

“My fucking throat hurt but other than that I’m fine.” I started rubbing his head so he could relax.

“I’m sorry was I too rough?”

“No,” he sighed. “It’s just I’ve never been fucked in the face. It was new, not saying I liked it or I didn’t, it’s just something I might have to get used to since I love pleasing you.” I nodded.

“You always can tell me to stop or slow down. Do you not like sucking my dick?”

“At first I was scared and it wasn’t if I liked it or not it was more like ‘if he can suck my dick I can suck his’. Now I don’t mind it and I find some pleasure from getting you all the way down my throat.” I started rubbing his arms and legs.

“The difference is I’m gay and you’re not so it’s okay to not want to do something’s that I want to or that I’ve done before.”

“Yeah but I don’t want to be with anybody but you but I also know I couldn’t go without sex. So trying to stay faithful involves doing something I know I haven’t done before. I only wanna fuck you and all these new experiences I’m willing to try because they are with you. I trust you to take care of me like you have to trust me to be faithful to you.” He looked back at me with a smile. “Take now for example you went from face fucking me and ordering me around to giving me back rubs in the bath. Nobody is ever going to love me as much as you do and I’d be foolish to fuck this up.”

“Yeah you would.” He kissed me before sitting back against my chest again. “I love you babyboy.”

“I love you too Bassir.”

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