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Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy Pt. 02

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Author’s note: Due to the slightly higher rating of the first person narrative or “story” version of the Part I, I have posted Part II below in this form. Still, it’s a POV porn script. Feedback is appreciated.


I had felt great. After my session with Nurse Nancy, I had more energy, got more done at work, and enjoyed time with friends. But after a couple of weeks I started falling back into my old habits. I needed another session. I got out Nurse Nancy’s card and picked up the phone and dialed. The secretary answered.

“Hello, Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy, how may I help you?”

“Yeah, can I get an appointment with Nurse Nancy this afternoon?”

“I’m sorry, but she’s not available today.”

“Oh. I see.” I was disappointed.

“Can I make you an appointment with Nurse Agnes?” she offered.

“Nurse Agnes?” I repeated.

“Yes, Agnes is a fully trained penis therapist. She can be there in about 2 hours.”

“Wow! OK.” This was working out after all.

“Great!” the secretary replied. “Can I have your insurance information?”

A couple of hours later my doorbell rang. When I opened it, there stood Nurse Agnes. She’s a leggy brunette with short dark hair and the face of a mischievous pixie. She was wearing a dark trench coat and had a black nurse’s hat on. Her expression was serious and maybe a little hostile.

“Are you the dude who ordered penis therapy?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah.”

Agnes pushed her way past me and walked to the living room, surveying the scene. I closed the door and stood dumbfounded watching her. She got in front of the couch and turned around.

“This looks like a good spot. So get over her and strip already.” Agnes ordered.


“Of course now.”

“Shouldn’t there be some sort of warm up?” I asked.

She got annoyed. “Who’s the professional here? Get over here and take off your fucking clothes!”

I hurried to comply. I got undressed quickly and sat down on the couch and Nurse Agnes stood in front of me. I looked at her over my naked legs and flaccid member. She took off her trench coat and threw it to the side. Underneath it she wore a tiny black bra and panties, thigh-high black stockings and stiletto heels. Her body is firm and her breasts strained at the bra. She looked at me for a moment, and then stepped over and took my limp penis between her thumb and forefinger. She examined it with a look of disgust.

“Well, this could definitely use some help.” she said.

Agnes stood back up and then suddenly put her heeled foot up on the couch between my legs. I flinched, but stayed put. She appeared to enjoy my nervousness, and smiled slightly with an malicious twinkle in her eye. She kept her foot on the couch and started to model her leg, turning it and running her fingers along it.

“You like my legs? Hmm? You like how smooth and taut they are? How these stockings cling to them so tightly? The naked flesh of my thigh above the top of the stocking? You like looking at me? Hmm?” She suddenly turned angry. “Do you?”


“What do you mean ‘uh?'” she barked. “I know you like it; I see your cock twitching. You answer me and say ‘Yes, Nurse Agnes.'”

“Uh, yes Nurse Agnes.”

“Not ‘uh,”’ she snapped, “just ‘Yes, Nurse Agnes. ”’


“Not ‘um,’ either!” Then she repeated her instructions with emphatic precision. “Just. Say. ‘Yes. Nurse. Agnes.”’

I paused as we stared at each other. Then I replied carefully. “Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“That’s better,” she said, satisfied temporarily. “I bet you’d like to look at my ass. Wouldn’t you?” She paused.

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

She smiled and said “That’s right. Be a good boy and answer me right away. Do you want to look at my ass?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“I bet you do.” She turned around slowly. The smooth, round cheeks of her bottom were separated by the thin strip of the thong panties. She gyrated and caressed her bottom. “You like that?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“Mmmm hmm,” she said, and kept grinding her hips for while more. “Are you getting turned on looking at my ass?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.

“Of course you are. I can see your little cock starting to grow. You want my ass don’t you?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“I know what you’d really like. You’d like to put some oil on my ass wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.” I reached for my cock.

“Stop that!” Agnes ordered. “Did I tell you to jerk off?”

“Um, no Nurse Agnes.”

“You’ll jerk off when I tell you to jerk off, and you’ll cum when I tell you to cum, got that?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“That’s a good boy. Now take this bottle of oil and drip it on my ass. Slowly! And don’t touch me! Just drip the oil.”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

I took the bottle of oil and held it over Agnes’ ass as she thrust it towards me. Slowly, canlı bahis one drop at a time, I applied it to her ass. She gyrated and rubbed the oil into her smooth skin with her graceful, manicured hands. Drop by drop, her ass got slicker and shinier. My cock was rigid and twitching. I moved to grab it, but caught myself. Nurse Agnes noticed this and chuckled.

“You like that, don’t you? I can see your cock is so hard it’s aching. You want to rub it, don’t you? You want to put some of that oil on your cock and jerk off for Nurse Agnes, don’t you?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“That’s right, tell me what you want. Tell me how you want to lube up your cock and stroke it for me.”

“I want to,” I admitted. “I want put some of this oil on my cock and jerk off for that sexy ass of yours. I want to jerk off so bad!”

“Should I let you?” Agnes teased.

“Please, Nurse Agnes.”

“That’s right, beg.”

“Please Nurse Agnes; let me jerk off over your ass.”

She relented. “All right, stand up jerky boy. Put your cock over my ass, but don’t touch your cock or my ass. Drip a little oil onto your cock for me.”

I took the bottle of oil and stood over Agnes’ ass as she kept grinding and caressing it. I slowly dripped the oil along my shaft. Some of the oil dripped down onto Agnes’ ass, and she rubbed it in. I groaned and Agnes giggled.

“You want to jerk off sooo bad, don’t you?” she teased.

My breathing was ragged. “Please let me rub my cock for you.”

“OK,” she said, “but slowly. All the way up and don’t the shaft. And don’t you dare cum before I tell you to.” I gratefully complied, slowly running my hand along my greased member. I groaned as I watched myself stroke my cock over Agnes’ ass.

“You like that, don’t you?” Agnes taunted with a wicked grin.

“Oh yeah.”

“You like stroking your cock for your nurse’s hot ass, huh?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“Slide your hand slowly up and down the shaft while you look at my ass. That’s right, uuuup and doooown, uuuup and doooown. All the way down to the base, and then back up to the head. Now back down to the base. You want to squeeze the head of your cock more, don’t you? You want to rotate your hand over your fat little head, huh? That would feel good, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh yes, please, Nurse Agnes.”

“All right, you can pump the head a little faster, but don’t cum, you understand me? Don’t cum!” she ordered.

“Thank you, Nurse Agnes.”

I masturbated freely now, concentrating on my cock head and slightly thrusting my hips. I looked down and watched myself stroking with Agnes bent over before me, grinding and working the oil into her ass, legs spread slightly, the strip of her thong deep between her ass cheeks and soaked in oil. After a about minute of this, Agnes stood up and slowly turned around, caressing her hips and stomach, and finally running her hands up to cup her breasts. I continued to pump my cock with my hand as I watched her. She appraised my wanton display with an evil grin on her face. She kneaded her breasts through her black bra and spoke.

“All right, boy. You can sit down while you jerk off for me now.”

I complied and sat back on the couch, still wanking away. Agnes stood over me kneading her breasts and grinding her hips. Her cleavage deepened as she pushed her breasts together and rubbed them against each other. Her black panties were soaked in oil and her bra barely covered her nipples.

“That’s right, show Nurse Agnes what a nasty little boy you are and jerk your cock for her. Look at you jerking off for your nurse. You just can’t help it can you? Nurse Agnes has you so turned on that you have to stroke your cock right in front of her. Keep stroking it dirty boy, but don’t cum, you hear me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She giggled at my response. “That’s right; you’re my little jerk off boy now.”

Agnes moved closer and knelt in front of me. I could see her from the waist up and had great view of her breasts, which she continued to knead. She looked straight into my eyes and spoke to me in a breathy but authoritative voice.

“Do you like my tits?” Agnes asked. “Now that you’re all worked up over my ass I bet you want to see my tits, too. You want to see them all oiled up and shiny like my ass? You want to see that slippery oil all over my smooth tits? Is that what you want to see?”

“Yes please, Nurse Agnes.”

Agnes giggled and grabbed the oil. She dripped it all over the exposed portion of her breasts that were pushed up by her bra. It ran down into her cleavage and started to soak into the bra. When there was a fair amount of oil on her, she put down the bottle and started to rub it into her skin. She slid her hand into her cleavage, stroking up and down. She looked into my eyes, then down to her breasts, and then back into my eyes again. She stared straight at me with a mischievous half-smile as she slid bahis siteleri her hand into her bra to pinch her nipples without exposing them.

Finally she spoke, in a conspiratorial tone. “You want to see them all, don’t you? You want to see your nurse’s tits and nipples so you can jerk off over them, don’t you?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“Say please.”

“Please, Nurse Agnes. Will you show me your tits and nipples while I jerk off for you?”

“That’s a good boy. Since you asked properly, Nurse Agnes will show you her tits.”

Agnes looked into my eyes as she unclasped her bra and exposed her full breasts. Her skin was smooth, tan, and shiny with oil. Her nipples are large and brown. She continued to look at me as she hefted and caressed them, rubbing the oil into her now slick flesh. I pumped furiously at my cock head.

“Do you like my tits?” She looked down at my cock. “By the way you’re jacking off over them I can tell that you do. Go ahead and jack off for me, but remember not to cum.”

I slowed down a bit and started stroking the full length of my cock. Agnes continued to caress her breasts, glancing back and forth between my face, her breasts, and my cock. As she looked at me stroke myself, she pinched her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and they visibly stiffened as she moaned softly. Nurse Agnes was obviously beginning to get turned on too. She spoke breathily.

“You like that, don’t you? You like looking at my tits while you jerk off? Your cock is so hard for me now. Stroke it for me.” She licked her lips and gazed at my stiff and slickened cock. “Stroke that big hard nasty cock. You like showing your cock to your nurse you dirty boy? You think it will turn her on, you pervert? You think it will make her wet? Let’s check and see if her pussy is wet.”

Agnes stood up and slipped her hand into her panties. She flinched and moaned as she touched herself.

“Mmmm, it is. Your nurse’s pussy is all wet. Is that what you want? You want to see her rub her dripping wet pussy while you jack off? You want your nurse to jack off with you? Would you like that?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes. Please let me watch you rub your pussy while I jack off for you.”

“That’s a good little pervert. Ask Nurse Agnes nicely and you might get what you want.”

Agnes remained standing and plunged her hand into her panties. She shuddered and moaned as she worked her hand in and out of her pussy, squeezing her tits with her other hand. Her eyes closed slightly and her head tilted backward as she masturbated freely, grinding her hips and moaning. Then she opened her eyes again and stared hard at my cock while she pumped her hand under her panties.

“That’s it; show me how you jerk off while I fuck myself with my hand. You like watching me pump my fingers in and out of my cunt? Stroke that big hard cock for me. You want to see more? You want to look at my pussy while I finger fuck it? Huh?”

I was still stroking away. “Yes, please Nurse Agnes. I want to see your wet pussy so bad. Please show me. I’ll jerk off for you. Please show me your pussy.”

“You want to see it, pervert boy? You want to see my pussy?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes. Please, Nurse Agnes.”

Agnes stepped closer to me and I got a close up look at her panties next to my hard cock, both of us still masturbating, although very slowly now, our breath ragged with anticipation. Agnes slowly removed her hand from her panties, spread her legs slightly, and rubbed the outside of her panties right in front of my face. I stared with completely focused attention as she moved her panties aside to expose herself.

Her dark brown pubic hair was trimmed and her slick pink clitoris was engorged and poking outward. The area below her clitoris was shaved smooth. Her pussy lips were bright pink and enflamed. I gasped. Nurse Agnes gently stroked her clitoris with her middle finger, and then slid her finger down from her clit to her pussy lips and back. I stopped breathing and my hand moved very slowly along my cock. Her finger slipped deeper into her pussy. When she pulled it out it was shiny with her juices. She slid her fingers in and out, pausing to give attention to her clitoris between strokes. I sat mesmerized, stroking my rigid member.

“Do you like my pussy? I bet you want to fuck it, don’t you? Well you can’t. But you can keep jerking off while I fuck it. Would you like to see me fuck my pussy?”

“Please, Nurse Agnes. Please let me watch you fuck your sexy pussy.”

“That’s a good boy.”

Nurse Agnes removed her panties and was now wearing only her stockings, shoes, and hat. She pulled up a chair in front of me and grabbed her purse. She sat in the chair and pulled a large black dildo out of her purse. It was long and extremely bumpy. My eyes grew wide. She looked at it, and then up to me.

“Do you want to see my fuck myself with this?”

I just moaned.

Agnes bahis şirketleri smiled. “I know you do. Are you going to jerk off while you watch me? I want you to jerk off for your nurse.”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“That’s right. Now watch closely.”

I leaned in a bit and watched close up as Agnes slowly inserted the dildo into her pussy, which stretched to accept it as she moaned. As she pushed it in deeper, her pussy lips enclosed around the shaft, conforming to the bumps along its length. She started moving the dildo in and out of herself, making her taut pussy lips jiggle slightly as they encountered the bumps. I watcher her pump herself up close for a while and then leaned back to take her all in. Nurse Agnes’ legs were spread wide as she fucked the dildo in and out of herself. As I watched her I could also see my cock as I stroked it in the foreground. Agnes pinched her nipple with her free hand and her entire body glistened with oil and sweat as she addressed me.

“How do you like jerking off while you watch your nurse fuck herself with a big nasty black dildo?”

“I love it Nurse Agnes! Please keep fucking yourself!”

“That’s right. Jerk off for me while I fuck myself.” She was staring at my cock as I pumped it.

“Watch me shove this big hard cock into my cunt. Fuck yeah! Fuck! Mmmm!” she moaned.

We watched each other masturbate with enthusiasm. Eventually Agnes spoke again. “You want a closer look? You want to watch me cum? Bring that hard cock over her and get a good look at me while I cum.”

I got up and stood over Agnes and continued to stroke myself. I could see Agnes’ entire body close up as I looked down on her. We were both on the edge of orgasm.

Agnes looked into my eyes and said “You want to watch me cum?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” I said. I wanted to watch her cum as much as I ever wanted anything.

“Ask me properly.”

“Nurse Agnes, can I please watch you cum while I jerk off over you?”

She replied breathily, her eyelids heavy. “Would you like that?”

“Yes, Nurse Agnes.”

“I bet you would. Do you want to squirt your cock juice all over me while I cum?”

“Oh, god,” I shuddered.

Agnes smiled at my helplessness. “Do you want to squirt your cum all over my stomach and tits?”

“Oh, god, please Nurse Agnes, please let me cum on you. I want to cum so bad.”

“Did Nurse Agnes get you all excited?” she teased. “Are you ready to cum now?”

“Oh, please Nurse Agnes!” I begged.

“OK, watch me cum, and when I tell you to, squirt your cum on my stomach and tits.” Then, suddenly serious, she barked, “Not on my face! Just my stomach and tits. Got it?”

“Oh, yes Nurse Agnes.” My whole body was twitching. I could barely stand. “I won’t cum on your face.”

“That’s right, be a good little pervert boy and cum when I tell you.”

Then Agnes started to masturbate in earnest, pumping the dildo in and out with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Her arms pressed her shining, jiggling tits together and her nipples were swollen and protruding. Her eyes were barely open, but she was concentrating on my cock as I jacked away at it right in front of her. Eventually she shuddered and shouted “Cum on me! Squirt your cum all over me while I cum! Cum on me now!”

My body jerked as I let loose with long thick white ropes of sticky cum across Agnes’ quivering body. We both groaned and shouted as we came. Spurt after spurt of my jism splashed over Agnes’ tits and stomach, some of it dripping down to mingle with her public hair. While she continued to pump the dildo into herself with one hand, she rubbed the milky white spunk over her body with the other. Big globs of it stuck to her tits, and she rubbed it in and pinched her nipples.

My cock spasmed over and over, still squirting cum onto the hand she was pinching her nipples with. Agnes was in ecstasy, shuddering and reveling in her cum bath. At last my cock was spent and I stroked it more slowly, taking in the scene in front of me. Agnes’ incredible body was covered in jism and she looked down at herself with pleasure as the ran the fingers of her free hand through it. We both watched in fascination as she toyed with the spunk on her erect nipples, around the firm, smooth globes of her breasts, down her taut stomach to the cum soaking her pubic hair.

I leaned in to watch up close and she moved her hand further down to lightly caress her protruding clitoris with her fingertips. Her other hand still held the big dildo deep inside her pussy. Her free hand moved from her clitoris down to run her fingers along the taut pussy lips that enveloped the dildo. Slowly, she removed the dildo from her twitching pussy as I stared in rapt attention.

Finally she laid the dildo aside and ran both hands up her cum-slickened body. My eyes followed her hands up along her hips, up her stomach, over her breasts and nipples. Finally I looked to her face. She’s looking down admiring the cum on her body and smiling. Then she looks up at me suddenly and her face gets serious.

“Look what you’ve done!” Agnes shouted angrily. “Go get me a towel, jerky boy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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