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Returning to the Gloryhole

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She’s been standing outside of the bar for a while now, it’s a little chilly, so she’s glad she chose jeans and a hoodie. She’s supposed to be meeting her girlfriend and friends at the gay club just down the street, but after her last experience in this bar, she decided to try it again without the pressure of rushing through it to get back to her girlfriend outside, she told her girlfriend she was working late and would meet up with them soon.

The wind kept blowing her blonde hair into her face, so she decided to bite the bullet and walk through the door. It was warmer inside, but she didn’t take off her hoody yet. She saw some guys turning to look at her, which isn’t unusual. She doesn’t really care about the attention, it isn’t a turn on for her to be hit on by guys or anything, that’s why this is so weird that she’s back in the bar.

She decided to try and not look so obvious that she was there on a mission and ordered a drink from the bartender, a vodka red bull, something to keep her up late. She sipped at it, and avoided the gaze of the men who were trying to make eye contact so they’d know whether to approach her or not. She only spent about five minutes sitting there before she casually wandered to the bathroom.

All of the stalls in the bathroom were empty, but she only had one in her sights, the furthest away. She walked in and locked it behind her, then pulled off her hoodie, since it was still as warm in the bathroom, she figured she didn’t need it. It left her in a low cut V neck shirt, showed off her well sized chest. She’s a D cup but didn’t think they were as big as people tried to tell her.

She dropped her hoodie on the floor below the hole, because she remembers how much her knees hurt the last time she was down there. Then she waited. And waited some more. She ended up sitting on the toilet and watching through the hole, sighing every minute or two until she heard noises. She perked up, and waited, but no one went into the stall that she needed them in. She wondered how she was supposed to get the attention of someone in the other bathroom, or how these things are even meant to work, was she supposed to just wait?

It took ages for a man to walk into the stall, and then she leaned forward to look through the hole, saw that he was peeing and leaned back again. She didn’t really want to suck a penis after he just used it to pee, but desperate times. She tapped on the wall a few times to bahis siteleri try and get his attention.

“Hello?” He asked. Not quite what she wanted him to do.

She didn’t know whether she should answer him or not, so she said “Hi” and waited.

He seemed to be quiet for a few moments, but eventually she heard him ask, “Are you waiting for me?”

“Um.” She started, now that she was actually talking to him, it felt a little too personal, but she still had that heat starting to burn hotter between her legs regardless. “Maybe.” She finished, and just a moment later, she saw his flaccid penis coming toward the hole and pushing through it.

She slid down off the toilet and onto her knees. She’s already glad that she put her hoody down. She spent a little while inspecting the penis in front of her before she reached up and picked it up in her hand. She heard him sigh, and leaned in closer, parting her lips just before she reached the tip of his penis so she could give it an open mouth kiss and twirl her tongue around it. She wasn’t really sure if it was good or not, he didn’t make much noise.

It didn’t take him that long to start growing in her hand and mouth, she sucked quite hard on the head of his dick while she stared at the hole and the hairy base of his dick. It was different than the first one, this guy looked like he hasn’t even trimmed, but she didn’t care that much, she couldn’t take it deep enough to feel the hair on her face anyway. Even getting halfway made her lurch and gag. She tried it a couple of times, the gagging turned her off, but his groaning seemed to turn her on.

The hand that she had around his cock moved away to the wall, she splayed her fingers out while she was moving back and forth and using the hand to keep her balanced while her other hand started working at undoing the button on her jeans. She wasn’t really thinking about it, she really just needed to calm the heat between her legs. The zipper on her pants came down quickly, and she pushed her hand into her panties and moaned around the head of his hard cock when her finger came into contact with her clit.

She started rubbing at the controlled rhythm that her head was moving, if anything it just made her hotter all over, but that didn’t feel like a bad thing in the moment. She pushed her hand lower and discovered just how turned on she was, her fingertip felt soaked at first touch, so she slid it inside of herself and canlı bahis siteleri stayed positioned over the head of his cock and started sucking at it like it was some kind of thick straw. She was focused more on fingering herself than she was sucking him, but lucky for them both, he seemed to catch onto that and started rocking his hips and moving himself in and out of her mouth.

Her clothes started to feel sticky because she was starting to sweat, the way he felt moving in and out of her mouth without her even needing to move was overwhelming her, she can’t remember the last time outside of a sex dream that she’s actually been so turned on. She moves her hand up again, and started to focus on her clit, it’s a faster orgasm and she knew he was going to end first, he seemed to be groaning more, and his speed wasn’t as controlled as she was.

She hated the way that air got between her lips and caused her to make loud slurping noises, she tried to lean in closer to avoid that happening by leaning in a little closer and just trying to avoid gagging, but she felt like she was on the edge of it every time he’d thrust into her mouth. She started to rub faster, and she had to close her eyes because she was heading in the right direction.

The way he was pumping in and out was causing her to drool all over herself, and for some reason that wasn’t putting her off, she seemed to like the way it felt, and even started to imagine that it wasn’t drool at all, she wanted him to finish in her mouth, and that was around the time she felt her orgasm really close, which made her hips start to buck and her hand start jerking, she came to the sound of him grunting, but the feeling of his warmth flooding onto her tongue made her gag again.

She pulled back and started to cough and swallow the small amount while the rest of it was hitting her chest, neck and shirt. She lost the orgasm, but when she looked down at herself, she didn’t really mind. She watched the cum trickle down between her breasts and glanced up at his penis pulling back through the hole.

“Shit. It’s been ages since I’ve had a blowjob.” He said. She saw him moving down and they made eye contact through the hole. She froze there, because this was supposed to be anonymous. “Wow. You’re beautiful.”

“You aren’t supposed to look at me.” She said, then she started grabbing sheets of toilet paper and wiping his cum off her skin and shirt. “And maybe you should canlı bahis get a girlfriend or something.”

“I doubt my wife would like that.”

She stopped wiping and looked at him again, she couldn’t really be mad at him, she has a girlfriend. So she looked back down at herself and sat down onto her feet and sighed. “And you don’t feel bad?”

“Well, it’s not as if I’ve done it before.”

“What? You’ve never had a blowjob through a hole in the wall before? I’m shocked.”

He laughed at her for a moment and seemed to move a little to sit down as well. “Would you like to get a drink with me?”

“I can’t. I have to be somewhere.” She said as she started to stand up. She had to figure out how to wipe the wet stains off her shirt as well, or she’d have to leave her hoodie on all night.

“Can I get your number?” He asked. She looked down at the hole while she was zipping up her jeans. She couldn’t even decide if it was a good or a bad idea to have someone to experiment with. And he has a wife. “You don’t have to use it unless you want to. But you know, at least you’d have the option, right?”

She wondered for a moment if he could read her mind, because he said the right thing at the right time. “Fine. But I probably won’t, so don’t expect me to.” She tried to sound serious, and brought her phone up to add his number in, then without saying goodbye, she left the stall and started to wash her hands with her hoodie draped over her shoulder. She looked at the wet spots on her shirt, it was dark blue which didn’t really help at all, it just made the marks darker. She tried to wipe at them with her wet hands and it expanded the marks instead, but at least it didn’t look as weird if there was a larger spot. She could just say a sink exploded.

She was still turned on when she left, but she didn’t really want to stick around and masturbate in a public bathroom, especially now that she’s had enough time to realize how weird that was. She was confused, grossed out and turned on all at once, so when she arrived at the club and found her girlfriend, she didn’t really pay that much attention to being ignored by everyone. She was in her own world, stuck in her thoughts of being in that stall.

Curiosity burned at her, so she pulled her phone out of her back pocket and started scrolling through her contacts to the name ‘Phil’. The one she added earlier. She didn’t text or call, or anything. She just looked at it for a while and turned off her screen instead. She’s probably going to give in and text him, but at least for now she was able to control herself. She can just imagine what it would be like to actually be in front of a man.

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