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Paradise Isle – The Pony Pt. 05

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(fetish, ponyplay, ponygirl, consensual) Endings and Beginnings.

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read the previous parts of The Pony, first.

That evening, after Antonio had returned pony Summer to the stable in their suite, Scott had called for her dinner and removed her bit.

Then he sat as he often did on a chair in the doorway, as she waited in her stable for her meal.

“They told me that humans can use that same setup to breed with their ponygirls. Maybe I should give it a try. Would you like that?”

She didn’t know if he was being mean, or if he was really interested.

When she didn’t provide an answer, he reached out and gave her a swat. “Well?”

She jumped and gave him a dirty look. “I wouldn’t mind,” she said in a whisper. Embarrassed, but still interested. Being bred like a pony by her owner had always been a part of her ponygirl dreams. She didn’t know why it aroused her. She figured it would be even more humiliating than being bred by a stranger; a pony stranger. But nonetheless the fantasy had captivated her.

Scott just smiled, in response. The thought of screwing a girl while she was tied down, was intriguing. It fit in with his secret fantasies of being a master with a sex object, lover. After his impromptu counselling session with Allissa, he was convinced that he should make it happen, with Summer.

And her willingness to allow him to screw her while she was secured in that breeding stand, was certainly encouraging. He just had to build up the resolve to go through with it. Just do it! He told himself.

But not tonight. Tonight, he was very horny and he just wanted to fuck the girl he loved.

That night, he again bent her over the stool in his room, and played with her tail and bells while he screwed her from behind. And they both enjoyed it, even more than the last time.

When he had instructed her to take up that position, Summer was actually pleased. She had certainly enjoyed their last session.

This time he not only left her bit in place, but also her reins, and he used holds on them, and her tail to control and torment her, while he pumped into her from the rear.

He loved it, and the jingle of her little bells too. Damn, he wanted her to wear those things, forever!

It continued to reinforce his determination to make her his. His submissive lover – his fantasy sex slave. He still had a difficult time thinking of his Summer in those terms, but he now understood that it was what he, and she wanted.

In that position, Summer was reminded of her breeding session with Jaxon the stallion. She was defiantly being dominated by the stud behind her. She was pleased that it was Scott, this time.

She wasn’t so very surprised by how much she enjoyed it. All of it. It was everything she’d ever dreamed of.

Afterwards, he pulled out of her and ran a hand up her back as he crawled around to get to her face. She continued to lay over the stool, passively, catching her breath and enjoying the afterglow of the sex.

When he arrived up next to her, she turned her head to him and he kissed her lips around her bit, and then her nose ring, and the tip of her nose, and her cheeks and chin – all over her face, the exposed parts, anyway.

And he whispered, “I love you,” and “you’re a wonderful pony,” and “I love being your owner,” over and over again.

It delighted Summer so much she giggled and tipped so she could wrap her arm and hoof around his neck.

And when he leaned back a little to reposition himself, she lost her balance and slid off of the stool and onto him. They wound up laughing joyfully as they collapsed in a tangle onto the floor.

It struck both of them, simultaneously that they’d never felt so good, together, after sex, or at any time.

Lying there, in a heap they talked about it. Wondrously, excitedly and happily. It was a unique revelation and the two of them were astounded by the discovery. And they kissed long and passionately, at the conclusion.

Eventually, reluctantly, they broke apart. Scott staggered out and came back to clean up his pony while she was still laying peacefully on the carpet of his room.

He helped her up and into his bed, before heading into the bathroom to clean himself.

Returning he removed her reins and curled up next to her.

She was still feeling bahis şirketleri too fine to worry about the bit still holding her mouth, open. She was just happy to sleep with her lover.

When she woke up in the morning, lying next to Scott, she realized that things were somehow different. The thought of marriage to her best friend was more attractive than it had ever been before. But she was concerned when she suspected that she was happy with him because she was thinking like a ponygirl who adored her owner. And that was certainly a temporary situation. In less than a week, she’d no longer be a pony. She’d be back to being a real woman, and Scott would be her boyfriend, and lover, but not her master.

They didn’t talk much during breakfast. He seemed as confused by last night’s passion as she did. She didn’t realize that he had made up his mind about where he was going to take their relationship, and he was only subdued because he was working on his plan on how to make her his wife and slave.

Antonio showed up on time, friendly and chipper.

“How’s my Summer this morning? Are you ready for another fun day?” he asked as he stuck his head in through the stable door.

Summer looked at him skeptically, but stomped her hoof, once.

“Good, then it’s time to go,” he said as he opened the door and stepped in.

“Apart from a few lapses, you’ve pretty well mastered the show pony behaviors, so today we’ll start on a new phase of your training. “I’ll teach you about life as a cart pony.”

Scott spoke up from the door to his room. “Hi Antonio, ‘cart pony’?”

“Oh, hi Scott. Yes, Summer will learn to draw a pony cart. It’s another pony talent and it requires a different set of skills and mind sets. I’m sure she’ll do just fine.”

Antonio stepped in, but instead of grabbing her reins, and leading her out as he usually did, he reached up behind her and unbuckled the straps for her bit.

Mumbling, “not a word,” he pulled it from her mouth, rinsed it off and hung it up in the rack. There he grabbed another bit. A decidedly different one.

“For this training, I prefer to use a bit with a tongue curb,” he explained as he held it in front of Summer’s mouth.

She couldn’t really see, but as soon as he put it between her teeth, she realized that it had some extension that held her tongue down, flat against the floor of her mouth.

“Ugh,” she moaned.


“So, what’s the difference?” Scott asked.

“Oh, this one has a built-in depressor that holds the pony’s tongue down. It prevents them from pushing at their bit, and makes it even more difficult for the pony to make intelligible sounds.”

“Not painful?”

“Oh, no.” Antonio replied, but then he chuckled, “but the ponies usually find it uncomfortable and frustrating. And it distracts them a little, keeps their minds busy, while they pull.”

After attaching her reins, he grabbed ahold and led an upset Summer out the stable door. She already hated the new bit.

He paused as he stepped out into the daylight and looked at Scott, “and the beauty of this training is that you can borrow a cart and have her pull you around the grounds. It’s a pleasant mode of transportation; for you, and for the pony. Many of them enjoy getting out to see the sights, and be exhibited.”

“Ah, interesting,” Scott replied, it could indeed be fun, he thought.

With a final wave, Antonio led Summer out and down the long path to the stables.

She pranced along her head held high and her arms bent as she had been taught, but she was, as her trainer had predicted, frustrated and uncomfortable. The new bit forced her tongue down, and held it there. It was one of the little habits she’d developed, pushing and fiddling with the bit with her tongue; now she wouldn’t even have that little distraction to use, to while away her time. Shit!

As they approached the stables, Summer wondered about the new training. She’d seen videos of ponygirls hitched to carts and hauling around their masters. It hadn’t seemed too very difficult. But it didn’t seem very thrilling, either. More like work.

Then, sighing to herself; well, whatever, I signed up for it.

Outside the barn, Antonio took her over to an open, paved area, and positioned her in front of a two-wheeled pony cart. It reminded Summer of the things used by trotters for racing. Only this one was more substantial, had a more comfortable seat for the rider, and a narrower wheel base.

She stood still as Antonio wrapped a stiff and wide leather band around her middle, over her waist cincher. It included chrome swivel connectors at each hip. He tightened the thing as if it were a very wide belt, with several buckles. It wasn’t actually painful, but it further limited her ability to twist or bend at the waist.

Then he maneuvered her to stand in between the two shafts that extended out from the cart’s frame and attached the swivels to them with some snap-links.

She could feel the weight of the thing as it pulled bahis firmaları on her waist and rested on her hips. It wasn’t too heavy, or uncomfortable but it made her feel tethered. As if she was now part of the thing, and it was part of her.

“Alright, pony. go walk around the fence line.” He ordered. And for good measure he gave her ass a swat.

She immediately jumped and began prancing, dragging the cart behind her.

It wasn’t that difficult, but the feeling of being restrained, remained. It was work, though, and she continued to feel the pulling at her sides, and around her middle.

After she’d completed an easy lap, Antonio grabbed her by her reins, up by her cheek, as he so often did and began leading her around in a series of tight turns.

Those maneuvers did feel strange and uncomfortable. Wherever she went the cart followed, and in the turns, she could feel it yanking unevenly on her. Rotating was an issue, too. She couldn’t twist her body without dragging the cart around in a circle. It was maddening.

“Alright, enough of that. Now it’s time for some real weight.”

She felt him unsnap her reins from the sides of her bit, and then replace them with a heavier set.

She realized that the new ones were much longer. She tried to turn and look, but that was impossible. She had no chance of seeing anything behind her, hitched as she was. And her blinders also limited her vision. All she could do was stand and look forward.

She was startled when her trainer reappeared in front of her waving a long pony whip, it was about five feet in length with the first four stiff, and the last foot floppy.

“This, my dear, is a pony whip, or a buggy whip. It allows the driver to get a cart pony’s attention, and give her a painful sting if she misbehaves. Understand?”

He waved it in front of her face for a couple of seconds and then pulled his arm back and flicked it forward, and the end of the whip snapped like a shot.

“I imagine you’ll feel this, sooner or later. I hope for your sake it’s later.”

Summer stomped her hoof, indicating that she saw and believed.

But after that scarry warning, Antonio stepped up to her and petted her mane. “Summer, that whip is the most distasteful aspect of cart pony training. You’ve felt the crop often enough, thus far. But now the punishments will be worse if you misbehave, because you could really hurt yourself, or your cart-rider if you screw this up. So be careful. Please.”

Summer understood. Pulling someone on the cart was serious work. Being a cart pony wasn’t a game like being a show pony. It made her very nervous.


She stomped her hoof once.

“Good. Now take me for a ride.” He said as he moved around behind her and she felt his weight pull down on the shafts hooked to her belt. As he moved and settled into the seat, the pull on her hips evened out, and became more balanced, side-to-side and front-to-back.

Then she felt him crack the reins and order ‘giddy-up’.

How bizarre, she thought, as she leaned forward and took her first step.

His weight made a lot of difference. Before, pulling the empty and light weight cart had been relatively easy. More cumbersome than effort. But now, it was difficult. Hard work, especially with all of the weight resting on her waist and hips. She couldn’t use her arms to help, as she couldn’t grip the wooden poles to pull or maintain the balance. Her arms remained in their proper pony position.

And it was difficult to prance, too. As she had to dig her hooves in to gain purchase and power. Oh God, what have I gotten myself into now? This was no fun at all! Nor was it erotic.

She struggled with each step, as they moved slowly around the open space. Only slowly did she become used to the effort required. After a very long couple of hours, though, her legs were tired, but she was more used to pulling the buggy, and her driver around.

Several times, though she had been stung by the damned pony whip. When she didn’t pay attention to the reins, jerked her rider by not pulling smoothly or didn’t prance properly as she’d been taught. That was a difficult aspect. She had to push hard with her hooves to move the weight behind her, and lifting her knees between each step made it all the more difficult.

But she learned. And after a while the practice paid off. But she wasn’t enjoying it in the least. And she was panting and sweating, and drooling too, under the strain.

When Antonio finally stopped her, so he could take a break, he tethered her to a nearby post’s iron ring, using a lead with a clip on each end. He clipped it to the post and then to her nose ring. God! She hated that!

Even if she was careful, the weight of the strap pulled on her nose. And the damn thing kept her in place like she was actually an animal. There was no way she could free herself, so she was stuck to that spot.

As he walked away, Antonio told her, “get used to that tether. It’s how cart ponies are often kaçak bahis siteleri secured, so they don’t wander off.” I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Really? She thought. Why would she wander off while attached to the stupid cart?

All she could do was stand there, tired, and feeling sorry for herself, until he finally returned. He brought a water bottle, and stuck its nozzle over the bit and under her lip to squirt cool water into her mouth. It felt wonderful, going down her throat. And she didn’t; even mind how much of it dribbled out around the bit and down her front.

After she’d drunk almost the whole bottle, he pulled out a rag and dried her mouth, and her sweaty face. And she appreciated that too.

But then he shocked her when he snapped a blindfold over eyes. She resisted, a little and he swatted her hard on the ass.

“Be still! You must learn to respond to the reins, and only the reins, and rely on your driver to guide you. This is how we’ll practice that.”

She settled down. She had to. And felt him remount the cart behind her.

She spent the next hour, blindly prancing around the space, pulling the heavy cart, without being able to see where she was going, or stepping. She learned to feel for the gentle tugs on her reins as Antonio directed her by pulling on her bit. He supplemented it with quiet encouragement, warnings and instructions.

And a couple of times, stings on her ass with the buggy whip.

Of course, she hated that lesson. She had no idea where she was. For all she knew he had taken her out onto the road outside the resort. She was too busy concentrating on her driver’s directions, to pay any attention to the sounds around her. Besides her trainer’s voice, and the rumble of the cart’s wheels, all she heard was the normal clip-clop of her hooves on the pavement, and the jingle of her bells.

Finally, he pulled back on the reins and called “whoa,” and with a sigh of relief, she stopped, and stood, again panting and sweating. And praying that the lesson was over.

It was.

Antonio dismounted and removed her blindfold, and after blinking her eyes, she realized that they were back at the barn.

“It’s lunchtime, Summer. We’ll take a break. You can eat, drink and relax a bit, before we resume. You’re getting better and better at your cart-pony prowess, but you’re still not really into it. I know it’s more work and sweat than you’re used to as a show pony, but think of how much more useful you are, pulling this nice buggy, and giving your driver a pleasant ride.”

But he added a chuckle, as if he knew how silly that sounded to her, at that moment.

She felt exhausted, and discouraged, and hungry and thirsty too. Being a cart-pony was no fun, and not the kind of thing she’d dreamed about. Even though she understood that it was an expected part of a ponygirl’s skill-set.

Antonio replaced her long reins with her normal, shorter set, and then disconnected her from the evil cart, before leading her into the stables and her lunch. She noticed that he left the thick cart harness around her waist, ready for more, later. Damn!

She felt like she drank a gallon of water, with her lunch, and she didn’t really feel like finishing her food, but she did, after one of the wandering trainers gave her a swat, to remind her to clen her bowl. Like a good pony.

Then it was back to the cart. And more of the same endless training, hauling Antonio around the paved area, and then around some of the paved pathways in the area of the stables.

At one point she faltered, and let out a groan. And Antonio understanding that something was wrong pulled her to a stop and got out to stand in front of her. “What’s the matter, Summer, are you alright?”

Summer stomped once.

“Okay, what? Are you hurting?”

Summer stomped twice, but then did the double-step that indicated that the pony needed to relieve herself.

“Ah, Okay. Poop?”

She stomped twice.

“Well, then, if it’s only pee, you can do it while you move along. We don’t need to stop for that.”

Summer looked at him in horror! Oh, hell no! She thought.

She shook her head to communicate her disgust at the thought. She wasn’t poor Dusty with a catheter. She’d never even considered peeing while walking.

Antonio scowled at her. “Summer, a cart pony can’t simply stop whenever they want to, whenever they feel the need to empty their bladder. They can hold it until they’re stopped, or they can pee as they move along, like a real horse would.”

He knew from experience that this was a difficult concept to teach a pony, but he also knew that it could be done.

“Summer, what if we were in the middle of an intersection, and a car was approaching, you couldn’t stop to pee. And besides, cart ponies only stop when their driver instructs it. Not when they feel the need.

“Some ponies do have a difficult time releasing their urine while they’re walking, but they do learn. Sometimes with a lot of encouragement with the whip. We can work on it.

“Of course, you can just hold it, until we do stop, or perhaps pause at an intersection. But that usually only takes a few seconds and then you’d have to resume prancing, whether you’re finished or not.

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