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Our Dirty Night

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As the clock strikes 12 on this long hot summer day Ellie and Adam get ready for bed, they both begin to undress Adam watches as Ellie pulls down her trousers revealing her white panties cradling her big soft ass.

Ellie notices Adam watching her ass, so she decides to tease him a little bit by bending over as she slowly slides per panties down her thick beautiful legs her ass cheeks slightly opening giving him a glimpse of her tight asshole.

She sees a bulge begin to appear in his boxers then drops her panties and walks into the bathroom.

Adam removes his top and begins removing his boxers, As he does so they catch on his cock which is starting to become bigger.

Adam lifts them over his bulge and removes them then climbs into bed awaiting her return.

After a while she emerges from the bathroom and climbs into bed, She leans in close to him and whispers to him “I have a surprise for you” then she lay on her stomach.

Adam wondered what she meant but he figured he would find out eventually so he moved up to her and placed his arm over her back and started kissing the back of her neck.

After kissing her neck a few times he slowly started kissing down her back getting lower and lower.

As he was almost to her ass he climbed onto her and leaned forward towards her pendik escort ear and asked “So what’s my surprise?” to this she replied “You’ll find out.”

With that he started moving slowly down her back again his cock running across her ass then down her legs until his face was right in front of her soft ass.

Adam started gently kissing her ass cheeks moving closer towards the center with each kiss, As he reached the middle of her ass he lifted his head up slightly away for her ass and placed his hands on her ass cheeks.

Ellie said in a sexy tone “Are you ready for one of your surprises?” as she said this he slowly pulled apart her ass cheeks revealing the smell of her sweat and her dirty asshole, She didn’t wipe.

Adam found the smell and sight extremely erotic, his cock started throbbing as he caught a second smell of her incredible aroma.

The only thing Adam could think of at this moment “I can’t wait to taste this dirty asshole!”

but as he moved his face closer to her asshole she felt his breath getting closer and closer to her asshole suddenly she said “Are you ready for surprise number 2?” and with that she pushed her asshole outwards until it was touching the tip of his nose, And then a small fart escaped from her asshole straight onto his nose.

Adam was in tuzla escort love with the smells, They were almost hypnotizing. Ellie spoke up and said “Put your lips around my asshole now.” he complied, As he did she let out another fart directly into his mouth giving him his first taste of her delicious anal flavors.

As he lay there with his face buried in her ass savoring the smell and taste Ellie spoke again “I want you to clean my dirty asshole now, With your tongue.”

Adam didn’t hesitate for a second, He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart and ran his tongue all over Ellie’s asshole.

Mesmerized by the taste of her filthy asshole, He then pushed his tongue inside her asshole.

As he pushed it deeper he felt his tongue press against a soft piece of scat.

At that moment his cock became rock hard as she pushed his tongue out of her asshole and the piece of scat followed out and sat there on her asshole.

Ellie spoke again “Looks like you missed some, I guess you’ll just have to clean me again.”

Adam looked down at her asshole as she rubbed the piece of scat between her ass cheeks, the smell flowing up into his nose.

As the smell engulfed his senses some cum dripped from the tip of his throbbing cock onto her leg.

Ellie lifted her feet up between kartal escort Adams legs stroking his cock with one and gently pushing her toes beneath his balls and as he opened his mouth to let out a sigh of pleasure she thrusted her ass into his face rubbing her filthy ass over his mouth and nose.

Ellie then demanded “Now clean me!” Adam then quickly pushed his tongue into her asshole running it in circles inside her, She let out a moan and suddenly jerked her foot down his cock releasing a few more drops of cum onto her leg as he started cleaning all over her asshole and cheeks.

Adam then said “It’s all clean” she replied “Okay, now here’s your reward” Ellie then released another fart from her asshole into Adam’s mouth.

As it flowed over his tongue more cum dripped from his cock then suddenly Ellie pushed him to the side and climbed on top of him.

Ellie now had his arms pinned down with her legs and her ass pressed against his face, With one hand she grabbed his cock and the other she pulled her ass open she began to jerk his cock vigorously then let out a huge fart into Adams face as the smell hit him an eruption of cum spurted out of Adams throbbing cock straight into Ellie’s mouth as she leaned forward pushing his entire cock down her throat while he continued spraying cum inside her.

Ellie slid his cock out of her throat and cum fell from her mouth all over his cock, She headed towards the bathroom to clean up. Ellie turned to Adam and said “Don’t you worry, this is just the beginning…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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