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Raja and Reshma

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Big Dick

Hi Literoticans, this is my first story and I hope it will definitely inspire your dicks to be erect and pussies to ooze wetness while you read this.

The story is set in South Indian context and has a lot of navel tickling scenarios. All the characters and scenarios in this story are purely fictional and not intended to hurt anyone.


The marriage hall was noisy and brimming with activities. All the men women and children were chattering and having fun among themselves.

Reshma was a woman who was 38 years old and had a stunning figure of 34 30 34. She was married 15 years back and was a virgin before marriage. Her sexual appetite grew every day after her marriage. Yet she remained loyal to her husband and her family. Though she derived pleasure while young boys or men admired her physical features. She would flaunt her body subtly and tease them. Her face was innocent one second and would turn slutty the next second if she wished. At 5 ft 7 inches and 55kgs she symbolized sexual desire of any man. Today she was wearing a red colored silk sari which would show her exposed flesh in an appealing sense.

She was unusually horny today. The men and young boys in the marriage hall were throwing glances at her hip which was clearly visible. She could not control herself from laughing seeing the desperation of the males. So she would occasionally raise her hands and stretch to give a more clear view of her body to the horny ones. Helpless men and boys were waiting for the marriage to get over soon, so they could take care of their little brother down under. She was standing in the stage and helping the other women in the family in making arrangements for the marriage. A group of young boys volunteered to help the women only to stare at Reshma’s stunning figure.

Raja had come to this marriage as he was very much interested in meeting his cousins after a long time. Raja was a 22 year old athletic boy. His wide shoulders could easily be traced even when he wore a shirt. Standing at 5 ft 11 inches and weighing 75kgs he could easily turn on any woman who had the slightest hint of sexual desperation. He was a virgin in real life though he fucks a lot of young girls and milfs in his dreams daily.

When he saw Reshma from a distance of about 20 meters, he felt stiffness in his pants. But he ignored them. After 10 minutes, he found himself staring at her flashy hips and her deep navel which would peep out of her sari once in a while. He was more nervous because Reshma had seen Raja throwing glances at her body. He was also confused because she had not done anything to cover herself. He pressed his cock once in a while over his pants to keep his erection alive.

Reshma had been in this situation before a lot of times. But she never felt the urge that she was feeling now. She enjoyed Raja’s attention a lot and was craving for his touch. This was very unusual for her. She even rubbed her melons and pinched her hips in the bathroom imaging it to be Raja, whom she considered to be a stranger. Raja’s age and physique made her hornier. She recognized her husband Arun was sitting two rows ahead of Raja. She decided to go closer to Raja under some excuse. As she walked towards Raja, her ass cheeks were inviting wild dreams along with them. She breathed heavily and her mounds clearly bounced as she walked.

Raja felt scared initially seeing Reshma coming towards him. But that did not stop his 6 inch dick to salute her figure. He lost his thoughts completely by seeing her silky belly and her left melon covered by a fabric blouse which was clearly visible. He had dreamt of licking and tasting every inch of her belly as she came near him.

Reshma recognized the woman sitting next to Raja. So she dismissed her husband Arun and went near Raja. She learned that Raja was the son of the woman. And Raja was her nephew by relation. Though the family tree was too complicated both felt a sense of bonding. They smiled at each other. Both were shy initially but Reshma decided to break the ice. She greeted Raja and wondered how he had grown since she had not seen him after her marriage. She lovingly caressed his hair. All the family members were viewing this as an act of affection. She was holding bursa escort Raja’s head very close to her exposed belly. She was aware of it and so was Raja’s dick. Raja’s eyes were feasting on the sexy belly flesh of Reshma.

By this time Arun had also joined the conversation. They were all enquiring about each other while Reshma and Raja were deeply involved in dreams of love making. Reshma could sense Arun’s discomfort in Raja staring at her body. That made her even hornier.

So she asked Raja, “I remember you being an innocent young kid when I saw you last time. Now say me where is your girlfriend?”

Raja looked into Reshma’s eyes and replied, “Aunty I have never had a girlfriend.” and he made a sad face.

Reshma laughed at him and asked him, “Can I be your girlfriend Raja?”

The family members were all taking this very lightly and laughed at Reshma’s comment. Raja blushed at this and was now feeling that he may lay Reshma in bed. Arun was trying to hide his disappointment and that made Reshma bolder. She wanted to tease her husband.

She looked at everyone and said, “See how shy Raja is!” and lovingly pressed Raja’s face in her exposed belly. While other family members saw this as a normal act of affection, Raja and Reshma were swimming in a sea of lust.

Raja intentionally rubbed his face over her exposed belly while Reshma still had her hands holding Raja’s head. Raja even managed to plant a small peck on her belly. It sent down chills down Reshma’s body and Raja felt it when Reshma sucked in her breath shortly. All this took inside 5 seconds. Arun was helpless. By the time Raja had grown bold enough to hold Reshma by her waist too. Both of them smiled after that embrace. They both now knew each other’s desires.

Raja was getting a clearer glimpse of Reshma’s belly flesh as that embrace has further moved her sari. He controlled himself from letting his tongue draw paintings in that glossy belly. Reshma then told the family members that she needed to get back to the hotel to collect some valuables and she would need company. Raja volunteered and stood up. There was hardly any distance between them now. Reshma appreciated Raja’s gesture and all the family members felt proud of Raja’s helping behavior. Arun went and sat in the corner of the hall as if he had noticed nothing unusual. As Raja and Reshma walked towards the car, the sun had begun to set. All the jealous eyes in the hall were on Raja. He would occasionally stare at Reshma’s melons which were longing for some good sucking and pressing.

Raja got into the car and switched on the air conditioner. Reshma too got in and closed the door. As Raja started the engine he found that Reshma’s sari had completely been moved and he was getting a clear view of her fully belly and both the melons.

He winked at Reshma and said, “I am hungry aunty.”

Reshma replied, “I am also hungry Raja and when we reach the hotel we would treat our hunger,” and winked back.

Raja’s hands were now itching and he wanted to at least rub her belly skin.

Reshma asked for some water as she was feeling thirsty. Raja gave her the bottle and watched her as she drank from it. He was imagining her sucking and swallowing his cum. As she drank the water, few drops of water spilled on her exposed belly and made her belly glow. A tiny drop slowly slid down and entered her navel.

She moaned, “ssssshhhhhhh,” and bit her lips.

Raja’s heart was racing faster than the car’s engine. He asked her whether she needed tissue papers to wipe off the droplets.

Before she could say agree to his request, he started wiping her belly slowly. He was drawing circles around her navel with the tissues. She was moaning and her body was trembling with anxiety. They would stare at each other occasionally when his hands would rub over her belly. They both moaned. Raja then told Reshma, “Aunty, the paper is not doing any good, I will wipe it off my hands”.

When Reshma smiled at the thought, he had started rubbing his palms over her glowing belly. He played with his fingers. He would trace her belly region fully with each finger individually and the massage her belly. He would pinch her hips and make her moan harder. bursa escort bayan He would circle her navel slowly to make her wild. She would raise and give her belly to him so he could do anything he wants. Slowly he entered his fingers inside the navel.

Raja then told Reshma, “Aunty your belly is too soft and your navel is also very deep. I am sure water will be there.” He was making excuses as his fingers drilled her navel. She was moaning all the time.

Now Reshma told, “Raja I think you need to suck it fully to dry the water. Will you suck the water dear?”

Before Raja figured out what Reshma had said, she climbed into Raja’s laps and sat on them with her melons near Raja’s lips. Now she took support of the head rest of the driver’s seat and stretched herself. Raja slid down further and caught hold of her hips in firm control. He smelled her belly first and rubbed her belly with his face.

He then asked Reshma, “Aunty, do you use Lux soap?”

She giggled and replied, “Yes Raja”.

He told her further, “I would spend my entire day smelling this aunty” and slowly sucked on her belly. Reshma moaned in delight and lust, “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” “mmmmmmmmmm” “ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh”.

As Raja’s tongue devoured her flesh he slowly removed her blouse hooks. When she realized that pleasure cannot be more intense, she felt she was wrong. Raja had just started to explore her navel with his tongue. Raja’s cock was spitting precum and his tongue was salivating excessively. He drilled her deep navel hole with his hungry tongue like mad dog possessed with lust.

After 5 minutes of intense kissing and sucking, he told to Reshma, “Aunty, see now. It is completely dry.”

Reshma laughed at that because he had completely drenched her belly with his wet kisses. Now they got back to their normal position and he drove her to the hotel.

As they reached the hotel she began packing things necessary for the ritual and decided that she would change her dress. Raja was making love with her through eyes as he would dream of fucking her in whatever way she stood or walked. As she entered the washroom to change the dress, she asked Raja whether he would join her teasingly. Raja winked at her and said he will change outside.

When she stepped out now, she was dressed in a sleeveless cream colored sari with a matching blouse. The fabric was transparent that her cleavage and navel could be seen even if her pallu had covered them. She posed in front of him by raising her arms and asked Raja how she looked. Raja who was just in his brief as he was changing was admiring her body inch by inch. His eyes got stuck in her smooth armpits.

He thought to himself, “Here is the goddess of sex”

Her armpits were fully shaven and invited him. He walked near Reshma in his brief and ran his fingers in her armpits. She shivered and moaned, “aaaaahhhhhh”

He whispered to her, “Aunty I was unable to answer in the marriage hall. But now I would marry you any day and never let go of you.”

He grabbed her hips and kissed her neck. She also lost herself in the moment of passion.

But soon they returned back to normal when Raja’s cell phone rang. It was Raja’s mother who asked Raja and Reshma to stay in the hotel as it was raining heavily outside. She also said that Reshma need not bring those things from hotel as rituals can be managed without them also. Both Raja and Reshma realized that it was raining heavily and there was no way they could travel.

Raja’s thought of spending the night with Reshma was visible when his brief formed a sharp tent. Reshma who was blushing on the thought saw Raja’s erection and rubbed over it lightly with her fingers. Raja froze there and was watching Reshma. She turned herself to the mirror and started undressing herself.

Raja walked towards her and unhooked her blouse from behind and whispered, “Aunty ask me for any help. I will do my best.” He rubbed his erect cock on her ass crack.

She rubbed her ass crack further on his tent and replied, “My husband is not here. So please take care of me Raja”

Next moment Reshma was sitting on Raja’s laps with her melons being treated with equal affection by Raja’s lips and hands. escort bursa He massaged a melon with its perked nipple while he was rolling his tongue over the other boob and nipple. Reshma grew naughtier when she saw a glass of milk and poured it over herself. Now Raja was like a hungry child sucking on every drop running over her body. As she moaned and raised her arms, raja would hold her arms and would suck on her armpits to drive her crazier. By now she had cummed twice. Raja had also cummed once when Reshma stroked his cock dutifully as Raja was feasting on her melons. After all this intimate foreplay, both stopped for a moment and looked into each other’s eyes. They kissed passionately in lips and exchanged saliva. Raja sucked and chewed Reshma’s lips. Reshma was purely lost in the ocean of lust as Raja chewed her lips with one hand massaging her melons. The other hand was fingering her navel.

As Raja completed his series of kisses Reshma turned into her wild self. She had waited for this moment for a long time. She slid down and removed Raja’s brief. Raja’s cock saluted Reshma’s sensuality. Reshma rubbed Raja’s balls slowly and made him moan. He covered his face in pleasure and fell down in bed. He had never thought a woman could dominate in sex and he had never dreamt of such a feeling. It was washing over him and he was enjoying it. Slowly she licked the tip of his cock and felt Raja tighten his whole body. She was proud of herself. She had made a mighty tiger like cock to be powerless with her single touch. Raja took in breaths and breathed out in short bursts and delayed his orgasm. Meanwhile Reshma now took in the 6 inch rod completely inside her mouth and soaked it in the wetness of her saliva. Raja moved his lower body rhythmically. She would rub her fingers over his balls and make him struggle again to control his orgasm. He begged her to stop. He wanted to save his best for the glory shot. She agreed finally and Raja let out huge sigh of relief only to be fooled.

Now she took his cock in her hand and rubbed it over her silky belly and teased him. He could not control himself now and when she rubbed his dick over her navel, he burst loads of cum on her body. Her nipples were topped with fresh cum droplets and her belly had rich samples of young semen.

Raja screamed in pleasure, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh aunty you are so hot. I wish I could fuck you every second”

As he regained his senses, his cock was dancing down and he saw Reshma standing there like a slut in heat. The sight of her with just panty made his tiger wake up again. He lifted her and threw her in bed. The panty was gone in a second. Raja’s tongues were busy treating Reshma’s melons while his fingers were exploring the depths of her navel and pussy. She was moaning and she felt like a virgin girl whose seal was about to be broken. She was excited and that showed when Raja’s palms were soaked with her fluid. Slowly Raja went down and kissed her glory. She shivered and shuddered in orgasm. She pressed Raja’s head into her pussy. His tongue by now had mastered licking and exploring pleasure spots of a hot woman was rolling inside her pussy walls teasing her. He drank a good amount of fluid too.

Now he got into the bed with her and she took his cock and guided inside her. He held her close and started slowly pumping her. As both moaned and enjoyed the warmth of the other, Reshma’s cell phone rang.

It was Arun and Raja attended the call. Arun was enquiring about Reshma. Raja while pumping Reshma replied, “Uncle, please don’t worry. I am taking full care of her. And aunty is taking care of me.”

Arun became worried about the mischievous tone of Raja. Reshma got excited further hearing her husband’s worried tone pumps Raja’s cock harder inside her and moans heavily. Raja also moaned heavily. Arun listened to their moans and cut the line. Raja cummed loads of semen inside Reshma and Reshma’s pussy accepted it happily.

Both collapse in the bed with fur blankets. They hug each other tightly and closed their eyes. The rain grew heavier outside and air conditioner was making the room colder inside. When their chests collided and lips met again, Raja’s cock rose again and hit against Reshma’s pussy.

Reshma cozily asked, “Should we start again?” and grinned mischievously.

Raja pinched her curvy hips and replied, “Aunty it is already started”

That night was then filled with moans of Raja and Reshma in the hotel room.

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