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Oedipus Awakens

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Dildo Ride

There is a time in our lives that we begin to see our parents as sexual people. Sometimes it’s a shock and quickly ignored. Others it’s an awakening. For me that time didn’t occur until I was 18 and spending my summer between my senior high school year and freshman year of college working during the day and then chasing girls, drinking beer and occasionally getting lucky with a blow job, eating some pussy, or getting laid.

I had wrangled a job with a local law firm or should say lawyer. Mr. Wilder was a well known lawyer in our region and a big booster of our local high school sports teams. I played football, basketball and ran track in our medium size school. I was good at the high school level but knew a scholarship at the college level was not very likely. When summer came and no scholarships appeared but instead got “Come and walk on and we will see what we can do letter”, I knew I needed more money. Bagging groceries, and busing tables wasn’t going to cut it. So I approached Mr. Wilder about a job, at first he told me he had nothing, then about a week before graduation he called me in and offered me a job at 800 a month as a runner.

In the late 70’s this was hell of a lot of money for a high school or college student. He said I was to carry documents, packages, and sometimes people to places with no questions asked and with complete secrecy. I agreed without question and signed the confidentiality agreement without hesitation. He told me to show up for work the Monday after graduation. I rushed home to tell my Mom I got a job but didn’t mention the pay. I was afraid she would get suspicious and say no. Even though I was legally an adult, if she had said no I wouldn’t have done it. She had raised me alone since my father died when I was 8, in a car crash. She worked as a nurse at the local hospital and worked days while I was younger but once I reached high school she would alternate between evenings and late night shifts because the pay was better. Sometimes because of sports practice or a date I wouldn’t see her for a few days at a time other than when she came in after work and kissed me on the forehead while she thought I was asleep.

I never thought as my Mom as anything but Mom. She looked remarkably like the actress Cathy Lee Crosby. Tall blonde, athletic, but her boobs were a little bigger, a size I would recognize now as about a C Cup. She drew the attention of many men but I remember one night hearing hear complain over the phone to a co-worker, that they were all married or jerks.

I started my job and would show up and sit waiting for something to do. Sometimes it was running for coffee or food, sometimes it was picking up cigarettes or liquor for Mr. Wilder, Although underage I was never questioned at the store where I was told to pick them up. Sometimes I would take envelopes or packages to other lawyers, clients, or government offices. Depending on the location I might be allowed to drive one of Mr, Wilder’s cars. If I was heading to one of his more affluent clients house it was usually the Corvette. He didn’t think my Pinto projected the right image to his clients. Hey what 18 year old would argue about driving a Vette.

On some occasions I would be told to go to an address and pick someone up and take them to the address they would give me. Sometimes those locations were hotels or houses. Then I would drive the Oldsmobile and they would sit in the back. Sometimes it was women, sometimes it was men. There was one young woman, not much older than me that stood out because I carried her the most. It was usually from her apartment to a hotel. It stood out because of the frequency and often I would see Mr. Wilder’s Corvette there in the parking lot.

Since I worked differing hours, often I wouldn’t need to be in the office. I had a beeper, it was a about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and was triggered by a radio at the office. If I was needed and not there the beeper would beep and vibrate. I then called the office or the after hours number for my instructions. It was during one of my split days that my vision of my Mom changed. I had completed all the office runs for the day; dropping off various legal documents waiting for them the get signed to return or just drop offs. When I got back, Trisha the secretary told me there was nothing more for me to do and to go home. She told me that I might be called that evening so make sure my beeper was charged. She always wore outfits that exposed her the tops of her tits. They were a pale creamy color and covered with freckles like the rest of her visible skin. Her hair was a fiery copper color, and which I was to find out later was her natural color. She had bright green eyes and looked a little like Melissa Gilbert as she got older. I would often unconsciously grow a tent in my pants smelling her perfume and seeing her tits about to spill out of her clothes. I was certain that she was teasing me on purpose and later found out that was so. I wasn’t ataşehir escort a virgin. I had a few girlfriends by now and had done the big 3; oral for me, oral for her, and straight sex. The next few months would expand my horizons even more.

I rarely went home during the day because I was afraid I would wake up my Mom. This month she was on evening shift from 4-12 so she might already be up. Besides I hadn’t been laid in over a week, add that to Trisha’s teasing, made me need to go rub one out. I pulled up to the house and noticed a car in the driveway that didn’t belong, so I parked on the street and walked up the driveway. I didn’t recognize the car but as I walked by I noticed it had a high school faculty parking decal.

Our house was laid out so when you came in from the carport you entered the family room. My room, a full bathroom and the “guest” room was down a hallway off the back of this room. The kitchen was next, then the dinning room, and then the “formal” living room. This was barley used by us but sometimes mom used it to entertain friends. Off the living room was a hallway that went back past a study and then ended with the master bedroom and bath. The house was a U shape with the family room, kitchen and dinning room making the bottom of the U along the street.

I was quiet as I came in the door in case mom was asleep or entertaining in the living room but as I closed the door I could hear mom’s Bread albums playing on her stereo. That kind of worried me because before the only other time I would hear “Make it with you” or “Sweet Surrender” was when she was depressed and missing Dad. On a few occasions I would find her passed out with a wine bottle beside her and Bread on repeat.

Now a little concerned I went through the kitchen and dining room expecting to find mom in the living room with whoever was here. Instead I saw a mostly empty bottle of wine and two partially filled glasses. Both glasses had lipstick smears. A different color on each one. The curtains in the living room were closed and the study door was shut making the hallway darkened but I could see mom’s doorway was open and some ambient light was coming through her closed curtains. With confusion adding to my concern I walked down the hallway.

The closer I got the louder the music got and I could of held a normal conversation and not been heard. Moving down the hall I was almost at her door and if I stuck my head in and looked left I would see her bed. What stopped me was the pile of clothes just inside the door. It registered but didn’t. There were two bra’s and two pairs of panties instead of the one I had seen in the past when Mom had dumped her clothes in a hurry. I think if I had saw a man’s clothing on the floor tangled with my mothers it would have registered right away and I would have backtracked down the hall in embarrassment. But I wasn’t as worldly as I thought. I looked slowly around the corner and what I saw changed my world forever.

My mother was laying on her back naked. Her head was toward the foot of the bed. Her left leg was straight out and her right leg was bent at the knee and leaned out. Straddling her groin was my high school English teacher. Ms. Gallagher was a gossip and masturbation fantasy of many a classmate and myself included. Despite relatively modest clothing her tits always seemed to be trying to make their way into open air and her skirts and pants seemed to caress the curves of her ass. Her shoulder length curled copper hair famed her round face of pouty lips and blue eyes. Now this dressed wet dream was naked, her head thrown back her face drawn in the grimace of chasing an orgasm. Her D cup tits rolled and bounced across her chest with nipples curled up like new rosebuds as she had one leg behind her and one across my mother grinding her copper bushed pussy.

Across my Mother? Oh My God!. Mom’s tits were rolling across her chest and she pushed and ground against Ms. Gallagher. Her face too, was tightened with the strain of the race to cum. The redhead reached down and began stroking mom’s nipples who then then reached up and pinched the rosebuds bouncing over her. That sent both women over the edge as moans turned to shrieks. I felt heat wash over me and the world spin as I shot ropes of cum in my pants. I put my hand out to the wall to steady myself and as my vision cleared I saw that Ms. Gallagher was now laying over my mom kissing her heaving chest while mom’s head lolled behind closed eyelids. At the moment the precariousness of my position overcame my confusion. I quickly backed down the hallway and foggedly made my way out to my car and drove off.

I didn’t go home until I was sure mom was gone to work. When I got in the door I found a note on the fridge with reheating instructions for supper and reminder to clean up after myself. I looked on the drainboard and two wine glasses were there. I checked the trash and there was the wine avcılar escort bottle from earlier. I walked through to the living room and down the hallway to my mothers room. The door is open and I look in, my mind immediately flashes to the vision of Ms Gallagher riding my mothers crotch in a wild frenzy. I shake my head and look. The bed is made there is nothing out of place. I walk back to my room and sit on my bed. The wine glasses, wine bottle, and crusted semen in my underwear remind me it was no dream.

I spent a few hours trying to make sense of everything. I wasn’t a total idiot I knew about lesbians. I had seen the Hustler magazines, read Penthouse forum and even saw a porn loop with Rhonda Jo Petty banging another girl. But it was my mother, and it was Ms. Gallagher. Not some story and not some porn loop. My mother wasn’t a lesbian she had a husband and had a child, me. Ms. Gallagher had dated both coach Murphy and Mr. Roberts, one of the math teachers. I was sitting in the waning summer light when the beeper went off on my belt making me jump.

I called the after hours number and was given my instructions. I had to pick up Valerie again at 9:30. Valerie was the young girl who I had told you about before. I looked at the clock and realized I had enough time to take a shower and wash the dried cum off my body. I hopped in the shower and as I soaped up I couldn’t help but think of Ms Gallagher again, Rhona, I remember now Rhona was her given name. Her hair bouncing, her face tightened in the stress of sex, her chest heaving those large tits with the turgid rosebud shaped nipples. In my thoughts my hands had stop washing and began stroking my cock and balls. Her belly undulating as she ground her copper bush against my mother. I let out groan because my mind went to my mothers rolling tits and flexing hips. In my daydream they both came like before but this time both looking at me. I shot another load, painting the shower wall with my cum. I slumped against the shower wall catching my breath and wallowing in guilt about cumming to the idea of my mother having sex with another woman, until the water ran cold. I stepped out of the shower and toweled off before getting dressed and heading to the office to grab the Olds.

I picked Valerie up at 9:30 right on time. She must have been looking out the window because she came out of the apartment building door as I was getting out of the car. Her long blonde hair was done in the feathered blown back look made famous by Farrah Fawcett. It was dark enough I couldn’t see her bright blue eyes but in the street light I could see her nipples poking through the cloth of her yellow strapless sun dress. I didn’t stare and opened the door for her admiring her upper thigh as the dress slid up as she got in the back. For someone who was going off she never seemed to be happy about it.

I drove her to the motel address she gave me, it was in the next town about 10 miles away. We drove in silence as always and my glances in the mirror just revealed Valerie looking out the window. Somewhere in the short drive my mind went to Rhona Gallagher naked on a bed grinding again, this time with Valerie. I was so engrossed in my day dream I almost didn’t make the turn into the motel. Probably not a good time to be driving.

Valerie yelled out “Here it is” snapping me out of me reverie.

I pulled in the driveway and drove her around to the side and she scanned the doors for room numbers.

She snapped out “Stop here.”

She got out and headed to a door on the first floor. Room 112. I sat there until she disappeared into the room and then drove around the building to get out. As I went around the back there was the Vette parked over in the shadows. I drove back in silence and as the lights of the town disappeared and the darkness of the agricultural land that separated the two towns took over I let my mind wonder again. About Valerie and Rhona.

Their crotches locked together in a grinding frenzy and I could hear the pants and sighs in my ear. Until the roar of a Semi- Trucks horn snapped me out of day dreaming and I whipped the car back into my lane from the oncoming one to keep from getting crushed. Shaking from the near death experience kept me from visiting that vision for the rest of the trip.

I was parking the Oldsmobile at the office when I got another beep on my pager. I had a key to the outer office so I could pick up packages and the cars when no one was in so I let myself in and called the service. They gave me a number to call. Based on the prefix I guessed it was in the town I just left. Adding the extension of 112 I was guessing it was Valerie but normally I didn’t get called to pick her up and if I did It wasn’t until the next morning. Valerie picked up and told me to hold on and handed the phone off. I was only mildly surprised when Mr. Wilder’s voice came over the line.

He gave me instructions to go pick avrupa yakası escort up his wife at the country club. It appears she had two much to drink and the valet wouldn’t let her have her keys. And before he hung up he made to sure to mention not to say where he was. I drove the Oldsmobile to the country club and pulled up out front. The valet came around and I told him I was there to pick up Mrs. Wilder. The valet looked relieved and showed me where to park. He took me inside and to an office off of the side of the main hallway. Mrs. Wilder and another older lady where sitting on a couch and the older lady was talking quietly to her.

When I came in and introduced myself Mrs Wilder snapped “What are you driving?”

I replied “The Oldsmobile”

She grimaced and said “That won’t do,” pointing to the valet she snapped again,”Give him my keys since you won’t give them to me.”

With that she stalked out the door a little wobbly on her heels. The Valet rushed ahead and got her car from the parking lot. The red Mercedes convertible had the top down. Mrs Wilder wobbled around the car with me behind her since I didn’t want her to fall. I rushed and opened the passenger side door for her and as she sat int the sporty car the hem of her already short black dress rode up her thighs exposing her stocking tops and garters and a hint of light brown bush before she snapped them shut again. I burned with embarrassment at the quick peek not wanting Mra. Wilder to think I was a pervert or peeper.

The Wilder’s actually lived outside of town on estate that sat back from the roadway. A few minutes into the drive Mrs Wilder lit up a cigarette and as she blew out a stream of smoke into the night air then asked, “Where is my fucking husband, out fucking one of his whores?” I started to answer I didn’t know when she cut me off “Don’t worry, I know Dickey fucks around, that’s why I don’t let his needle dick prick fuck me anymore.”

Sighing she finished, “I’m a trophy wife that has a lot of dirt on my husband so that’s why he won’t divorce me and it’s in a safe place so he doesn’t have me killed.”

She looker over at me and said “Do you want to fuck me?”

I was mortified, the Laura Wilder was not the same prim and proper one I had seen at the office or at functions around town. This one was brash and aggressive. To answer her question yes I would fuck her. She was tall with honey blonde hair and large tits, a slim waist and curving hips.. When she wore jeans her ass was heart shaped. She reminded me of Faye Dunaway.

I stuttered out, “I don’t think that would be a good idea right now, your drunk and I work for your husband.”

She laughed and leaned her head back against the head rest. Her thighs spread out allow her skirt to ride up her up again past the stocking tops but not quite the show I had gotten earlier. I guess I got caught looking because I heard her laugh lightly.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Laura looking at me and her right arm was moving. I looked over and almost ran off the road. Her right hand was under her skirt rubbing away. I snatched the car back into the lane as she laughed at me again. By this time we were out of town so the street lights were gone but in the light of the dash lights I could still see her rubbing under her skirt. Then she leaned over and placed her left hand over my covered cock, which had gotten hard as she rubbed. As she fondled she felt the breadth and length and added. “If you want to fuck me I would be OK with it.”

I was torn between not wrecking the car on the two lane country road and not coming in my pants as Laura kept rubbing. When she pulled her right leg up and exposed her neatly trimmed bush to the dash lights and continued to rub her crotch with her right hand both decisions were made for me. I didn’t wreck but I did swerve off onto the tractor access on the right. As she parted her bush showed me her now red pussy lips the second decision was made for me. I tensed and shot loads into my jeans. Laura’s eyes sparkled as she felt my cock tense and spurt under the cloth. Her fingers continued to play in her pussy as I sat back panting and watching.

She cocked her head to the side and asked, “Are you a virgin?”

I wasn’t but I was embarrassed by the question and she took my beet read face as her answer and she smirked “Oh my gawd,” jamming two fingers in her twat before cumming and moaning out, “I would love to fuck a virgin.” The squishing sound went on for a few more minutes before she gasped and moaned out something unintelligible and leaned against the door gasping. Feeling really guilty for just getting a rub off from my bosses wife while she got her self off I got the car back on the road.

We pulled up to her driveway and she looked over and asked “Are you coming in?”

I looked down at the floorboard and said, “No, as much as I want to, I work for your husband and I don’t think it would be the right thing to do at this time.”

She rolled her eyes at me and said “What a fucking Boy Scout, suit yourself.”

She then leaned over to me and wiped her still damp right hand and wiped it across my cheek and lips before getting out. It had a pleasant order and slightly acidic taste but not bad.

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