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On Display Pt. 02

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On Display II

The next morning (Sunday) I woke up feeling her hand still grasping my now limp dick. She was still asleep but as I laid there thinking about the day before, feeling the warmth of her hand, I started getting erect. That seemed to stir her from her sleep, and before long I felt a gentle squeeze and then some soft stroking. She rolled over toward me and took my left nipple into her mouth and sucked on it — sending a bolt of energy directly from nipple to cock.

“How did you know I’d agree to do everything you told me to do yesterday”?

“Well, I didn’t know for sure. The online chats we had the past couple weeks suggested you might. You were always “Yes Ma’am” or agreeing with me on things. Not like most men I know. So with a little wine, a little tease, I got the strong impression you were into me and willing to please me. I was right.”

“For the first time together, you went pretty fast! From groping to fingering to fucking me all in one evening. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute and look forward to whatever kinky ideas you have for the future.”

“Do you want some coffee?” She asked as she hopped out of bed. “You take a quick shower and I’ll run out and get us some coffee and donuts and the Sunday paper.”

I did as instructed, finding her spare towels in the bathroom and hopped into the shower. As I got out, I heard her returning to the apartment. I dried off, wrapped the towel around me and sauntered out to the living room.

“What do you think you’re doing? I didn’t say you could cover up! Get rid of that towel right now. That’s one demerit for you buster!”

I was momentarily stunned but dropped the towel as told and stood up straight — and naked for her.

“That’s better. Your punishment for this time is simple. I want you to sit out on the back patio, naked, to drink your coffee and read the paper. No one is likely to be out there this time of morning, but you never know!!”

I picked up my coffee cup and the paper and peaked out the back sliding door. I didn’t see anyone. There was a partition between us and the apartments next door, and the back of the lot was against a wooded creek area — so probably safe. I went out, sat down and drank. I was constantly looking around, but didn’t see anyone.

After 30 minutes or so she said I could come back in if I apologized to her for my messing up. I said I was very sorry and it wouldn’t happen again. She smiled, grabbed my cock and pulled me to the couch.

“I have a whole toy box of toys I haven’t used for years. Do you want to check it out?”

I nervously said “Sure”.

She got up and went to her room, returning a few moments later with a large plastic container. She opened it. I saw the strap on from yesterday laying on top. There were a lot of other items there too.

She pulled out a set of nipple clamps with a chain between them and vibrators on each clamp.

“Okay. These things are fun! Let’s play a game again. I’ll put these on you and if you can tolerate them for 30 minutes, you get to fuck me. If not, then we move on to the next item. Deal?”

I nodded agreement. She placed one clamp on my left nipple and tightened bahis şirketleri it to her satisfaction. It was pretty tight, but I thought I could handle it. She repeated the procedure on the right side, then turned on the vibrators. The sensation was wonderful at first. My nipples were loving it, my cock felt it almost as if it was directly involved, and I thought “fucking here we come”.

After 10 minutes the dull ache started to become a sharp pain in both nipples. The vibration added to that. After 15 minutes, I was starting to really regret this idea. I don’t think I made it to the 20 minute mark before I asked her to remove them.

“Beg me to remove them”! She said. “Please remove the nipple clamps now Sue, I can’t stand it much longer”. She did and the pain of them coming off was worse than keeping them on. For several minutes my nipples felt like they were on fire, and she ‘helped’ by licking and sucking on them until the poor babies were back to normal.

“Well, I guess we move on to the second item in my treasure box”.

“My ex- used to like this. We’ll see how you do”.

She pulled out an elongated object she described as a butt plug. It had a little antenna thing on one end. “I’ll need to charge this up before we use it. Just sit there and relax a while and finish the paper.

She plugged something into a wall socket and joined me in reading the paper, casually stroking me off and on.

After about 45 minutes, she said it should be charged up now. She unplugged the device and brought the plug over to me. “Okay boy, lube it up”! as she stuck it in my mouth. I lathered it up as good as I could before she lead me to the end of the couch and instructed me to bend over. She inserted the plug and it was a snug fit. It hurt a little bit going in, but not much more than her dildo had yesterday. Once it was firmly seated, she appeared satisfied and picked up the other device. “This is the controller. Now it’s off…. Now it’s on low setting”. As she turned the dial I felt a distinct but gentle buzzing in my bottom. Not bad, actually kind of pleasant. “That’s setting one of ten. If you don’t respond to me correctly or quickly enough, the dial goes up. Dwight (her ex-) could only tolerate a 5 or 6 before he’d beg me to stop”.

“Will you do whatever I ask of you?”

“Yes, I will Sue”.

The dial was turned up to 2. “I’d prefer you address me as Madam from now on”.

“Yes Madam, I will.”

“Will you go out to the car and see if I left my purse in there”?

“It’s broad daylight and someone will see me for sure”. Dial was turned to 3.

“Okay. How about this then. Will you let me tie you up?”

“Yes, Madam, you can tie me if you want”.

“I think we’ll save that for later. If you don’t mind”. “Do you mind if I take a few pictures — just keepsakes you know”?

“Please don’t as if the wrong people see those it would ruin my career in town”. Dial turned to 4.

“You disagreed with me AND didn’t address me as Madam”. Dial turned to 5.

By now the buzzing was intense. I was squirming around. It was oddly pleasant I guess as my cock started growing. She saw that and came to me and started pinching and stroking bahis firmaları my nipples again. “If you come, it goes to 6”!

With that, she grabbed my cock and started stroking firmly. I could see why her ex- couldn’t tolerate more. The sensation was so intense I thought I’d pass out.

“Please turn it off Madam. I’ll let you take pictures or do whatever you want, just please turn it off”.

She didn’t immediately respond to that. Instead she went into her room and came back with a small digital camera. “Smile” she said, and took a series of pictures from different angles.

She turned it off and said we should rest now.

We went to her room — me led by my cock and laid on the bed. Her hand wrapped around my cock and we rested.

After a while she said, “Oh, by the way. My best friend Bobbie is coming to join us for lunch today. Will you be nice for her?”

“Of course, Madam. I’ll be on my best behavior.”

“She doesn’t know about you so you’ll be a big surprise for her. Know that she is a big flirt so be careful”.

It was getting close to noon, so she told me to get up, get dressed, but leave the plug in.

Chapter 2 — Bobbie arrives

In just a little while, the doorbell rang. Sue greeted Bobbie and they came into the living room. Bobbie was a big girl — probably 5’10”, at least 220 lbs. She had a very seductive smile and eyes though and was dressed nicely in a loose top and pants the came to mid calf. Slip on shoes completed the outfit.

“Bobbie, this is Dave, my new boyfriend”. I greeted her and received a rib crushing hug. “Glad to meet you Bobbie” I was able to squeak out.

We sat down in the living room and talked a while. Every time Bobbie would seem a bit too interested in me, or I responded to her a bit too enthusiastically, I’d get a buzz of the butt plug to remind me to behave just right.

After brief conversation, Sue suggested we go to the local Mexican restaurant for lunch. Hopefully the Sunday crowd would be gone by now since it was nearly 1:00.

Indeed, the place was thinning out and we got a booth right away. I sat beside Sue and across from Bobbie. We talked about the food, the weather, our jobs, mostly small talk. Every once in a while I’d feel Bobbie’s foot rubbing my leg. And of course, if Sue noticed, I’d get a jolt of vibration and move my legs away.

Just before the food was expected, Sue had to use the restroom and I got up to let her out of the booth. When I sat down, Bobbie’s foot was rubbing up my legs, past my knees and onto my thighs. She gave me a really seductive smile and asked “How long have you and Sue been dating”?

“Well, just a bit over 24 hours now, but we’ve been chatting on line for weeks”.

“She never told me anything about you before, which surprises me as she rarely keeps any secrets from me.”

“We’re new together, and she has been busy getting moved and ready for her new job that starts tomorrow.”

“We’ll have the afternoon to get to know each other better too, and maybe plan some time together in the future. I’m not seeing anyone right now, so my time is pretty free on weekends and holidays. My kids live quite a ways from here so I kaçak bahis siteleri don’t see them too often. I have a friend renting my guest room right now and a sister that comes to town off and on. So, I’m pretty much a home body most of the time.”

The thigh massage was intensifying just as Sue returned. She didn’t apparently see it as I didn’t get a jolt this time.

Lunch came and was excellent. We each had a margarita or two. We left and stopped by the local Walmart to restock Sue’s wine collection and headed to her place.

On arrival there, Sue opened a bottle and offered each of us a glass and then sat down beside me — hand on my inner thigh. We talked for a few minutes about families and such. Sue had one grown daughter who lived quite a ways away and didn’t see her too often. Otherwise, she had no local friends besides Bobbie and me.

“Bobbie, would you mind terribly if I had Dave take his clothes off for us”?

“Not at all, in fact I think I’d enjoy that. I am surprised you’ve taken charge so soon in this 24 hours of relationship, but I don’t mind one bit.”

“Dave, please stand up and remove your clothes for us. All of them.”

I did so, and she patted the couch to get me to sit beside her again.

Sue and Bobbie were both teachers — in different schools but had taught together several years until they both moved on. As they chatted about work, she gently and continually stroked my erect cock as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be doing.

“Bobbie, I have a wonderful idea. I know from our past together that you enjoy games as much as I’ve learned that Dave does. How about a little game with the three of us?”

“That sounds good to me. How about you Dave?”

“I’m up for anything my Madam would like to do this afternoon. Just tell me the rules of the game.”

Sue got up and went to her room, bringing out her box of toys. She took one pair of handcuffs and put my hands behind me. She took another set and locked my left ankle to the base of the couch and right ankle to the other side. I had to have my legs pretty spread apart and fortunately the couch wasn’t too large. I was royally exposed.

“Oooh, is that something poking out of his bottom I spy?” asked Bobbie. She came up and placed a finger on it and gave it a poke. Sue showed her the remote control and how it worked. I went quickly from zero to 4 before Sue warned her about going up much more than that, and too quickly. She turned it back to a 2 before saying “Ok, what are the rules?”

“It’s something like musical chairs. I’ll put some music on the stereo. Each song lasts 3 1/2 to 4 minutes so we’ll have about 15 songs to play in an hour. We’ll take turns playing with him. He’ll have to be blindfolded and has to guess which of us was doing the honors that round. If he’s right, he gets one point. If he’s wrong, he loses one point. If he comes before the last song, he loses 10 points. After the game is over — he can choose one piece of clothing from either of us per point that he has won. If his point total is negative, then we get to choose one item from the toy box and play with it for each point we are ahead. Sounds fun, right?”

“Oooh, I love this idea. We’re going to have so much fun this afternoon, I just know it. What do you think Dave?”

“I’m game for whatever my Madam wants, and look forward to seeing you both strip off for me soon.”

(to be continued)

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