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Paul and Susan

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Double Penetration

It was a sunny, Monday afternoon in the middle of May in 1978. Paul and Susan Ward, a pair of eighteen-year-old twins, were in the last month of their senior year in high school. The twins had an older brother and sister who were both away at college. John was a senior at Holy Trinity University in Chicago and their sister Becky was a sophomore at St. Elizabeth University in Fairchild, Indiana. At the end of the week their bother was due to graduate from college and then the following week their sister would start her summer vacation. Although they enjoyed having their sister and brother at home, they enjoyed the fact that while the elder Ward children were away at college, they each had their own room. During the summer they each had to share a room with a sibling.

Paul was a good-looking eighteen-year-old who was very bright. He was five-foot-eleven and weighed one hundred and seventy-five pounds. He was considered very attractive by the girls in school and had recently started to date Karen Whitley, exclusively. He was very curious about sex; but his experience was very limited. He had played with the bare breasts of a few girls and had been permitted to rub the crotch of one girl that he dated. At one petting session, his own crotch had been rubbed enough that he had ejaculated in his pants. No girl had ever viewed his hard, thick member. He had come to masturbating at night after his dates had aroused him.

Susan was a black-haired girl that was five-feet-seven inches tall and weighed one hundred and ten pounds. Her pert, well-formed breasts adequately filled her size 34B bra. She had always attracted the attention of the boys at school. In addition to her good looks, Susan was a very pleasant and intelligent girl. Early this school year, she had started to date Bill Manley. She, like her brother, had a strong interest in sex. Her experiences had been quite limited, though. When she had a fondness for one of her dates, she would allow him to play with her breasts and had even had them out of her bra and in the guy’s hands on one occasion. One guy that she had dated had gotten his hand in her pants and had rubbed for a short time until she could get his hand removed. She had not been ready to progress that far with that particular date and did not go out with him again. Bill had moved fairly slow at exploring her body and had not gotten his hand under her blouse yet. Although she had a deep fondness for Bill and even thought that she might love him, she was slightly put off that he was not progressing faster.

The twins had come home from school that afternoon and they each retired to their own rooms to work on the term papers that were due in one week. A week after that they would have final examinations and then they would graduate from high school. They both continued to work on their papers until their mother called them for supper. They went to the kitchen and sat at the table and waited for their mother to finish putting the food on the table. Their dad entered the room and sat at the head of the table. He fixed his plate and then passed the food to the others who were sitting at the table. When everyone had filled their plates with food, they all began to eat. About halfway through the meal, their mother announced, “John called this afternoon and he has received a job offer in Indianapolis. It’s an entry-level management job for a manufacturing company. He said that he has accepted the job. He visited down there this past weekend to try to find a place to live. He starts work a week after graduation, so he only plans on spending a couple of days at home before he moves to Indianapolis, if comes home at all.”

Paul said, “That’s great, Mom. I hope that it’s something that he will enjoy.”

Mr. Ward said, “For my money, he’s pretty lucky. There are a lot of guys graduating from college this year who are not getting jobs in their major field. When he calls again, if I’m not here, tell him that I am very happy for him and proud of him.

Susan thought to herself, “Wow, Dad must be ecstatic about this. That’s the most emotion that I’ve seen him show in a long, long time. It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard him say that he was happy about anything. I don’t ever remember him saying that he was proud of someone.” It wasn’t that Mr. Ward was always ornery or was unemotional; he just didn’t verbalize his emotions very well. The children had learned at an early age to read his facial expressions to learn his emotional state of mind at any given time. This was equally true of his happy emotions and his unhappy emotions. When dinner was done, Paul and Susan helped their mother clear the dishes from the table.

When the table was cleared, Mrs. Ward asked the children, “Do you still have homework to do?”

Paul answered, “I’m still working on my term paper. I think Susan is too.”

Their mother answered, “Get those done. I can finish up here in the kitchen.

Preston and Wilhelmina Ward were proud parents. Despite the fact that kartal escort bayan he did not express these feelings, Preston Ward was very proud of his children. He had encouraged his wife to stay at home to raise the children, in spite of the fact that she also was a college graduate with a teaching certificate. As he moved into the administrative field of education, he became more sure that they had made the right choice. The two children in college were both Dean’s List students and the twins were a couple of B’s from being straight A students in high school. Wilhelmina had mixed emotions about being a stay-at-home mom. She had such high hopes about the contributions that she could make to education when she graduated from college. She had taken a teaching job when she first graduated from college. Back in the mid-fifties, the administration didn’t take kindly to pregnant teachers, so she resigned at mid-year. She did enjoy being at home with her children to help them with their schoolwork. She took great pride in contributing to a class or a paper that earned them a high grade. But, more importantly, she was ecstatic when she helped them learn more about themselves or life.

Paul and Susan went to their respective rooms to continue working on their term papers. Paul was busy typing, what he hoped was the last draft of his paper. Susan was trying to come up with a plausible conclusion for her paper. About ten o’clock, Paul turned off the typewriter and went to the bathroom. As he came out of the bathroom and started back down the hall, his mother called his name. He turned to her and heard her say, “Before you leave for school in the morning, leave me whatever part of your paper that you have finished, so that I can proofread it for you.”

Wanting to talk to Susan before she went to bed, he started to her room and said to his mother, “Okay, Mom. I’ll leave it on the kitchen table in the morning. Thanks.” Talking to his mother had distracted him and he neglected to knock on Susan’s door; he just opened it and walked in. As he entered the room, his sister was just starting to pull a T-shirt over her head. Paul got a glimpse of her panty-clad pussy and her pert breasts. Pulling the door closed, Paul said, “I’m sorry, I forgot to knock.”

Susan, red-faced, said, “That’s all right. I had my panties on and I don’t have much else to look at. You probably get to see more than that with Karen all of the time.”

Paul answered, “No, I don’t get to see them that much. I think that yours are nicer anyway.”

That comment made Susan proud. She said, “Well thank you. As tight as you and Karen are, I thought that you and she might actually be getting it on.”

“You thought that we were doing it. I am very lucky if I can get my hand into her bra. What about you and Bill? How much are you doing?”

“Ha-ha, he likes to rub my chest, but just when I think that he’s going to either unhook or reach under my bra, he backs off. A couple of weeks ago, my hand rubbed up against the front of his pants and you would have thought that I shot him. ? Do you really think that mine are nicer than hers?”

“Your what?”

“My breasts, dummy. That’s what started this conversation in the first place.”

“Oh yeah. Yours are pretty nice. Although I didn’t get to see that much. Of course, I don’t get to see much of Karen’s either.”

“Do you want to see them again?”

“Yeah, that would be nice. But I really want to see something that I have never seen before.”

“What’s that?”

“Uh-um-a, well, between your legs. I have never seen that before on anyone — at least not since we were about six or seven.”

“You’ve never. That kind of surprises me with some of the girls that you have been out with.”

“Have you ever seen a guy, um, down there? I mean since you were real little?”

“No. A couple of guys that I have gone out with wanted to show me. But it seemed to be contingent on them seeing mine. And I wasn’t ready for that.”

“So, no one has ever seen you there?”

“Since I was about eight or so, no guy, except my doctor.”

“Can I be the first to see it?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. But if you don’t want to, that’s all right. I’ll leave.

Susan looked at him questioningly and then said, “No, don’t leave.” She walked over to the door and locked it. She walked back to the bed and sat down. Susan added, “If this is some kind of joke that your friends have put you up to, I’ll kill you.”

“No, I never even thought of this until we started talking tonight.”

Susan looked at him and said, “Okay.” She lifted her rear end off of the bed and slid her panties down. With her panties lying on the floor, Susan told him, “If you get to see me; I get to see you.”

Paul felt himself growing in his pants. He stared at his sister’s thigh’s anticipating that he may get to see his first post pubescent pussy. His gaze moved up her body and, even with her T-shirt on, he noticed that her escort maltepe nipples were growing before his eyes. He said, “I think that talking about this is turning you on as much as it is me.”

Susan asked, “Why do you say that?”

He responded, “Look at your chest.”

She glanced down and saw how large her nipples had become. She said, “Damn, they are getting big. And it’s giving me a kind of tingly feeling. How about you? Are you growing, too?” She started to squeeze one of her breasts through her thin T-shirt.

Paul asked, “Well, are we going to see each other or not?”

Still rubbing her breast, Susan said, “Slide your pajamas down. All I have to do is lift my T-shirt.”

Paul walked to about a foot in front of her and slid his pajamas down to his knees and said, “Your turn.”

She pulled her T-shirt above her waist, exposing to Paul the live pussy that he had ever seen. Susan gazed at his hard cock admiringly and asked, “Can I touch it?”

Paul started to nod his head, then he said, “Let me sit down first; my legs are kind of rubbery.” With his pajamas around his knees, he worked his way to the edge of the bed and sat down next to his sister. He then said, “I want to touch yours, too. Can I?”

Susan merely nodded her head and began to run her index finger across the crown of his hard, throbbing cock. Paul then reached down and cupped her pussy with his hand and she ran that index finger around the ridge under the crown of his cock. Paul eventually probed between her pussy lips and began to stroke his middle finger in and out. When Susan wrapped her hand around his erect member, Paul reached across his body and lifted her T-shirt farther exposing her boobs. He then began to fondle one while sliding his finger in and out of her pussy. With her free hand she pulled her T-shirt over her head and dropped it on the bed next to them. Paul dropped his head to her breast and began to suck on it. Susan was now stroking his erect phallus. He just continued to slide his finger in and out of her pussy until suddenly he felt a churning feeling in his groin and he began to erupt all over his belly and her hand.

Susan began to laugh and reached for the T-shirt lying next to her and started to wipe the cum from Paul’s belly. She wiped her hand with the shirt and looked down at it. Seeing that there was still some of the creamy liquid on her fingers, she put one finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. She then repeated that motion until all of her fingers were clean. When she was finished, she said, “Hey that doesn’t taste too bad.”

Paul pulled his finger from her pussy and placed it in his mouth and sucked it clean. He said, “You don’t taste bad either.”

Susan stood up and went to the dresser for another T-shirt to put on. As she was pulling it on, she said, “This is where you came in. You had better pull your pants up and get to bed. Mom and Dad will wonder why you’re in here for so long.” She kissed him and said, “Now get out of here.” Paul reluctantly pulled up his pajamas and left the room.

Paul and Susan were up and moving early the next morning preparing for another day of school. Paul was a little embarrassed about the events of the previous evening so he did not pay too much attention to his sister that morning. After a quick breakfast, Paul rushed back to his room to pack his schoolbooks and, on the way out of the house; he left his last draft of his term paper for his mother to proofread. Susan was a little surprised that her brother had left for school before she did. Her mother reminded her to leave her term paper so that one could also be proofread.

Paul came home from school and was greeted by his mother who had his term paper in her hand. She started going over the typos and a couple of errors in grammar that she had discovered. She then pointed out of few places where she felt that he might think about rewriting a paragraph or two to make it clearer. As she was finishing her review with Paul, Susan came home. Mrs. Ward beamed when her daughter came into the room and she said, “Susan, I have a couple of ideas that I want to run by you for a conclusion on your paper.”

Paul left the two women alone to discuss Susan’s paper. Susan always liked it when her mother was able to come up with a solution to one of her academic problems. She never really gave her the solution; she just presented some options. That narrowed things down for Susan and she was able to resolve the problem by herself. They both knew that her mother had pointed her in the right direction, but had left the final resolution of the problem to Susan. With the new ideas firmly planted in her mind, Susan retired to her bedroom to begin working on her paper. Before starting work on the paper she changed from the clothes that she had worn to school. She put on a pair of shorts and then found a clean T-shirt. As was usually the case when she did not plan on going anywhere that night, she did not wear a bra. After a pendik escort few minutes of trying to work on her paper, she realized that she was having difficulty keeping her mind on the paper. Her thoughts kept drifting off to the events of the previous evening and the fact that Paul had seemed to be avoiding her today.

She hoped that the brazenness of her behavior the previous evening did not lessen her brother’s opinion of her. She did know that he was somewhat shy, so the possibility did exist that he was simply embarrassed to the point that he was reluctant to talk about it. Susan knew that whether they were going to have a repeat of last night or not, it was necessary for them to talk about it. She got up from her desk and started for the door. A little bit of fear began to engulf her and her legs started to feel rubbery. She knew that this conversation had to take place and the longer that she put it off the harder it would become.

Susan knocked on the door of her brother’s room and, after she heard him invite her in, she opened the door. She said, “See, that’s how you’re supposed to gain entry to another person’s room. You know — knock.”

“Hey, I said that I was sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“I know; but I needed to tease you about it. Especially the way that you have been ignoring me all day.”

“How can I ignore you? I’ve hardly seen you at all today.”

“Yeah. But when you have; you’ve done your best to disappear right away.”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to avoid you.”

“What’s the matter? Are you embarrassed about last night?”

“A little. I never squirted all over in front of anyone like that before. It was almost as embarrassing as the time I did it in my pants when I was out with Bonnie Wilson. It just surprised me and then you chased me out right away. I thought that you might be mad.”

“No, I wasn’t mad. I was just worried about Mom or Dad coming by and finding you still there. I kind of liked it when you squirted. I’ve never seen anybody do that before. After you left, I felt kind of funny down there and I started to do what you were doing — you know, with my own hand. ? You actually did it in your pants when you were with Bonnie Wilson?”

“Yeah. We were making out and she was rubbing her body against me while I was playing with her breasts and it just happened. I was so embarrassed that I took her home a few minutes later. She never knew what happened. How did it feel when you fingered yourself?”

“Oh, it felt great. The next time, I’ll show you the spot that really makes me feel good.”

“The next time? You mean that you want to do it again?”

“Yeah. I want to do it again. Don’t you?”

“Sure. I wasn’t sure that you would want to. When?”

“I’ll come to your room tonight about nine o’clock. Make sure that you have something to clean up the mess.

Susan walked over to him and put her hands on his cheeks and planted a kiss on his lips. She held the kiss for quite some time and Paul began to feel a stirring in his loins. He started to place a hand on her waist, but she stopped him, saying, “Later.” She turned toward the door. As she got to the doorway, she faced him and said, “Here’s a preview of what you’ll see tonight. She lifted her T-shirt, exposing those well-formed, pert breasts to Paul’s view. Susan dropped the front of the shirt and returned to her room.

The two siblings went back to work on their term papers and continued until their mother called them for supper. As they were eating supper, Mrs. Ward asked, “Susan, are you any closer to finding a conclusion to your paper?”

The young girl replied, “Yes, I went over your ideas and I think that a combination of two of them will work. Thanks for the help, Mom.”

“After I have finished the dishes, would you mind if I came to take a look at where you are at.”

“That would be great, Mom. Sometimes, my mind gets cluttered with too many ideas and you help me sort them out to simplify the whole thing.”

Mr. Ward interjected, “From my experience, when I was still in the classroom, students try to fill their papers with too many ideas. The best ones that I have read, and graded, are the ones that start out with a choice of ideas and quickly narrow down to one path and proceed from there. Your mother thinks that your paper is developing quite nicely.”

Paul asked, “How do you think my paper is coming, Mom.”

Mrs. Ward said, “This one is working out very good. With both of you, your papers are like the rest of your lives. Paul, you set your focus at the beginning and proceed from there. Susan opens up all of the options. If a roadblock comes up, you have to back up and re-focus, whereas, Susan just changes directions. If there are no problems, you get there quickly. Susan, on the other hand, takes longer, but she can adapt quicker. Now speaking of your papers, your father and I are leaving Friday afternoon for Chicago. John graduates at eleven o’clock on Saturday. We will be home sometime Sunday afternoon. If you want the final draft proofread in time, you need to have them to me by Friday morning.”

Paul asked, “In case I forget before then, Mom, can I use your car Friday night. I have a date.”

Mrs. Ward answered, “Surely.”

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