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Office Quarantine – Week 2

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Ameri Ichinose

Monday. Michelle, Catherine and Susie have decided not to come back into work after today. I overheard a conversation while getting my morning caffeine fix. It appeared Susie did not have to leave work early anymore, as it turns out she has been doing all week, and she seemed disappointed at the thought. I can only assume she is ‘Cindy’ and her lover was now required permanently at home. Office romances can get tricky. So, it will just be me, the Office Manager, and the boys from accounting in the office. By the end of Monday all my work had been completed. I was left wondering what I could possibly do to entertain myself for the rest of the week.

Tuesday. The accounting boys are starting to relax in the office. Today they wore thongs to work, thongs and business suits; interesting combination. The boys headed back to their desks from the lunchroom. I watched as they chatted and joked, really seeing them all for the first time.

Simon had been with company for as long as I had, we were hired on the same day. His tall frame set off the navy business suit he was sporting. A tight arse visible as her turned to move to his desk. Jason was the office gym junkie. His bulging arms strained the fabric of his sleeves, as did the large muscles of his legs. He looked like he could lift me off the ground and hold me up while he fucked me. The thought sent a shiver to my pussy. Matt was shorter than the other two, though the prominent bulge in his suit pants suggested it was in stature only not length. Again, my pussy convulsed. I could feel fresh lubrication and headed to the Ladies to relieve myself.

I moved into a stall and sat on the toilet. Lifting my skirt up I pulled my underwear canlı bahis to one side. My fingers found my soaking pussy and swollen lips. I ran my finger delicately along the lips, closing my eyes and imagining Jason’s tongue following the path. Fingers drove into my hungry pussy. One… Two… Three. I pumped them in and out, squelching with each thrust. My thumb tapped my clit bringing me to a satisfying orgasm. Removing my fingers, I slide each individually into my mouth, licking the tangy juices from them.

I returned to the office space, face flushed and a satisfied smile. The boys took notice and smiled.

Wednesday. The office area is open plan for the most part. My office sits against the far windows in the centre of the room. With frosted glass as walls, I generally have a remote sense of privacy. My front door is clear glass and looks across the rows of desks into the conference room. As Office Manager I need to be able to see everything that occurs in the office area. As a result, head office placed a camera in the conference room to give me full visage of the whole room, something that would not be possible from my desk alone.

The boys took advantage of the lack of hierarchy in the office and came to work in boardshorts and dress shirts. The new dress standards they had adopted gave me full view of three pairs of muscular, tanned legs. Jason, being a body builder, had skin that looked as smooth as silk, not a hair visible. Matt and Simon sported thin dark curls. I wanted to run my fingers through them. I wondered if Jason was hairless everywhere.

They set themselves up in the conference room being the only ones using the space throughout the week. bahis siteleri The conference room provides for group meetings with a large oval table running close to the back wall, as well as zoom conferences with a large screen on the wall. A small camera is positioned under the screen and has full view of the table, including underneath. This camera can be activated remotely to ensure meetings begin on time for foreign participants.

The private viewing camera placed by head office is discreetly positioned in the top corner of the room in the ceiling. The images connect to my office computer and give me a full view of the table and the screen. Watching the boys work in the conference room, spreading out on the table, got my juices flowing again. I headed to the Ladies thinking ‘I need to be more prepared.’

Thursday. The boys conducted countless meetings throughout the day. Fully professional in their boardshorts and dress shirts, their ties adjusted for each zoom conference. By the end of the day the boys had discovered how to cast their laptops to the screen, spending the last few hours of the day view pornographic videos. I spent my time in the Ladies, taking care of business. I really do need to be prepared.

On Friday Simon, Jason and Matt came to work in boardshorts and t-shirts. They clearly had their business suits for meetings in their bags. Just before midday the boys prepared themselves for the company accountancy conference. The boys stripped their shirts off and stood, chatting, in the conference room. Muscles rippled in the fluorescent glow of the down lights. Watching from the comfort of my office and the secret camera in the ceiling, I observed Jason bahis şirketleri flex his chest and arms. Matt had decided to change his boardshorts as well and stood in his white Bonds briefs. His massive cock in full view.

Watching the scene before me I imagined Jason holding me up against the wall, his hands reefing up my skirt and fingers diving into my panties. Matt and Simon on either side of me, grabbing my breasts, making me theirs. My hand moved into my desk drawer and retrieved the pocket vibrator I had brought from home. Sliding down in my chair, my skirt rode up around my hips. My fingers dove under my panties and traced the line of my wet lips. The more I imagined the deeper my fingers explored.

I envisioned a hand around my throat as fingers drove into my pussy. My digits played out the scene in my head, sliding in and out of my dripping snatch, fucking me. I turned on the toy and heard the familiar buzz that would send tingles throughout my body. I guided the toy to my waiting and eager clit. The nub rose out of the sheath and greeted the vibrations. The image in my mind escalated to the boys sucking my nipples into their mouths and biting the flesh. My body jumped and spasmed as the vibrating toy massaged my sensitive clit. The sensations brought me to a mind-numbing orgasm as I thrust my fingers deep into my pussy feeling it convulse with the release.

As my mind came back to the room, I became aware of eyes on me. Simon had walked out of the conference room to collect notes from his desk and was standing in the office space staring at me through my door. I swear he could smell the tang of my pussy and the scent of sex in the air. There was a straining lump in his crotch. He smiled. I adjusted myself in my chair, repositioning my underwear and sliding my skirt back over my hips. I sucked each finger into my mouth, licked my fingers clean, my eyes locked with his, and smiled back.

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