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Pleasuring Virginia Pt. 06

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This story continues after Pleasuring Part 5.

We were all exhausted but very well satisfied after the erotic adventures of the last two days. Virginia and I relaxed in the glow of our mutual satisfaction. My bruised cock really hurt. I asked Virginia if I could remove the extension and the cock cage. She said absolutely and called for Alice to join us. Alice also looked tired but very satisfied when she arrived in Virginia’s bedroom. She removed the cock extension from my cock cage and then used the key around her neck to unlock and remove the dreaded cock cage. Virginia gasped when she saw the bruises on my poor cock. Alice seemed excited about the damage.

The shower I took felt great, but it was painful to even gently wash my bruised cock. After drying off, I heard Virginia and Alice in the living room. They were dressed and relaxing with a glass of wine. I stood there naked and wondered what would happen next. Virginia took charge and suggested that we all take a break from the festivities. I definitely agreed. There is a limit to how much erotic adventure can be continually enjoyed. I said that perhaps it is best for me to head home. Virginia agreed. I got dressed. They both said how much they enjoyed our time together and we hugged before I left.

The next month was frustrating. It took a full week for my cock to heal and my sexual mojo to return. Virginia’s and my schedule were out of sync. We kept missing each other. I had not heard anything from Virginia after I returned from a vacation. I emailed her and received a short response that she was busy.

One day my wife and I took a neighborhood walk and I noticed an older beat up car parked a few houses away from Virginia’s home. I wondered if she had a visitor. When we returned from the walk, I saw a young, rough looking man leave Virginia’s home. I immediately sent Virginia an email asking if she had a new erotic friend. She replied a few days later with a single word answer. Yes.

Initially, I felt angry and a betrayed. I thought more about it and recalled that we never made an exclusive commitment. I thought about it some more and decided that I really did miss and want the taste of Virginia’s breasts and pussy. I also wanted more erotic adventures with her and Alice. I decided to try to reignite our connection. I emailed Virginia to ask if we could talk. She agreed and we found a time and place.

Virginia was pleasant and relaxed when we met. After some conversation, I asked her if she was interested in continuing our erotic adventures. She did not directly answer my question. She said she had met a younger man who was now giving her what she wanted. She told me our last time together reminded her how much she really casino siteleri enjoyed having a big, strong cock inside her. She paused and mentioned that while he had a delightful cock, that I was a much better breast sucker and pussy eater. I was not sure where to go next in this conversation. I just said that I was hopeful we can have some more erotic adventures together. She said she would think it over and get back to me. I left feeling very disappointed.

Another week went by before I finally heard again from Virginia. She emailed me saying that she thought it over and had an idea. She told me exactly what she wanted. She reminded me that this would only be about her pleasure and that my only response would be either yes or no. I thought about it. I emailed her back my answer. No. Her response was simple. Ok.

I thought about it some more. I realized how much I missed the excitement and anticipation of our erotic adventures. I thought again about what Virginia told me I would have to do to pleasure her this time. I started to think that maybe I could do it. I thought some more. I eventually emailed Virginia and changed my answer to YES. She responded with a time at her home. I changed my plans and told her that I will be there.

He was already there when I arrived. He was not happy. We were introduced, and I was told his name is Troy. Virginia was confident and pleasant. The yellow sundress matched her round yellow eyeglasses and accentuated her luscious massive breasts. I was once again reminded how much she aroused me with her take charge manner and stunning body. Hard to believe that she was 75. Damn. Virginia and I chatted over a glass of wine while Troy sulked in the corner. He was a big guy. I guessed he was six-foot three with big shoulders and a lean, hungry look. It looked like he was in his twenties. Virginia eventually said that she was ready. She told us again what our roles were for the evening and confirmed we both understood and accepted it. I said Yes and Troy just nodded. She rose and told us to get naked and meet her in her bedroom.

Virginia was sitting on her bed with her back against the headboard. Her massive naked breasts rested on top of the blankets which covered her legs. She curled her finger at me and I laid down on my right side across her lap. She told me to pleasure her breasts exactly as I have been taught. I did exactly as I was told. I caressed her left breast with both hands and begin licking her erect nipple with my tongue. I gradually licked harder and heard her moans increase. I then took as much of her breast that I could into my mouth and began softly sucking her breast while licking her nipple with my tongue. I suckled güvenilir casino her breast and licked her nipple harder and harder. Virginia moaned louder and stroked my head. She told Troy that this is how a man should pleasure a woman’s breast. I alternated breasts and used my hands, lips, tongue and mouth to pleasure Virginia’s breasts exactly as she desired. It felt great to be where I belong. After a long time, Virginia gently lifted my head away from her breast.

Virginia then kissed me on my forehead. She told me I did well and to wait by the side of the bed. I glanced over at Troy as I scrambled off the bed. I must say he did have an impressive erection. It was the size of the extended cock Alice and Virginia make me wear over my cock cage during our last time together. Virginia curled her finger at Troy to come into her bed and lowered the rest of the blankets to display her open and moist pussy. I watched with envy how he positioned himself between Virginia’s legs and grabbed his cock to place it next to Virginia’s excited pussy. I heard her remind Troy that he was not to cum until she gave permission. She reminded him that this was only about her pleasure, and the first time he would cum before she was ready would be his last time with her. She asked him if he used the stay hard delay cream. He grunted that he had.

I watched closely as Troy slowly entered Virginia’s pussy. I watched the pleasure grow on Virginia’s face as the full length of his cock entered her pussy. I watched Troy straining not to too quickly force his way into her. I heard Virginia moan and call out Yes, Yes as he fully entered her wet and ready pussy. I saw how Troy rested his cock inside her after fully entering her. I saw how he strained not to immediately start pounding her with his massive cock. Virginia closed her arms around his strong shoulders and told him how great he felt inside her and outside her. Virginia slowly raised her arms off his back and he responded with increasing thrusts as he slowly began to fuck her. I saw Virginia’s hips rise to meet his thrusts. Virginia controlled the pace which slowly grew in intensity. Virginia’s moans increased as he slowly pulled his cock almost entirely out and then slowly entered her until his large balls were resting against her pussy lips. Her moans increased and increased until I heard her first orgasm. She let it flow through her and told him not to stop and not to cum. I saw Troy straining to not cum.

Virginia once again increased the pace. She locked her legs around his strong, lean legs. He began to more forcefully fuck her. I heard Virginia moans increase again, and I saw her shudder to another orgasm. I heard Troy ask if he could cum. canlı casino Virginia laughed and said that he would have to ask nicely. I heard Troy say Please, Please may I cum. Virginia did not respond until he asked again. This time, he said Please three times. She then firmly held his back and legs and told him that she was now ready. Troy grunted and bucked as he released deep into her pussy. I heard Virginia cry out. They slowed down and rested with his cock still inside Virginia. Virginia eventually tapped him on the shoulder and told him to move away. She curled her finger at me to tell me that it was once again my turn.

I am not gay, or guess it would be called bi. It doesn’t bother or affect me if other men are gay, but it is just not for me. I am not bi. That’s why I initially said No. The more I thought about it, the more I understood or maybe rationalized, that this was about pleasuring Virginia and enjoying eating her pussy. Still, I hesitated when Virginia directed me to eat her cum filled pussy. Virginia noticed my hesitation and sighed. She said that men are weak with their fragile, pathetic egos. She said she gets nothing from watching a man with another man. She reminded me that this is all about her pleasure. The pleasure she wanted now is to have her well fucked pussy cleaned and to reach another orgasm. I nodded and positioned myself to pleasure her exactly as she desired.

I closed my eyes as I laid down between her legs. Before my eyes were totally closed, I did unfortunately see thick gobs of cum coating her pussy lips and the inside of her thighs. I tried to ignore that picture and focus instead on her beautiful pussy that I so enjoyed pleasuring. I started licking her pussy slowly from bottom to top. This was how Virginia trained me. I gradually went deeper and harder and lingered more at her stimulated clit. I tried, but could not avoid the taste of Troy’s cum as I licked and sucked Virginia’s pussy. Her moans filled the room. Her hands grabbed the back of my head to position my mouth exactly where she wanted it. I just went with it. My focus was that this is what Virginia wanted, and I wanted to pleasure her. Virginia started shaking her hips as her orgasm built. She kept encouraging me to go deeper and harder. I tasted stuff I never tasted before, but I got caught up in the moment and eventually enjoyed that feeling of letting go.

Virginia erupted again with a huge orgasm. Her stamina at any age, but especially at age 75, continued to astound me. She kept saying Oh My God as she let her orgasm flow through her. She eventually gently pushed my head away. I laid my head on her wet thighs and gently licked any remaining cum and juices off of her. I heard Virginia tell Troy that he should be taking notes to learn how to properly pleasure a pussy with his mouth.

She gently kissed my forehead. She told me that I did well.

She then told us both to get dressed and leave, and to be sure to lock her door on our way out.

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