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Private Time

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Azul Hermosa

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

He didn’t expect the apartment to be so quiet when he arrived home, though it set his skin tingling and prickling with a strange need and excitement, something that had been brewing under the surface for some time and was only just coming to sweet fruition. Setting his briefcase and jacket aside, he loosened his tie slowly, exhaling softly at the release of tension there that he had not even realised was present.

“Hello, my husband.”

Entering the living room, he followed the sound of her voice, leading him forth luxuriously, though his eyebrows could not rise in surprise. Her voice caught him, that of his wife with her dark hair cut sharply around her face, her dark eyes dancing with a mischievous sort of glee that her husband rarely saw. He matched her smile with his own but her gaze smouldered, simmering forth. He’d been so caught by her eyes that it took him a moment longer to realise just how she was dressed but it was impossible to forget once he noticed. Dressed in tasteful high heels and seductive pantyhose, her dress was modest, more by Korean standards, but promised more, drawing the eye up the glowing, bright brown of her leg to the hemline and the curve of her hips.

He maltepe escort groaned, unable to help himself, dropping to his knees, his hands going to her feet instantly. He could not massage them as he wanted to right then, but he could slide his fingers around her heels, tempt at teasing them forth. Her alone there could only mean one thing, even as his sweetheart whispered to him that the children were staying with family for the night.

“We’re all alone here. Come with me, darling…”

She led him to the bedroom, though his eyes did not know whether to linger on her backside or her heels, the open-toe style catching his attention in such a way that her feet were always on show. Yet it was only when her legs were crossed on the bed, secluding away her secret, bobbing a foot in the air, that he could truly adore her.

He slipped off her heels and massaged her feet sensually, fingers teasing between her toes, though the feel of the pantyhose was exquisite in itself. They were glorious, even as he kissed them, adoring her toes, the soft curves of her feet and all the delights they could offer, heart beating too quickly to be comfortable in the cage of his chest. On her bidding, he crawled up onto the bed with her and allowed her to strip him of his clothes, lips colliding, clumsily deepening a hasty kiss that could only lead one way.

“Now,” she crooned, a giggle on her lips, betraying her enjoyment. “Come here…”

Her feet pressed around his bare cock as he laid back, groaning deep in the back of her throat, her legs pressed together to not mamak escort allow an inch of space to go to waste, massaging and toying with his hard shaft. Her husband whimpered, twisting his head back and forth, her feet pumping and massaging oh so very skilfully. The pantyhose was a touch that he had not had in too long, moaning quietly, gripping the headboard, anything to keep himself in place as his aching shaft gleamed at the tip with a subtle drop of smeared pre-cum.

He couldn’t take it any longer, moving up and over her as if called by a higher power as he spread her legs, hooking one heeled foot up and over his shoulder, though her flexibility was not such that both could go in such a position, alas. His shaft sunk home, however, finding the tease of her pussy and driving deep, spreading her open sensually and finding her hot and ready for him already, slick with arousal.

He kissed her deeply, tongues tangling passionately as he thrust and ground deeply, taking his wife as he had so desperately wanted to for so long. The passion was coming whether either of them was ready for it or not, her pussy wrapped around his cock, the flex of muscles in her body pressing around his shaft with every thrust. She cried out his name and his hand wriggled between their bodies, fingers pressed to her clit, however clumsy it was in the moment. It got her there, her body arching and rocking beautifully in orgasm.

Yet his passion was still to come, lust carrying him on, breaking the kiss with a groan, even as she rolled through climax. He needed it all, needed it more, though ankara ofise gelen escort it was coming, rolling her onto all fours and letting her grind back to take his cock all over again. His name lingered in the air between them as she cried out again and again, ecstasy getting the better of her, his hips working furiously as the slap of flesh on flesh echoed through the bedroom.

Climax had to come, however, gasping and grunting, forgetting decorum in the heat of the moment. She wriggled back into position, his cock slipping from her as he moved too, flesh teasing over flesh, though there was nothing as seductive as the tease of that pantyhose, how it even seemed to cling to him too, drawing him in. Yet his needs too… Oh, they had to be met.

For the final delight, though he cast a longing glance back at her heels, he knelt over her face as she accepted him on her back again, her hands curled around his thighs, keeping him right where she wanted him, though it could have been considered a more degrading act to some. To them, it was an act of love, a moan on his lips as he pumped his cock fervently, pointing it at her face.

The final creamy load of cum drooled onto her skin as he spurted, painting her lips, which were already so very beautifully parted for him. Yet all his gorgeous wife could do was moan for more, the aftershocks of her orgasm still rippling through. She murmured something, a pearly string of seed clinging to her cheek, though the light in her eyes would not be quenched with only one orgasm and a single round.

No… The night was young and they had so much to enjoy, a bottle of wine chilling in the freezer and dinner warming in the over. She smiled softly, licking his cream off her lips, jigging a heel off one of her feet teasingly.

“Mmm… Ready to go again?”

He grinned.

It was as if she didn’t even have to ask!

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