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Our Life Story

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Back a few years ago I authored the story of Mallory and myself. We got 1000’s of replies and emails. Most however did not believe our story, although they liked it. That is okay because if I hadn’t lived it I would have not believed myself. But sometimes the extrodinary does happen. A series on events one as unlikely as the other that makes something truely a miracle.But no-matter if you believe it of not, we hope that you enjoy the re-release of our story……

To all the English critics, I am not nor care to be a teacher. If you are annoyed by grammer issues please skip this story altogether as I know it will annoy you. This is a place for amature writers, we have no published works here……

Let me say that in no way am I sorry for what happened in my life. The incest and sex at a young age did not make me a bad person. I didn’t develope a drug or alcohol issues, and I didn’t end up some screwed up individual. I just ended up the way I started out, Loving Sex…… This is my true story, as I remember it….

I was 9 and my brother was 12 when mom died in an car crash coming home from work.. The transition to a single parent family wasn’t easy. Me, dad, and my brother was now left feeling like fish out of water. We didn’t really know what to do and we all seemed to react differently to mom’s death.

Dad seemed to just immerse him-self in projects around the house and his business, my brother seemed to hold it in as though it didn’t bother him and chose not to say to much about it. While I seemed to not know any other way to show my emotions other than crying. Dad and my brother were both very supportive of me when I would cry, they would hold me and tell me that everything would work out.

When I was 12 I walked in on my brother, James, masturbating in his room. “Sis get the hell out.” as he quickly covered up his cock. I quickly shut the door and ran sobbing to my room. I don’t know what he was doing but whatever it was he sure was mad at me for walking in on him. He had never screamed at me like that before. But I also was a little captivated by the size of his penis. It was probably only about 5 inches long, but compared to the ones I had seen on my baby cousins, it was huge.

About 3 minutes later he knocked on my door and come in. ‘Jenny, I am sorry I yelled at you but you kind-of scared me.” I reached up and gave him a hug. “What was you doing.” I asked. He acted confused about what to say, but finally he said. “ Okay I am going to tell you something, but you can’t ever tell anyone especially dad.” I said that I promised. He started telling me about what boy’s and girls do together and that it was called sex. I had heard of sex before but I had always thought that it was the small amount I saw them do in the movies just kissing and hugging and touching. I had never thought about guy’s sticking their thing in a girl or even really touching it. After he told me I started asking questions. He then took me to dad’s room and opened the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers. He took out a VHS cassette and put it into the VCR.

With-in minutes I had saw and learned more about sex than I had ever imagined. As I watched I saw a guy have sex with a female and then he jerked his cock and white stuff came out and splashed all over the girl. I realized at the point that that was what my brother was doing and that apparently it was extremely enjoyable. I also saw that sex was something that adults apparently really like to do, as the people on the tape apparently also really liked it.

“James have you ever done any of this?” I asked as we hurried to rewind the tape and put it back into the drawer. “No, just the jerking part.” “ Do you have white stuff come out, and what is it? I said. “It is called cum and apparently girls like to eat it and have it shot all over their face and tits, and yes I do have a small amount that comes out, but not as much as the guy’s in the movies, must be because they are older than me .”

We knew that dad would be home soon and wouldn’t be happy about us being in his room with-out him being there so we left his room and went outside to our tree-house. Our tree-house was in a tree about 50 feet from the side of the garage, we always could hear dad pulling up to the house from the tree-house. It was almost to good of a place to be true. Dad had built it right after mom had died. It had a window on all four sides, but had shutters you could shut from the inside and it’s only entrance was the trap door on the bottom. Dad had also ran electricity from the garage to the tree-house. So we had light and a wall outlet plug.

“James, can females feel good by touching themselves down there. I mean I have never felt anything from touching my-self like when I had to wipe after peeing.”

“ I don’t know, I saw a guy touch a girl down there but I don’t know if it feels the same way as when I touch my dick.” Said James.

“ James have you ever touched a girl before, I mean if you will let me play with you down there, I will let you play with me.” “ Do you want to ?” I asked.. He nodded yes.

We both looked at each other for a minute and then we started removing our pants and underwear. He came over to me and I reached out for his dick, I then spread my legs a little and gave his hand room between my legs. The minute we touched each other we were both just amazed at how good it felt to be touched by another person. It felt so good to me and I could tell that me stroking him was making him feel good too. I didn’t know why I had the urge to kiss him but I did. I reached for his head and pulled his head to my mouth and gave him a kiss. The first one I had ever gave, so it was closed mouth and not to long, but it was very soft and slow.

He looked at me differently at that point. I could see that we really was starting to like me differently somehow, like in the movies with a boyfriend and girlfriend. It was at that moment of string into each others eyes that it happens. Dad was pulling up in his truck. We rushed to put our cloths back on, but by the time we exited the tree-house dad was in the house. That was close I thought…..

Me and James didn’t say to much the next few day’s that summer week. But Monday rolled away again and Dad had work to do and so he left us alone again. As soon as Dad was out of the house, I went to James. “ Did I do something wrong by kissing you ?” I asked. “ No I just have never done that before and I felt kind-of bad when dad came home and we were doing that. I mean what would he think if he saw us doing that ?” He said.
He was right about that, but I wanted more and I was sure that he did too. “ James, dad just left and isn’t going to be back for a while, lets go to the tree-house and do it again. It felt really good.” James smiled, I now think that maybe he was ashamed and didn’t know what I thought about him. But my suggestion must have let him know that I really liked it.

“Okay, but can we get totally naked this time and lay down this time.” He asked

“ Yes” I said.

I could hardy make it up the ladder I was so nervous and excited. When we finally got up there we put down the blanket over the closed trap door and laid down.

James then leaned over and kissed me. This kiss started off like the other one, but then James stuck his tongue in my mouth, at first I didn’t like it, but I wanted him to touch me so badly I wasn’t going to stop him. After a few minutes I started really liking it and I wanted him so bad, so I started sticking my tongue in his mouth and we kind-of just went at each other. With-in a few minutes we started stripping each others cloths off. With-in a minute we were both completely naked, with him laying on top of me kissing me and rubbing his dick on my naked body. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew it involved my brother and sex.

After we kissed and he humped me for a few minutes, I wanted to touch him. I grabbed him and pushed him on his back, I then grabbed his dick and started playing with him. I got down closer to his dick to get a good look at it while I jerked it. As I was jerking I saw a clear liquid at the tip of his dick. I didn’t know what it was, but I had a strong urge to lick it off. So I bent over and used my tongue to lick it off. James moaned and his back shot up a little as he grabbed my head. “Please do that again, it felt so good.” he begged.
I took my tongue and liked him all over his dick. He must have really liked it because he was moaning loudly now. I then thought about the girl in the porno movie, she had put his dick in her mouth and closed her mouth around it while she moved up and down. I decided to try it out. My I opened wide and put his dick in my mouth and started sucking him. With-in a minute he told me he was about to cum. I didn’t know what to do so I just kept sucking him. He then came in my mouth. I won’t say that it tasted great, but he didn’t cum much and it didn’t taste terrible. Before I knew it I had swallowed it.

After that James was about to get up, but I wasn’t done yet. I put his dick back in my mouth and started sucking it again. With-in about 3 minutes he was ready to play some more. “Why don’t you let me lick you down there now ?” he said. I was ready and wanted him to do something that would satisfy the fire that I felt inside of me.

He then got down between my legs and started licking me. It felt so good and I couldn’t help but to moan loudly. With-in a few minutes he had found my clitoris and he
was licking it hard and fast. I don’t know what happened but a shook all over and then I felt the greatest feeling ever and it ended with me satisfied, I then passed out.

I awoke to James shaking me asking if I was okay as I awoke. I don’t know why I had passed out. I had never before and I have never again since. But I awoke not worried but fully content and happy. I just grabbed James and kissed him again.

This was just the beginning of new love that me and my brother shared and just a
touch of the innocent little girl that turns into a total slut. I will share the rest of my true life story in future installments. Watch out for them ……

By the time I was 18, I had slept with over 50 men. I don’t know why I liked sex so much at such an early age, but once I started having sex, I just became a nymph and couldn’t ever get enough. There was times that I had sex with 3 separate guys in the same day. No male was really safe around me, If I wanted you were powerless to say no.

Next Part

Part one left off at me and my brother having gave each other our first oral sex. I think I am going to go back to that story so you can see how it really all got started…….

We could hardly keep our eyes off of each other at the kitchen table that night, and it didn’t go unnoticed. “ Why are you two looking at each other like that, what is going on that I don’t know about, are you two keeping a secret from me ?” Dad said it in a joking kind-of way, me and James must have went 3 shades of red as we both fumbled to find an answer that just wouldn’t come out. “ I guess with my birthday being next week, I shouldn’t be asking you any questions right ?” he continued. James couldn’t say anything it was as though he had been caught. “ How old are you going to be again Dad.” I asked. “31” he answered. We then finished our meal and went our separate way’s.

When I got back to my room that night it hit me. Dad was only 16 when James was born and mom was 2 years younger than Dad that means she was only 14. I didn’t know you could even have a baby at 14. It seems awful young I thought. One thing was for sure though, if mom and dad could have sex at that age it should be okay for me to, I am only 2 years younger than mom was, and actually I was to turn 13 in another month.

That night I couldn’t get to sleep all I could think about was what happened that day and the way it felt. The bad part though was that before I knew it, I was on fire again inside. I needed relief again. I didn’t want to take a chance though of getting caught with James with Dad home, so I started rubbing myself. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was super hot before I was able to finally get a rhythm or where to touch myself to make me start to get some relief. I seemed to take me about 20 minutes to finally go off, but when I did I screamed so load that everyone in the house had to have heard me. I quickly covered up and waited for someone to come in to check on me. With in about 15 seconds dad came up-stairs to my room with James right behind him.

Dad cut on the light and ran over to my bed. “Are you okay Jenny” he asked. I was so embarrassed, I told him that I had just had a bad dream. Dad would always grab my hands and pull them to his mouth and kiss them, it was just a fatherly expression of love.
This time though when he did it, he kept them up there a little longer than normal. I knew that he had to have smelled my pussy on my hands. He just said okay and left the room with a vacant look on hid face. I knew that I had been caught.

Dad didn’t say much to me the next morning. I don’t think he was mad he just didn’t act like he knew what to say to me. As soon as Dad went outside to go to work, I shot upstairs to James room, he was still asleep. I noticed from him being half uncovered that all he was wearing was his shorts. I took off all my cloths and slid into the bed behind him. He started to stir and turned over to see that it was me holding him. We faced each other holding each other and started to lightly kiss each other . James then started kissing my neck and it make me all jittery inside and turned me on my much. I knew that we were on our way to round two on the day before.

James started going down my body, this time stopping at my budding A cup tit’s to suck on them. When he did it shot a felling down into my pussy that really turned me on. I had to reach down and start touching my-self as he sucked my tit’s. After about 2 minutes he slowly started kissing his way down to my pussy. He started eating me and with-in just a few minutes I had an orgasm. I reached down and grabbed his dick and he laid over on his back. I started sucking his dick but I didn’t suck him for long this time. I wanted him to be inside of me like the girls in the porn movie.

“James, I want you inside of me.” “ Are you sure Jenny, I heard that It hurts the girl the first time.” “How much” I asked. “ I don’t know, I mean I guess they like it enough to keep doing it.” James said. “ Lets try it ” James moved me on my back and got over the top of me. He positioned his dick at my pussy and rubbed it up and down a few times. Then he put it in the hole and started to push it in. I wrenched in pain and James pulled it back out again. After the pain eased he tried again and again It hurt to bad. Frustrated and really wanting to do this I told Him “ James put it back in and push extremely hard and force it in me, I want to do this.” James put it back in at with all of his force he forced his dick into me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. “ Are you okay Jenny” he asked. I couldn’t breath it was the worse pain I had ever had up till that time.

It still hurt but I wanted this no-matter what. I told James to keep going. James pushed in and out of me and after about 15 strokes the pain stopped. after about 10 more James unloaded into me. It was a bitter sweet time. I was happy to have my first experience but unsure at that time if I really even liked it, I mean it did hurt a lot. But James said that the first time would, maybe the next time it would feel better. We held each other and both of us passed out in his bed.

We woke up about two hours later, when I went to the bathroom I was full of blood and it really hurt when I peed. I was afraid that I might have been hurt badly by the sex, I was extremely sore. But I had little regrets, I wanted my first time so badly and I got it.

Me and James stopped for awhile after that. We were just to shocked by all of the blood and the pain. I think that James felt bad that he hurt me. I was just to sore to even touch my pussy for at least 3 day’s.

After about 5 day’s from my last sexual experience, I was really wanting to try it again and from the looks James had given to me the day before I knew that he was thinking the same thing. From what I remember the day was Saturday and dad had to go and bid on a job or something like that. He left the house early and I once again went to James room.

I once again took off my clothes and got into the bed with him to have a repeat of the last time. This time I grabbed his dick and started stroking him slowly, he slowly started to come around. I then went down on him sucking his dick slowly. I didn’t want for him to come just yet. I wanted him to last and I wanted a really good sexual experience this time. After a few minutes he push me over onto my back and got me into what I now know is the 69 position. We ate and sucked each other for at least 5 minutes. Then I told him to stick his dick into me again. “ What if I hurt you again.” he said… “ I have a feeling that it will be better this time.

He took his dick and entered me slowly. At first it did start to hurt but then it started to feel really good. With-in a few strokes I was totally engulfed in sexual bliss. We went at each other for at least 10 minutes and I had another orgasm. This time though I didn’t want him to cum inside of me. I asked him to come all over my body, and he did. I then told him to put his dick back in my mouth and I cleaned him up. James went and got me a washcloth and he cleaned me up.

I really enjoyed sex with my brother. We had sex a lot after that, but he wasn’t the only one. Nope my next sexual encounter with a guy was just a few day’s after this last written encounter. I won’t tell you who though. If you want to know you will have to read part three to my true life story……

My last 2 stories showed you how my young sex life got started. They were both stories about me and my brother, about loosing my virginity, and about the beginning path that ends in a way that is will totally shock most people. It shows a change from the me I was to the me I am now. I have no regrets about my past, it has developed me into the person I am now. This is part three of my true life story. Most of which is taken from my diary and the rest from my remembrances of those day’s. If you haven’t read part one and two yet, I suggest that you do. They are the beginning to the story and you will miss a lot by not reading them in order. I will be trying to write all of them with-in the next few weeks.

Dad’s birthday was just 2 day’s away and I had little clue as to what to get him for his birthday. Dad seemed to have everything that he needed and I really didn’t have a lot of allowance money to buy him anything. I did have one idea though. A nice meal, the way that mom used to fix it. But the problem was that I really wasn’t a cook besides food that you warmed up or cooked in the microwave I was kind of clueless. I did though have a secret weapon so to say, my Aunt Janet lived in a town about 20 – 30 miles from our small town. May-be she would be willing to help me and give me the credit. I would of course tell Dad that I had a little help.

I called Aunt Janet and while she couldn’t come to my house. She did give me the recipe for Chicken and Dumplings. I thought that that would be perfect, Dad loved Chicken and Dumplings and I don’t think he had had any since mom died, I know we hadn’t had them at the house. So I sat off to the store on the corner to buy the few missing ingredients that I was missing.

“How are you Doing today Jenny”, asked Mr. Gibbs. “ I am fine but I need to buy a few things to make Chicken and Dumplings for my dad’s birthday, this is what I need.” I handed him the list. “ Roy, come here. Help Jenny find these items on her list.” He said. Roy was Mr. Gibbs Grandson and he was around 18-19 years old. He was very good looking guy who had nice muscles, probably from all of the stocking and deliveries that he had made for 4-5 years. But what really turned me on was his smile. His smile just did something to me. It was weird, I had never really saw him the same way that I now did. He had always been very nice to me, and would sometimes give me a piece of candy if Mr. Gibbs wasn’t around.

“ Jenny you sure are getting cute, I bet you are driving the boy’s wild.” Said Roy.

“ I don’t know, I just now started to notice boy’s.” I said. “ Well you are what 12” “About to be 13” I quickly corrected him.

“Well at almost 13 you will probably have a boyfriend soon.” he said. “ It doesn’t seem the boy’s my age are grown up enough for me. I think that I need to find a guy older than me, maybe around 19.” He didn’t seem to know what to say for a minute, then he said “ Older guys and girls do stuff that younger girls don’t, if you aren’t careful you might find a guy who might do something to you that might hurt you.”

“ You mean hurt me with this.” I said as I reached out and grabbed his dick through his pants. “Jenny you are to young to be doing that.” he said. “ I have done a lot more than that Roy.” I said as I smiled. “But you are only 13, who have you done stuff with” he asked. “ I won’t say who, but I will say that I have had sex.” I should have been embarrassed to say that, but I wasn’t. It was kind-of like a badge of honor to me. It was like since all other adults do it then it shouldn’t be a problem for me to. I didn’t see it as anything wrong , It was just what people did. It made me feel like an adult.

“ Do you want to have sex with me sometime?” I asked him. “Jenny you are cute but if your dad found out they would through me in jail.” he said. “ I won’t tell if you don’t. I smiled at him. “But what if you get pregnant?” I was floored by this statement. I had up till this time had no clue that having sex would make you get pregnant. I never knew how it happened, my mom had died before she had given me the talk. My Aunt Janet had to talk to me about my period and I knew it was connected with having kids, but I didn’t know how sex played a part.

“ Sex makes you pregnant?” I asked him kind-of loudly. “SHHHHHH, That is how girls get pregnant is by having sex.” he said quietly. “ Do you get pregnant every time you have sex?” “ No, but it can happen and does happen all the time unless you wear protection.” he said. “ Protection ?” I asked. “ Condoms, they go over a guy’s dick and keep the cum from going into the girl. The cum is what can make a girl pregnant.” he told me. “ If you get some will you have sex with me.” He wouldn’t answer me. He just asked me if I could come back at 7pm when the store closed. I told him that I would try but didn’t know if I could get dad to go for it. I then left.

I did get away from dad that evening. I told him at 6:45 that I needed to run to the store to get something before they closed. I was shocked when all he asked was did I need any money. “ I am going to have to go to Fred’s at 7 so I will see you when I get back.” Dad said. He would have usually said no or asked me what I needed and why it couldn’t wait till the next morning. But this time he just let me leave with-out any hesitation. But him going to Fred’s will give me more time. He lived out of town about 15 minutes and Fred loved to chat.

I got to the store 5 minutes before they were to close. I saw Roy behind the counter helping out his last customer for the night. Mr. Gibbs usually worked the morning shift opening up at 6AM, and Roy would work the closing shift 6 day’s a week. The store was closed on Sunday. So Roy was the only employee there.

After the last customer was gone, Roy locked the door, and he took my hand and took me to the back of the store. He took me into the back store room, and then up some stairs in the back to a room in the top. It was made into a bedroom. “This is my room, I don’t make enough to afford a place of my own and grandpa feels better if someone is always at the store to protect it.” he said.

He then grabbed my hand again and walked up to me, stooped down a little and gave me a kiss that must have lasted at least 10 minutes. We were lip locked and really going after each other. I was really horny, while still kissing him I grabbed his pants and unbuttoned his dress pants and unzipped his pants. I lowered them to the floor and then quickly lowered his boxers. I then grabbed his half hard dick and started stroking him as we continued to kiss each other heavily. He then started unbuttoning my blouse and then started rubbing my small tits through my bra. I stopped kissing him at that point and I took off my shirt and my bra. He quickly reached for my tit’s and started rubbing them.

We once again started back to kissing each other. After a few minutes I hot so turned on, probably the most I had ever been so far. Roy then took me over to the bed. He sat down on the bed and he lead me in front of him so that my tit’s were in his face. He then started sucking on my nipples. Just as before the sucking on my nipples sent a shock straight to my pussy, my knees were weak and I thought that I was going to hit the floor before he was done. But it did nothing to calm the raging fire between my legs. I wanted him inside of me really bad, but also really wanted to play with his dick first.

He then took off my shoes, socks, pants, and my panties. At that point I was a little nervous. I guess it was being totally naked with this guy that I have known a long time but not as comfortable with as my brother. He then stood up, picked me up, and laid me down on the bed. He started kissing me again and we were touching each other all over. Roy slowly started kissing his way down and I was anxious for him to find my pussy. I was so turned on that with-in 10 seconds of him licking me I had the first orgasm.

After I went off. I was still horny but not quite as bad as I was before. I wanted to satisfy Roy, so I asked him to lay down. Roy’s dick was probably about 6 -7 inches long and just a little thicker than my brothers . I then started licking his dick head. I then took his head into my mouth and lightly sucked on it. I then started moving up and down a little, then a little more and then even more. I could only get about half of it is my mouth, but from the moans he was making I think he was really enjoying it.

After sucking him for about 5 minutes, I really was turned on strong again. I just had to have his dick in my pussy. “ I really want you in me now.” I said. “Are you sure that you have done this before.” He asked . “Yes twice” I said kind of scornfully. He grabbed a small packet and tore it open. He took what I presumed at the time was a condom, and he slowly rolled it over onto his dick .

I laid on my back and waited as he started rubbing his dick up and down looking for the hole that I wanted him is so badly. He then found the hole and slowly entered his dick into my pussy. His dick was bigger than my brothers and it hurt a little going in. I knew that his dick was stretching me to new limits and he finally most of his dick in me before he bottomed out on me. The pain from him bottoming out on me sent a pain up my spine that was just painful. “Are you Okay” He asked. “ Yes, but that really hurt, don’t go in that deep.”

He said okay and continued to pump me in and out until building me to another orgasm. As he went in and out in a missionary position, he kissed me and we started into each others eyes. I don’t know what happened during that moment but I knew that I really liked Roy, and may have been starting to fall for him. But what did I know about emotions I was only 12 going on 13.

Then it happened. I had an orgasm so intense that my back was coming up and down off of the bed. It lasted for about a minute and Roy unloaded into the condom. I was so spent that I about wanted to go to sleep. But Roy brought me back to my senses and told me that I had to go before my Dad came looking for me. We laid ther for about 15 more minutes and then I got up.

We put our clothes back on and we walked down the stairs. He grabbed me before got back to the doors that led from the store to the storage room. He gave me a deep and passionate kiss. “ I had a lot of fun Roy, I hope that we can do it again.” I said. “ Of course we can, but you have to keep this quiet. If you tell anyone I could go to jail for years, they don’t like it when guys over eighteen have sex with younger girls. Do you understand that?” he asked. “ Yes, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about us, but I want to see you again soon.” Roy let me out and I left.

As I walked up to the driveway, I saw that dad’s truck was in the drive-way. Oh Shit I thought how could dad already be home? I looked at my watch, it was 8:25. “Shit, Dam, Shit” I said to myself. I knew that this wasn’t going to be good. I walked down the driveway to the house scared shitless of the conversation that was about to follow.

“ Where have you been?” my brother asked as he was outside of the house waiting for me to come home. “ I was at the store” I snapped back. “The store closed at 7:00 it is now 8:30.” he smiled. “ I got busy talking to Roy” I said. “ Roy? He is like 19 isn’t he? Why would he want to talk to …..” He then suddenly quit talking. He realized in a moment what we were probably doing. “Oh shit Jenny , did you have sex with him?” he said. I didn’t know how to answer the question. Was he going to be mad at me or just laugh at me. But I felt I had to answer him. “ Yes I did, but please Jason don’t tell dad.” I begged. “ He is inside and he is upset about you not being home yet, he went by the store but it was locked up and so he came back home. He has even called a few people looking for you.” he said.

“ What do I do? I can’t tell dad, he would have Roy arrested and he would hate me” I pleaded. Jason thought for a minute then took out his wallet from his back pocket and said, “ Okay look, here is $10.00, tell dad that Roy hired you to help him with a few last minute deliveries with him. Tell him that you needed the money to buy him a birthday present and thought that you would have been back before he got back.” I took the money, put it in my pocket and went inside to follow Jason’s plan, hoping that it would work.

Once inside, Dad looked at me with a vacant expression. I couldn’t tell how mad he was, but I knew that I hadn’t made him happy. He asked me where I had been and I gave him the story that Jason told me to tell him. He just sat down. “ I appreciate that you wanted to buy me a gift, but you scared the hell out of me.” He hugged me and I told him I was sorry. He didn’t punish me, just asked me to get ready for bed. I felt really bad for lying to dad, but there was no way I could have told him the truth. I didn’t think that he would have understood at all. I really owed my brother for that one, it was brilliant. I did now owe my brother $10.00 though. Maybe he will let me work it off…..

Tomorrow was Dad’s birthday, and though he had to work that morning, I was planning a special birthday for Dad. Little did I know how special I was going to make it for him, but that is another part to my true life story.

Nothing from the past few weeks could have prepared me for today. My sexuality got stretched beyond anything that I could have imagined. This is the most unbelievable part of my life. Even my closest friends now that know my story have a hard time believing what happened on this one day when I was only
12 years old. But they aren’t the only ones, I sometimes wonder how it could have happened as well. But it did happen, and this is how…………

“ I can’t believe that you had sex with Roy. I wish I could find an 19 year old girl to have sex with.” He laughed. “ You know that you owe me big time for yesterday with Dad.” He said as he stared at me. “What do you want from me?”

I asked. “ I want to go down out back, take all of our clothes off, and spend a few hours naked running around, then we can have some sexual fun.” he smiled at me. “ Sounds like fun, but we need to get it going, I need to be done by 1pm so I can go to the store and buy dad that present, then come home and get ready to cook supper tonight.”

We went to the back and took off all of our clothes. It was about 9:30am. We lived in an area that was slightly on the edge of town. Our house wasn’t that big, but we had 31 acres, mostly wooded except our yard. Grandpa had cleared off over 10 acres of the land, We had about 2 areas in the front, about 3 in the back, and maybe 2.5 acres on each side of the house. Grandpa did leave about 10 trees out front, and one on each side of the house one of which had our tree house in it, along with 4 – 6 in the back . The rest was thick with trees in a forest type of thickness. Never less to say it was fairly private out back and the sides.

Jason had turned on the outside sprinklers, and we had fun running around nude in the already hot weather. Getting wet. We ran around and jumped over the sprinklers like a couple of 10 year old kids, but we had great fun. After about 45 minutes we were not only tired but also turned on by the sight of seeing each others assets bouncing up and down. We sat on the porch on a towel and starting kissing as the sun came down and dried us. We continued to kiss until we were both wanting more.

We started touching and rubbing each other. Things went faster this time as I pushed him to lean back against his arms as I leaned down and took his dick into my mouth. I still saw his as large, but after being with Roy it didn’t look like quite the monster that it had been before. I took it into mouth as deep as I could, getting at least three quarters of it into my mouth.

I sucked him hard and fast and before I knew it he was saying he was getting close. I was a little disappointed but at the same time I wanted to taste his cum again. I started rubbing myself and with-in a few moments I was about to cum my-self. Jason went off into my mouth and I easily caught it all in my mouth as I starter to swallow. I was on the very edge of going off. I continues to suck and lick him clean. I then started to shake as my pussy exploded, I didn’t know if it was pee or another liquid but I started gushing liquid out of my pussy everywhere. It was the most intense feeling that I had ever felt, and I was definitely in heaven.

After that I grabbed my clothes and I proceeded into the house to go and take a shower. I got out and proceeded to get into a nice outfit and but on a little make-up. I had to go to the store to get my Dad birthday present and maybe see Roy again.

I saw Roy outside cleaning as soon as I walked up to the store. He stopped as soon as he saw me and our eyes locked onto each other the rest of my trip up to him. I wanted so badly to run to him jumping into his arms and give him a kiss. However that wasn’t possible in a situation where you are trying to hide the secret that you are together.

“ Hey, how you doing today?” he said. “I am fine, I was hoping that I would get to see you.” I returned. “ So, you came just to see me?” he smiled. “ Yes, well and to get my Dad a birthday present.” I said. “ I was actually about to go to lunch down at the diner, what if I call in a order and then we can pick it up and then we could go over to the park by the creek to eat.” he suggested. “ How about I just meet you at the park, it isn’t far from here so I can just walk over there and wait for you. Dad eats there sometimes and I don’t want him to see us together. Especially after what I told him last night.” I said. “ What did you tell him? He snapped back fast with a scared look on his face. I told him about what had happened and how I got out of it. “ I think maybe we both owe Jason for that one.” He said.

We then sat off to our separate detours towards the same spot. I got to the park a little before Roy and sat on one of the benches that the city had just put in and waited, they had also built a gazebo by the creek and a covered pavilion for cook outs in the far back corner by the creek. From the bench you could barely see the road from all of the trees and the down slant of the park that slanted down lower and lower till you got to creek about half a mile off of the road. From the pavilion you couldn’t even see the road because of the tree’s that surrounded it. It was nice, but also a little scary with no-one else there.

With-in a few minutes, Roy arrived. “They have really made this a nice park since they cleaned in up, doesn’t look like many people come here though.” He smiled. I knew by that look that Roy had more than lunch on his mind. I just smiled at him and I starting talking to him about different things while we continued to eat lunch.

“ So now that we are done eating, want to go and check out the rest of the park.” Roy asked. “ Sure”, I said knowing exactly where this was leading. “ Let’s go over to the pavilion first.” Roy suggested. We took off in that direction, it was about 50 feet away from the bench. Once we got there Roy leaned over and gave me a huge kiss. I wanted it and I responded back by rubbing my fingers through his hair.

Roy then picked me up and sat me on the end of one of the picnic tables in the pavilion. While we went back to kissing, Roy lifted up my shirt and undone my bra. I could believe that I was outside in a public place with my tits exposed to whoever would come by. The thought of that turned me on tremendously. I reached for his shirt and took it off totally. I then turned my attention to his pants as we continues to kiss. I unfastened his pants and unzipped his zipper. I then reached into the front of his pants and underwear, I wanted that dick in my hand so badly. His hands now on my tits and my hand on his dick made us both go into sexual overdrive.

The fire was again burning between my 12 year old thighs and I once again needed what I had in my hand to satisfy the burning desire. “ Please do me now Roy?” I asked. “ I don’t have a condom ……how about we do oral sex on each other?” I was honestly kind of disappointed by that, but oral was better that nothing and I didn’t want to take a chance of getting pregnant so I gave in to the oral only. We went to a small area on the other side of the picnic area and laid down on the grass. We then stripped totally naked and started. His tongue touched my clit first thing and I was already in a state of ecstasy before I even got started. I was even more turned on by the fact that we were naked in a public place and could get caught.

The excitement from that made me engulf Roy’s hard on in one quick gulp. I swallowed his entire shaft all the way to his balls. I could tell that Roy liked it by the faster licking that he gave my clit. I couldn’t hold anymore I erupted in a climax that soaked Roy’s face. At the same time Roy went off and a swallowed his massive load of cum as he shot it halfway down my throat.

“ What the hell do you two think you are doing.” Oh shit I thought we have been caught. As Roy rolled off of the 69 position that we were in, I saw that it was Mrs. Stevens. Mrs. Stevens and her husband were uppity people who lived across the street from me. She was about 29 and the former Miss Teen Alabama. He was about 35, a former high school football star that went to play for Alabama University and then went pro with the Redskins for about 6 years. After that he came back to his hometown and married Mrs. Stevens.

Me and Roy both were speechless. We had no idea as to what to say to her. We were simply busted with-out any excuses.

“ Jenny, get your clothes on now.. Roy get out of here before I call the police and have your ass thrown in jail.” She demanded. We rushed to get our clothes on as fast as we could under the watchful eye of Mrs. Stevens. Roy almost ran from the park as fast as he could after throwing his clothes on. “ Jenny, you will come with me.”

“ Jenny, I know that it hasn’t been easy on you since your mom died. But you can’t be going around having sex with people, especially in public parks.”

“ Are you going to tell on us Mrs. Stevens.”

“ I don’t know yet Jenny, you need to be taught about sex and getting pregnant and about birth control. Your Dad really needs to know so that he can set you up to see a doctor. If we don’t it may ruin your entire life.”

“But dad will be mad, and he will throw Roy in Jail.” I started crying.

“ Roy could go to jail if I tell your dad. I have always liked Roy, I never thought that he would do this though.”

“ Roy is nice and sweet. It was my fault that we did this. I wanted it. I asked him to have sex with me.” I said still crying.

“ You wanted it? How did you even know what it was?” She asked.

“ Me and Jason went through dad’s bottom drawer and found a video of men and women having sex. That’s how I found out about sex.?” I said in sort-of a half lie.

“ Jenny, I need to think about this. I want for you to come and see me tomorrow at noon and we will have lunch and talk about what we need to do about this situation.”

I said ok and left feeling like the whole world was falling down around me. I almost wish she would have just told me what she was going to do, as it is I would have to wait till tomorrow to find out what was going to happen. I went home crying most of the way.

“ What is wrong?” Jason asked as I went inside the house.

I started from the beginning and told him everything that had happened.

“Oh Shit!!” He commented. “ What in the hell was you thinking doing that in a public place Jenny?” I couldn’t speak, I just started crying even more. Jason just put his arms around me and held me and I cried. I was is deep this time and we both knew it.

“ Jenny there really isn’t any need to think about it anymore, we will figure out something before tomorrow.” he said trying to calm me. I got up and went to my room, I laid down and went to sleep.

I woke up at 3:30. Oh shit I thought, I have to fix supper before dad gets home. I figured I had about an hour and a half. I got up brushed my hair and then went to the kitchen to start supper. It wasn’t easy, but I followed the recipe and was able to get it done just as dad pulled into the driveway.

“ That was good Jenny” he said as he finished the last bite. Jason agreed….

“ Happy Birthday daddy, I have a relaxing night planned for you. I grabbed dad by the hand and led him to his recliner where I but up his feet and started to take his shoes off followed by his socks. I then cut the television on to the news and went to get him a beer. I then got back down at his feet and started to massage his feet just the way I had seen mom do on occasion. Mom would pamper dad a lot when he got home, and tonight I wanted to make him feel like mom was still

Dad didn’t drink much but tonight I kept giving him a new bottle. He always said they helped him relax and I wanted him to be super relaxed. After his 5th beer dad was really relaxed. It was about 8 now and Jason had left to go over to a friends house for the night just as we had discussed. I wanted it to just be us tonight as I pampered him. I got up and went to the bathroom to run him a bath. I went back into the living room to get him and take him to the bathroom. Dad was a little drunk at this point, but not too bad. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off of him, then I reached for his pants.

“ Jenny you can’t strip me down, you will see me naked.” He commented.

“ So what, it’s your birthday and I am going to pamper you like mom did, so stop stopping me understand.” I said snapping at him in a joking way.

I removed his hand from his blue jean snap and continued to take off his pants. I then reached up and took off his underwear. His hard cock shot out from his pants and smacked the side of my face. I just knelt there as I stared at the largest dick I had ever seen. His dick must have been at least 8 inches long and at least as thick as Roy’s if not a little thicker. I couldn’t help it, I reached out and grabbed it. It looked so big in my little hand and dad sighed as I did it. I was shocked that he didn’t stop me. I slowly started rubbing it back and froth in my hand.

“Jenny, you don’t know what you are doing, you need to stop.”

“ I do know what I am doing dad, I saw your video in your bottom drawer and watched it, I also have sucked Jason .”

Dad just beamed his eyes towards me like he was about to get mad, I stopped his thought process quickly by shoving his dick into my mouth before he could say anything else. I sucked his dick for at least 5 minutes as dad ran his hand through my hair. I then felt him tense up and load after load of hot cum shot into my mouth. I honestly did gag a little that time, but I think I swallowed it all. Dad was in heaven. I then took his hand and lead him into the bath-tub. I wasn’t planning on doing that, but I just couldn’t help it. But now that I did, I was hot and wet. Something had started and it wasn’t over yet. I knew that I was going to fuck my dad that night.

I left the bathroom and went to my room. I stripped and then put on my string bikini that dad didn’t know I had. I then went back into the bathroom and got into the tub in front of my dad. sitting lightly on his dick and rocking myself back and forth on it. Dad opened his eyes and started to object, I then put my hand over his mouth to quiet him. I reached behind my back and undone my bikini top. I then took it off as I stared into my daddy’s eyes. His eyes quickly switched to my young tits. I grabbed his hands and picked then up and placed them on my tits. I could tell that he was unsure about it, but he wanted my 12 year old tits and I was going to fight his conscious for him tonight.

“ Oh Jenny your tits look so nice, almost as big as your moms was.” He cooed.

“ Why don’t you taste them daddy?” I suggested as I leaned forward and moved so that my tits were directly in front of his face. He leaned forward a little and opened his mouth reluctantly. I grabbed his head and guided it to my hardened nipples. Dad took the bait and started sucking on my tits nice and softly. I was totally engulfed in the experience and wanted his body so badly. I stood up taking my tit from his mouth and undone the strings to my bottoms on both sides. My bikini dropped in the water and there I stood naked right in front of him. Dad must have liked it because I saw his dick starting to rise again below me.

I lifted one of my legs up and sat it on the tub wall, I then grabbed my dad and pulled him to sit up in the tub. I placed my pussy at his mouth and waited for him to eat me. I could tell that he was just fighting his desires but he gave in with-in a few seconds and started eat my wet pussy. I was in heaven as he licked me in just the right spot. “ Yes daddy lick me” I said sighing in total ecstasy. He was doing everything just right. “ Yes daddy oh I’m cumming. Yessssssssssssssssss !!!!!” With that I came right on my daddy’s face drenching him is my juices…..

Dad might have had some reservations before, but they were gone at the moment. Dad stood up dried off quickly and then dried me off from head to toe. He then picked me up and took me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed on my back and he positioned himself over me. He then looked into my eyes as he leaned down to kiss me. I grabbed him and once again pulled him even closer to me locking tongues with him as we french kissed each other. Dad then moved a little further up and started to guide his dick into my pussy. I reached down for it and aimed it into my hole.

“ Please daddy, fuck me. I want your dick so badly inside of me.” I begged

“ Jenny, you are so small. I might hurt you if I put it inside of you.”

“ Dad I have already had sex, it will be okay.”

With that dad but it back into position I guided his dick into my 12 year old pussy.
It was a little tight going in and it did hurt a little, but I tried hard to hide the pain. I wanted daddy to fuck me so badly and I wasn’t going to take a chance of him backing out of doing me. He started slowly sliding in and out of my pussy and it felt so good.

“ Yes daddy fuck my pussy.”

“ You are so tight Jenny and it feels so good.

We continued in the missionary position for a few minutes longer then daddy suggested that I get on top and ride him. I was a little new to this position and it felt so good that I rode his hard cock for about 10 minutes and I went off in another smaller orgasm.

“ I am about to cum Jenny.” With that daddy withdrew his dick, turned me over and jerked it a few more times before his hot cum drenched my torso and my tits. Another small amount even shot all the way onto my cheek. I took my finger and gathered the small amount and stuck it into my mouth as daddy just smiled at me. I then pushed him back and cleaned off my juices and the cum from the head of his penis with my mouth, swallowing all I could get.

“ Jenny did you plan this?” Dad asked. “ No not the sex part but then again I did owe you a present that I never bought.” I said smiling.

“ Jenny we have to talk about this.” Dad said. “ Don’t worry dad I already know not to tell anyone, I know that you could go to jail and would never want you to leave me. I do think that I need to go get birth control though.” I said.

“ I will call Dr. Mathews tomorrow and set you up an appointment.” dad said.

I went to sleep with dad that night in his bed. That was just the beginning to the many times that me bahis firmaları and dad will have sex. Actually everything changed at the house after that night. I had went from being a virgin with no thoughts about sex to having just had three different guys in one day in a matter of 2 weeks. It was a fun and yet interesting time in my life as I look back .

But then again this is still just the beginning in my weird true life story that seemed to revolve around sex. The very next day another installment was going to start and it was another milestone in my sexual life. Want to know what happens next,?

I woke up the next morning to dad taking a shower. I had to go to the bathroom really badly so I went in and used the bathroom quietly. I then decided to join him. I wasn’t in any clothes as we had went to sleep totally naked holding each other, so I just stepped into the shower with him. I think I startled him a little….

“ Jenny, about last night. I don’t know if we should have done that. I mean you are only 12 and I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. I am sorry that I did that to you.”

“ Daddy, I love you and I am not at all sorry that we have sex last night. I wanted it as soon as I saw this nice dick.” As I reached out and g1rabbed his dick and started rubbing it. “ Daddy I wanted to take mommies place last night, and I hope that I did. After doing that, I think I want to do that more often. But I also want to be able to have sex with Jason or who-ever else I want to have sex with.” I then bent over and starting sucking Dad’s dick. I sucked him hard and fast and he came rather quickly in my mouth, I once again let him cum in my mouth and swallowed.

I looked back up at daddy and knew that he understood our new arrangement. I didn’t mean to use sex to get what I wanted. I was just wanting to suck him. How-ever I learned from that experience the power that sex had over men. I learned fast that every guy really wants a young innocent little girl who would willingly want to have sex with them. I wasn’t vindictive though, I really wanted people to like me and didn’t want to be mean to people through sex, but I felt if they got something special out of the deal I should as well….

Me and Dad made a agreement that morning. I would move into his room and sleep with him at night, taking care of him often in the bed. Fix him a few good meals a week, and pamper him on occasion. In trade I was to be treated like an adult as long as I continued to make good grades and finish school, don’t get into trouble with the law, stay away from all drugs, and always let dad know if I was going to be out late and with who.

Dad went to work and I laid back down in his bed, I realized that I was now free in the house to do what-ever I wanted sex wise. I mean Dad and Jason both had already fucked me and I knew both would happen again soon. I only had one problem, I was horny as hell from sucking dad’s big dick and I had no-one to help me with my issue. I said what the hell and took off the pajama’s that I had but on after the shower and laid on the bed and spread my legs. I would rather have someone else take care of me I thought, but no-one was home so I started rubbing my wet little pussy.

I was in a sexual trance as I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as I sank deeper and deeper into sexual bliss. I thought about sucking dad, and him sticking his big dick into my small pussy. I thought about him kissing me and I thought about his cum. I don’t know if every girl likes cum, but I seem to enjoy swallowing it.

I was so engulfed in my reality that I had tuned everything out. That was the position I was in when I felt a hand on my thighs. I jumped and opened my eyes to see that Jason was standing above me. He had apparently been watching for a little while as he had already stripped out of his clothes and was holding his hard dick with his other hand. I was in no position to suck him first, I wanted his dick inside of me, and I wasn’t going to wait.

“ Jason, please put it in me now. I begged.” Jason did just that as he moved into position and with one stroke rammed his dick into my pussy. Honestly it hurt like hell, but I kind of liked the pain at the same time. I grabbed his head and pulled his lips to mine. I kissed him the entire time me was fucking me. I had came twice and Jason was about to go off.

“ Jason I want it in my mouth.” Jason quickly removed it and started up to my face but he really didn’t make it in time. shot after shot of his hot cum erupted out of his dick on his way to my mouth. I had never seen Jason cum so much. Most of it landed on my face and by the time he got to my mouth, only the last shot got into my mouth. We both startled laughing so hard that we couldn’t hardly stand it. Jason then went into the bathroom and wet a wash cloth and wiped off my face.

“ Why are you in Dad’s room.” Jason asked. “ Well last night me and dad had sex.” I said smiling. The look on Jason’s face was priceless. I then told him about me giving dad too many beers and how everything happened, including our new arrangement.

“ No way, you mean that you now get to do what-ever you want. That is totally not fair, what about me.” Jason said.

“ Maybe you need to fuck dad too.” I said laughing really hard.

“ I don’t think I am gay, Jenny.” he said pushing me.

“ Wow, you know what this means Jenny? Even if Mrs. Stevens tells Dad you
probably won’t get into any trouble.” Jason commented.

I hadn’t thought about that. It is true though that this kind of did get me out of trouble. Mrs. Stevens could still go to the Sherriff or to Mr. Gibbs about what she saw and get Roy into trouble, but as far as me goes I am really in the clear. I would still have to go to Mrs. Stevens later though to help with Roy.

It was now 11:30 and so I headed down to Mrs. Stevens house. I wanted to go and get this conversation over with and move on with my life.

“ Hello Jenny” Mrs. Stevens said as she opened the door and waved me in.

“ I fixed us some sandwiches and lemonade out back, follow me.” she said

I followed her outside her back door onto her patio and we sat down under her large canopy patio cover.

“ Jenny feel free to eat while we chat okay. I thought about what I saw in the park and think that I should go over some basics with you since you have no real females around to guide you. Sex is a normal thing that adults do, however you are very young. If Roy or any other person gets caught having sex with you they could go to jail for many years, so if you are going to have sex with guys over 18 then you need to be extremely careful.” She continued.

“ I am going to tell you a few things that I don’t want you to ever tell anyone Jenny. I was only 15 when my husband Michael had sex with me. We have been together for 14 years now and I don’t regret it at all. Actually I am glad it happened except that Michael seems to be unable to get me pregnant and I want a baby. I don’t want to be an old mother, I want a kid while I am young enough to enjoy it. Michael has even joked with me about finding another guy to have sex with to get me pregnant, but I am afraid of someone finding out and hurting my marriage with rumors.” She said.

“ Jenny, I need your help and I am willing to make it worth it for you. I want you to bring Roy over to my house for a meeting about getting caught. I want us together to have sex with him and let him cum inside of me so I might get pregnant. If you do this I will pay you really good.”

“ But Mrs. Stevens, Roy always wears a condom. How are we going to get him not to without telling him that you want to get pregnant?”

“ I know I will tell him that I am already pregnant so that he knows that he can’t get me pregnant again. That way he also will suspect nothing about it being his when I get pregnant after the fact and have a baby. But Jenny this has to stay our secret forever, I couldn’t stand the thought of it getting back to our son later that his dad isn’t really his dad.” She said.

“ We also need to get you in to see a doctor Jenny so you don’t get pregnant.”

“ I talked to my dad already, he is going to get me an appointment to see a doctor.”

“ That is good.”

“ Jenny have you ever heard of masturbation? It is a way for you to take care of yourself without a man.”

“ I have done it a few times, but it isn’t the same as having a guy inside of you. It usually just leaves me wanting a man even more.” I said.

“ Follow me Jenny, let me show you something.” she said as we preceded back inside and then up the stairs to her bedroom. Once we was there she removed a shoe box from under the bed and opened it.

“ These are what they call dildos. They are shaped like a mans dick and come in different sizes and thickness’s. They also come in different colors. These along with a little lubricant like this bottle, will help you feel like you are having sex with a guy. It still isn’t the same thing, but in desperate times they defiantly do the job.” she said.

“ Now I want you to strip down naked for me.” she said..

I was kind of floored by what she said. But I was also intrigued by the thought of how the dildo would feel inside of me. I hesitated but felt as though I had little choice really but to do what she said for me to do. So I striped naked and laid down on the bed. What happened next really floored me. She started to take of her cloths as well. I was kind of scared by this, it just seemed awkward to be naked with another female especially one that reminded me of my mother.

As she stripped though I couldn’t help but to notice how nice she looked. I wasn’t really longing for her, but more I was coveting her body. I wanted to look like her so badly. Her tits were perfect. about a 32C I would guess with a perfect shape and nipples that stood out at least a quarter inch. Her butt was perfect as well. Mrs. Stevens had the perfect body and I think she would have been every mans dream. I honestly have to say that even my coveting of her was making me want to touch her. As I watched her continue to strip I unconsciously slipped my hand to my pussy and started to rub myself. I quickly realized what I was doing when she looked at me and smiled. I quickly removed my hand from my pussy.

“ You don’t have to be embarrassed.” She said. “ It is perfectly normal for you to get turned on by another naked person.”

“ Even another female?” I said.

“ Females are the most beautiful creatures ever created. We have lots of shapes, all of which are beautiful, especially yours.” She said as she leaned over now naked to kiss my flat slender stomach. She continued to kiss my stomach before she moved up to my breast. I was getting hotter and hotter as she took my breast into her mouth and sucked both of them just right. I was getting turned on more and more by this female as she moved up from my breast and started kissing my neck and ears.

She then moved to my lips. I had never kissed a female before, but it was nice. I could almost instantly tell the difference between a females kiss and a males. Her kiss was more gentle and more relaxed. It was as if no one was trying to control the kiss. It was sensual and soft. I fell into it fast, and I couldn’t get enough of her. I was going to have sex with my first female and I now wanted it so badly that I was once again hot and loosing control.

She then started kissing back down again. She went back to my neck and then down to my breast, and then down to my awaiting pussy. She positioned herself between my spread legs and started licking my awaiting wet pussy. Mrs. Stevens really knew how to use her tongue in a way that Roy or Jason didn’t, it was even better than dad. She licked me in just the right spots giving special attention to my clit. I was in heaven as I started to orgasm. I went off and drowned my new lover in juices. I later found out that I am a squirter and that is why I drenched people so badly with my orgasms.

She then came back up on me and kissed me again. This time I could taste my pussy in her mouth and it tasted great. Now I wanted to taste her pussy.

“ I want to lick you, but I don’t know how good I am going to be. I don’t really know what to do.” I said to her.

“ Just have fun, listen and watch my responses and you will know what makes me feel good. Then do more of that….”

I started kissing her again and then I went down to her breast. I started licking and sucking on her breast. I loved her nipples, they were big and grew even more suck-able as I gave them attention. She had the perfect tits, and I wanted them on me so badly that I would have considered stealing them if they weren’t attached to her.

I then started kissing my way to her pussy. She had no hair on her pussy, I could tell that she shaved. She spread her legs and reached up for my head guiding it to her pussy in a earnest manner. She was hot and she needed me to calm her fire. I was a little nervous but I stuck out my tongue and started licking her pussy. As I did I heard Mrs. Stevens moan. Something about her moaning got me wanting to eat her pussy even more, I had a desire to satisfy her. I went back to licking her and found her hot button and gave it a lot of attention.

Within a few minutes she started to shake with her own orgasm, she pushed my head off of her as I didn’t know when to stop and she just couldn’t take it any more at that point. As she calmed I looked down to see that she had female cum leaking out of her pussy. I gave her a minute then I leaned back down and ate all of her white stuff. I have to admit that it didn’t taste as good as the male cum, but something inside of me wants to eat it. I guess I am a little weird.

“ That was great Jenny.” She said and she leaned over to kiss me again.

“ I really liked it too Mrs. Stevens.” I said smiling.

“ Call me Jennifer, I think after having sex Mrs. Stevens sounds a bit too formal. Plus
I am hoping that we are going to be great friends.”

“ I hope so too. I had a lot of fun with you, and can’t wait to do it again.” I reached out for her and gave her a big hug.

“ Jenny, I want to show you how these dildos work. Can I use one on you and show you?”

“ Yes” I said excitedly as I laid down on the bed and spread my legs.

“ Have you and Roy already have actual sex where he puts his dick into you?”

“Yes” I said

She then took some lube and wet the dildo. She then inserted it into my soaking wet pussy. She slowly starting pushing it in and out.

It felt good. I was truly enjoying the feeling of having something moving in and out of my little twat. The fact that a female was doing it just added to the experience. I was well off my way to another orgasm and within minutes I was gushing juice out of my pussy again. I then recovered and we got dressed.

“ Jenny, I want for you to talk to Roy and have him and you come and see me tomorrow morning before he goes to work. But don’t tell him anything other than I want to talk to him about what I saw.” she said.

I then left and went to tell Roy. He seemed so scared, so I told him that I thought we were okay with her, but she wanted to talk to us. We agreed to meet at my front mailbox at 9:30 the next morning and go over there together.

“ So what happened? What did she say?” Jason said as I entered the house.

I told him the story of what happened and told him everything about what she wanted from me.

“ Damn Jenny, I would love to have sex with Mrs. Stevens. I wish I could taste her pussy.”

With that I learned over and kissed Jason on the mouth letting him taste the residue left on my breath. We kissed for at least 10 minutes. I then started rubbing his dick through his pants and gave him another blowjob.

The next day came and I once again had woke up in daddy’s bed after another fun filled night of sex with him. I woke up filling like such a woman. Today was the day, and what was going to happen today was going to once again define my sexuality. For the first time ever I will be having sex with not one, but two people at once. Not just 2 guys which I though would be interesting, but a guy and a girl together. This should really be interesting.

I went to the mailbox at 9:15 to wait for Roy to show up. About 10 minutes later he arrived and we went over to Mrs. Stevens or should I say Jennifer’s house. On the way to her door poor Roy was so nervous and I felt a little bad for him because I know that if he knew that she wanted to have sex with him he would have acted different. Jennifer (Mrs. Stevens) answered the door and invited us in. We once again went out back on her patio and sat down.

“ Roy I have already talked to Jenny about this and wanted to now talk to you and her. I am not mad at what happened in the park and I have decided to not tell the police or anyone about what I saw. However, I do want something in return for keeping my mouth shut. Let me be blunt Roy, my husband is gone a lot and is usually only home 2-3 days a week right now while he is off working in neighboring states. I am home alone a lot and I get lonely. I need and want to have some sexual fun with some other people. I was talking to Jenny and she agreed that a threesome with her, you , and me would be fun.” Jennifer said.

“ You mean you want to have sex with me.” Roy said.

“ Not just me and you, but all three of us together.” she replied.

Jennifer (Mrs. Stevens) got up and walked over to Roy. She then got on her knees in front of Roy and grabbed him and kissed him. I then reached over and put my hand under his shirt and started rubbing his back with one hand and his chest with the other as Jennifer continued to kiss him.

Jennifer then pushed him back in the chair and stood up. She started unbuttoning her blouse and then she let it fall to the ground. She then reached behind her back and undone her bra and she let it also drop to the ground as well. The look on Roy’s face was unforgettable, I knew that he was going to love those tits, and I honestly was again a little jealous. Jennifer then undone her short skirt and let it fall to the ground showing only her thong panties.

She then walked back towards Roy. She put one knee on one side and one on the other as she straddled him with her tits at his face. She then took hold of his head and guided him to her tits. Roy wasted no time latching his mouth around one of her nice tits, sucking on her nipples. I then stood up and took off my clothes and went to the back of Jennifer and rubbed her back. I then reached for her head and leaned her back and kissed her. I could tell that she was enjoying the nipple sucking that Roy was giving her. I reached down and started rubbing my pussy with one hand and continued to watch Roy and Jennifer.

Jennifer then backed off from Roy and got off his lap. She then got down between his legs and undone his pants. She then grabbed his pants as Roy raised up enough for her to grab them and pull then off. She then did the same with his boxers. I could see that Roy was hard and ready for action. Jennifer then grabbed Roy’s dick and started lightly stroking it, I then got beside Roy on the love seat style outdoor piece of furniture and started taking his shirt off.

I then got onto my knees on the loveseat and leaned over to Roy and started kissing him. Roy was defiantly turned on now as Jennifer had stared sucking his dick and Jennifer who was rubbing her own clit seemed to be getting turned on more as well. I then broke my kiss and positioned myself so that Roy could take in one of my tits into his mouth. Roy went after my tits with a passion and I was getting so turned on.

After we did that for a few minutes. I stood up and using the arm rail I positioned my wet pussy right in Roy’s face. He took no time in reaching out to it with his tongue. I could hear him breathing harder and harder and I when that Roy would be coming soon. Jennifer was sucking him hard and fast. Roy was so turned on the he was eating me hard and fast as well and I started to feel my own orgasm starting to build. I then started to shake and I then unloaded onto Roy face once again drenching him. Between her sucking him and me drenching him Roy was unable to hold back and Jennifer who was rubbing her clit faster was about to explode in an orgasm of her own. I got off the top of f just in time to see the grand finale. Roy started going off and Jennifer started swallowing his load and she started her own orgasm. In the end it proved to hard for her to handle both so she took her mouth off of Roy dick just in time for the finale 2 shots of his cum landed on her face and chest and she shivered in her own orgasm.

I couldn’t resist the urge to let good cum go to waste, I went over to Jennifer got on my knees and licked her face and chest clean, I then turned my attention to Roy’s cock and sucked it clean. Jennifer stood up and led us both inside to her living room.

“ Why don’t you sit here in the chair across from the couch Roy and watch me and Jennifer so you can recuperate for a few minutes.”

She then laid down on the couch and tugs me on top of her We once again started kissing as Jennifer grabbed my butt with both hands. I loved being on top of her like this. Feeling our tits smash into each other as are bodies touched. I knew that she could feel my wet pussy rubbing just above her pussy and we started grinding into each other as we kissed. Jennifer was a great kisser and I loved it when her tongued darted into my mouth.

I then started to move down on her to her tits. I started sucking them and Jennifer was so hot that her pussy was now rubbing my leg that has slipped down between her legs. I could feel her wetness on my leg and it turned me on even more. We continued like this for about five minutes until I moved my mouth further down to her awaiting pussy. I stuck out my tongue and started to give her a good pussy eating. Her pussy was so hot and so sweet, I was really enjoying eating her. She had her orgasm fast and hard. She started shacking so hard that she nearly passed out herself. I took a cue this time that it was time to move off of her.

I looked over at Roy who had a big grin on his face and a big hard dick in his hand. “ You apparently enjoyed the show.” I said.

“ Defiantly” he smiled back.

“ Jenny why don’t you suck him for a few minutes while I watch and recover.” Jennifer suggested.

I went over to Roy, got onto my knees and began to lick his hard dick. I loved Roy’s dick it was really about the perfect size for both sucking and fucking. I sucked him for about 5 minutes before I felt Jennifer’s hand on my back. I knew then that she was ready to take her plan into action. I moved out of the way as she got onto the chair and started to mount Roy.

“ Wait I need to but a condom on so you don’t get pregnant.” Roy said.

“ I am 3 weeks pregnant already Roy, found out yesterday. So you won’t need
a condom. Plus I really don’t like them anyway.” Jennifer said.

Roy still looked a little unsure but Jennifer wasn’t taking no for an answer. Before Roy could say anything she had lowered herself onto Roy’s dick. At that point Roy could have cared less. Jennifer started moving up and down riding him. The expression on Roy’s face was intense as he was getting probably the only sex he had ever had with-out a condom on. I could only imagine what he was feeling and Jennifer was turned on as well. She rode him fast and hard and within a few minutes they both had an orgasm at about the same time. She then kissed Roy and thanked him. Roy noticed the time and ran out to get dressed so he wouldn’t be late for work. I walked out back with him so he could get dressed and walked him to the front door, but I never got dressed and neither had Jennifer. I kissed him good-bye.

“So what do you think your chances are of getting pregnant.” I asked.

“ I don’t know, this is my most fertile week of the month but sometimes that doesn’t mean anything. It is just a chance. A change that I would not have gotten if it wasn’t for you Jenny. You are truly a good friend. I promised you some money Jenny and I want to pay you. Jennifer walked over to her purse and pulled out an envelope. I opened it to find five crisp $20.00 bills. I was shocked I had never had a $100.00 before.

“Besides that Jenny, I owe you big. That was so much fun and I hope it does the trick.”

I hugged her and then got dressed. she asked me to come back again tomorrow if I wanted too. I left then and went back home. Jason was playing his Nintendo when I got back home, but that didn’t stop him from pausing it as soon as he heard me come through the door.

“ So what happened” He asked

I once again told him the story of what happened and showed him the $100.00 that she gave me.

“ Wow Jenny, I have never even had that much money. What are you going to do with it?”

“ I don’t know yet. I am thinking about saving half of it, and then take the rest of it and go buy me something.” she said.

“Did you say she said that she owes you a favor? Jenny I really want to have some fun too. I want to be lucky like Roy and I think Mrs. Stevens ( Jennifer ) is so hot. She has a great body.” He commented.

“ I think we could do that. Jennifer asked me to come back over tomorrow. You can come over with me and we will see if Jennifer is willing. I think she will, but you will have to be okay with her maybe getting pregnant with your cum.”

“ I don’t mind helping her have a kid, I mean it won’t be mine but theirs right?”

“ Yes” I said “ She wants Michael ( Mr. Stevens ) to think forever that it is his.”

“ Hey lets go to the diner and eat lunch I am hungry and have money.” I said.

The Next Day.

The next day I awoke to the sunlight shining through the widows. I couldn’t believe that it has been about 2 weeks since I had no idea what sex really even was, and now look at me. I had been at least 12 sexual encounters with 3 men and one female. The strange part is that I felt different. I felt sexy, attractive, and wanted. I felt grown up in many ways but in others sex was just another game, a game that I liked to play. I am not really sure but I think that today was the day that I turned into a nymph-o. Today was the day that I decided that I liked sex, and that I was not going to stop. I decided today that sex was all I thought about and almost all that I really wanted. I didn’t just want the ones I had been with tough, I wanted 100’s of different guys. I wanted to be a slut.

Content with my decisions, I got up out of my daddy’s bed and got into the shower. I was planning on going back to Jennifer’s today with Jason and I wanted to be sexy for what I hoped was going to be even more fun than yesterday.

I was washing my hair when I heard Jason come into the bathroom.

“ Hey sis, it’s just me.” he said. “ Can I get in with you.”

“ Yes but I am not having sex with you until we get to Jennifer’s okay.”

“ Oh okay” he said as he entered the tub with me.

“ Jenny, I am a little nervous. I don’t know if she is going to like me or not and I am afraid that I might not have a big enough dick for her, I mean she in a grown up female. What do I do I she laughs at me?” He said

“ Jason, you have a very nice sized dick and you are just a little smaller that Roy and she loved Roy’s dick inside of her. You will be fine Jason, just relax and just give in and do it, don’t think about it too much.” I said..

“ How do you do that? He asked.

“ Do what?” I responded

“ Just get naked and have sex without even being nervous.” He asked

“ I do get a little nervous, but I enjoy sex a lot and seem to want it all the time. So I try to just enjoy myself.” I said. “ It is my new favorite hobby.” I said causing us both to laugh.

We lathered each other up and cleaned each other. We both paid a little too much attention to the others amenities and within minutes Jason’s dick was at full attention and I was turned on as well. We then kissed each other in a wet and slippery convergence of our two bodies. We were both getting turned on and I wasn’t so sure that I was going to able to have to my previous comment of so sex.

I reached down and grabbed his soapy slick dick and started jerking him, he in turn reached down to my pussy and started rubbing me. It felt so good and it was hard to stay standing as I felt the orgasm starting to build up. I starting jerking him harder and faster and with-in moments I felt his cum shoot all over my torso as I started shuttering with my own intense orgasm. Jason had to catch me as I fell into him, to weak fro my knees to withhold me.

We then washed off and got out to finish getting ready. I looked at the clock, it was only 8:15. I decided that since we had set no official time to meet that we would wait until 10am to arrive at Jennifer’s.

We arrived at Jennifer’s at 10am and knocked on her door hoping that she wouldn’t turn us away.

“ Hi Jenny” Jennifer said as she opened the door. then she looked over at Jason. Her expression looked like a mixture of being scared she had been found out and confusion that he was there. “ Hi, Jason she said looking at him.”

“ Hi Mrs. Stevens” Jason said.

“ Come on in you two, and Jason call me Jennifer okay.”

“ Jason feel free to have a seat on the couch, me and Jenny will be back in a few minutes.” I then followed Jennifer outside.

“ Jenny I am glad that you came to visit me, but I am curious as to why you brought Jason with you? How are we going to have fun with your brother here.?”
Jennifer said.

“ Me and my brother have been having sex for the last 2 weeks and I really enjoy being with him. I wanted him to come over and for us all to have some fun together. Plus I thought that he might also be able to get you pregnant, you know double your chances.” I said.

“ Good thinking Jenny. You really are smart aren’t you. But is he able to keep a secret?” she said.

“ I tell Jason everything, and he is okay with helping you get pregnant. Actually he is available a lot more than Roy too? I said.

“ Okay, lets have fun then. What about we go in there and put him the chair Roy was in yesterday and make him watch us for a few minutes first. ” Jennifer said grabbing my hand and leading me back to the living room.

We did just that, we put him in the chair and then we slowly started kissing each other as we started stripping each others cloths off. I then got behind Jennifer and started kneading her breast lightly with my hands as I watched the look on Jason’s face. I knew that this would be the experience of a lifetime for most guys and I was going to hand it over freely to my brother. I thank you for what he has given to me with this new life.

After we had played with each other for about 10 minutes, we both took pity on Jason whose hard on was causing him to have a painful tent in his pants. I took Jennifer’s hand and led her over to my brother. Jennifer reached for Jason’s hand and lifted him up to her. Jason stood up and Jennifer reached for his head and guided his mouth

to her own. As they kissed she took her hand and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor, followed by his underwear. She then grabbed his dick lightly stroking him. The sight of him with her was such a turn on for me. Jason then reaching out his hand caressing one of her tits. Jennifer responded by reaching around him with her other hand grabbing a handful of my brother nice ass.

“ Lets go over here.” Jennifer said leading us both to triple thick rug that was in front of the unlit fireplace.

“ Jason why don’t you lay down flat. I want to suck that dick while you eat your little sister pussy.” she said. We all got into position and I lowered my pussy onto my brother’s mouth just in time to watch my new friend swallow my brothers dick. I was so turned on by watching her suck my brother with a skill that even I hadn’t mastered yet. Jason was really turned on and he was transferring all of that pleasure straight to my pussy. I then started feeling it build up as he was lapping my pussy with his tongue. I was on the verge of exploding and I was about to drown my poor brother who was beneath me. I went off and about chocked my brother on the juices I was sending out. He had to push me off of the top of him to get his breath.

Jennifer then stopped sucking Jason and waited for him to recover his near drowning experience. Jennifer and I couldn’t help but to crack up laughing. “ I wonder if anyone has ever drowned from pussy.” Jennifer cracked out laughing. We all got cracked up over that one.

I leaned over to Jason and took his dick back into my mouth. I knew that I couldn’t take him inside of me since she would need him to cum in her. So I just sucked him rock hard again.

“ Jennifer, his dick in ready for your pussy.” I said

Jennifer then got Jason up and then got on the carpet is a doggy style position. She asked Jason to stick it into her from behind. Jason did and it felt so good that both of them started moaning in delight. Jennifer then called for me to lay in my floor in front of me so that she could lick my pussy while Jason fucked her. I was wanting Jason in me, but I wanted to help Jennifer get pregnant even more, plus I could get Jason or Dad tonight.

Jason started really nailing Jennifer good and he was bringing her extremely close to an orgasm of her own. Jennifer then started to go off and her moans into my pussy causing a vibration that went me once again to an orgasm. With-in a minute later Jason started erupting and deposited load after load of hot cum deep into her pussy. Jennifer rose up from my pussy with a wet face smiling from ear to ear.

“ You were a great lover Jason. I hope that you and your sister can come back more often. Maybe a few times a week until school starts back would be fun.”

We then got up and dressed ready to leave.

“ Jenny could I talk with you for another minute.” Jennifer asked.

“ Jenny, my husband makes a lot of money but he is never around and I get really bored. You coming over is giving me someone to hang out with and I really appreciate your company and your friendship. I also want to thank you for helping me try to get pregnant. I really want a baby more than anything and don’t care if it takes a dozen guys to make it happen.

Jennifer then grabbed her wallet out of her purse, pulling out money “ Jenny me and Michael are really well off and I want to give you money to thank you for helping me out. Give half to your brother, and do what you want with the rest. If your father ask where the money is coming from just tell him that you are both doing day work for me. Just don’t let him know how much I am giving you two or someone may suspect something” Jennifer said.

“ You really don’t have to pay me. I really enjoy it.” I said

“ It is my way of taking care of you. After all you are taking good care of me. I want you very happy. But Jenny don’t forget to save some for a rainy day.” She said.

She then but some money in an envelope and I left unaware of the amount but there was quit a few bills.

“ Jason, Jennifer gave me some more money. She told me to give you half of it and that we should save half of our money for a rainy day.” I said.

“ How much did she give us.” Jason said.

I didn’t know so I reached into my pocket and started counting.

“ Jason, she gave us $ 200.00!!!!” I said jumping up and down.

“ $200.00!! Holy crap.” Jason said.

We both started saving money that day. Me and Jason both made a lot more money over the course of our sexual escapades. I don’t know why but getting paid for sex didn’t seem to bother me or Jason. Actually we would soon be making a lot more money.

One month ago I was just a kid that had no idea what sex was. Today I am thirteen and could care little for anything other that sex. In a month I have not once picked up any of my dolls or even played with any of my toy’s. I have grown up stuck somewhere between the kid I was and the adult that I now feel like. Was my innocence robbed from me? No…. I gave it away and till this day I have no regrets. I am who I am now because of the experiences that I had back then. This is part 6 of my true life story. I hope you enjoy.

I woke up at a little after 7am. Today was my birthday and I am 13 years old. I got up out of bed and got into the shower. Jennifer wanted me to come over to her place as soon as I got going this morning and I couldn’t disappoint my new best friend and employer. Me and Jason had by this time made $200.00 each time we had visited Jennifer. I counted my shoebox yesterday, and even after spending some of my half of the money, I had conservatively still saved up over $500.00.

As I washed off in the shower I thought hard about what I was going to do with that money. I really don’t need anything right now I thought except maybe some more sexy outfits and make-up to wear however Jennifer told me she was going to take me shopping today so I probably won’t even have to buy anything with my money. I then got out of the shower and got ready.

“ Hi Jenny” Jennifer said as she reached out to hug me. “ Happy Birthday, are you ready to go shopping till we drop.”

“ Yes I am very excited about it.” I said.

We then left to go to a neighboring town that had a mall and a few outlet
stores. It was only about 35 minutes from our house. Although we stopped at a restaurant on the way for food.

“ I want something that will be really sexy on me. I want to look older than 13.” I said.

“ I set up for us to go to the beauty shop first if it is okay with you.” Jennifer said.

“ Really that would be great, what are they going to do to me.” She said.

“ They are going to give you a total makeover. Hair cut, nails, make-up, and pedicure with toenail polish.” Jennifer said.

I felt so special. I was being pampered today, and I couldn’t wait to get my makeover. I was finally going to look older. Once at the beauty shop Jennifer and I told the beautician what we wanted and she went to work. Then the nail tech, make-up lady, and the rest went to work on me.

“ Wow Jenny it turned out so nice .” She said as she came behind me in the stand up mirror at the shop.”

I couldn’t believe it. I could hardly recognize myself. I not only looked great,
but I also looked at least 1-2 years older.

“ Lets go now and finish up your new look with some nice outfits.” She said.

We went to over 5 stores. We really did shop until we dropped. I left the stores with over 30 outfits including at least 8 mini-skirts, stockings, garter belts, 3 nighties, at least 5 pant belts, with at least 8 pairs of shoes. She also bought for me a lot of make-up and beauty products.

I don’t even think I had 30 outfits at the house now. I would defiantly have to go through my clothes when I got home I thought. I was growing up and my clothes would have to change to show that. Jennifer had spent a lot of money on me today and I loved her for doing that for me. I don’t think anyone had even been that nice to me. I don’t know for sure but I think I was starting to fall for her.

On the way back Jennifer pulled into a place that had a big sign out front that said strip club.

“What is a strip.” I asked

“ Woman go in there and dance and strip off their cloths and the guys come up and but money into their garter belts or g-strings.” Jennifer said.

“ How much money do they make.” I asked.

“ Not to much dancing. They make more by what they call lap dancing. It is where they strip to nothing but their g-string and rub their butts on the lap of the guy’s pants where their dick is. Sometimes for some money they secretly do more stuff.” Jennifer said. “I go to that one and another one sometimes during the day and watch the girls. I sometimes get a long lap-dance from one of the hot girls and sometimes get them to do more for me. They have some very pretty girls here and I have set up with the manager for you to come and see then today. But only if you want too.”

“Jenny stay in the car and I am going to go in and see if I can find the Manager John and see what the plan is.” Jennifer said.

Within a few minutes she came back out.

“ Jenny, John said he wants us to go through this back side door and up to the private VIP room up top. He and a few others will join us upstairs and he will have the girls come up to dance for us after they dance for small crowd downstairs. Are you sure you want to go in?” Jennifer asked.

“ I really do…” I said.

We got out of the car and went in and up the stairs. The sign outside of the door we entered said Private VIP Room. I looked inside. It was a decent sized room with about a 6 by 12 stage with a pole in the center on it. It was dark except for the multi colored lights that lit up the stage and part of the room. We went in and had a seat in chairs that surrounded the stage.

We waited there for at least ten minutes before the manager and 3 other guys came into the room sitting also in chairs at the stage. I watched as the first girl came into the room and deposited money into the juke box beside the stage.
She was only wearing a string bikini top with a short skirt on the bottom with a garter belt on she was totally hot, about 5’5 100lbs with blond hair that reached down to the top of her ass. I would guess she was about 20.

She then got on stage and started dancing. She quickly stripped off all of her clothes as she danced the first song. I was intrigued by this girl who gave all the guy’s attention during the second song, totally skipping us. The third song though she made up for it. She slipped into Jennifer’s lap and leaned over to kiss her right on the lips. She then got back on stage and moved to me. She went onto me the same way as she did with Jennifer. I loved touching her naked body as she was sitting in my lap.

She leaned over to my ear and asked me what I wanted. I said just treat me like anyone else no different. She then put my ear lob into her mouth and slowly started biting and flicking it. I was getting so turned on and so was everyone else. She rose up and got back onto the stage and continued to dance her last bit. She then got off stage and walked around to me. She gave me a kiss right on the lips.

The second girl then entered the room. She wasn’t as cute as the last girl but still was cute. She had to be 18, but looked 16 and she had long brown hair and she was wearing about the same thing as the other girl. What I did like about this girl was that she was only about 5’1 about the same height as me. She put her songs into the jukebox and then got on the stage giving me a grinning smile on the way up.
I smiled back and waited for her to strip down bare for me. I really wanted to see her naked, maybe it was the grin she had given me.

This one also spent the first song stripping. She then went over to Jennifer on the second song and gave her a passionate kiss, then she grabbed her tits and started rubbing them through her blouse. She then got back up and went back to the bar for a minute before she went to the guy’s. She pushed one guy’s chair back and planted her face into his dick and lightly bit at it. She then moved over to the next guy, and them to the guy on the other side of me. She then pushed him back and did the same thing to him. I loved seeing her naked body right beside me while she was teasing him.

I was so turned on as she moved to me. She acted like she was about to kiss me and then she backed off and went back to the pole again. I was extremely disappointed and she knew it. She danced on the pole until the second song ended. She then waited for the third song and when it started she moved back into my direction again.

She sat on the edge of the stage with a leg on both sides of my chair. She reached out to me and kissed me again. Then she took my head and as she laid down she pulled my mouth straight to her pussy. I was a little shocked but to turned on by her to refuse her offer. I dove into her pussy licking and eating her juices as she wiggled on the stage. I ate her and ate her and when the song ended I continued. She was on the verge on an orgasm and I wanted to give it to her badly.
She shook and moaned loudly as she came just a little into my mouth with her female cum. The guy’s, the manager, and even Jennifer clapped for us when we got through.

The next two girls was much like the first. None got me as turned on as the second one. They all were nice and cute, but the second one I wanted badly. The manager then came over to us and asked us to join him in the next room which was his office.

“ So Jenny what did you think?” John asked.

“ It was hot especially the second girl, Mallory. I said.

“ Apparently Mallory likes you too. She said you were super cute.” John commented.

I don’t know why but those words make me feel butterfly’s in my stomach.

“ Can I tell you a secret Jenny? And you can never tell anyone else.” John asked. I shook my head yes.

“ My business is being hurt badly by the police in this area. That new D.A has spent the last year trying to shut me down. The lawyer fees to fight him are costing me more than I am making. On top of that I just found out that this place needs a new roof on it. I have an idea for a way to help us both out.” He continued

“The guy’s in the next room are a group of men who like having sex with girls that are 12-16 area. They are extremely wealthy and are willing to pay big money to have new experienced with young girls. Each will pay me $15,000.00 to have sex with you. That is $45,000, I need $30,000 to pay my lawyer bills and to have my roof replaced. That means that $15,000 is left. I will give you half and Mallory half if you will both give them an hour to remember.” John said.

“ How old is Mallory?” I asked. “ Mallory is my daughter and she is 15.”

“ Jenny, I set this up for your birthday. I know you have been wanting more that one guy, and now that you are on the pill you should be safe. This is a way for you to have a girl your age, three men at once, and make $7500.00 dollars.” Jennifer said.

“ They came ready to pay us tonight Jenny and if you do this I am going to owe you big-time for saving my club. It will also be Mallory’s first time outside of me, so she will be a little nervous too. What do you think?” John asked.

“ Okay, but can me and Mallory start off together on stage and make them watch first? I asked.

“ I will choose the songs and put in enough to last 2 hours. When they are over then we should be done and ready to go.” Jennifer said.

“ Jennifer could you go back to the VIP room, I will take Jenny to the dressing room behind the stage and then go get Mallory so that she can help her get dressed and let her know the plan.” John said as we all got up to get into position..

Once Mallory helped me get dressed I went over with her my plan and she added to it some good ideas. We then waited for the last dancer to finish. The music then started and Mallory went out to begin our performance. Once the first song was over I came out and started strip dancing as well. I was really nervous put having Mallory there with me calmed me a lot as I just tried to mainly focus on her.

Mallory came up to me and started stripping me while we danced against each others bodies. I was so turned on by her naked body touching my now naked body. I has to kiss her and I did. We both moved toward each other and with a joint longing our lips touched each other again and a fire was spreading in both of our young teenage bodies.

Mallory then laid me back onto the floor on the middle on the stage. I spread my legs as Mallory moved her way down to my awaiting little pussy. I was so ready for her to eat me and she was ready to return the favor. She licked my pussy even better than Jennifer had. It had never felt this good before and the my body was responding heavily to the sensation she was giving me. I grabbed her head and shuttered as I came onto Mallory’s face as I pushed it tightly against my pussy. I smiled down at her as she rose up and smiled back.

“Want some dick? I asked her. “Yea” she said.

We both crawled to the guy’s sitting in the chairs. I sat in ones lap while Mallory sat in another’s and the third guy watched as we played. That guy then motioned over Jennifer. “ Do you want to play too.” He asked. Jennifer just stripped right down and got into his lap. Their we was all sitting in strange men’s laps with our tongues in their mouths as they groped our naked bodies. My man had then leaned me back against the stage and started licking and sucking on my young tit’s and nipples.

I was getting hot both from watching Mallory and Jennifer with their men and from my own pleasure from my own man. I was happy, maybe happier than ever. I reached down and grabbed his dick through his pants. I then got off of him and stood him up. I reached for his shirt buttons and slowly unbuttoned them, I then removed his shirt. The others seeing my progress seemed to copy me. Once all of the shirts was off. I called for a swap of men. All the girls moved to the next man. We all started kissing our new men and started to unbutton and remove their pants, boxes, and shoes. I was calling the shots and they kept looking to kaçak iddaa me for the next step, it was fun being in control.

We then turned all of the men around and made them lean up against the stage moving the chairs back a few feet. We then all got on our knees and started sucking our men. My man had a thick dick and I had big issues getting it into my mouth. But I could barely. I sucked him for a few minutes but my mouth was getting sore as it was stretched to new limits. I then moved to his balls and took one at a time into my mouth sucking on them lightly. I then went to licking his dick. I then called for an exchange of men again.

This time Jennifer had the guy with the big dick and I moved on to a guy with a nice sized dick, but something was different about it. It had loose skin on it. I had never seen one like this before. Jennifer caught my sight and said it is an uncircumcised penis. Just have fun with it. I went back to sucking on it and was really started to like it. He was a great thickness and I was able to suck it without any problem. The guy’s were making so much noise and I knew that they were really enjoying us.

I then called for a position and man change. I got up on the bar and laid down with my legs on the edge on the bar. I begged for the guy’s to eat our wet little pussy’s. It wasn’t true of Jennifer but what the hell the guy’s seemed to like the idea of eating us and they responded quickly by grabbing chairs and pulling them to the stage for an unforgettable meal.

My guy was decent with his tongue but didn’t stay in the right spots for long. He stuck his fingers inside of me, but once again he didn’t hit the right spots. It felt good but I was waiting for the next guy. After about another 5 minutes, I called for another man change and the men changed places this time.

I once again called for a man change and I was once again with the first guy. He had a nice dick and a nice body. I also really liked his smile. He got in front of me and started licking my pussy. Now this guy really knew how to lick a pussy. My fire was once again building and I was getting closer to having an orgasm. I did go off but not to heavily this time. I really needed that I thought as I recovered. I was thinking about calling for another man change but the others were still having loads of fun. So I just asked my man to fuck me.

Me proceeded to do just that. I loved the feel of his dick as it entered into my pussy. Something and it going in I kind of liked. It was weird though because it usually kind of hurt when it went in and for the first few strokes. Was it the pain that I liked or the feeling of being empty then stuffed full of a dick. I didn’t know but I was really liking it. I reached up and became squeezing my nipples as he was now ramming his dick in and out of me. Both of the sensations together was to much for me and I had another orgasm.

I laid wanting to recover but not wanting to stop him from fucking me. I let him keep going and before long I was really enjoying the sensation again. I closed my eyes, and just lost myself into the feeling between my legs. I then heard Mallory orgasm from being ate out followed by Jennifer about 30 seconds later. I once again called for a man change.

Oh shit I thought as Mr. Thick was once again back to me. I was afraid of that dick, it was just massive. I got ready for his dick then I felt it inside of me. I was kind-of shocked I felt that it was going to rip me open but it went in fairly easily.
He then started to move in and out of me and the pleasure I was feeling was the best ever. I had never felt such intense pleasure before. His dick was hitting all of the right spots and I was falling in love with it.

I moaned and groaned as he started pumping me harder and harder with his huge dick. I opened my eyes to see Mallory getting fucked hard by her man. She
was also moaning. I reached out my hand for hers and we held hands as we both got fucked hard. Then she looked over at me and our eyes met. I don’t know what happened but it was as if I left my body and all that was on my mind was Mallory.
I found out later that she felt the same thing. We had experienced love at first sight on the stage earlier, and now we were connecting in a way a had never done with anyone else. We then seen to drift back into our own bodies.

I could once again feel the pleasure coming from my pussy and I heard Jennifer’s man start to moan loudly. He then unloaded a huge load inside of her. I could see the smile on Jennifer’s face, she had just increased her chances again of getting pregnant and she wasn’t about to tell. Mallory’s man also was about to cum and so was she. But Mallory’s man took it out and pumped it all over her chest and stomach.

My man was also getting closer but it took his a minute longer than the rest. He then took it out of my pussy and got onto the stage beside of me and I took his dick into my mouth just in time for him to unload at least 12 streams of cum down into my throat. I think that turned me on more than him being inside on me. What was my need to swallow cum? I looked over at Mallory about to wipe the cum off of her stomach and I quickly stopped her as I took my tongue and scooped it all off of her licking her clean before she dried herself with the towel.

The men then got dressed and thanked us. They all asked us if we would like to do this again soon, I said yes and so did Jennifer and Mallory. Then they went to the door where John was waiting.

“ That was amazing.” Mallory said. “But the best thing was being with you.”

“ I feel the same way.” I said as I kissed her.

As we got dressed I found out that John and Mallory live alone about halfway between my house and the strip club.

“ Don’t worry girls, as long as I can play too I will be happy to shuttle you back and forth some.” Jennifer said. We continued to get dressed.

“ Do you think your dad would let you come and stay with us for a few day’s Mallory.” I asked.

“ Yea that would be great. I will ask him when he comes back in.” Mallory said.

“ Is your dad going to be okay with it Jenny.” Jennifer asked.

“ Dad will be thrilled and my older brother Jason will be too.” I said smiling at Mallory. I think she got the message as she smiled back at me.

We waited and talked for about 30 minutes before John came back into the room. “ I have it all in cash, all $45,000 dollars. Here is your part Mallory, and here is your part Jenny as he handed us both an envelope with $7500. in it. I want to thank you both for saving my business. This new money will give some breathing room for a while. The clients were very happy. They asked if they could do this again every month. Jennifer I didn’t actually have a deal with you, but if you say yes I will pay you the same as the girls next time.” John asked.

“ I will if the girls both want too.” Said Jennifer.

“ I will do it every month if Jenny say’s yes.” Said Mallory.

“ If Mallory say’s yes than I guess I am a yes as well. But I also want something else.” I said as everyone stopped and stared at me.

“ I really like Mallory, I want for her to come and stay every other week with us until school starts. After that I want her to come and stay every other weekend.
In return I will stay at your house a few day’s a week until school starts back.”
I said.

“ Is that what you want Mallory? John asked. “Yes, I want to go and spend time with Jenny. Really get to know her.” She said as she reached out and grabbed
my hand pulling me towards her.

John agreed that it would be okay and that it could start today. He told Mallory to put the money she doesn’t need in the safe when she went home to get her reat time and so here is your money.” He handed us an clothes. We then left and on our way home we stopped at Mallory’s place and she got her stuff and put $7000.00 in her safe and took $500.00 with her. We then got back into Jennifer’s van and headed home.

“ Hey Jason this is Mallory she is going to be staying with us for a week.” I said as I passed Jason smiling. I think that he got the hint as he smiled at Mallory.
Mallory just smiled back.

“ Wow Jenny you look great.” Jason said.

We all unloaded my new clothes into my room, it looked like Christmas had come to my bedroom. I then took my money and put it into my shoebox. I waited until Jason and Mallory was out of my room to put my money in the shoebox.. Hey you can’t never be too careful it was a lot of money.

When Dad got home I introduced him to Mallory. Dad looked at her from head to toe and said that she was very beautiful. He then asked me where I met her. I lied and told him that she was Mrs. Stevens (Jennifer) niece. I didn’t think that he needed to know any of the rest yet. I asked to talk to him alone and we went off to his room.

“ Dad, I know this seems sudden but I really like Mallory and me and her are about to become very close. I also want to move back to my own room when Mallory is here, unless we both come in to visit with you. I also want to go and spend a few day’s a week at her house when she isn’t here.” I said.

“ Honey it is okay with me if you want to have her here as long as she doesn’t act badly. Plus I can’t wait for her and you to visit me.” Dad said.

“ It will but not tonight, I am so tired from the trip today.” I responded.

“By the way baby you look so very pretty.” He said.

My life had once again turned in a direction that I would never thought possible. I have found what I thought was going to be my first serious relationship and I was already in love. I was making more by having sex with 3 guys than my dad would make in 3 months. I was now a whore, and I wasn’t a bit sorry for it. I was still good person, I was just a good person with a huge sexual appetite. Was that bad????????

I know by now you think I am full of shit. You probably think that there is no way a now 13 year old girl could have experienced all that I have experienced in just a matter of 5 weeks. What is funny is that you still have only heard about 10% of the story. This was just the first 5 weeks. I would have to write 100+ parts to even start to finish my sexual experiences. I was a young slut, just what every man secretly wants but doesn’t want to admit it.

I woke up the next morning with Mallory in my arms. We were both totally naked and her body was half uncovered. I just sat up a little and watched her sleeping. I didn’t see just how beautiful she was in the beginning. The difference was that she was pretty like this, without make up and all of the fake nails. She was just naturally pretty. I was starting to fall hard for her and I really didn’t even know her that well.

I had been staring at her for a long time when she opened her big blue eyes and tuned towards me. “ What are you doing?” She asked.

“ Watching you sleep, you are so pretty Mallory.” I said as I leaned down to get a kiss that I had been waiting and longing for since I had first awoke.

“ You are pretty too, Jenny. I can’t believe that this happened. I feel all jittery inside. I think I am falling in love with you already.” She said.

I then removed our blanket from the bed and got on top of her sitting up. I started to rub her stomach and then I moved on to her tits. Her tits was a B cup with nice small nipples. I was in that position when I had a very big urge to pee. I told Mallory that I had to go to the bathroom and pee, she said she did too. We went to the bathroom together both still naked.

After we had both peed we got into the shower. We both used the bath sponge to lather each other up with soap, we were both really into each other. We couldn’t help but to start kissing each other. It was weird, but it really wasn’t about sex this time. I wanted more than just sex. I wanted to know her, I wanted her heart and I wanted her to have mine. It was funny, for the first time in over a month, I felt like a kid again. The funny thing is that I think that she felt the same way about me.

We didn’t have sex in the shower that morning, instead we got out and got dressed and we both put on makeup. We both looked like a million dollars. It was a Saturday and when we got downstairs Dad and Jason was already there just sitting at the table talking. Both of them whistled as we came into the kitchen.

“ Damned girls you both look hot as hell.” Jason said and Dad Agreed.

I was hungry and Mallory had already said she was hungry. So we looked in the fridge and we found one can of biscuits with only 5 biscuits in it, and 6 eggs.
Noone was going to get stuffed but at least everyone could eat something.

After we had eaten we still were kind-of hungry. Dad commented on the fact that we had a can of cinnamon rolls in the fridge. So me and Mallory put them in the oven and set the small can of cinnamon icing on the stove. Jason and Dad went into the living room to play the Nintendo as we just stayed in the kitchen and kissed.

“ What do you think this would taste like on your pussy?” Mallory asked me as she grabbed the icing.

“ I don’t know, lets find out.” I said. I lifted my mini-skirt and pulled off my panties then I sat up on the center island and Mallory took her finger and stuck it in the icing then rubbed it on my pussy. It was already a little warm from the stove-top getting a little warm. She then bent over and ate it off of my pussy. I loved the way she licked it off. It was kind of different than the normal way and it felt great.

“ Now it is your turn” I said. She also lifted her mini and removed her panties. I put my finger in the icing and rubbed it onto her pussy. I then bent over and licked her pussy. I loved the fact that I was eating something off of her pussy.

Once I had eaten it all off, I looked and saw the timer was about to go off on the rolls. So I took them out of the oven. I then grabbed the icing container. “ Mallory, there isn’t enough icing left, what am I going to do? They are going to be so mad at us.” I whispered.

“ I think that maybe we would make a better dessert.” Mallory said as she smiled at me. What a great idea. We both took turns getting back onto the island and loading the icing on the others pussy lips and clits. We then washed our hands
and went into the living room. They were sitting on two folding chairs 5 feet from the television. We both sat down behind then side by side, we leaned back and put our spread legs on the coffee table in front of us, almost laying down.

“ I am sorry guy’s but we messed up the cinnamon rolls, there seemed to be an icing shortage.” I said waiting for them to turn around.

Dad then hit the pause button and they both turned around as they complained. Once they both saw us there with icing all over our pussy’s their complaining stopped and their jaws dropped. They just sat there looking.

“ Do you guy’s want to complain all day or come and eat what was left.” Mallory said smiling.

Dad and Jason both got up together and they both just went to the girl in front of them. Dad came over to Mallory and Jason came over to me. They moved the coffee table back and they both got on their knees in front of us. They both lifted our legs in the air and started licking at our icing coated pussy’s.

We both moaned as these two hungry men ate at our pussy’s with a vengeance that I had never experienced before. I was so hot and turned on that I gave Jason a bath in a matter on minutes. I orgasmed fast and really hard. I looked over at Mallory who was also building an orgasm. I just watched her face as she started to cum.

“ Yes, Yes, eat me, yesssssssssssssssss……………….” Then Mallory came and daddy quickly her white cum.

“ Now that you guy’s have licked us why don’t we take care of those dicks.” I said as I lifted Jason to his feet and started to unbutton his pants. I then let then fall to the floor, followed by his briefs. Their Jason stood completely naked as we had removed his shirt already. I looked over at Mallory and Dad and they were lip locked. I then turned back to Jason and starting to suck him off. I wanted to suck Jason but I also wanted to double team dad, so I sucked Jason hard and fast and within a few minutes I had Jason cumming in my mouth.

I looked over at Mallory who had just finished kissing dad. I leaned over to her and deposited Jason’s load into her awaiting mouth. She took it and swallowed it immediately, Then she continued to kiss me probing my mouth for anything more. I then went back to my brother cleaning off his dick with my tongue and lips. I then leaned up and over to dad and kissed him on his lips. He acted a little hesitant to kiss me back, but I rammed my tongue into his mouth making him taste Jason’s cum. Jason laughed thinking it was funny.

I then looked back over at Dad and Mallory, Dad had moved down and had taken Mallory’s top off and was sucking on her right nipple. So I leaned over and took her left nipple into my mouth. Jason stood there watching as we recovered.

Mallory had really started moaning as me and Dad sucked her nipples. She was defiantly feeling the pleasure that comes from 2 at once, but I wanted her to feel three at once. So I looked at Jason and motioned for him to get between her legs and start licking her. The second that Jason’s tongue touched her pussy she started moaning really loudly in pleasure. She was building up another orgasm and from the sound of her moans this one was going to be huge. I guess at this point Jason decided to try something new. He stuck his fingers in her pussy as he continues to eat her. That was all it took, she orgasmed really hard and even squirted a little herself. We all then stopped and got off of her letting her recover.

“ Hey isn’t it your turn” Mallory said as she leaned over to me taking in my right nipple. Jason then moved to my left side and started licking on my left nipple. Dad then moved into position at my pussy. I loved the feeling of 2 people sucking my nipples. It was made even better though by the fact that my brother and my new girlfriend was doing it together, followed by my daddy who was really turning on my clit with his skilled tongue.

The sensation was totally weird but extremely enjoyable. The feeling from my nipples being sucked has always ran down to my pussy and just turned me on even more. But this time it was like the sensation from both nipples going down to my pussy and then having a tongue also stimulating it. It was as close to total ecstasy as I had ever been. I could see now how Mallory orgasmed so quickly and so hard. This felt so good that I could hardly stand it.

I was well on my way to another orgasm and they had only been on me a few minutes. I was about to go off and I could feel it build and build and I was quivering inside and it slowly started making me quiver outside. I was shaking like a person having a mini seizure and I couldn’t control my body nor did I want too. I wanted this, I needed this, I tensed up hard but was still shaking at the same time. I starting bucking up and down as my legs clamped around my Dad’s head, I was about to come and he was going to eat me harder and faster. My actions made my Dad go just that, he dug into my pussy and I screamed out, “ Yes eat my pussy damn it. I’m coming.” I then orgasmed. That was the hardest and best orgasm I had ever had. It didn’t make me pass out, but I get a little dizzy.

Mallory, Dad, and Jason all proceeded to laugh at me. I might have not had gotten any dick yet put I was done for the night. I knew that I just couldn’t orgasm again. I was so tired and so drained. I moved from the couch and went to sit on the chair. I sat back and just watched the next part.

Jason had fully recovered and was hard and ready again for action. Dad had yet to go off and his dick was hard as a rock and at full attention. As for Mallory she was ready for her next orgasm and Dad and Jason was willing to show this 15 year old the pleasure on getting 2 dicks at once.

Dad stood up and stood onto the couch to put his hard cock into her young and pretty mouth. Jason took two of the small pillows off of the end of the couch and put them under his knees and lined his dick up with her pussy. Jason then put his dick at her wet entrance and pushed. I heard Mallory moan with pleasure. Jason started slowly going in and out of Mallory’s pussy and I could tell from her moans that she was enjoying his dick inside of her. When she moaned Dad’s head would fall back some, the vibrations from her moans was driving Dad crazy.

I was surprisingly still content as I just watched them. Jason was now pounding her good and Mallory was going to town on Dad’s dick. Dad, Mallory, and Jason were all feeling really good right now. Dad then got off of her and switched places with Jason. Dad slowly inserted his dick into her gapping pussy. She was so warm inside and Dad stopped a minute to regain his control. He then started going in and out of her.

“ Let’s change position’s.” she said. She asked Dad to sit down and she got on top on him. and leaned over on top of him.

“ Jason I want your dick in my ass.” She said.

“ What, with no condom won’t I get shit on my dick.” Jason asked.

“ I really need it Jason, Please….” She begged.

“ It’s okay son it is a rare treat for a guy, just go for it.” Dad said.

I sat and watched as I saw Mallory take a dick where I never knew I dick could go. I wondered what it felt like.

As Jason pushed hard to get it in her ass, I could see Mallory tensing up. Some way wonder why she would want to go through the pain, but not me. I was kind of drawn to the fact that she was taking it up her ass and strangely enough I was also drawn to the pain.

Jason finally got the head of his dick into her and started pushing the rest into her. Jason then started going in and out of her ass and Mallory looked like she was starting to enjoy the sensation. Mallory start moving back and forth riding not one dick but 2 in the process.

This sight was once again getting me excited and I knew that my plans to sit the night out was probably not really going to happen. I was intrigued and I wanted to try it myself. I got up and walked back over to them. I got up on the couch and started kissing Mallory as she rode them. But that proved to hard. So I sat there and just rubbed them with my hands. Dad then put one hand over to my pussy and started rubbing it.

Dad and Jason were both really hanging in there. but Mallory was really starting to tire from riding them. So she got off Jason and moved over to the empty part of the couch. She got onto her knees and leaned over the couch. She then asked Dad to fuck her ass. Jason was out of play put this was my chance so I was going to take it. “ I was about to get into position myself when Mallory dared me.

“ I dare you to suck Jason’s dick now that it’s been in my ass Jenny.” She said.

With that I grabbed his dick and pulled it straight to my mouth and started sucking it. Everyone laughed and Mallory asked if it tasted shitty. I just stood up and went over to her mouth and kissed her, giving her the opportunity to taste her own ass. I really didn’t taste anything much just a light smell and that was it. So I didn’t know what the big deal was.

I then got into the same position as Mallory and asked Jason to fuck my pussy a little first then move to my ass. It felt really good having Jason inside of me but I really enjoyed watching Dad fuck Mallory’s ass. Mallory was really enjoying it now and I was really curious and to what it felt like.

After a few minutes in my pussy Jason pulled out and then started on my ass. It felt as if his dick was ripping apart my ass, it really hurt. Then all of a sudden the head of his dick went in and it burned and hurt, I felt like a was about to shit all over him. Then he grabbed me hard and starting pushing his dick into me. I wrenched with pain. He started to then move it in and out of me and it felt even worse. Then it started to ease up and I started to enjoy it more and more. It hurt a little the whole time, but it was a good hurt because it also was satisfying.

Jason then started really fucking my ass with his dick I was really enjoying it and so was Mallory. Dad was nailing her good too and I knew we would be coming soon and so did Mallory.

“ When you get ready to cum, feed it to Jenny for me.” Mallory asked of Dad. That just turned me on even more and I was ready to swallow his load. Dad apparently was getting close. So he stopped ran around to the back side of the couch and stuck his dick into my mouth. I started sucking him hard and Jason was giving my ass it’s first fucking. Dad then unleashed into my mouth and I swallowed almost all of his large load.

Jason was fucking me hard and I wanted him to cum inside of my ass. He did just that I minute later. It felt so good.

“ Well girls that was fun but me and Jason have to go and help old man Fred. Then we have to go a few other places. We will be gone till probably about 5 area.” Dad said. They then finished getting dressed and left.

“Damn my ass is sore.” Mallory said as we laughed……

“ Lets get dressed and go to the hardware store.” I said. “ I need to buy a small safe for my money.

“ Okay but what about we leave the panty’s at home?” Mallory asked.

“ That means that whenever we bend over we will flash someone.” I said.

“ Yep that’s the plan…..” She grinned.

“ I want for us to go to the General Store first, I have someone that I want for you to meet.” I said.

Once we arrived at the General Store I introduced Roy to Mallory. Roy stared a little at Mallory and I started to get a little jealous but then I thought she is mine and she is cute. I then shocked Roy, I reached out for Mallory and kissed her passionately showing him that she was mine. I then moved Mallory to where her ass was facing Roy and I was facing her. I then reached down under her short mini-skirt and lifted it up showing Roy her ass.

“ Oh my” Roy said. “ I would love to see more but I can’t right now being at work.”

“ Aren’t you off tomorrow? I asked.

“ Yes” He said. “It’s Sunday store is closed.”

“ What if we come over tomorrow night around 7pm.” I said as I looked at Mallory with an approving look on her face. Roy was really cute and I just knew that she was going to love his dick.

We then left to go to the hardware store. We found 2 safe’s. One was small I would guess is was about 12×12 inches. That one was $60.00. Then their was a larger one that was about 16×16 that one was $100.00. I decided to buy the hundred dollar one and they said that they could deliver it today around 4pm. It was about 11 now so it gave us 5 hours to play around.

I was still hungry so I asked Mallory if she wanted to go back to the caf?They were not too busy so we sat down and ordered. While we were looking at the menu’s I saw four guy’s at another table checking us out.

“ Mallory, there are four good looking guy’s checking us out.” Mallory looked over her shoulder at them. Their table was the one next to us, but behind Mallory. So they were getting a good view of my mini skirt right now and my thighs that were exposed all the way to my ass.

“ Here’s your chance Jenny. Flash your pussy at them.” Mallory joked at me.

I then looked at them and winked and spread my legs apart giving them all a clear view of my young near hairless pussy. They are just stared and smiled at me. I then took my hand down to my pussy and started masturbating in front of them. Mallory just turned around and watched their reactions. I could see there dicks getting hard and it was more fun messing with them than an actual turn on. I then removed my hand from my pussy and stuck my fingers into Mallory’s mouth. They were commenting and enjoying the show. But then we saw our waitress coming over to us so we stopped our little diversion.

The rest of the time we were there eating the guy’s were constantly eying us. I was really enjoying the attention. It made me feel really cute and desirable. When we left, Mallory dropped the ticket and bent over right behind them showing them here perfect ass. We then paid our bill and walked out of the diner laughing.

I guess that is why I was the way I was back then. I not only really enjoyed sex, but I also really enjoyed turning men on. The looks on their faces as they see something that they really want and that something being me. I wasn’t just a tease though, I was almost always turned on and was almost always ready for a good dick to fuck me and I wasn’t to concerned about what they looked like.

Me and Mallory left then and went back towards the house. I then asked Mallory if she wanted us to go over the Jennifer’s house. So we went over to her place.

“ Hey girls come on in.” Jennifer said. We sat down with Jennifer and started to chat with her. We told her about our little escapade that morning with Dad and Jason. Jennifer said she wished that she could have been there. I had never thought about that, Dad would love to have some fun with Jennifer. Jennifer then started talked about not having gotten pregnant yet. She asked if Jason would come over and service her on a consistent basis. I said that he probably would but I had another idea first.

“ I want for you to hook up with my dad. I think that he would really enjoy you.” I said.

“ Michael is in Israel right now on business. Do you think he could come over tonight?” Jennifer said.

I told her that I would check on it. We stayed and chatted till about 3pm talking mostly about our new gig at the strip club. Jennifer was excited about it. I really didn’t care as much about the money as the sex but then again I liked the thought of having so much money. We talked about what we was going to do with the money. I thought it funny that me and Mallory both wanted the same thing. We wanted to save most of it and get us a car and then a house. Although Mallory was about to be 16 soon and she would have a car before me.

We got home and we went to play the Nintendo. Their was then a knock on the door, I looked at the clock and it showed 3:45. We went to the door and opened it to see a 2 tall guys. One of the guy’s was about 19 and muscular with dark hair and a tight t-shirt on the looked like is was going to rip off. The other guy looked about 25 area and he was also built well with muscles, but he had light brown hair and a very cute smile.

They apparently liked what they saw as well. They both looked at me and Mallory from top to bottom, paying a little more attention to our thighs that our short mini’s showed off all to well.

They asked us if they had the right address and I said yes. They went back to the truck to get the safe.

“ I want to suck some dick.” Mallory said.

“ How can we get them to let us? I asked back.

“ What if you lead them upstairs and have them put your safe where you want it. But oops you haven’t cleared a space yet so you bend over and show them your pussy and ass. As you fully clear a spot for them to set it. I will go and strip in the bathroom and then come up to your bedroom door completely naked. Once they get the safe into position and turn to leave they will see me naked and I will offer them a special tip for their services.” She suggested.

“ That is one great plan, you are really smart. Oh here they come… Go…Go..!!! I said hastily to her.

Mallory ran up the stairs and went into the bathroom about the time they came back in with the safe. I showed them upstairs and was sure to stay about 6 stairs in front of them so they could see my ass under my short mini. Once in the room I gave them the oops I have to clean up a spot line and bent over with my ass to them to clean a spot for the safe. I gave them both a good look at my ass and pussy as I bent over time after time to move all of the stuff our of the way. Once I got through I looked at them and told them that I wanted it there at the bottom of the closet against the corner of the inner closet wall. They back were looking at me with a smile and I knew that they liked what they saw.

“ How old are you?” The oldest man asked.

“ I am 13.” I said.

“ Thirteen? Damn you are the cutest 13 year old I have ever seen. Did you accidently forget to wear your panties?” He asked laughing.

“ No, I purposely left them off to give you both a hard dick.” I said back to them. At that point I saw Mallory behind them. “ Hey guy’s” She said. They both turned around to see Mallory totally naked.

“ Damn, what are 2 little girls wanting. We could go to jail just for looking at you.” He said.

“ We want to give you both a tip.” Mallory said, as she got onto her knees in front of the oldest one. She undone his jeans and lowered them down and then his underwear, she then took his dick into her mouth and started giving him a blowjob. I looked at the youngest one and striped off my top with my bra, and then my skirt. I stood in front of him totally naked and bent down to lower his pants and boxers. He had a nice sized dick probably about the same as Dad’s. I leaned forward and opened my mouth and took half of it into my mouth.

We were both sucking hard dicks now and both of us was playing with our pussy’s. I looked over at Mallory’s guy and he had a very nice dick too. I got so turned on watching her suck him off. I was loving sucking my guy as well. He put both of his hands on my head and he was now starting to face fuck me. He was going in deeper and deeper and I nearly gagged a few times but he kept going further and further in. He then went all the way in, and I felt his hard dick hid the back of my throat. The pain was real, but the enjoyment of him face fucking me seemed to be to such for him. He kept going all of the way in and down and then he went all the way in and held my head on him as he spewed hot cum down my throat. I did gag at it and nearly threw up but I was able to get control and swallow all of it down. I fell backwards as he let go of my face.

Mallory’s guy was also on the verge of cumming and so he came into her mouth and she also swallowed his load.

“ Wow you two little girls are crazy. I like crazy. How about we get together again later on?” the youngest one said.

“ We would love to.” Mallory said “ But you have to take us out first.”

They both agreed to take us out to party. They left us their numbers and I gave them mine. They left my throat sore but my body anxious for next meeting.

Dad and Jason arrived back at the house about 15 minutes after they had left.

“ So girls what did you two did today?” Dad asked.

“ Oh nothing, just hung out.” I said smiling at Mallory.

In under 2 months I have went from being an innocent young girl who playing with her dollies. To a girl who had already had some sort of sexual activity with at least a dozen people. I look back at this time in disbelief myself. How did something so innocent and young develop into something so sexual. In any case how could I regret something that I can’t change, or something that has made me so happy and fulfilled. I have no regrets. I would not have wanted to be anything other than what I felt I was born to be. But I do wonder what the other life would have been if my decisions at 12 hadn’t happened…….

I woke up laying next to Mallory in my bedroom. She was still asleep. As with many times before I laid there and just watched her sleep. Usually I was thinking about how much I loved her and how I was so glad she was mine. But this time sorrow had over thrown the happiness. This was Mallory’s last week to be able to stay with me. School started back next week, and Mallory had to start staying the week at her home. That meant that we would only get to see her on the weekends. I didn’t know how to let her go. I mean I knew that we would not drift apart but I had yet to spend more than 3 day’s away from her since we had met just a month ago. It was now Thursday, that gave us 4 whole day’s together first though and I was determined to spend as much personal time with her as I could.

Mallory once again opened her eyes to catch me staring at her. We hugged and kissed and then took a shower and got dressed. We had a breakfast meeting at Jennifer’s house this morning to discuss our next meeting with the guys at the strip club. It was that time again and me and Mallory were both excited both for the sex and for the money.

In the last month I had only spent $350.00 of my new fortune. Mallory had spent $3000.00 because her dad ran across a good deal on a Blazer SUV for her and she wanted it. It would be 2 months before Mallory turned 16, we were both happy by her having a car. In 2 months she would be able to come and see me after school and we could do stuff together.

We showed up at Jennifer’s at 9:00 and she opened the door and invited us in. She had breakfast done and so we sat down to eat.

“ I have a few things to talk to you about and honestly I am a little nervous.” She said. “ Jenny I have great news, I am pregnant.”

We all were very excited and we both went over to her and gave her a huge hug.

We both congratulated her.

My dad and my brother both had been having sex with Jennifer over the past month.

“ I don’t know which one actually got me pregnant but that really doesn’t matter.” Jennifer said. “ But I have a bigger problem than that Jenny. I am falling in love with your Dad, I hope that you aren’t mad at me.”

“ I know what is like to fall in love with someone Jennifer, it is great and magical. But how does Dad feel about you?” I replied back.

“ He told me that he loved me too.” Jennifer said.

“ So what are you going to do about Michael?” I asked

“ Yesterday he was home and we talked. I told him that this relationship just isn’t working that I wanted someone who will not be gone all of the time. I didn’t mean for this to happen but your Dad is such a good man and I am lonely way to much. Michael is going to be moving out this weekend. We worked out an agreement yesterday .” Jennifer said.

Wow what a bombshell, I meant is was cool, just sudden. I wondered though what would change if anything in our arrangements. We then moved on to talk about the meeting the next day at the strip club. We talked about what we were going to do to spice it up a little. The agreement on the money had stayed the same. John would get 15,000 from each guy, a total of $45000.00, and we would all get $7500.00 each. John would use most of his money to upgrade the club and for lawyer fees.

The men who wanted to meet with us were all really rich guys who knew that this was the only way they could have sex with younger girls without going to jail. They had the money and we were willing. It was a perfect setup for us all.

That night Jennifer stayed at our place. We laughed and played Monopoly and just had a great time. Jennifer stayed in the bedroom with Dad that night and it was bitter sweet for me. Jennifer was the first woman to share the bed with my Dad besides me since my mom had died. I on one hand wasn’t happy with another woman taking moms place. The other side of me was happy for Dad and for Jennifer. It was just another adjustment that I would have to deal with.

The next day I awoke to Mallory getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. Our house had went to clothing optional since everyone had pretty much had sex with everyone by now. So Mallory just walked out into the hallway and to the bathroom totally naked. Jason came into the room and sat down on the bed with me.

“ So what are you guy’s doing today.” he asked.

“ We are going to go to a strip club, strip, and then have sex with 3 guys. Then we are going to leave with $7500. each.” I said.

“ If you don’t want to tell me, don’t tell me, but don’t be a smart ass about it.” He said as we got up and walked out of the room.

I couldn’t help but to laugh. I had never told Dad or Jason about my strip club activities. Nor did I ever tell them about the safe. I felt at that point that Dad might not like my arrangement. He thought that I got all of my money from Jennifer so he didn’t ask any questions. I would not lie to either of them about it, but I didn’t see the need to give out unasked info either.

Mallory walked back into the room as Jason left. I told her what happened and she laughed and then said that we would have to go and make it up to him. I got up and we went downstairs, we saw Jason about to cut on the Nintendo. We went over to him and kissed him. We were all completely naked and so I grabbed the couch blanket and we took Jason out back . I spread out the blanket and we all sat down on it.

“ I am sorry brother. I have never kept secrets from you and now I have been. I am going to tell you everything but you must not tell Dad. I don’t want him to object and to get mad and take in out on Mallory, her Dad, or Jennifer.” Me and Mallory then told him everything. But I didn’t tell him how much I made. He probably assumed it was a few hundred. Hey a girl has to have a few secrets right? “ So we are going back to the club at 1:00 today to do it again and make a little more money.” I said.

“ Jennifer has been paying me $500. a week to come over to her house 3 times a week. I have saved up about $2000. but don’t know though if that will stop now that she is getting close to Dad.” He said. “ You don’t think that your dad could find me some work do you?” He asked Mallory while looking at her.

“ I don’t know. The only men that works for the club is the bouncer and my dad.”
Mallory said. “ But I will ask him.”

I caught a glimpse of his dick. He was rock hard from what I told him. I reached over and grabbed his dick as I leaned over to take it into my mouth. Mallory also moved over to Jason and started kissing him. I was really enjoying his dick, neither me or Mallory had had a dick in about a week and it was time. I sucked on his cock and it was so warm and hard. I just loved the feel of a dick in my mouth. Still do actually. I felt Mallory move over to me and so I removed his dick from my mouth and let Mallory suck on it. The sight of her sucking on his dick right in front of me was setting a fire off between my legs. I moved up to his mouth and kissed him.

I saw Mallory getting into position to ride him. I wasn’t going to get left out though. I took my pussy and straddled his head and lowered myself down onto his mouth. Mallory was already starting to ride him and Jason returned the favor to my hot and wet pussy. Mallory rode him faster and faster and he started licking my pussy faster and faster. I was about cum and so was Mallory. Me and Mallory leaned over into each other and we both kissed passionately as we both orgasmed at the same time.

We then heard Dad and Jennifer behind us. They also were reserving their clothing optional rights by being naked.

“ We just came down to find Jason, I was wanting 2 dicks at once.” Jennifer said.

“ Go have fun Jason we have to go and get ready anyway.” Mallory said.

Yesterday Jennifer had told dad that we had a girls day planned for today and that we would not be back until around 5 area. Today was Labor Day and so Dad was off. So he and Jason planned a day hanging out.

We arrived at the club at noon. We wanted to talk to John and to go through what we had planned. We also had to get changed and get it all set up. John went over everything with us and we got ready.

It was time, 1pm and we were ready to have fun. All of the guy’s came into the VIP Room after they had been down stairs with the other girls for the past hour. They were already turned on from seeing the girls stripping. This time we had them sit in chairs that were side by side but 2 feet apart. We went out onto the stage for the first song. During the first song we were rubbing all over each other and even did some kissing. We looked out to see that we were defiantly starting to turn the guys on.

The second song we started back doing some intense dirty dancing as we slowly stripped each others clothes off. By the end of the second song we were totally naked.

We then started the third song. This song had us not only dirty dancing, but also doing some real dirty actions too. I started by kissing Jennifer hot and heavy as Mallory came up behind me, got to her knees, and started licking my ass hole. That was the first time she had ever done that to me and I was shocked and turned on. Her tongue on my ass hole felt so good and I wanted it there badly. I broke off my kissing with Jennifer and I opened up my ass further to encourage Mallory to keep licking my ass. Jennifer then came around to get behind Mallory and play with her tits.

This wasn’t the plan but the guys didn’t seem to mind at all. They looked like they were getting turned on, but I am betting I was more turned on than them. I was even more surprised when Mallory moved and Jennifer took her place. Mallory then moved around to my front and started kissing me again with the tongue that was just licking my ass. I would have normally had been grossed out even to think about doing that, but this time I was so turned on by tongue licking that Jennifer was now giving me that I didn’t care at all. I wanted to kiss her no matter what.

Mallory’s tongue felt good but Jennifer’s skill on my ass hole was even better. She pressed her tongue into my ass bud and it was such a turn on. Her tongue couldn’t penetrate my ass, but she sure did act as if she wanted to. We stayed is this position for over 10 minutes while our guy’s watched and hardened up for us.

After Jennifer had got through with my ass hole, we all got offstage and walked down to our awaiting men. We didn’t know their names for protection reasons, but I had nicknamed them Mr. Thick, Muscles, and Shorty. All were quite cute and all about 40 and under. I went to my man and sat down in his lap. The next song had already started and we were going to dance on them while we tantalized them. We had them so turned on and in my man’s eyes was nothing but lust. When the next song started we kicked it up another step.

We changed men and then we started showily dancing and stripping their clothes off. We had them all ready for their fuck. and we were about ready to give it to them. I finally got the last of his clothes off and I didn’t even wait for the others to finish. I got on my knees and starting sucking Muscles dick. I didn’t care about anyone else at this point I had wanted more dick since that morning with my brother. I was ready to suck his nice dick and I took it almost all the way into my mouth. I did get a glimpse of the others and they also had a mouthful of cock.

I was hot and ready for my pussy to be ate, I called for a man and position change. It was time for Shorty to give me some major action. we all moved back to the edge of the stage and laid down with our legs into the air. The guys this time just got onto their knees and ate are wet and waiting pussy’s. Shorty was licking me good and it felt so great. But I was also getting turned on by Jennifer’s moaning from her own pussy getting ate by Mr. Thick. The guy’s ate us for over 10 minutes before we wanted them to fuck us. I called for a man change before I even thought.

Mr. Thick then moved into position and before I could say anything he impaled me with his thick cock. “FUCK” I yelled out in pain. “ I am so sorry, I am just so turned on.” He said. The others stopped and looked at him with a hard look. I think that he got the message. That wasn’t cool. His dick felt the best to me though and I didn’t want him to stop, just to treat me with a little respect. He resumed to fuck me slowly and I was really starting to enjoy his big fat cock in my pussy. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and then I called another man change.

I was back to my favorite guy Muscles. He came over to me, picked me up, and took me over to the floor. I was out of control on this one and I didn’t seem to care. I knew at that point that I would do no more man changes. I needed and wanted him to fuck me senseless. He laid me down and got on top of me, he then kissed me. It wasn’t just any kiss though, it was a passionate kiss, a kiss that gave a lot more than just sexual desire and I received that message loudly.

He then spread my legs and positioned himself he put himself at my entrance and then leaned down to kiss me as he slowly went into me. Muscles wasn’t just fucking me, he was making love to me in a way that only me and Mallory had done before. After 10 minutes of fucking me missionary, he turned me over and got me into the doggy-style position. He entered my pussy from the back and then he started fucking me hard and fast. We both felt our orgasm building inside of us and our moaning was making us both know that that moment was fast approaching.

I felt him clench into me and I knew he was about to cum. My own orgasm was close as well and I was ready for a release. He then came into my young pussy and that was all that it took for me also to get off. I came hard and I was spent. I just fell over to relax. Muscles laid down beside me and we kissed some more while we waited for the others to finish. Once they finished we all got up and the guy’s got dressed and ready to go. Muscles kissed me goodbye and I enjoyed it.

The guys left the room and met with John outside of the door. We got back dressed and waited for our payment. John came back into kaçak bahis the room about 30 minutes after we had gotten dressed. We were all wondering why it took so long this time but we just sat and chatted.

“ Here is your money girls, $7500.00 each.” John said. “ Jenny can I see you in my office, I need to talk privately to you.” John said.

I didn’t know what to think. I felt as though I had done something wrong and I was about to get it. We went into his office and he shut the door and we sat down.

“ Jenny, one of the guys who was with you tonight wants to start having regular meetings with you. He really likes you and would like to meet with you at least one time a week, sometimes two. He is super rich Jenny and is offering you some real money because he likes having sex with young girls and I have assured him of how safe you are to have sex with. He is willing to rent a room at a motel in your area and have you meet him there. He likes the multiple sex partners though and still wants to keep the arrangement that we have now as well. He of course won’t pay this amount every time, but he is offering you $1800.00 each time. It is really good money and I will not take a cut of it, it will all be yours.” John said.

“ Which one.” I asked.

“ The really muscular one.” he said.

“ What was his name?” I asked

“ His first name is Eric, I don’t know any last names.” He said

I was really happy about this setup. Not only would the money be really good but I also wanted to have more personal time with Eric. I told him that I would really like that and so he said that he would set up all of our meetings.

We left and headed home. I told Jennifer and Mallory what John told me and they were both happy for me. But they both warned me to be careful because no one else would be there. I did not know though if that would be true, maybe I do have a job for little brother.

After we left, Jennifer took us both to a nice restaurant and we ate and talked. A lot of the conversation revolved around my Dad and Jennifer being together.

“ I really love your dad Jenny. I feel like a teenager again.” Jennifer said.

“ I haven’t seen dad this happy since before Mom died. I am happy for you both, but I need a little time to get used to the idea of Dad with another woman. But I think you are a good match for Dad.” I said.

“ We have talked about the possibility of me moving in with you, what do you think about that?” Jennifer said.

“ As long as you don’t try to be my mother and tell me what to do, I will be okay. My new arrangement with Dad gives me my freedom, I don’t want to loose that.” I said as I stared directly into her eyes.

“ I won’t Jenny. I want it to be like Mallory staying with you. I am just another one of your friends that stay’s in your Dad’s room.” Jennifer said.

“ What are you going to do with your other house? I said. “ It is paid for so for now I will probably keep it, just in case something doesn’t work out. But I may sell it later on.” Jennifer said.

“ Tell me first when you sell it. I might want to buy it.” I said.

“ I think that would be a good way to start your life. Jenny this money is coming fast right now. But once you get older it won’t be so good because 18 year old girls are everywhere and willing. You are a rare find right now. Take advantage on this time and set yourself up for your life. If you do things right, you could have anything you want for life. Buying my house, when I decide to sell it, would be a great investment for your future. I can also help you to invest some of your money so it will make you more money.” Jennifer said.

“ I would really like that.” I said.

“ Can you help me too.” Mallory said.

“Of course, Mallory. I would love to.” Jennifer said.

I was going to do whatever it would take to make as much money as I could make. I wanted that house. But I wanted to share it with Mallory. I wanted to share my life with Mallory. Jennifer was right, not all adults made what I was making. I had 5 years to make as much as I could. I thought as we ate.

I was ready though to go and spend a little more of my money though. So we went to a K-Mart down from the restaurant. I was in need of some more jewelry. Dad had given me all of mom’s jewelry but over time I had lost some of the earrings and one of the necklaces. I needed to keep up the older look and needed accessories. I bought a nice stand up jewelry box, three gold necklaces, one silver necklace, one ring, and two pair of diamond earrings. All together I spent almost $500.00.

We left and got back home around 4:00pm. Me and Mallory went to my room as soon as we got to my place. I attached the legs to my new jewelry box and put my new jewelry in it. I then took out one of the pair of earrings that I had bought and one of the necklaces. I went over to Mallory and took and started putting them on her.

“ What are you doing? She asked.

“ I bought two pair of these, one was for my best friend.” I said as I finished putting them on her.

We then started kissing and holding each other. We laid on the bed together and went to sleep.

I woke up at about 6:30 to the urge of my bladder about to explode. I got up and went to the bathroom. I was in there peeing when the door opened and Dad came in.

“ Oh sorry Jenny I wasn’t thinking.” Dad said.

“ Dad come in and shut the door.” I said.

“ Dad what would you think if I had sex with someone and they paid me $2500.00 to do it? I asked.

“ You have become a very sexual person Jenny. If you want the sex and you want the money, I think that it is a win win situation for you? He said.

“ What if their was three guys who offered me money to have sex with all three of them? I asked.

“ Jenny I don’t see nothing wrong with a girl getting money to have sex if she wants it. You may get classified a whore or a slut though. It is just up to you on if you want to go down that path. But just be careful there are a lot of scumbags out there who will hurt you.” he said.

“ I have never seen a guy pee before Dad, can I watch you?” I asked.

“ Of coarse.” Dad said.

Dad started peeing and I was just fascinated with how much easier it is for boy’s. I went behind him and reached for his dick and aimed it for him. I could feel him starting to get a little hard as he finished peeing. I then pulled his pants and briefs down and started stroking his dick. I had never really noticed till now how much of a nice ass Dad had. It was perfectly shaped. His nice ass rubbed my lower stomach as I played with his dick. I was getting Dad hard as a rock and I wanted to suck him.

I turned him around and got onto my knees in front of him. I took his dick into my mouth and sucked it slowly. I sucked him slow and easy for about 5 minutes before Mallory knocked on the door asking if anyone was in here. I said for her to come in. She opened the door to see that I was sucking my daddy’s cock.

“ Let me take a piss and I will join you on the floor.” Mallory said. We moved out of the way and I sucked Dad as I listened to Mallory’s piss hit the toilet water. I don’t know why, but it really turned me on. Mallory then came over to our new spot and got onto the floor beside me. we both started sucking and licking on his balls and his shaft. We were shared Dad’s dick and he really seemed to be enjoying it and so were we.

The bathroom was really cramped though so we stood up and escorted Dad to my bedroom. We didn’t even care to shut the door, we wanted sex and we really didn’t care who walked in. I laid down flat on the bed and I asked dad to eat my young pussy. Dad got onto his knees off the side of my bed and started eating me. Mallory got onto the bed and started sucking on my tits. The sensation from being ate and having my nipple sucked was really nice. I was so hot.

“ Can we play?” We all looked up to see Jennifer and Jason standing at the door naked.

“ Sure, Jenny could use a dick in her mouth and she still has a tit free.” Dad said as we winked at them. I had never had every area of my body covered like that before. Four people all focused on me. Jason came up beside my head and bent over to put his dick into my mouth, Jennifer went over beside Jason and started licking and sucking my other tit.

This felt to good to be true. I was loving each and every second of it. Dad was really eating me good and Mallory and Jennifer’s tongues and lips were sending added sensation down to my pussy. I was on the verge of cumming and I couldn’t have stopped it if I had wanted to. I was out of control, they were now controlling the shots and my body cared about nothing more than the orgasm that was building deep inside of my pulsating pussy. I had never been this turned on, I had never needed to orgasm so badly. Then Dad stopped eating me. I was about to kill him.

“ Lets change positions. I will lay flat on the bed, Jenny will mount me and Mallory and Jennifer can keep sucking those tit’s, and Jason can stand above me and stick it back into her mouth.” He said.

We all got into the new positions and he entered into me. It felt so good to have a hard dick in my pussy. I needed to get fucked badly and I was about to get just that. I reached out to Jason and stuck his dick back into my mouth and sucked him while Jennifer and Mallory sucked my tit’s. It felt so good, but I wanted something more, I needed Jason up my ass.

“ Jason, get my lube of the nightstand and fuck my ass.” I said.

Jason lubed up his hard dick and out some on my ass. He wasn’t hesitant this time he had fucked my ass before. I gave him no resistance this time. It still did hurt and burn a little but the feeling of his hard dick going into my ass turned me on more than it hurt. Jason had push his head in.

“ Push it in Jason, come on, fuck my ass.”

With that Jason pushed and slid his slippery dick almost all the way in. I was loving the sensation of having my pussy and my ass filled full with cock as 2 girls sucked my hard nipples. Jason started really pumping my ass and I was moving back and forth on dad’s dick as he fucked me giving him a good time as well. I was taking care of two guys at once and it felt great. I was getting close to an orgasm and I was going pretty fast back onto my dad’s and Jason’s dicks. I wanted them both to cum inside of me. They were both moaning and grunting now and I knew that they were both going to cream inside of me at about the same time.

Dad went of first sending cum into my pussy which started to trigger my own orgasm. I started moaning loudly as I felt Jason starting to unload into my ass. I then had my own intense orgasm. I fell onto my dad and just hugged him as I recovered. Jason then removed his dick from my ass and I could for the first time feel just how sore he had made it, but it was more that worth it. I then got off dad and wobbled my way to the bathroom. Mallory and Jennifer stayed in the living room and took care of each other.

Jennifer and I took Mallory home after we had all gotten cleaned up. Mallory had to get ready for school that started in 2 day’s. I didn’t want to let her go and we both started crying once we got there. It wasn’t good-bye, it was just until next weekend I told myself. But I knew that our time together was going to be limited now and I wasn’t happy about it……

The next summer… 9 months later.

We all had continued our monthly meeting at the strip club. Although Eric (Muscles) and
Mr. Thick had both left the group a few months ago. We got 2 more guys though that took their place.
Their names were Nathan and J.R. . They were both really sweet guys with really deep pockets. Nathan made this trip every month by plane from over 2000 miles away, and J.R. drove over 100 miles to get here monthly. Nathan was young only 28 years old. J.R. was about 50. We all knew not to get to know the guys to well. The less anyone knew about them the better. But Nathan had the hots for me.

Then there was still my meetings with Eric. Eric and I had been seeing each other 2 or 3 times a week for the past 8-9 months. I took Mallory along about twice a month if she was able to go, but mostly I went alone. He was a great lover and a really good friend. We had done about every sexual position you could think of and tried lots of new things together. What really shocks me is that he never complained about paying me. Every time he gave me $1800.00.

Me and Mallory was still going strong. I really loved her. She was my lover, my very best friend. Every month we have just gotten closer and closer to each other. Mallory had continued to at the club making the same $7500.00 then what she made when she came with me to visit Eric, but she never wanted as much sex as I did. I just couldn’t get enough.

Jennifer had gotten a fast divorce from Michael and she got the house and 2 years alimony along with her SUV and Mini-Van. She moved in with us as soon as the divorce went through. Jennifer continued to have sex while pregnant at the strip club until she was 7 months along. Most of the guys loved being able to have sex with a pregnant female and were gentle with her. Three months ago we welcomed a new addition to the family. Allison Marie was my new baby sister and she was so cute. Dad and Jennifer couldn’t have been happier. Jennifer went back to the club 2 months after the Allison was born. She said that her money would go into a savings account for Allison. Jennifer said that if she could do this for another 3 years she could save $270,000 dollars.

I had not thought about money much in the past 9 months. I spent very little, and didn’t usually even take it out of the envelopes that it was given to me in, I would just look at it, and then put it in my safe. I told Jason about the safe and I even bought him one, but Dad still didn’t know about the strip club or the money. I wasn’t trying to be dishonest, I just didn’t see telling all of my business to everyone. I did take it out though yesterday to count it. Between meeting with Eric and the strip club, I had accumulated over $106,000. I don’t know if that should have made me happy, but really it didn’t. It was and always has been just money to me. I really enjoyed the sex more than the money. But the thought of having a new house was appealing and was about to become a reality.

“ Jenny me and Jennifer need to talk to you about something important.” Dad said. “ You are about to be fourteen in years, but you act like an adult and we think of you as an adult. Jennifer told me about the club and about Eric. Don’t worry I am not mad, I am fascinated by the money, it is an unbelievable amount. But anyway, Jennifer told me that you asked to buy her house. We were wanting to know if you still want it.” Dad said.

“ Yes I have always loved that house.” I said.

“ The house is valued at about $225,000 with the 8 acres of land. We talked it over and if you want it we will sell it to you for $75,000.00 with 4 acres of land around the house, we would keep the other 4 acres to the left of the house. We may build Jason and Alison Marie a house on that 4 acres someday. We would want you to pay as much down as you can and the rest in payments until you turn 18. Under the law you can’t have anything in your name until you are 18. We will write up a contract with you that it will transfer to you once paid for at 18. If you want to do it.” Dad said.

“ We do not want you to think we are trying to just move you out. We love you. We just want you to have your own freedom and to be able to entertain who you want when you want. But also you would be just across the street so you could come over anytime you wanted, this is still your house too and you could come over anytime.” Jennifer said.

“ Even more than that, we want for you to get ahead in life. You are a super smart girl you always have been. You have an opportunity to pay off a house before you are 18. Jennifer promised you the house first so we are giving you the opportunity to own it. We only want enough money to renovate this house and to add on to it. We have big plans for this house.” Dad said.

“ I want the house, but I never thought about the fact of living alone. I would actually be moving out….” I said.

“ Yes it is a big decision, you will be an adult in every way that matters. Jennifer will keep the utilities and phone in her name as well as the insurance and property taxes. You will have to pay her for these bills every month. You will have to buy your own food and cook and clean. It is a very big decision give it a little thought.” Dad said.

It was bitter sweet. Over the past year I had thought about that house a lot. I even told Jennifer that I wanted it someday. But here I was almost 14 and the someday came a lot earlier than I had thought. I was basically being enticed to move out. I didn’t know what to think. I know that I was well loved, but I also know that our house was getting a little to packed with Jennifer and the baby. They did need more room and this would give it to them and fix all of the issues it has. I needed to talk to someone, and my brother was there. So I took him to the playhouse and told him everything.

“ You would own your own house at 14. Are you fucking serious.” He said in disbelief. “ You would be on your own totally. You could do anything that you wanted, have anyone over that you wanted, and have it paid for in 4 years. Holy shit Jenny you just won the lottery.”

Jason’s comments made me feel a lot better about it. It really was a great deal for everyone especially me.

“ Jason would you move in with me? Just for a little while, until I feel safe.”

“ Anything for you sis.” He said.

Mallory was also excited about the prospect of me having my own place. We talked about her moving in with me, she was excited about the idea but didn’t know if her dad would be willing to let her. It was always the thought that Jennifer would sell me the house and Mallory would move in with me, but we thought that it wouldn’t happen until I was a lot older. But here I was 13 about to be 14, and being offered my own place.

I went up to my room and counted the money out. I had just counted it the day before and had separated it into stacks of $10,000 for easier counting. I grabbed 7 stacks and half of another one and put it into a shoe box. I then took it downstairs to the living room where they were watching television and feeding baby Allison.

“ Here is the money for the house. I want it.” I said.

“ How much is there.” Dad asked.

“ All of it. $75,000.” I said.

“ You had $75,000 dollars? And it was in the house?” he said.

“ No I have $106,000, and it was in the safe that I bought in my room.” I said.

“ Holy shit Jenny !!!!” Dad said. Jennifer laughed.

“ Please write up that contract Dad.” I said “ By the way, I want to move Jason in with me for a little awhile. It is going to be scary in a big house by myself and I don’t know when Mallory will be able to move in with me.”

Dad was still speechless as he was looking at the shoebox filled with money. He just
looked at me and nodded okay.

“ Me and your Dad are going to take some of the furniture from over there and put it over here, and some over here to over there. So you still should have a houseful of furniture that will come with the house. I will also get the rest of my personal stuff out for you it may take a week though.” Jennifer said.

“ No problem, I will need time to pack up anyway.” I said.

I left and went to my room, but this time I had a smile on my face. I was skeptical at first, but now I was just happy. I was going to have my own house, with my own food, and I could do whatever I wanted to do. Life had sure changed in a little over a year and I was winning the game.

I spent the next week trying to get everything packed up. I don’t think I had that much stuff but the boxes and bags of clothes was proving me wrong. I had already gotten the key’s to my new house and the contract for it was in my safe ready to be moved. I was ready but a little scared.

Moving day came and it really wasn’t that hard. Dad and Jason had already switched furniture and they had moved Jennifer’s personal stuff out. My bed, dresser, chest of drawers, television, and some of my boxes had already been taken over and positioned. All I really had was about one truckload of stuff left to be moved.

My first night there was a Saturday night and Mallory decided to come over and spend the weekend with me. I asked Jason to just come over Sunday night, that would give me and Mallory the weekend together. I usually met with Eric on weekends but I asked for time off this weekend. I don’t know why, but I didn’t need to share this weekend with anyone else but Mallory. I felt that this would be our place to share together and I needed to feel that now.

“ So what do you think about your new house.” Mallory asked looking around.

“ I love it. It is weird though. It is like the place doesn’t actually belong to me even though I have proof that it is all mine. I am scared though, I don’t know if I am ready for this. I mean I am not even14 years old yet. But I am going to just have to adjust just as I did when mom died, just as I did when I started having sex. My life is changing fast. I just don’t know if I can up with it.” I said.

“ I don’t know if a could have lived by myself away from my Dad before now, and you are 2 years younger than me. I think it is great but I understand you being scared because I would be too. But Jason will be staying with you until I can figure out a way to move in with you. I have to talk to Dad still, maybe when I go to see him Monday.”

I don’t know why but Mallory always could make me feel better. Mallory was very upfront and honest. She also really seemed to get me. I loved her so much and at that moment the only thing that I felt was a longing to kiss and to touch her. I reached out and kissed her on her puffy lips. I wasn’t interested in her tongue yet, I just wanted to make love to her lips. I was hot and ready wanting to give her a very loving sensual experience. I also didn’t want it to end to fast.

We then started to French kiss each other. With each kiss I tried to make her feel the passion that I had for her. She wasn’t just my lover she was my best friend. As we kissed I could tell that Mallory was warming up fast, and she wasn’t the only one. I could feel the moistness in my panties and I was really wanting her. I unbuttoned the few buttons on her blouse and lifted it up over her head. She then lifted my shirt over my head and off. I then reached for her bra snaps and unsnapped them, making her bra come loose, I then took it off of her. She then did the same to me.

We sat on the floor in an Indian style position but with our legs behind the other one. We were breast to breast and we were back kissing again. I then reached down and took her nice tits into my hands. Her tits were the perfect size for me with cute nipples that came out far when she was turned on. Right now they were stiffening and protruding out nicely. I played with her tits for about 10 minutes was we kissed off and on. I then got up and got her up with me. I reached down and removed her shorts and panties. She then did the same for me. We were both completely naked now.

I reached down and started rubbing her pussy as she reached for my thick nipples and started rubbing them between her fingers. I was getting turned on by just touching her, but her fingers playing with my nipples just turned me on even more. Mallory was weak in her knees and I knew that she was getting close. I rubbed her straight to an orgasm and she almost fell to the ground because of it. I got on the floor with her and gave her a minute to recover. She pushed me onto my back and went down on me. Her tongue on my pussy felt so good. I loved Mallory’s tongue because it wasn’t forceful but it wasn’t to soft either. Mallory knew how to use her tongue just perfect for me.

Mallory inserted a finger inside of me and started rubbing my g-spot inside. It was the first time anyone had ever done that to me and it was driving me crazy. I was getting closer and closer to going off and Mallory was eating me faster and faster trying to get me off. I finally went off wetting Mallory in my juices. I don’t know if I would like to get soaked every time someone went off, but Mallory just didn’t seem to mind. Actually sometimes it really turns her on. This was one of those times.

Mallory got up and went over to her night bag and came back over to me with a double headed
foot long dildo out of her bag and a bottle of lubricant. It was the first time that I have ever seen one.

“ We can both get off together with this. We will put part of it in your pussy and part in mine. Then we both move lightly back and forth. I haven’t used it before but that was the directions.” She got on the floor in front of me. She had me lay down and she lubed up the end of the dildo and started inserting it into me. It felt so good as she pushed it in and out of me. She got right in front of me and lubed up the other end of the dildo and inserted it into her pussy. we both leaned back on our elbows and started to rock ourselves moving the dildo back and forth within our pussy’s.

The sensation felt really good but what really turned me on was the fact that I was helping to get her off. We had experimented with the dildo’s that I had bought before. But this was the first time that we both were going to be able to get off together. It felt so good and she had me ready to convulse in orgasm at any moment. I could tell that she also was getting close. Seeing her so turned on made me orgasm. I yelled out as a shot my squirting orgasm around the dildo and soaked the floor and got some on Mallory. My orgasm set Mallory off into her own orgasm.

“ Stand up and wait here.” I said to her.

I got up and went over to my coat pocket. I had bought for us something yesterday and I was waiting for the right time to give it to her. I couldn’t help to feel that tonight was the right time. I took out a small box and went over to her. I opened up the box to reveal two platinum band rings inside that had the word “ Forever” on them. She started crying as I took out her ring.

“ I know that we can’t legally get married, but I love you and want you with me for life. So to show you how much I love you I bought us these rings.” I said as I to started crying. “Will you accept it.” I said as I put it on her finger.

“ Of course I will.” she said as she grabbed the other ring out of the box. “ I love you as well and want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my best friend.” Mallory then slid my ring on my finger.

We both knew that this was not the same as being married, but the commitment was the same to us. It was an intimate gesture that wasn’t for anyone else but us. We spent the rest of the night talking about what we wanted with our futures. I wanted to be a Lawyer and Mallory wanted to be an Optometrist. We might someday adopt a child or two but not until we were done with college. We both wanted nice cars and we both wanted really nice furniture for our house. We went to sleep that night holding each other tightly.

I woke up the next morning at about 7:00. I woke up to the realization that this was not a dream. I was in awe as I awoke looking at my new bedroom. It was at least 2 times bigger than my old room.

I then walked my new house, taking in it’s size. The house was 2 story’s high, with a basement that could be finished to make more rooms. The downstairs had a living room, a den, a dining room, a nice kitchen, a laundry room, a bathroom, and 3 closets. The upstairs had 3 regular bedrooms with walk in closets, another full bathroom, Master Bedroom, and Master Bathroom with 2 walk in closets. I always knew the place was big, but I don’t think that it sank in till that moment just how big it was. I was about to be 14 with a house that most would kill for. I was extremely happy.

Me and Mallory got up that day and unpacked the last 8- 10 boxes and got everything looking really nice. We then decided to go out for dinner. We got dressed up as slutty as possible and went out to the nicest restaurant in our town. It was on the other side of town so about 5 minutes drive away LOL…. It was far from being like the restaurants in other towns, but it was decent. We ordered 3 different seafood platters and a basket of fries. I had never drank before but I would have ordered a nice bottle of champagne if they would have sold it to me. I wanted to party tonight but at almost 14 how much partying can you do in a small town that wouldn’t allow young girls into the 2 clubs we had.

We ate and as we left we noticed 2 guys outside of the restaurant checking us out.

“ Hey do you want to break your new house in.” Mallory said as she smiled at me.

Mallory and me stood out there waiting for them to approach us but they seemed a little to timid. They were both in their 20’s and both were cute.

“ Hell they aren’t coming over here, so lets go over to them.” Mallory said as she grabbed my hand and stared us walking up to them.

“ Hey guy’s this is Jenny and my name is Mallory. We saw you checking us out and just wondered if you were wanting to hang out tonight.?”

“ My name is Jeb and this is my brother Shawn. You two look very cute but also very young. How old are you two?”

“ Old enough to know how to use this.” I said as I took a step towards him and took his dick into my hand through his pants. “ That is all you need to know, now do you want to come back to my place or not?”

“ What do you think Shawn?” Jeb asked.

“ I think that this may be to good to pass up. Are you two sure that noone is going to come in like daddy or momma?” Shawn asked.

“ No it is….. I started to say, but then Mallory intervened.

“ Her dad and mom are out of town till tomorrow.” Mallory said as she looked at me with a agree with me look on her face.

“ Yea their out of town.” I said looking back at Shawn.

They agreed to follow us back to my house. We got inside and Mallory went over and turned on my stereo and then went to get the lubricant as we both wanted anal tonight. We had the guys sit down on the couch and we both straddled them. I had taken Shawn and Mallory had Jeb.

“ Here’s the deal. Me and Jenny are mostly lesbians, but tonight we want some cool guys to just fuck us and leave without wanting a relationship. We don’t really want to know you, we just want some dick . I am 16 and Jenny is 14, we have both had multiple sex partners and we are both on birth control and we won’t tell anyone. If that okay with you both, then we will have some fun?”

They both said okay and Me and Mallory both lifted up our top over our heads and showed our braless tits. We then leaned over and kissed our new men. Shawn was a great kisser and really liked to use his hands. As we kissed he massaged my back. and it felt really nice. I could feel his dick stiffen under my ass and I loved the feeling. I felt Mallory sit up on Jeb, I thought that now would be a good time to give her a passionate kiss in front of our male friends. I reached out for her and she leaned towards me, we locked lips as we heard the guys comment on how sexy it was to watch us kiss. I decided to turn it up a little, so I reached for Mallory’s tit and started to massage her nipple. We broke from our kiss and we went back to our guys. I could feel that Shawn’s dick my now really hard and I could tell that it was big.

I started unbuttoning his shirt to expose his very built chest. He wasn’t super muscle, but he had a very nice outlined chest with a defined six pack, he was in great shape. I pulled his shirt off of him and I caught a glimpse of Mallory’s guy. She had just lifted his polo shirt over his head to expose his chest as well. Jeb also had a great muscular figure, but he was a little larger build than Shawn, not that I was complaining I thought Shawn was super cute.

I moved up and took hold of Shawn’s head and guided it to my tits. He wasted no time in taking one into his mouth as he massaged the other one. It felt really nice and I could feel my pussy tingling as I was getting turned on. I then felt his hand move under my skirt and started rubbing my pussy through my panties. I looked over to see that Mallory had taken to the floor in front of Jeb. I was hot and I also was ready to suck my man. I got off of Shawn’s lap and got onto floor. I undone his jeans and in one pull I took his pants and his boxers. The sight of his massive cock stopped me in my tracks. He wasn’t as thick as Mr. Thick from the strip club, but he was thick and at least 9 inches long. Mallory also stopped and admired it for a few seconds.

I just had to suck it. I took hold of it and guided to my small mouth. I then took as much as I could take down my throat, but I only managed about a third. I sucked his nice dick for a few minutes before I felt Mallory’s hand on my back.

“ Lets do the swap thing.” She said.

I knew exactly what she meant and so we swapped guys and continues to suck them. Both of them really liked getting sucked and they were coaxing us to take more and more into our mouths. Mallory seemed to be doing better with Shawn as she was taking about half of his huge cock down her throat. Mallory then got up into Shawn’s lap and started to lower herself on his massive dick. Mallory moaned as he penetrated her pussy. She then started moving up and down on his shaft. Seeing her do this made me really turned on and I went to really sucking on Jeb’s dick. I sucked him for a few minutes before I wanted my pussy ate.

I stood up and stood on the couch and stuck my pussy into his face. He started licking my hard cock and I was felling good. I then felt Mallory’s hand on my ass. I turned to her.

“ Will you lick my ass hole while I slowly ride him, then let Jeb fuck my ass and Shawn fucks my pussy, while I eat your pussy.” Mallory asked. Shawn and Jeb really seemed to like the idea and so I got off the couch and got onto the floor behind Mallory. I then got between her butt checks and spread her butt checks. I was having a hard time licking her ass so she slowed down really slow. I licked her tight brown hole I could feel it contracting as I licked it. After about five minutes I waived at Jeb to come up behind her. I took the lube and lubed her ass and then I lubed his dick. I got up and stood up on the couch with one leg beside Shawn and the other one resting on his shoulder. Mallory then started to eat me.

Jeb grabbed Mallory’s waist and stared pushing his cock into her ass. I could tell that it was painful for Mallory, but I also knew that this was a fantasy of hers. Jeb pushed a little harder and the head of his dick went into her. Mallory’s face was one of pain. Jeb pushed deeper and Mallory streamed in pain. Jeb asked if she was okay but Mallory just told at him to fuck her. Jeb then started moving in and out of her ass. Mallory was in pain but she was wanting it. She begged for Jeb to fuck her harder and faster. After a few minutes Mallory went to licking my pussy and Shawn started moving under her fucking her pussy as much as he could. Mallory was in total ecstasy on she dove hard for my pussy, but in the end it was to hard for her to move forward and back and eat me. So I just learned over and kissed her.

Mallory was moaning heavily and I knew that she was about to cum. She screamed “ Oh Fuck …..Yes… I ‘ m gonna cummmmm….” With that she creamed Shawn’s cock .

“ Fuck Mallory you have to try that it was great.” She said as Jeb pulled out of her and she got off of Shawn barely able to walk as she wobbled over to the chair.

I was ready. I moved over to Shawn and mounted his cock . I sat down on his dick but could only get about half of it into my young pussy. He was big and I could feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his thick cock . I starting moving up and down on his cock and it felt so good. I was too turned on though and I had my first orgasm with-in 2 minutes of him fucking my pussy. That orgasm didn’t seem to calm my fire though. I needed more, I needed a dick in my ass.

Jeb then came up behind me and I knew that pain was coming. Jeb lubed up my ass hole and put more on his hard pole and then started to press it hard into my ass. His head slipped in, it really did hurt but I just cringed up for a few seconds and let it pass some. After I said okay he pushed it in harder and pulled my hips, driving 6 inches of his dick into my ass before he bottomed my ass out. He then started going in and out of me and after about 2 minutes the pain stopped and a good sensation took its place. Shawn then started going in and out of me as well. I once again had an orgasm and this time I flooded Shawn with my orgasm as Jeb kept fucking my ass.

I felt Shawn’s cock starting to jerk inside of me and I knew that he was about to load my wet stretched pussy with a load of cum. I was so turned on and I was getting hot as hell again. “ Oh Jenny I love your tight young pussy he said as unloaded his warm cum into my pussy. The feeling of him feeling me up with cum was making me about to orgasm yet again. Jeb was now about to cum himself and he also filled my ass with his hot cum he removed his dick and I was about to cum again. I got off of his dick and moved up onto his torso and rubbed my clit. I soaked Shawn’s torso with his own cum and my squirting orgasm .

We all laughed as we looked at the mess that I left on Shawn’s torso. I grabbed him by the hand and we went to the upstairs master bath shower. We both got into the shower and washed off.

“ I had a lot of fun.” Shawn said.

“ Me to, we will probably do it again down the road. But not to soon. This is just an every now and then thing for us.” I said.

When We got back to the living room, Jeb had gotten back dressed again and were chatting. Shawn also got back dressed. Me and Mallory just stayed naked since they were leaving anyway. They left us their numbers and thanked us for the great time and left.

“ Do you think we broke it in good enough.” Mallory asked me.

“ No way, this is just the beginning.” I said.

We kissed each other and then sat on the couch.

“ Oh shit.” I said. “ The couch is soaked in cum.”

“ Lets go and buy a leather one tomorrow, we can clean it when we get it wet easily.” Mallory said.

I woke up the next morning about 8:30 to Mallory waking me up. “ Wake up sleepy head, I have you some breakfast.”

She had woke up and fixed me some food that Jennifer had bought for me. She ate with me as I ate and when I was done I went to pee and came back to the bed.

“ Jenny, I have made a decision. I am not going to give Dad the opportunity to say no. I want for us to go to my house today and I am going to tell my dad and get my stuff.” Mallory said.

“ What if he say’s no?” I asked.

“ Then I will threaten to quit our monthly meeting at the club and you can threaten to quit with me. Dad made over 500,000 last year off of us, if he wants for that to continue he is going to agree to what we want. I don’t want to get him mad at me, but nothing s going to keep us apart anymore. I don’t care what else happens I wan to move in today.” Mallory said.

Me and Mallory got into the shower and got ready. We arrived at her dad’s place at about 10:00am. We went in and found her dad asleep with one of the dancers from the club. They were uncovered and asleep. The girl was the really cute girl from the club that danced for me the first time that I went, the one that had the long blond hair. Her name was Rachael. Running out of her hairless pussy was cum. Mallory’s dad had fucked her hard and creamed inside of her before they had passed out from drinking the open bottle of Crown Royal on the nightstand.

The sight of the cum was a real turn on for me. I wanted it. I took off my shoes and my shirt and bra and climbed between her legs. Rachael started to stir but she didn’t open her eyes. She spread her legs giving me access to lick her pussy. I licked that cum right off of her and swallowed it all. I then took my tongue and scooped it out of her pussy. I saw Mallory take off her top and started sucking her dad’s soft cock.

The stripper opened her eyes to seeing me eat her pussy. She was a little surprised but she didn’t stop me. John ( Mallory’s Dad) had also awoke to see Mallory sucking his dick. I kept licking the beautiful blond while she started to squirm on the bed. I could tell that she was getting turned on by my tongue licking her. I heard John moan loudly into Mallory’s pussy and he gave Mallory a mouthful of his cum. Mallory swallow it all like a champion. I then saw her get off her dad. I moved up on Rachael and straddled her head and let her lick my wet pussy. I then saw Mallory get between her legs and she started to lick her pussy. I then went off and had my orgasm, I don’t think that Rachael knew what to think as I splashed it all over her.

I got off and watched as Mallory moved into a 69 position with Rachael. They both ate each other to an orgasm that happened almost simultaneously. Mallory and Rachael them went and got into the shower as me and her Dad talked. We mostly talked about the situation at the club.

“ I am getting worried about our meetings with the guy’s at the club. I was informed by a friend of mine that works for the Police Department said that they have gotten a tip about illegal sexual activity happening at the club. I don’t know if this is about you and Mallory or about some of the girls going further with the guys than is legal. Either way, I am to scared to let you guy’s meet at the club with the guy’s anymore. So I have leased a building that is 2 miles from my house on the way to the club. I know the guy and he asked me to lease it out for him and keep a watch on it because he is moving to France to take a position with a big company. So I am going to take it.” He continued.

“ We have to be very careful from here on out or we will all get into serious trouble. I can’t ever go back to the leased building again. If I do and they follow me then they will investigate what happens at that building. They will then try to catch us in the act. I can’t even hire the person to renovate the building because it could become apparent that I am involved in that building. What are your thoughts?” He said.

“ I think I have a solution to the entire problem. Me and Mallory will take over the operation and leave you out totally, besides you finding us the men that want us of course. You give us the money and the keys and we will find someone to renovate it.” I said. “ However for this to really work Mallory has to move out from your house.”

“ Why is that?” John said.

“ You don’t think that they would follow her as well?” I said. “ If she is connected to you, and they think this involves us, they will follow where she goes as well. Before they start staking out your house, Mallory has to totally move out.”

“ But where would she move to. I just can’t kick her out.” John said.

“ Jennifer sold me her old house and I moved in yesterday. I now have my own place right across the street from my Dad and Jennifer. John, I love Mallory with all of my heart. I want her with me forever, we are in love with each other.” I said.

“ I am happy for you both. I love you both so much. I will go and get you the keys and the money” He said. “ Do you think that Mallory could take her stuff with ya’ll today?

“ Her Blazers seats let down so I don’t see why not. We don’t need furniture.” I said.

John agreed that it was the best solution to the problem, and so he agreed to let her move in with me as long as she went to school and promised to finish. I assured him that we both would finish and hopefully go to college as well. Something that we thought would turn ugly had just turned in our favor without a fight.

Mallory and Rachael came out of the bathroom and got dressed. Rachael said goodbye and then left.

“ Dad we really need to talk to you.” Mallory said. “ I want to move in with Jenny. I really love her and we want to ……”

“ Okay, but get everything out today.” John interrupted.

“ What? I can really move in with her.” Mallory said.

John then told Mallory everything and she understood the reason why he had agreed so fast. Mallory and I then backed the Blazer up to the house and loaded it with the stuff that she wanted to take with her. We crammed it full but managed to get it all. We then helped John to clean the room up really clean and empty to make it look like a guest bedroom.

We then went back inside to collect what we needed. John opened his hidden safe and gave us $50,000 for the inside renovation.

“ This is all I can spare to do this, it is a 32x 74 building. Mallory you know where the empty gas store is down off of Lexington, It is the building right behind it. It used to be Old Joe’s Hardware store.” John said as he looked at Mallory.

“ Ya I know where it is at.” Mallory said.

“ That is our new spot, it is kind of secluded behind the old gas store. Don’t do anything to the outside, it needs to look empty. Cover all of the windows with black plastic. The floor is good just need to clean it and maybe lay down carpet in half of it, with some good thick throw rugs for play sex. It needs a stage with a pole, maybe 3-4 couch’s and some light furniture. Some lighting like in the club, a good jukebox with a sound setup. What ever you two want to put in it, just make it look nice and professional. The owner of the building has left us with Utilities in his name. I will just pay that bill monthly.” John said.

John then turned back around and gave Mallory her money from the safe. She had accumulated over $70,000.

“ We won’t be able to see each other much. You two will have to collect the money and we will set up a way for me to get my part. By the way, you two will now be getting $10,000 each, so just send me $25,000 monthly. Your next meeting is in 3 weeks on Saturday at 1pm, so the place has to be presentable before then.” He said as he stood up and came and hugged us both.

“ I love you Mallory, and I love you Jenny. Please take care of each other and remember to just love each other and handle business.” He said.

We both left. I could tell that this was bitter sweet for Mallory as well. Mallory was free to be with me, but the cost was that she couldn’t see her dad to much for while. I knew that until I turned 18 this would probably not be over and their relationship would not be normal.

We went by the building on the way home. It was cleaned out pretty well except for some old counters. It needed a good cleaning as John had said, but we were there long enough to figure out what we wanted to do with the place.

What concerned me the most was now to get this place ready without many people knowing what we were going to use if for. I decided that maybe we didn’t need to let to many people know, thus we needed to do some of the work ourselves.

I woke up the next morning to a brainstorm. Daddy…… Dad could about built anything. He shouldn’t have any problems building a stage and doing some lighting. I was also sure that me and Mallory could lay the carpet and buy and lay down the rugs. We could also paint the place with Jason’s help. I didn’t know what we would do about the sound though but that wasn’t as important to me right now. I talked it over with Mallory and we decided to go and talk to Dad about it.

“Dad we need your help. We have a building that we leased for our new play- business place. We need help in building a stage and with installing some new lights. This is a job that we someone else in paying for so we can pay you for doing the job. Can you help us this week? I asked.

“ Today is probably best for me. I have to go back to work tomorrow. After today it will be Friday before I can go and look at it again.” Dad said.

We both said okay and Dad, Jennifer, Jason, and the baby loaded up in Jennifer’s mini-van and they followed us back out to the place. I showed dad where I wanted the stage and what we wanted to do with the looks of the place.

“ For what you want it will need to be a smooth stage. I suggest building it and then overlaying it will hardwood flooring, then varnish and wax it. It will probably take a good 2 days just to build it, then it will take another to varnish it, and another to wax it. So about 4 days for the stage and another 1-2 for your lighting.” Dad said. “ It is going to be rough girls but I will help you do it. It will probably cost you about $ 3000.00 though for the materials.” Dad said.

“ That would be good” Mallory said as she reached into her pocket “ How is $6000.00 total. for you to build it.”

Dad agreed to build it and said that he would work on it and get it done by end of the week. Dad measured what he would need and then left. Me and Mallory then left as well. We went home to unpack Mallory’s stuff out of her car.

“ Can I put this money in the safe.” She said. “ It isn’t just my money anymore.” She then leaned over and kissed me. It was amazingly true. We were now one and I had gotten what I really wanted. I got my house and my best friend. I was now content even if it all ended today………

Please be sure to watch for the next part called “Young Adult Passion”. This series will focus on the 15 – 18 years. I hope you enjoy……


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