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Off For A Drive

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I was alone this particular weekend. Mark had gone off to France fishing and the kids were staying with their Nan. Getting out of the bath I decided to catch up with a few online friends. I booted up the computer and started chatting. After about an hour my friend George logged on to the messenger. My heart skipped I liked George he was honest and very sexually experienced. Although I had never met George I trusted him with all my intimate questions. I must have annoyed the life out of him but he never seem to loose patience with answering any question I put to him. We started chatting and George told me he had a new car.

“What car did you get then G?” I asked. He rattled off some make and model and gave me the web site where I could view it. We chatted some more and I asked George why he wasn’t out on the town. George told me that his friend had let him down and he was supposed to be going out. After a few moments of silence George asked whether or not I fancied a drive round in his car. Thoughts went through my mind. What if we don’t like each other? What if he hates me? What if, what if?

“Well do you?” George said again

I never needed to be asked again. I explained to George where I lived and expected him in about 20 minutes. I turned of the computer not even shutting it down properly, ran upstairs and opened the cupboard. I looked to see what I could wear; I didn’t want to give him the wrong impression after all we were only going for a drive. I picked up a knee length pretty skirt and a top that sat just below my tummy button. The flesh was there but couldn’t be seen. I ran a brush through my hair, sprayed myself in perfume, grabbed my Jean jacket and went down stairs to wait. Taking my small handbag I placed in my mobile phone a hand full of money and my cigarettes. The wait, which was only, a few minutes seem to be lasting for ages. I looked at the clock it was 00:11. I remember thinking to myself at that point oh my god what am I doing? Damn it you only live once I can always get a taxi home if things go pear shaped.

BEEEEEP BEEEEEP he was here running around like a complete lunatic I grabbed my keys and casually walked out the door. Panicking inside I kept telling myself it’s only a drive what on earth could go wrong. George looked stunning sat there in his little sporty car. His hair tousled dark brown and eyes dark and sensual. He was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. I felt a little over dressed, but what the hell no turning back now. Getting into the car I swung my feet round and smiled at him. The atmosphere was a bit thick with uncomfortable silence until George turned and said to me ‘ok babe where do you fancy driving to then’ I didn’t really care as long as I was out of the house.

“Where ever you like G, surprise me”

As we drove the tension on the car started to soften. We chatted about everything from the local town centres to our schooling then on to past sexual experiences. I confessed to George that although I may seem confident I was actually very shy and very nervous and I hadn’t had as much sexual experiences as other women younger and my age. Somehow he knew and told me that I should worry about things like that and that I had the knack of keeping a relationship. God if only he knew! My partner was a virgin ataşehir escort bayan when we met and had no desire to sexually explore me. If only he knew that.

After a while George asked me whether I wanted to go back to his house for coffee and more chat. The daunting thought of going back home alone I accepted and went to his home. Pulling up the drive I noticed how nice it was where he lived.

“Here we are then out you pop and I’ll put the kettle on”

Following George up his path and into his house my heart was beating like a drum I’m sure he could hear it thudding away through my chest. George seemed so relaxed I wondered if he could tell there was turmoil going on in my tummy. George gestured me through to the lounge. I was quite shocked for a man who lived on his own his place was very clean and tidy. I took off my jacket and got myself comfy on the sofa. George came in with the coffee we started to chat. As with the car we covered a variety of subjects each knowing a little about everything and a lot about nothing, but the chatter was constant. I looked at the clock on the video it was well past three. I really needed to get home, but at the same time I couldn’t bear going.

“You ok babe” George looked at me with a concerned face, he must have sensed that I wanted to go.

“Yeah I’m fine G, I don’t want to take up any more of your time is it ok to drive me home”

“Yeah course it is babe, you can always stay over if you want and I’ll drop you back in the morning”

Oh the feeling that rushed through me, what was I going to do was I to stay or to go.

“Listen have another coffee while you make up your mind then let me know, ok?”

I nodded at George I felt like a teenager wondering what was going to happen. As George came with the coffee’s he sat next to me on the sofa. I could smell his scent and he smelt so inviting.

“I know you’re nervous but if you don’t want this to happen then it wont” Reassured George.

My eyes widened, as I knew what was going to happen. I let myself follow George’s lead. George moved closer to me wrapping me in his arms and gently kissing my mouth. I quivered, pulling my face away I looked at him. His deep penetrating eyes were somewhere I could loose myself. He bent his head to kiss me again this time more forceful with more passion. I felt his piercing on his tongue and this melted me further into him. Putting my hand around the back of his neck I pulled him close, I pulled him tight. His tongue was caressing my mouth and I just followed his lead.

Moving over me George grasped my hips to pull me lower so we laid down I felt that small and so safe. I let out a sigh. Kissing me still his tongue going deeper into my mouth I felt his hand move up my thigh. He slid his hand up my thigh taking my skirt with it. His hand stopped at my hip where he gave it a small squeeze. His other hand still around me, keeping me sheltered. I don’t think I had ever felt so much excitement flow through my body with one kiss. It was good, too good. Moving his mouth to my neck George teased me with tiny kisses that made my chest heave.

I felt myself grab his arm and hold him tight to me as he ran his hand up my top and over my breasts. He was so gentle I tried to think of a time that escort kadıköy I had ever been touched to softly. His fingers worked over my nipples he felt they were hard. Pulling me up towards him he took off my top and then removed his own. As I pulled the rest of my top off George moved his hands to the tops of my arms keeping them in the air then looked at me and with a sigh started to kiss my neck and shoulders. There was so much passion coming from him I thought I was going to explode. I could feel my clit throbbing; I could feel my nipples harden. He worked his way down to my tits where he took my bra off and sucked my nipples taking them between his finger and thumbs, teasing them out he was groaning as he did it, I’d never heard a man be so vocal before during love making. The sound was exciting, knowing he was also enjoying.

Moving further down my body George began to lick and kiss my tummy. Tugging at my skirt he pulled it off leaving me in my thong. I clasped the back of the arm rest as he gently moved his fingers across the top of my thong then down to my smooth pussy following his traces with his tongue. My breath shortened I let myself let out a sigh, a deep hard sigh bringing up my leg so it rested on George’s shoulder. Taking my thong off George worked my clit with his tongue sucking, licking and flicking with his tongue. I never felt such pleasure; I could feel his piercing hard against my clit. I could feel my clit jerking a pulling sensation deep inside. I came so hard.

Moving my legs further up George hungrily ate my pussy probing his tongue deep inside. My natural instinct was to put my hands on his head and hold it there so he wouldn’t move. I could feel my juices running down from my cunt to my ass. George inserted two fingers into my pussy, gently stroking my lips with his thumbs I felt my whole body shudder against him. Thrusting my pussy with his finger and licking at my clit sent me shuddering into cuming, I could hold on no longer. I brought my legs down to stop George applying the pressure to my pussy; I couldn’t handle the pulsating tenderness of my pussy being touched.

George moved back to the opposite end of the sofa. I could feel how horny he was. I removed his jeans and was truly shocked. As I set my eyes down on what I was about to eat I saw that he was pierced through the end of his helmet. I think he saw the look of surprise on my face because he cupped my face in his hands and brought me to him. Kissing his mouth tasting myself made my pussy twitch I truly believe he could see my heart pounding through my chest making my tits move. I let the mood drown me and I lost myself in him. I worked my way down his neck to his nipple. He was pierced there too. Biting his ring in my teeth I pulled on it he squirmed, I thought I had hurt him but he seem not to move me so I kept licking, sucking and playing around the nipple. He liked it I could see his cock swell to an even greater size.

It was moving on it’s own with each beat of his heart. I moved my head lower down to his cock and I could see all the veins swollen. Tiny droplets of pre-cum were covering his tip it looked like glass as it shimmered in the light. I knew I had to suck it I didn’t really know how too but I did.

I cupped his balls in my hand bostancı escort leaving my thumb free to stroke his balls. With the other hand I held round his shaft and lowered my mouth onto his cock. I immediately felt his piercing on my tongue and it sent tiny shivers of excitement down my body.

“MMM baby that’s right take it down,” George said with a quiver to his voice.

I never really knew quite what he meant, but I took his cock deep tasting all his pre-cum on my tongue and lapping it up like a cat with cream. I licked his shaft and felt all his veins hardening and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before he shot all his hot cum into my mouth. I speeded up a little; George’s hand came round across my shoulders then to the back of my head and guided me. I could feel his hips moving off the sofa as he thrust his cock deep into my throat. I kept the pace and just as I felt his cock jerk I pulled away finishing him off with my hand. George let out a loud moan then relaxed. I was about to get up when he said

“I’m not finished with you yet babe.”

The look that must have struck my face must have been timeless. I wasn’t use to so much attention. George grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his bedroom.

“It’s more comfy here babe”

Before I knew it I was on my tummy and George was working my pussy from behind.

“Stretch your hands forward babe”

I stretched up and held on to his headboard. I felt my whole body tighten as George ran his fingers over the opening of my cunt and ass. I was so horny I wanted him to fuck me but I didn’t want him to fuck me with his piercing in. I turned over onto my back and pulled my legs as far up as they would go. George kissed my mouth before going in for the kill. He licked, sucked and jerked at my clit, I thought I was going to die of pleasure and then it came. I came so hard then I felt my juices run from me. Lapping them up George slowly drove his now hard cock into my pussy. It felt strange like a dragging feeling, a nice feeling. As George began to pick up the pace I could feel his piercing rubbing on my G-spot. I knew that if I never moved I would cum again. The sensation was so overwhelming that I thrust my hips hard to him. I came again I couldn’t stop the cumming, I wanted too, my pussy lips were red and swollen, my clit was at bursting point but I couldn’t stop. I could feel George inside me, fucking me I could feel his hard cock swell getting harder and I was cumming again. I could hear him saying

“Ohh you hot little cunt you like that”

“Do you want me to fuck it hard?”

I could hear myself saying yes fuck me; I want to cum, fuck me hard. Bringing himself lower then turning me over I was riding his huge cock I could feel it rubbing from the inside on my clit.

“Fuck me, Fuck me” George said his whole body moving against mine.

Again I cum so hard that my whole body twisted and jerked with the pleasure. I could have stopped right there but George grabbed my hips thrusting me even harder onto his cock.

“That’s it I want to fuck your cunt.” With saying that George let out a loud moan, George had come for a second time and then came the still. I was pleased at that not only was my pussy sore but I didn’t think my body could actually endure any more pleasure. Flopping beside George I looked at him. He never had a smile but he had a contented look upon his face.

I must have drifted of to sleep because the next thing I can remember was waking up the next day to a huge hard cock. The games began again that morning.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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