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Prom Date Ch. 05

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I want to take a second to clear things up. I have gotten several e-mails asking if this story is true or not and the answer is yes. The story takes place back in 2002. My real name is Amber. Sara is not the name of the girl. The trick is I am Sara in this story and Sara is Amber. I did not know how true I wanted to make this but now I decided on telling the true story. I was a hair dresser back in the day. Now I am an EMT. Many have asked if “Sara” and I are still together, well I’m not telling. Read on and find out. Our story takes place over several years.

Sara’s mom had decided to go out to a movie just to give the girls some alone time and left them enough money to order in some food. Sara stood in front of here mirror with both items that she had bought that day trying to decide which one she wanted to wear first. She was leaning more towards the light green nightgown because the red one was crotch less and she wanted to at least have a talk with Amber not seduce her as soon as she walked through the door. After a few more mirror try on sessions she decided to go with the light green one. Green was her favorite color after all.

She slipped out of her clothes and underwear and slipped into the nightgown just when there was a knock at the door. She gave her hair a quick flip with her hands before heading down the hall. She snapped the door open with a big smile on her face that quickly faded when she saw a woman and a child standing at the door. The little girl was dressed as a girl scout and was holding several boxes of cookies. Sara jumped behind the door and started trying to come up with an excuse for being dressed the way she was at four in the afternoon.

The woman at the door turned the little girl around and looked at Sara with a nasty look and told her that her mother had ordered three boxes of cookies from her daughter. She took them from the child and all but threw them at Sara and walked away. Sara was bright red as she closed the door and walked to the kitchen table to scribble out a note for her mom about the cookies and for her to tell the woman she was sorry.

Just as she was finishing the note there was another knock at the door. This time when Sara opened güvenilir bahis it she kept herself hidden behind the door to shield herself from unwanted eyes. But as luck would have it the one pair of eyes that she did want to see her were the pair looking at her now. Amber was standing there with a big smile on her face and a bouquet of Lilies in her hand. Sara pushed open the door and pulled Amber inside and quickly shut it again.

“Well I guess now I know what that woman was complaining about as she was walking down the street.” Amber laughed looking her up and down. “You look absolutely wonderful.”

Sara smiled and took the flowers from Amber adding a quick kiss into the movement. As she went to put the flowers in a vase Amber reached out and pinched her on the all too visible butt. Sara simply giggled and laid the flowers on the table next to the cookies and turned towards Amber with a hungry look in her eyes. Amber just smiled back and pulled her leather jacket off and tossed it on the counter and continued to look Sara up and down. She could now help but think how beautiful Sara was. She didn’t need lingerie to make her look good. But this was defiantly a plus.

Sara took a step up to her and wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a kiss. The kiss sent shivers through both of their bodies and as they deepened the kiss the shivers turned into electrical shocks. They could almost see the electricity between them. As quickly as she could and not seem in too much of a hurry Sara stripped Amber of her shirt and bra and was working on her pants but was stopped butt cold by Amber’s boots. They were side zips for easy removal but it was going to require Amber to sit down but Sara wanted her nude now not in a few seconds.

Amber laughed when Sara just pulled her panties down to her boots and laughed even harder when Sara picked her up off the ground and carried her the few feet to the couch and set her down, well dropped her is more like what she did. But Sara did not give her a chance to say anything about it. She just straddled her hips and pressed her lips to Amber’s and resumed the kiss with even more fire and electricity than before. Amber was beginning to moan into Sara’s türkçe bahis mouth as Sara’s hands began softly running up and down her bear back and to her sides. She was slowly making her way to the front and earned a sharp nasal intake of air when she ran her hands over Ambers breasts at the same time.

As Sara began running her fingers over Amber’s nipples and rolling them between her fingers Amber was forced to break the kiss so that she could breath and moan as much as she wanted without the fear of asphyxiation or simply passing out. After being forced from her lovers lips Sara occupied her lips by locking them onto the soft flesh of Amber’s neck just below her ear. Amber was moving her whole body as Sara ravaged her with kisses to the neck and soft tweaks to her nipples.

By the time Sara was read to move on Amber’s pussy was so wet her juices were slowly flowing down to her ass then onto the couch. Sara moved her kisses from Amber’s neck and down to her nipples and gave each of them a soft kiss followed by a not so soft but still sexy nibble. Amber had her hands running through Sara’s hair as she kissed her way down her body and finally came to her sopping pussy. Amber spread her legs as wide as she could seeing as she still had her boots pant and panties around her feet. But that did not slow Sara down much at all. She simply ducked under her legs and came up between them,

Sara had almost no plans on teasing Amber at all so after only a few licks and soft kisses to Ambers pussy lips she dove her tongue right in sliding it as deep as she could in one shot. Amber bucked as Sara’s tongue explored her pussy.

“Oh my god baby that feels so good.” Amber moaned grabbing fist full’s of Sara’s hair.

As she was tongue fucking her lover Sara began running her index finger over Ambers already rock hard clit causing her to moan and buck harder and harder as her orgasm was fast approaching. Sara could feel the juices from Amber beginning to flow faster and faster and slipped her tongue out of her pussy and began licking her lips and flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh shit Sara you are going to make me cum. Please, please do it to me I want you to make me cum.”

Sara güvenilir bahis siteleri smiled inwardly and clamped her lips around Ambers clit and began sucking and flicking her clit with her tongue at the same time. This was all Amber needed to go over the edge. She leaned her head back against the couch and let out almost a primal roar of ecstasy as her pussy exploded all over Sara’s chin and new nightgown soaking the whole front.

“Oh God Sara I love you.” Amber moaned as she orgasm continued.

Hearing those three little words coming from Amber’s lips Sara relieved Ambers clit from her lips and slid out from under her legs and sat back on her heels watching Amber ride out the final seconds of her orgasm. Once she was partly recovered Amber motioned to Sara with her finger to come closer then held out her arms for a hug. Sara was more than happy to oblige and wrapped her arms around Ambers body and held her tight. Amber pushed her back just far enough so that Sara was looking her in the eyes and began leaning in for a kiss but Sara stopped her with a finger to her lips just the same as if she was stopping her from speaking.

“Did you mean that?” Sara asked before Amber could wonder what she was doing.

“Did I mean what?” Amber asked with a slightly confused smile.

“You said that you love me. Did you mean that?”

“With all my heart yes.”

Sara’s eyes began to fill up with tears hearing that and quickly leaned in and kissed her lover ever so softly. After several minutes of kissing Sara stood up and started heading down the hall to her room leaving Amber sitting on the couch with her pants and panties still wrapped around her feet. It only took her a second to unzip her boots and pull all of her clothes off. She trotted after Sara who was standing at her door waiting for her.

“I love you too.” Sara said as she opened her door and led her girl through.

She still had one more nightgown to show her but that could wait till later. For the time being all Sara wanted was to have Amber in her arms. She could hardly remember a time she was this happy. This was the beginning of how her life was going to be. And she wanted to spend that life with Amber. Her first true love.

This is not the end of the story. I have one more short chapter to write then it will be on to the next story in the line. Thank you all for reading. Stay with me I have lots more to tell.

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