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Princess Goes for a Jog

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I’ve been jogging regularly for the last six years or so. Biking is my go-to but sometimes I just want to put on a pair of shorts and a top, step out my front door and go. So jogging.

My neighborhood is nice. A little older, quieter, not too far from a coffee shop and there’s a nice park about a mile away. That’s the usual destination. No coincidence that I often run into a neighbor there. Well, one neighbor in particular. Luke.

Luke is about my age, tall, fit and divorced. I see him running most days, and if I’m honest, seeing him through my window as he runs past has motivated me to pull on the lycra and go more than a few times.

He’s almost always jogging with a gorgeous Weimaraner named Fritz, which is how I know for sure it’s him at a distance. Fritz knows me and is always very friendly. He always gets a nuzzle from me and he always finds a way to give me a good sniff and a nudge with his nose; like a good friend should. It always makes me chirp and giggle. The first few times Luke seemed embarrassed, but now I think he uses it as a way of flirting.

We’ll get back to that in a second.

You know how some days you wake up feeling a little naughty? You know what I mean. And on those days I like to tease myself a little. I have a set of “Princess Plugs” I like to use to create a delightful little irritation between my legs while I work and go about my day. I sit at a desk mostly and having one of these little gems tucked away in my bum creates the most delicious sensation.

By lunch I’m usually so ready for some release that the slightest bit of rubbing brings me off. I’m trying to last longer but so far, lunchtime is my record.

Yesterday was one of those days when I woke needing a little bakırköy escort distraction. I pulled out my big Princess; a stainless steel plug roughly the shape of a chess pawn, about two and half fingers wide with a pink jewel set in the end. Cute.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. After, I picked Princess out of my night stand, dropped a tiny dollop of lube on the tip and worked it slowly into my bum. As the largest of the collection, it took a little bit of lovely coaxing, but within a couple of minutes it slid in past the tight little ring of muscles in my anus and seated itself, nice and snug. I made a contented little sigh and went to make coffee.

Walking around, climbing stairs and sitting in a chair with the Princess in place is just enough to slowly get the juices flowing. Every once in a while I’ll find myself scooching back forth in my chair or needlessly going upstairs for a single olive or mint or paperclip then back down to work. Five minutes later I need another paperclip or to warm up my coffee, so it’s back up and down the stairs. Lovely.

So there I am, with several paper clips, warm coffee, comfy chair, busy working or trying to work, and who jogs by my house? Luke and Fritz. Good Lord.

So up I go; into the bedroom. Lycra, shoes, earbuds and three minutes later I’m out the door heading for the park.

As I run, the weight of the Princess, though only a few ounces, feels like a bowling ball jostling around. Each stride pulls it and pushes it from side to side, rubbing and bouncing against the sensitive walls of my rectum. Blood begins flowing. I can feel myself beginning to get puffy and swollen, which causes more rubbing and swelling. avcılar escort I’m getting wet. I can feel the far off signals of an orgasm setting sail in my direction.

After about a mile I round the corner into the park. And there he is, about a hundred yards up the path talking to someone. I’m soaked. My pussy is on fire. I can feel my heartbeat in my anus. I drop my pace to a slow jog, glancing down at my crotch to see if I can see the wetness. My tight little shorts are black and nothing is showing although I’m sure I’ve soaked through.

He sees me when I’m about fifteen yards away. His friend says something that looks like a goodbye and jogs off. I drop to a walk, smiling. I pull my earbuds out and pause my phone. Fritz recognizes me and tugs at the leash. Luke lets it spool out.

I wave. “Hi.” I say. “Thought I’d find you here.” I say and chuckle. “Stalker humor.”

He smiles back. “I like it when you stalk me. I’m always disappointed when I jog by and you don’t stalk me.” His big, broad smile filled with arctic white teeth. It melts me a little every time. I blush.

“How are you?” He says. “Looking good as ever. Staying busy?”

As I walk up, I feel a heavy buzzing between my legs from all the stimulation. My heart is thudding in my crotch, in my ears, in my chest. My pussy aches. I want to keep moving. I want to touch myself. I want to come.

Fritzs finds my hand as he looks for a nuzzle then rams his nose into my crotch. I jump back, startled at the sudden force directed at my already overloaded crotch. “Oh!” I bark, louder than I intended.

He reigns in Fritz with some effort. “Sorry.” He says, smiling sheepishly.

“It’s fine. büyükmece escort No problem.” I say, leaning down to give Fritz a nuzzle and a “You’re, a good boy. Aren’t you? Yes.”

“Guess he’s excited to see you.” He says grinning. “Need to work on his greeting.” He says. The side of his mouth curls into a smile, forcing a dimple to appear in his check.

I stand and twist away, unable to suppress a grin.

“You look good.” He says, puzzled. “Did you get a haircut?”

I flip my ponytail. “Thanks. No. Must be the fresh air.” I bite at my upper lip, trying to control the stupid grin on my face.

He nods, his eyes lingering, smiling, questioning. He senses something.

“Do you have time for a quick coffee?” He ventures. “That’s what Fritz meant to ask.” As he scratches the dog’s ears.

Coffee? No, not what I’m looking for right this moment. I consider telling him, for a split second, that I have an exquisite little plug in my ass that has me on the verge of coming and would he mind fucking me.

“I should get back.” I say, wanting to chat with him, to look into his face and … what? “I…” I begin, the ache between my legs stretching into my gut.

His head tilts, ready for my next words. An image appears in my brain; My legs draped over his arms as he pins me to a tree, that tree over there, and he fucks this orgasm out of me. Oh, sweet release. I clench involuntarily at the thought. My mouth hangs open a second too long then snaps shut. It’s all too much to contemplate.

“I really should…” My eyes drop for half a second to his crotch, then to Fritz, hiding the glance. Another nuzzle.

“Coffee next time, then.” He says.

“Coffee.” I say, our eyes lock. “It’s a date.” A bit too breathy. I turn, walking backward away from him, a little wave, a spasm in my core. Thoughts of him inside me as I jog away.

In a quarter of a mile I’m inside a stall of the park bathroom. My hand is down my shorts pulling at the slick hood of my clit. My other hand is covering my open mouth as contractions rack my body.

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