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It was the first weekend of the Christmas holidays, but I was still living in my student house in Canley, by my university. I wanted to get a few days of studying in before I went back home to my parents, but I was also determined to meet at least one more girl before I went back too.

A friend had told me about a new lesbian chat app called Bluebird, and ever since I downloaded it a month ago I had been on it every two seconds. My profile was a genuine one: I was 20, I said I was a student, interested in having a laugh and fooling around – my picture was pretty flattering too, one of me in two French braids, exhibiting the shaved side of my head that I was still secretly quite excited about. I’m slim, but I didn’t want to put my weight on my profile as I saw that as too weird. My healthy light brown skin hung tight around my face, and although I present as quite boyish, I have long feminine eyelashes that I love to flaunt. Picking a profile picture reminded me of all the things I liked about my body, you see.

Within about a week, I had started chatting to around 4 or 5 girls, but was too scared to meet up with any of them. A rather forward girl named Rebecca, however, saw through this, bit the bullet, and asked for my number anyways.

We swapped digits and agreed to meet up to go shopping on Saturday, I was excited but cynical, we got along swimmingly over chat, and I really couldn’t deny how hot she looked on her profile. Still, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

On Saturday, I was sat at the mall, outside a café, chomping down a large dumpling soup with a close buddy of mine, who was chaperoning me just in case things went pear-shaped. I got a call from Rebecca, and after some directions, she finally arrived through the mall doors to where I was. I looked around, waving, unsure who she was, what she looked like in person.

“Oh. I think that’s her.” I said to my friend, as my eyes snapped onto a short, shapely brunette in a tight fitting dress, stood with a young well-dressed black boy, looking around nervously.

“Shit,” I thought to myself, “she really is attractive.”

We introduced ourselves, asked about home-towns, plans for Christmas, and our progress with Christmas shopping. dikmen escort bayan We eventually got up and looked around to get some more shopping done, walking together with our two friends behind us. She was giggling, but her gaze was steady, her green eyes alert and inquisitive. It took all of my energy not to grab her there and then, her pert butt, her slim waist, all subtly visible through the dress. I smirked to myself, but I was nervous too.

We split up from our friends later on to do more clothes shopping. I was thoroughly enjoying being alone with her. My chaperone, Elliott, was contently browsing by herself, but after an hour or so she texted me to ask if I was okay from here. I decided to regroup.

“It was cool meeting you Rebecca. Your eyes are ridiculous by the way.” Elliott joked.

We all laughed and Rebecca blushed.

“What the fuck, Elliott? That’s my job!” I laughed, I knew Elliott was straight and had a boyfriend, so she was genuinely just being nice. Besides, I 100% agreed with her.

I hugged Elliott goodbye, and she took the train home. Rebecca and I were alone. I kept imagining her cute little voice squealing with pleasure, I wondered what sorts of noises she made when she was being pleasured, I wanted to feel her skin on mine, to make her sweat… I tried to control my thoughts as best I could, and hoped her trusting face didn’t detect any of my nastiness. I didn’t want to do anything she wasn’t into. We chatted away for another half an hour, and I didn’t want to go. I liked us. She looked at me and asked me what I was doing tonight. I said nothing. I blurted out that she could come over to mine if she wanted. She did want.


As soon as the door shut behind me I looked deep into her eyes, I could hear my own breath. She draped her arms around my neck and pushed her soft mouth into mine. I tasted her wet tongue, pushing mine against it, biting her lips, inhaling her own heavy breath. I took no time in grabbing her waist like I had thought about it earlier, squeezing her butt. She whimpered and pushed her face into mine. It was as if I couldn’t get enough of her body on me.

We clambered on to the bed, I brushed elvankent escort bayan my lips along her jawline, biting, licking her neck, my favourite part of girls’ bodies. Rebecca’s eyes were sexily glazed over, we were moving like animals. As I slipped her out of her dress and kissed her soft breasts she grabbed my head and whimpered again. I loved every noise she made. I could smell her getting wetter and wetter. I wanted to hurt her a little bit. I wanted to make her scream and cling to me. I pushed my tongue against her hard pink nipples, pointy buttons in my mouth. She writhed.

“Uhhhhh-” more noises escaped her, out of shock and pure pleasure. She was writhing with every lap of her nipple I took.

The scent of her bare flesh was arresting. Her smell was everywhere, my face was buried in the soft, tight flesh of her torso. Her pretty voice, one that was describing what Christmas present she was going to get an hour ago was now out of words and onto sounds. I held on tight to her waist and back. I wanted all of her.

Pinching and massaging her nipples with my hands, I moved my head down to where the action was. There was a large wet patch on her knickers, stretched out into a rectangle between her thighs and ample butt-cheeks. Her flesh was so smooth and soft and erotic. I let out a low growl. I was very serious.

I flicked my tongue over her sex through the knickers. She arched her back and let out a loud moan. I did it again. Her breathing became shallow, her moans became shorter, guttural, frustrated. Everything about her was so beautiful. I could tell I was going to have trouble not seeing her all the time. My own pussy was soaking and throbbing, my nipples hardened into bullets. This could easily have been the most turned on I had been in my life. Her beautiful breasts clouded my view of her face as she arched her back. The whole thing felt so rich in eroticism. I was in ecstasy and we hadn’t even really done anything yet.

I pulled her panties to the side and looked into Rebecca’s pussy. I couldn’t believe I was looking into Rebecca’s pussy. I couldn’t believe it was so beautiful, and so wet, for me. Wetness was oozing out of her as she was grinding emek escort bayan the air, panting frustrated.

“Lick me PLEASE.” she said finally, and at that instant I moved her panties out of the way and stuck my tongue into the centre of her vagina. Her sweet voice moaned, it almost sounded as if she were in some trouble, but she held my head in place and fucked it like an animal. I held on tight to her upper thighs, her skin was like that of a baby’s. Her smell and her sexual vigour had me close to cumming myself. I could hear her large breasts bouncing about on her chest. Her breath was ragged, she was losing herself.

She eventually relaxed, panting to herself, and I moved back up, turning her over onto her stomach as I did so. I told her to bite down on the pillow, as I didn’t want any more of her screaming to wake up my roomates. I felt so dark and dirty inside. I rubbed the palms of my hands all over her body, stopping them, making circles on her nipples. She arched her back again, pushing her neck and head into me, over my shoulder. I took the opportunity to bite on her neck again. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I pushed my pussy against her soft cushiony butt. It felt so beautiful, feeling all our muscles pushing against each other to keep our smooth naked bodies tightly locked together. I felt like a seal or something.

Breathing into her neck, hearing her own rushed breath, I pushed my hand down into her pussy again, from the front. She pushed her head further back over my shoulder, and I looked down at the round globes of skin, her breasts and hard nipples, swinging about as she rode my hand. She was so tight, she moved so hard into my hands, her breasts began to slap against each other. We got faster, I could taste sweat as I bit down into her neck. I moved my other hand down to squeeze her clitoris. She let out a startled cry, her back stiffened up, but I didn’t let go. She was beyond her own control. Her muscles seized. She bucked and squirted her juices onto my hand as her vaginal walls spasmed. I moaned with her, I was enjoying her so much.

Her voice cut off, her guttural screams caught in her throat as she panted, then screamed into the pillow. Her face twisted as she came. Her screams came out piercing and then wobbly, animalistic, with deep pants. I pressed my chest into her back and felt her breaths with her. I played with her nipples with one of my hands. She relaxed, but much slower this time. She rolled over and looked at me, I stared into her eyes. We held each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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