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Things have been busy for us for a while. Both of our works being demanding of our time. I started to forget to follow my rules. First, I remember to tell her about completing my tasks and asking for permission on certain things.

One night this week as we were chatting about our day, her tone changed. She told me to get my new whip and my plug, something for my slutty cunt. I asked if she was thinking anything specific. She gave me an option of my dildo, vibrator or clamps. I chose my dildo, she just smirks. She told me she knew I wouldn’t pick the clamps but that’s what she wants me to use. So, I go off and get the things I need. Thinking about what she has planned.

I was to plug my ass. First, it’s been awhile for me to plug my ass. It felt so good but hurt a little. Once I had done that, she told me to clamp my cunt. My eyes widen at the thought. I looked at them and slowly clamped my cunt. God, it hurt so bad. I had to bite my lip to stop me from making a sound.

“Remember not that long ago you showed me the updated rules I gave you?” I just looked at the ground, fear in my eyes not wanting her to see.

“Have you been following them?” her tone changing. I just stay silent, scared to answer her.

“I know we’ve been busy, but that isn’t an excuse.”

I am quietly replying no.

“Get your bahçelievler escort bayan whip.”

She starts to ask about each rule and ask if I have been following them, the first few she asks I have followed but the next one she knows I have broken. She grins at me and says, “I know you have whined.”

“Have you touched or came without permission.”

God, I knew I have few to many times without asking. I don’t speak, not knowing what to say. She knew from my reaction I had. She asks me how many times. I don’t have an answer.

In an angry tone “Guess a number cunt.”

Still looking at the floor and barely making a sound “maybe 10 Ma’am.”

She shakes her at me “Do you still want to be my submissive?”

I didn’t need to think, and I said yes before she even finished the sentence. “Yes, I want to be it. I love being your submissive.”

“Are you going to start following the rules?”

I nod.

“Now, ten hits on the back of your thighs with the whip.”

I took a deep breath in and waited before she hit. It was the new dragon tail whip, and it scared me. FUCK. It stung so bad. Biting into the covers.

“I know you haven’t reported to me. so, I knew you weren’t following those rules but Cumming without permission I’m surprised about cunt.”

Managing balgat escort to say sorry but the pain of the hits taking over. She tells me to turn over and spread my leg. Without warning, she hits my inner thighs. Ten hits again. I whimper. Trying not to scream. The final blow, I scream so loud. She had this smirk on her face.

“Now cunt fuck your ass with the plug and pull on the clamps for ten secs.”

I gulp god; she is just going to watch me. I slowly start to fuck my ass, it begins to feel so good, but I know I need to pull on the clamps. I close my eyes and pull. My moans turn into whimpers.

“Stop cunt, where shall I hit next. Your ass or tits” she drags the whip over my skin. I jump when I think she is going to use it. I look up at her, I know she loves this. She loves when she gets to hurt me. She spends a lot of time with the leather over my tits.

“I’m sure you’ve guessed where is next slut” she hits hard. My body arching. Hit after hit. Tears were forming in my eyes. She is quick, as she finishes she pushes me onto my front. “how many do you want on your ass cunt?”

I say five thinking just maybe she would let up a little but no, she decides to stick with 10. She starts to hit hard and fast, and then she stops for a second. Hoping she was finished but no she batıkent escort bayan begins again. Biting into my hand, I try to move my ass, so she misses but her aim is always perfect. As she finishes the tenth, my body relaxes.

I feel her close behind me. She plays with the plug a little. Teasing me. Then she slides her cock into her. God, it feels so good. As she slowly starts to fuck both my holes, she leans down and whispers “you are dripping slut, it makes me think you like being hurt, my little pain slut.”

I moan as she says it. She knows me so well, and she knows what to say to make me hers. She starts to pound into me, taking me hard. Reclaiming what is hers. She bites the back of my neck. Just how she takes her bitch.

“slut I want you to bark for me, no more talking.”

Trying not to moan but bark at her instead.The noises were a mixture of moaning and growling. I was getting so close to cumming.

“grrr woof.”

“Does Puppy want something?”

She knew what I wanted, and I was trying too hard not to cum. I barked loudly. “WOOF WOOF WOOF”

“Oh, does puppy want to cum for me?”

I growl at her.

She took her time in permitting me, toying with me, teasing me. Finally, she told me I could cum. God, my body shook, my legs shaking as I finally came. She pulled me onto her lap.

“I need you to start following the rules. I know things are busy with us right now, but it doesn’t make you any less mine. Do you understand?”

I nod, as I nuzzle into her. “I’m sorry ma’am. I will try hard to follow the rules.”

She held me tight, as she told me my tasks for when she is away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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