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On the Loveseat Ch. 08

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Hello Readers! This is the continuing story of Jeremy, his mother and aunt. It has taken on a life of its own and although I have a good amount of it drafted out, I don’t know where it will end. I welcome any and all suggestions (well, except pregnancy, that’s not my thing). As always, you should read the preceding chapters. Onedragon


Surprisingly I awoke again three hours later at nine twenty, still much earlier than I would usually get up. Breakfast smells filled the air; I could clearly detect bacon chief among them when I opened my bedroom door. I decided I needed a quick shower before going downstairs. Both Jojo and Johnny’s doors were open showing they were up already. Fifteen minutes later, I threw on a tee shirt and some loose shorts then descended the stairs to find everyone just about to sit down at the kitchen table.

‘What perfect timing!’ Mom exclaimed upon seeing me, giving me a sly wink that no one else noticed.

‘I can’t believe you’re up this early on a Sunday morning!’ Dad chimed in, looking up from his tablet.

Mom had told me I had to continue to respect my father, and I did, but something had changed in me with the way I felt about him. I loved him, sure. He had always been a big part of my life, teaching me how to hit a baseball, how to ride a bike, shave, drive a car, etc. He worked hard to support the family and to allow us to have all the extra things we had. But something was different. He wasn’t the large looming figure he once was, and not just in the physical sense either. Dad always seemed a giant to me, even after my adolescent growth spurt and I could look him eye to eye. Now though, he was just a man. A man with a sexy wife that he was neglecting.

‘I smelled bacon.’ I said dryly. I walked up behind mom and wrapped an arm around her waist in a seemingly innocent hug, but as I pulled my arm away, I let my hand drag across her ass. Mom was wearing her knee-length robe with her nightie underneath. She turned to look at me askance as she finished dishing the food onto platters.

‘Good morning honey.’ She said softly and sexily.

I turned to the table and sat at my usual spot. Dad was drinking coffee and was glued to his tablet; Johnny and Jojo were bickering over who got the first pancake. I smiled to myself at the normalcy of the scene, with so many undercurrents going on. I helped myself to a serving of eggs, pancakes, and some bacon before Johnny could wolf it all down. I poured Jojo’s syrup, then my own, and dug into my breakfast. I glanced up as mom sat and dished herself. She looked back at me, then at dad, before concentrating on her plate.

We were just finishing (I restrained myself this morning!) when dad announced, to everyone’s surprise, that he was taking us all to the zoo. Well, all but mom. Her extreme allergies around animals, even from the distance visitors were kept, would cause her face to swell, her eyes to water, and her nose to run like a faucet. It was the reason I never had a pet while growing up. Except for a goldfish I had when I was eight that lived for three weeks. I was so upset when Mr. Fishy went belly up that I never wanted another fish, the only pet I was allowed. So I knew mom wouldn’t be going.

Johnny began to roar like a lion going around the kitchen pretending he was about to eat each of us. Jojo started to recite all the different animals that she would see, listing about a dozen before she began to repeat herself. The zoo wasn’t far from where we lived and we usually would go once or twice a year. Much as I wouldn’t have minded going, if only to witness my younger brother and sister’s excitement, I had other things I wanted to do more than see my sister’s joy at the penguin exhibit or Johnny pretending to be an elephant with an arm hanging from his face as if it was his trunk. I pretended to be heartbroken when I announced that I had a major paper due later that week that I had barely started.

‘That’s what you get for procrastinating.’ Dad said without sympathy, staring at me with a bit of disappointment in his eyes, but for the fact that I wasn’t going or that I had gotten behind on my schoolwork, I couldn’t tell.

Mom looked at me suspiciously, but with a sly curve of her lips. I figured she suspected my story was fiction with the expectation of spending the day naked with her.

‘That’s too bad Jeremy. I know how much you enjoy going to the zoo.’ Mom said winking at me. I smiled weakly back at her.

‘I do, and if this Econ paper wasn’t thirty percent of my grade I would love to go, but …’ I trailed off dejectedly.

‘Well school is more important than seeing some gazelles.’ Dad said with the paternal air of imparting a valuable lesson. Gazelles were now added to Jojo’s list.

‘You’ll just have to stay home with your old mom.’ Mom said like it was a punishment.

‘You’re not so bad mom.’ I replied. Dad chuckled.

‘Well you two, it looks like it’s only the three of us!’ Johnny and Jojo cheered for some reason. ‘We’ll leave the party poopers at home and have fun by ourselves!’ At this, ataşehir escort the two youngsters began to run around the living room yelling ‘party pooper, party pooper’, and laughing hysterically.

Mom stared at dad and said, ‘you had to say that didn’t you?’ Dad shrugged his shoulders and grinned. He knew full well the result of saying ‘party pooper’ would have on the two kids.

‘Party pooper, party pooper.’ He pointed at mom and me. This caused Johnny and Jojo to fall to the floor holding their bellies from their laughter. I grinned at the sight, but mom scowled. It only lasted for a second or two before a smile broke out on her face.

‘I should make you some sandwiches and bags of snacks before you go.’ Mom turned to the fridge.

‘I’ll get the cooler from the garage so you can take some bottled water; I know you don’t want to pay the prices they charge there.’ I headed down the short hall past the utility room and through the door that opened into the garage. I returned a couple minutes later and mom was busy at the counter, Johnny and Jojo were heading upstairs to change out of their pajamas, and dad was headed for the bathroom for his morning constitutional. I set the cooler on the table and stood at mom’s side as she made sandwiches. She turned to look at me as she worked.

‘You don’t really have a paper to write, do you?’ She eyed me skeptically.

‘Yes … well … it’s not due until next week and it’s not part of my grade. Not any more than any other homework. I wanted to make it sound important so I could get out of going.’ I said sheepishly.

‘But you used to love going to the zoo.’ Mom looked at me over her shoulder.

‘I thought we could … you know …’ I stammered.

‘You thought you could get your old mom into bed all day long and have your way with her, didn’t you?’ She shook her head with a sense of disbelief.

‘Don’t you want to?’ Had I presumed too much?

Mom turned and had a huge grin on her face. ‘Honey. You have to ask? You know how I feel. I can’t get enough of you. And of this.’ She grabbed my crotch briefly, then looked around guiltily.

‘Mom!’ I jerked back. Not that I didn’t want her hand on my dick, but dad could return in any moment, or Johnny and/or Jojo could come back downstairs.

‘See, you make me so horny I can’t keep my hands off you!’ She mockingly reached for my crotch again.

‘I’ve created a monster!’ I joked.

Mom started to turn back to the counter before whirling and putting her hand on my dick, which was beginning to grow.

‘No, I’ve created a monster!’ She laughed as she gave me a firm squeeze. It would be soon!

‘I’m going upstairs until the three of them leave.’ I turned to leave.

‘You could put the bottled water in the cooler and fill it with ice from the freezer in the garage before you do.’ I dodged wide of mom, lest she make another grab at my stiffening cock. After putting a dozen half-liter bottles in the cooler I carried it into the garage and covered them with ice from the large freezer in the garage that we use to store meat that mom buys when it’s on sale, a couple turkeys, some hams, and ice for when we have parties. I came back and found dad and my siblings busily making plans and supervising mom as she finished with the sandwiches and small plastic bags filled with assorted nuts, snack mix, raisins, and a variety of cereals that the trio could eat throughout the day. The cooler had a small inner tray to keep items out of any water on the cooler’s bottom. Mom filled it with the food items and put it in the cooler, sealing the lid. She turned to dad.

‘Let me know when you leave, so I can start dinner before you get home.’ She gave him a peck on the cheek and I felt a tinge of jealousy. I’d seen mom kiss dad thousands of times and now I felt jealous. I should feel guilty. I saw mom glance at me out of the corner of her eye. I bent down and gave Jojo a similar kiss on her cheek, then ran my hand through Johnny’s hair.

‘I want a full list of all the animals you see Jojo! And a menu of all the ones you ate Mr. Lion!’ My sister smiled up at me, and my brother began to roar again. Mom and dad smiled at the three of us. Like we were an ordinary family. As if!

‘Well I have to get started.’ I said and went up the stairs, keeping up my pretense.

‘Come on you two, we got a full day ahead of us. Let’s leave these party poopers!’ Dad herded them to the front door, giggling as they went. I heard the front door close from my room, my own door left open. Would mom come up immediately or did she expect me to come back down? I decided to wait for her in my bed.

It was nearly half an hour before mom came upstairs. I was leaning against the headboard, playing on my phone. She stood at my doorway, leaning her back against the doorframe, one hand on her hip and the other on the opposite doorframe. She looked at me sexily which was betrayed by her definitely unsexy cotton robe.

‘I thought you would come up right away after they left.’ I questioned.

Mom gave me another sultry kadıköy escort stare and whispered in the voice of a seductress.

‘I had to change first.’

She stood turning slightly towards me and casually dropped her robe.

‘What the …?!’ I had suddenly lost my voice.

Mom was standing there, not wearing her normal drab nightie, but instead, the sexiest lingerie that I had ever seen!

The top was white lace in arabesque patterns on a sheer background that hung from straps on her shoulders down to intricate cups that hid her breasts while concealing nothing. It draped from beneath her tits flaring out to hang just above her belly and hips, the entire piece was tied in the front by two small ribbon bows. Clinging around her hips were white ribbons connected to a matching piece of white lace, in similar patterns to the top, that barely covered mom’s patch of pubic hair, and when she twirled around, I saw the ribbons converged into an even smaller triangle of lace that only enhanced the curves of mom’s ass cheeks. I’d seen her naked before, but this was so much more sexy!

Mom could have been a Vanessa’s Closet model!

She had a funny smile on her face. ‘Do you like?’

My throat had dried up like the desert that had moved into my open mouth! My eyes were probably as wide as my mouth!

‘No answer?’ Mom walked, no, mom strutted across the room to stand beside my bed.

‘Cat got your tongue?’ Mom asked licking her lips slowly.

My cock was trying to grow hands to rip its way out of my pants!

‘If you don’t like it, I can put my regular nightie back on.’ Mom put a hand on my right calf, softly tracing her fingers along the muscle. Every hair on both legs stood up at her touch.

‘No!’ I finally managed to croak out. ‘No. I love it. So love it! You are so amazingly sexy mom!’ I sat up straighter.

‘Really?’ She purred.

‘I can’t believe dad wouldn’t be all over you wearing this!’

‘I bought it hoping to bring a spark back, but I’ve never had a chance to wear it. Until now.’ Her sexual confidence faltered for a moment as her eyes dropped to the floor, but they quickly returned to look at me.

‘Spark, hell, this should have ignited an inferno!’ I gasped at this sex kitten standing two feet away from me.

‘Thank you honey. It’s nice to know that someone in this house thinks I’m sexy.’

‘You know I think you’re one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen mom!’ My eyes didn’t know where to look; I was trying to imprint this vision of mom on the inside of my eyeballs so I would always be able to see her dressed like this!

‘It’s not just because I let you fuck my brains out? Or that I wear my most risqué lingerie for my handsome son?’ Mom said coyly.

‘It may help.’ My brain was now running off a couple hundred copies of her image to save for later!

She laughed softly.

‘Are you going to just sit there and stare, or are you going to unwrap your sexy mom?’ She batted her eyes at me.

I sprang from the bed in one motion to stand beside this angel. I wrapped my arms around mom as she raised her hands to the back of my neck. Our bodies merged along with our lips, and in a moment both our tongues also. Neither of us was in any hurry, so even though both our passions were racing, we took our time with our kiss, breathing as deeply as we could so we would not have to separate any time soon. I’m sure my tongue could have recreated the inside of mom’s mouth from memory!

We did eventually pull apart enough to stare into each other’s eyes for many long moments. As I held mom with my arms encircling her waist I asked a question that may have broke the mood, but I had no fear that we could regain it.

‘What made dad want to go to the zoo today?’

Mom looked back at me with a questioning stare.

‘That’s what’s on your mind? Not the half-naked woman in your arms?’ She pushed her hip against my stiff cock. She had a point, what was I thinking?

‘I told him that he hasn’t spent any time with his kids in some time. He wanted to do something with all of us, but the only idea he could come up with was the zoo. The four of you haven’t been in quite awhile.’ She continued to stare into my eyes. I was happy to let her!

‘I did just go golfing with him a few weeks ago.’ I stated in response.

‘I know. The day after Jess jerked you off and you fingered her. I remember.’ Mom’s hands were playing in my hair. My own hands drifted down to caress her bare ass.

‘I was so confused back then about what was going on. With the two of you. I didn’t know that you knew what Aunt Jess had done to me, and I couldn’t face either of you the next day. I wish I knew then what I know now, I could have spent that morning with both of you!’

‘Do you think it’s wise to talk about my sister now? Am I not enough for you?’

‘That’s not what I meant!’ I leaned forward and kissed her softly. It was a short kiss, but it was full of the emotions I felt for mom. ‘Just that we could have had more time together. You are all that bostancı escort I need mom!’ I kissed her again, this time on the forehead.

‘What I need is some of this.’ Mom moved a hand down between us and rubbed it against my aching cock. I gave her ass a slap and sat back down on the bed.

‘Give me a show, mom! Show me how sexy you really can be!’ I exclaimed.

‘You want me to do a strip tease for you?’ She smiled back at me. ‘I hoped that you wanted to undress me!’

‘I do! I don’t want you to strip. Well I do, but not now. Just dance around and show off your sexy lingerie and your hot body for me!’

‘I’ve never danced around for your father!’ Mom said breathily.

‘I want you to do everything for me, mom! I want to do everything for you, and to you!’

‘Oh honey!’ Mom drawled out with emotion.

Mom took a step back from my bed and with a momentary pause to collect herself, she bent her knees and began to shimmy her hips, rising back upright as she twisted around to reveal her wiggling ass. She raised her arms over her head as she turned, twisting her head to stare back at me over her practically bare shoulder. She gave a shudder and quickly bent forward, putting her hands on her knees and shook her full curvy ass in my direction. I almost couldn’t resist the urge to reach forward and grab it! Mom continued her dancing, twisting and bending, shaking and wriggling all her finest attributes for my enjoyment. Her hands ran over her bare skin and her barely covered torso. Her glistening green eyes glowed with her lust and with her love. Mom was Terpsichore and Venus combined in one mortal body, dancing her passion and her lust for me.

I could no longer suffer the confinement of my raging cock, so I unfastened my shorts, and dropped them to the floor. My boxers didn’t form a tent, it was a whole damn circus big top! My eyes followed mom as she twirled and swirled before me. I had to end her teasing exhibition, reached out with both hands, and grabbed mom by her sides, pulling her to stand next to the bed. I looked up at her face; a faint sheen from her exertion gave her a pale glow in the late morning light from the window. Mom looked down at my face, then at the pole hidden by my boxers.

‘Is that for me?’ Mom exclaimed, licking her lips.

‘Yes. Now let us unwrap both our presents.’ I grabbed her ass again, cupping each cheek with a firm squeeze, while I bent forward and kissed her exposed upper chest. Mom put a hand under my chin, raised my head, and bent to kiss me. She pushed forward until I fell backwards onto my bed, her lips still fastened to mine.

Mom climbed up on the bed straddling me, her bush peeking out from the tiny piece of fabric as she spread her legs wide. She pushed her crotch against my dick as she sat on my hips and then began to grind her panties on my boxers. I was already about to cum and the image of this lingerie model rubbing her panty-clad pussy against my aching cock didn’t help at all! There was a full day before us and I was ready to pop before we barely started!

‘Mom! Keep that up for another minute and you’ll be washing cum stains out of my boxers!’ I grunted.

She giggled from her perch, staring down at my face through half-lidded eyes. She did relent after two additional harder thrusts.

‘We can’t have you wasting that delicious cum in your shorts!’ Mom smiled deviously and rolled off me. She grabbed my boxers and pulled them down to my knees, I lifted my feet up to allow her to remove them completely. My cock, now reddened from mom rubbing the rough fabric against it, stood tall. Mom’s eyes grew at the sight of it; her hands reached out and fondled it reverently.

‘You have such a beautiful cock, Jeremy.’ Mom said softly as her fingers traced the bulging veins.

‘You made it that way mom.’ I replied, meaning both that she had created it and had made it erect.

Mom chuckled. ‘I did, didn’t I?’ She glanced up at my face for a second before her gaze returned to her creation. ‘I did a good job!’

Mom moved around on the bed until her head was within a foot of my crotch, my eight and a half inch dick positioned between her face and mine. She looked at my face past my flesh tower. Her viridian eyes glimmered. She licked her lips slowly and moved those twelve inches closer. Mom took my cock leisurely into her warm wet mouth, swirling her tongue over the mushroom head as her lips traveled over my taut skin. I unconsciously let out a groan. Mom’s eyes flicked up to mine for a moment. I watched as I was engulfed by mom’s oral chamber, torn between the sight of her beautiful face and the urge to throw my head back, clench my eyes shut, and just focus on the exquisite sensations mom was giving me.

She had almost two-thirds of my shaft deep in her throat when she stopped. I could hear her making gagging sounds, but she didn’t pull back up. I could feel her tongue caressing my length as well as she could with her mouth full of my cock. A small coughing sound came from her throat and she quickly lifted her head, drooling masses of thick saliva on my rod as she did. After a breath and clearing her throat, mom sunk her mouth down again, quicker this time, and was able to get a bit more of me into her throat. She held me there, making swallowing motions around my pulsing dick.

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