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Professor’s Protege Pt. 01

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It was the weekend before finals at Columbia University. For most students this meant pouring over class notes and skimming through textbooks for any information that might be relevant on an exam. But up in her dorm room in John Jay Hall, senior Caroline Johnson was preparing for a night out. She put on her makeup and did her hair, then slid her 5’2″ frame into a strapless sky blue evening dress. The dress complimented her golden blond hair and green eyes. She slid into her stilettos, donned her winter coat, and headed downstairs.

She walked across the courtyard, the bitter New York winter biting at her face, and out onto Amsterdam Avenue. A black limousine was waiting. The chauffeur opened the rear door, and Caroline slid inside, smiling at the other occupant in the back seat.

“Good evening, Caroline.”

“Good evening, professor.”

Tonight Caroline was the guest of Emma Clarke, her sociology professor. Dr. Clarke was a guest professor for the year – “on loan” as she put it – from Oxford University. Emma was an impressive woman. Only thirty-five years old, Emma was one of the world’s foremost sociologists and had written multiple books on the subject, many of which had become standard readings at universities in the US, Canada, and Britain.

“How’s my favorite teaching assistant this evening?” Emma asked.

“Cold,” Caroline laughed.

“Are you excited for tonight?”

“Yes, professor,” Caroline replied. “I’d never dreamed I’d ever get to attend one of these fancy fundraising events. Thank you again for the invitation.”

“It’s my pleasure,” Professor Clarke said. “You’re my best student, not to mention my teaching assistant. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be going with.”

The limo made it’s way through the busy New York City streets. Even on a Sunday evening in December the city was as busy as ever. It was less than two weeks until Christmas, which meant the stores were packed with eager customers. The limo turned onto United Nations Plaza and came to a stop at the visitor center entrance. The chauffeur opened their door, and the women headed inside. A valet took their coats.

“Caroline, you look stunning,” Professor Clarke said, removing her coat.

She wore a maroon dress with a plunging neckline. The dress was full length but sheer from the mid-thigh downward, and the full-length sleeves were lacy. The dress flattered Emma’s curvy figure and accented her brown eyes. bahis firmaları Caroline couldn’t help but stare. Her professor looked gorgeous.

“Thank you,” Caroline said, blushing. “You look amazing as well.”

The UN was hosting it’s annual UNICEF charity fundraiser. The delegate’s lounge, normally packed with UN delegates, was now decorated with the UNICEF banner as well as banners and pictures showing the agency’s work. Dining tables were set up as well as a long buffet table and bar.

The women found their name placards then went to the buffet, where several people were already helping themselves to the vast array of foods from around the world. Caroline wanted to try one of everything. Once they had their plates and drinks they returned to the table. Soon they were joined by other donors. Several people stopped to speak with Dr. Clarke, just chatting or getting her opinions on this and that. Caroline also had a chance to speak with some of the guests, many of which were impressed by her knowledge and passion for global human rights, especially in the educational field.

“She’s definitely your protege,” one impressed donor told her.

“That’s why I brought her along,” Dr. Clarke smiled.

Soon the evening wound down. Emma and Caroline bade the other guests good night and went to retrieve their coats. With coats on they headed back out into the frosty winter night. Their limo was waiting. They got in and began the drive uptown. Caroline and Emma sat next to each other.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Emma asked, taking Caroline’s hand and beginning to caress it.

“Very much,” Caroline replied, looking into her professor’s eyes and smiling. “Again, thank you so much.”

Caroline moved in and kissed her professor’s soft lips. Emma pulled her student to her and kissed her hard. Soon their tongues were in each other’s mouths, dancing around each other. The open-mouthed kiss was hot and passionate. Caroline and Emma began to moan into each other’s mouths.

“I want you so much,” Caroline said.

“Not yet,” Emma smirked.

They continued kissing until they reached Emma’s apartment on West 31st Street. The chauffeur opened the door. The women got out quickly and went inside. They entered the elevator and rode up to the fifty-second floor, kissing the entire way up. They finally got to Dr. Clarke’s luxurious one-room apartment. As soon as the door closed behind them, the women began kaçak iddaa undressing each other.

The coats were the first things to go. They came off easily and were tossed to the side. Emma spun Caroline around and pulled her hair to the side. Her lips caressed Caroline’s soft neck. Caroline gasped as her professor’s lips moved along the nape of her neck.

“Oh, Emma,” she whispered.

Emma slowly unzipped Caroline’s dress. Her arousal was heightened as she watched the dress slide off her student’s gorgeous body, exposing her soft skin. Caroline was only wearing a pair of white lace panties. Caroline turned around and faced her teacher and lover. She kissed Emma hard for several minutes.

“Turn,” she said.

Emma turned around. She felt Caroline’s hands slowly working the zipper. Soon the back of the dress was open, revealing a sexy strapless black bra covering 38DD breasts, matching panties and garter belt, and black lace-top thigh-high stockings. Once the dress was on the floor Emma turned back around.

“Fuck,” Caroline said. “You are sexy as hell.”

Emma said nothing. She grabbed Caroline and scooped her up in her arms and sat her on the marble-top kitchen island. She began to kiss Caroline’s legs, starting at the knees and working her way towards her swell. She took her time, kissing slowly down the thigh, getting close to Caroline’s mound then stopping and moving to the other leg.

“Oh god, professor, I’m so wet,” Caroline moaned. “Please eat my pussy.”

Emma kissed up and around Caroline’s mound, kissing through her panties. Emma could smell the scent of her student’s arousal. She could see how wet Caroline’s panties were. Her own pussy was very swollen now. She knelt down and pulled Caroline’s panties aside.

“Is this what you want, Kitty?” Emma asked, calling Caroline by her nickname.

“Yes, please, professor,” Caroline moaned loudly.

Emma extended her tongue. She slowly licked up Caroline’s swollen labia. Caroline gasped as she felt Emma’s tongue exploring her. She looked down at her professor eating her pussy. She felt Emma’s tongue sliding slowly up and down her pussy. She moaned again.

“Oh, Emma!”

Caroline grabbed her professor’s long brown hair. She could already feel herself building.

“Do you like that?” Emma asked.

“Yes, professor! That feels so good! You’re going to make me cum!”

“Then you’ll really enjoy this,” Emma smirked.

Her kaçak bahis fingers spread Caroline’s swollen pink lips wide. Emma pushed her tongue deep inside Caroline’s wet opening. Caroline nearly screamed.

“Oh, fuck!”

Emma thrust her tongue deeper into her star pupil. Caroline grabbed her head, pushing it against her, forcing Emma’s tongue even deeper. Emma swirled her tongue around inside Caroline, eliciting moans and gasps of pleasure. Emma found Caroline’s g-spot and her tongue began running along it.

“Oh, shit, professor!” Caroline gasped. “Right there! Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!”

Emma continued caressing Caroline’s g-spot with her tongue. She could feel it swelling. Caroline’s moans and screams told her that an orgasm was close at hand. Emma licked faster; the spot was becoming very swollen. Caroline was now writhing with pleasure. Emma used both arms to hold her in place.

“Oh god, Emma, I’m so close!” Caroline screamed.

Emma flicked her tongue as fast as she could. It was taking real effort to hold her student down now; Caroline was squirming almost uncontrollably. Caroline grabbed Emma’s head with both hands and pushed as much as she could. Emma’s tongue was as deep as it could go now. Caroline gave a final cry.

“FUCK!!” Caroline screamed loudly, letting go of Emma’s head.

Emma was able to open her mouth just in time. Caroline’s cum gushed into her mouth. Emma loved the taste of her student’s sweet thick nectar. She swallowed, letting more of Caroline’s juices flow into her waiting mouth. It took several minutes for Caroline’s orgasm to cease.

“Oh shit,” Caroline groaned. “That was amazing!”

“You tasted amazing,” Emma smiled.

Caroline lowered herself from the island and kissed her professor. She could taste her own sweet juices on Emma’s lips. They kissed for several minutes. Caroline began to kneel down.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Emma smiled.

“Isn’t it my turn to pleasure you?” Caroline asked.

“Not tonight,” Emma replied. “You have exams tomorrow, and you need to study. After your sociology exam on Tuesday you can come by my office and I’ll let you pleasure me. I’ll be working late. Deal?”

“Oh, ok,” Caroline sighed.

“Get dressed and get back to campus. The limo will be waiting downstairs,” Emma said.

Caroline put her dress back on, and Emma zipped her up. She put on her coat and turned to leave. Before she left, Emma pulled her in and gave her one final lingering goodnight kiss.

“Goodnight, beautiful Kitty,” Emma smiled.

“Goodnight, professor. Thanks again for an amazing evening. See you Tuesday.”

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