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Orange Walk Films Ch. 02

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Brainstorming – by Polly+Anna (1148 words) a second Orange Walk Film story (1/23/20)

Friday – November 13, 1993

My girl Anna, like so many of us, learned to masturbate by grinding on her pillow. I woke the morning after her birthday party to the gentle movements of our mattress swaying as she was stimulating her labia and her clitoris with a soft gentle friction provided by her grey silk pillowcase. She had taken one of our very soft goose-down pillows and folded it in half lengthwise and was busily making it smell really nice and savory. I decided that I would have to be sure to swap it with mine later.

I was lying naked between our cool silk sheets as I opened my eyes and watched as my most lovely, darling and equally naked lover was sitting up on her haunches atop those grey sheets. She was straddling and enthusiastically riding the object of her affection. Her modest weight being concentrated on the folds and valleys of her vagina. To say that Anna is sexually insatiable is to overstate the situation, but not by an order of magnitude. My electric toothbrush in our bathroom also has her wonderfully musky smell upon it.

I considered but immediately discarded the idea of two names for our next movie:




the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.





extravagant behavior that is intended to attract attention to oneself.

First, for Anna this sort of thing was not an extravagant behavior. Besides bahis firmaları over a year ago we had both graduated from an exclusive, academically respected, private academy. Where among more useful facts, we were taught that in general usage both terms referred to acts in a public rather than a private place and neither term referred to the activities of intimate partners together. Those titles would have to wait for other scripts.

Regardless of its definition – masturbation after all specifically calls for a hand, not a sewn linen sack of goose-down – Anna enjoyed being watched as she had been last night and as I was doing now. It was equally true that I was being sexually stimulated from watching her. Lance and Dale being healthy and male humans, were most assuredly turned-on by the sight and sounds of Anne’s fingers stroking her most intimate of areas last night.

And being two rather perceptive young men, they paid rapt attention as they were being given a tutorial on exactly what floated Ms. Anna’s boat.

I think that the presence of the camera actually helped to lower her inhibitions, not that they were particularly strong to begin with. We have been one another’s tennis partners and friends at the country club and academy forever, so she is not intimidated in any way by the three of us. But, I basically wrote the script for last night’s activity. Any opinions they might have had regarding the manner in which she touched herself, or what she sounded or looked like in the throes of her own passion could easily have been deflected and sent my way. Notwithstanding the fact that it was our relationship kaçak iddaa together that informed my writing.

Beside me Anna moaned as she came and then flopped face first on the mattress.

I leaned over and kissed her in the center of the small of her back.

“Your turn,” she said sexily.

Taking her cue, I stood next to her at the side of the bed and took a set of Mardi Gras beads from her nightstand. Spreading my thighs slightly and placing my left knee near her head on our bed I gave her an up close and personal look at my sex.

Then I reached around behind my butt and took the bottom end of the necklace in my right hand. Pulling up slowly with my left hand the individual beads went bump, bump, bump through my slit between my lips across my vaginal opening and over my hooded clitoris. Then as my hand touched by butt I slowly reversed course.

Back and forth I went, slowly dragging the beads forwards and backwards as my stimulation built.

“I have and idea,” she said, “I could be doing that on camera, masturbating with the beads and then you could walk in and see me and decide to join in.”

“Really?” I said. “Be a dear and roll over.”

Anna did as I had requested.

“So, I could lie down on the bed. Just like you are doing now. You would slowly move from my position here,” I said as I moved, “to here…”

I was on the bed straddling her sitting on my haunches with one knee on either side of her head.

“Oh, that’s perfect!” She said as she made strong eye-contact with me and I continued to stroke the beads through the swelling folds of my now soppy wet vagina.

She kaçak bahis started to touch me, and I said, “later babe, after I—”

I was going to say after I came, but I didn’t get all of the words out before I actually did.

The left side of our bed as you face it is Anna’s. I had been straddling her there and making a puddle on the sheets where she sleeps. I rolled over to my side and laid down on my back with my legs spread wide open. She moved over and sat in a comfortable position sitting down to my right, sliding her right leg under my right leg and over my left. Then she bent her left leg over my flat tummy holding me down.

It was actually a position she had found in a yoga book of all places. Anna dipped her finger into my sodden vagina and coated it liberally with my own natural lubricant. Then she started to – as lightly as she possibly could – move her finger back and forth just the tiniest bit, teasing my clitoral head. It was somehow both totally delightful and incredibly frustrating at the same time.

Anna was giving it to me slow, very slow, and her end goal was not so much making me come again, but keeping me up there on that edge. She was oh so gently stroking me with just that one finger on the upper, near side of my clitoris.

Everything was perfect in my world. I could only focus on those eight thousand nerve endings that Anna was interacting with.

Her touch was electric as she applied the softest, gentlest, slightest amount of direct pressure and she didn’t buff it. She just kept moving back and forth while periodically reapplying lubricant.

My frustration melted into anticipation and that flowed into a nearly out-of-body experience before finally, after the longest time on that blessed plateau, I orgasmed and just laid there in the afterglow.

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