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Ringmaster Ch. 13: Late Date Nights

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“And so this is how you jump,” Lexi said, reaching over and gesturing to the X button. Regina stared blankly at the controller in her hand before pressing down on the button. Her character on screen did a small hop and let out a little grunt as she landed on the ground. “Great job!” She gave a small little peck on Regina’s cheek.

“Okay, so that’s how I jump, but how do I do anything else?” Regina said, turning the controller around in her hand, seeing if there was anything that she was missing. She barely seemed to understand how this small thing was even doing anything to the person on-screen. “So, this thing controls them?”

“Yep,” Lexi said with a smile. “Cause, you know, it’s the controller.”

“Go on,” Regina said, her interest piqued as soon as Lexi said that word. “Tell me more.” Regina leaned over, not so subtly giving Lexi a deep view of her cleavage while also looking down Lexi’s.

Lexi looked between Regina’s mounds then reached over and guided her left thumb to the control stick. “So, this is how you move your character around. And if you use the right stick, you can move the camera around like this.” She placed her finger on Regina’s right thumb and moved the control stick around.

Regina, upon seeing this, immediately moved the camera between the character’s legs. A small chuckle came from both her and Lexi as Regina took in the curves the developers gave her character. “I certainly like this angle.”

“But, if you’re at that angle, how are you going to see the puzzles?” Lexi asked, switching her gaze between the TV and Regina’s cleavage.

“Puzzles? There are puzzles in this, uh, video game?” Regina asked, genuinely confused. “But, I don’t see any jigsaw pieces anywhere.”

Lexi chuckled and took the controller from Regina and moved the camera back to over the shoulder of the character. “No, see, you have to find a way to get out of this room.” She pointed to various parts of the room. “See how these all sort of come together? You just have to figure out how to get them to all work to get you out.”

“Get out?” Regina said, laying back on Lexi’s bed. “I’d rather get off, if you know what I mean.” She gave Lexi a little wink.

Lexi looked at her and smiled. “Well, if you want to get off the platform, you could try jumping to that ledge over there.”

Regina sat up and looked back at Lexi, her eyes in her usual half-open stare. “That is not what I meant.”

“Oh? What did you mean then?” Lexi asked.

Regina began to realize that her subtle flirting attempts were going a bit more over Lexi’s head than she would have liked. Regina leaned in and gently ran her finger along Lexi’s shoulder and collarbone. Lexi bit her lower lip, but a soft moan escaped from her lips. Seeing this positive reaction, Regina brought her finger even lower and traced small circles in Lexi’s cleavage.

“Did you just want to play with my boobs?” Lexi asked between soft pants.

“Oh, I want to do so much more than just play with your bouncy bosoms,” Regina said as she leaned in and planted a firm kiss on Lexi’s lips. Lexi responded by pressing back into Regina and returning the gesture. She wrapped her hands around Regina’s neck… and Regina could hear the sounds of the controller being played behind her back. “What the- Hey, you’re still playing the game!”

“But this looks like a really interesting level! These keep coming out with new levels all the time. It’s so cool.” Lexi said as she turned her head to the screen. Regina rolled her eyes and was about to get up when Lexi reached one hand down and guided Regina’s hand under her shirt.

“What are you doing?” Regina asked, confused by all the signals she was getting.

“I’m trying to figure out how to get this crate down here,” Lexi said, her head turned to the TV and she fiddled around on her controller.

“I mean with this,” Regina said as she gave Lexi’s breast a squeeze. Lexi moaned a little and her back arched slightly, but she didn’t turn her attention away from the TV.

Then, she paused it and turned to Regina, pulling her in for a firm kiss on the lips. “Look, I know this might sound weird. But, I don’t mind the touching and stroking and rubbing and all that. I just want to play video games.” She looked over towards the TV. “They’ve always been there for me, and they’re super fun and I get to meet a lot of great people this way. Plus, they kinda pay for my rent, so they’re pretty important.”

Regina looked down, a little conflicted at this news. She hadn’t quite felt this response before and she wasn’t sure what to make of it. Lexi turned back and saw the change in Regina’s expression. She guided Regina’s hand again below her bra and gently moaned.

“Don’t get me wrong. I still like sex. It still feels great, but, it’s just not, you know, too high on my priority list, I guess.” Lexi hoped that she hadn’t offended Regina. “If you want to touch me, kiss me, lick me, whatever, then go right ahead.” Lexi leaned in and gently licked the edges of Regina’s mouth.

“So, I can do whatever I want to you?” Regina said, a sly smile drawing bahis firmaları across her face.

“As long as I get to play my video games, you can do whatever you want to me.” Lexi smiled as she saw Regina smile back at her. She reached for the controller and turned back to the screen, but not before nestling herself between Regina’s legs and pressing her ass right up against Regina’s crotch. She let out a little moan and leaned back into Regina.

“Let’s have some fun, shall we?”

“We got two bogeys on the left!” Lexi said as she furiously flicked her control sticks trying to search the halls. She shifted in her seat, rubbing her ass against Regina’s legs. She grunted softly as Regina’s fingers worked her way around her boobs. “Come on team, where are you? I’ve got five Deadwalkers in Hallway C. Needing some backup!”

Regina couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the strangeness coming from Lexi. She may have been a couple thousands of years old and yet the amusements of this modernity never seemed to end.

Lexi’s head slowly rocked back a little as Regina’s hands got a nice cup full of titty. “Team! Where’s my support? They’re barrelling down the west corridor fast!” Regina could hear little muffled voices from Lexi’s headset, but she didn’t care about them. All that mattered to Regina was getting to explore Lexi’s body and seeing all the lovely and sexy reactions.

“Hey, how’re you feeling?” Regina said as she leaned into Lexi’s ear. Lexi didn’t say anything, but she brought one hand down and scooped up Regina’s hand. Gently, she ran her tongue along Regina’s pointer finger and sucked on it softly before letting Regina’s finger fall back onto her cleavage.

“We’re gonna lose Objective 1 at this point! Come on!” Lexi was absolutely engrossed in her game. Still, that didn’t stop a few stray moans from escaping her lips as Regina’s fingers squeezed and rubbed Lexi’s nipples. You wouldn’t be able to tell from Lexi’s face, but she was absolutely enjoying every second of Regina playing with her.

At first, she was concerned that Regina wouldn’t enjoy this. Her previous girlfriends were really put off by Lexi’s sex ambivalence, as she called it. She definitely found girls very attractive and loves having sex with them, but video games just always spoke more to her. If anything, she was always more afraid that her girlfriends would think that she’s ignoring them, which she wasn’t.

Regina dashed away Lexi’s fears by gently nuzzling her face into the back of Lexi’s neck. “You’re just a little sex toy, aren’t you, Lexi? You love being used like this, don’t you?”

Lexi couldn’t help herself this time as a soft moan let itself out. “Yes,” she responded in a dream like state. “Ah! Wait, I mean no! That yes wasn’t to you! No, I don’t have this situation under control! I need backup!” Lexi’s attention snapped back to her game as she continued to fight waves of enemies.

Regina couldn’t help but chuckle at just how adorable Lexi was. And just how sexy this whole situation was. As long as she didn’t block Lexi’s vision or disrupt her hands, Regina could do whatever she wanted with her. For example, Regina reached down and lifted up Lexi by the ass and pulled her legs until Lexi was laying on her stomach. Almost instinctively, Lexi raised her ass up in the air. Not missing a beat, Regina pulled down Lexi’s pants and was greeted to some lovely pink cotton panties.

“I could…” Regina pondered to herself as she stroked her hands along the curves of Lexi’s cheeks. “I think I will.” Regina bent down and ran her tongue along the fabric of Lexi’s panties, relishing in the wonderful taste of cotton and Lexi’s juices.

“Eeep!” Lexi squeaked at the sudden sensation. Sure, she had had oral done on her before, but usually they took her panties off. The weird sensation of the pressure and wetness of a tongue, yet the texture of her panties send a pleasurable shiver up her spine. “C-Come on team! Right side, what are you doing? What? N-No, I’m focused!”

Regina continued to rub her tongue against Lexi’s snatch through the panties, soaking them with a combination of her saliva and Lexi’s wetness. She squeezed Lexi’s ass cheeks and pulled her in closer to her face, burying herself deep into Lexi’s crotch.

Lexi had to take a few breaths, trying to control herself and focus on the game. “G-Guys, I’m getting overwhelmed here. I need some backup! Where’s the objective at?” She bit her lower lip to hold back more moans as Regina licked faster and faster. Lexi could feel her breath getting heavier and more rapid.

Once Regina felt that Lexi’s panties were sufficiently wet, she moved onto her next stage. She reached around and stuck her fingers in front of Lexi’s mouth. Taking the hint, Lexi sucked on them idly while she continued to play her game. She wiggled her fingers a little bit, teasing Lexi’s tongue before sliding them out. Then, she rubbed her fingers against Lexi’s slit before thrusting a finger in, still through the panties.

Now that elicited a very audible gasp from Lexi at the sudden sensation. “Aaaaahhhh,” Lexi kaçak iddaa moaned, letting herself give in to the pleasure for a few seconds before focusing back on her game. “Team! I have someone on my 6! Where are you? Wait, don’t run that way!” Her breathing got even more rapid and she was hardly holding back any groans of pleasure. “D-Don’t worry about those sounds. Focus on the game.”

Regina’s finger continued to thrust in and out, pushing the fabric of the panties deeper and deeper into Lexi’s slit. Gently, she ran her tongue along Lexi’s ass while going from one finger to two, then three. She could see Lexi’s thighs trembling with pleasure as she kept increasing the sensations.

“C-Come on! Almost there! Just one team left!” Lexi said, though her hands were shaking from the pleasure. She was moaning directly into her headset and not caring. It was taking every fiber of her body to focus on the game. They were so close to a first place victory.

It was at this point that Regina now had three fingers knuckle deep into Lexi’s pussy. Her hands moved at an almost inhuman speed in and out, sending waves of continuous pleasure through Lexi’s body. Honestly, Regina was more impressed that Lexi was able to still focus on the game.

“Yes yes yes YES!” Lexi exclaimed as her screen showed off a first place win! She threw her hands up in celebration, which then tossed her controller and headset to the side of her bed. She pulled Regina’s fingers out of her pussy, leaned back into her, and then stuck Regina’s fingers back in, under the panties this time. “Heh heh heh, hey, I won,” Lexi said to Regina in a dreamy state. “Give your winner a nice sexy prize.” She leaned back and kissed the side of Regina’s neck.

“Not an issue,” Regina said as she feverishly thrusted her fingers deep into Lexi’s soaking wet hole. Now that Lexi could give her full attention to Regina, her body could finally express how wonderful her fingers felt. How smooth and gentle they were, yet at the same time forceful and intense. Lexi moaned loudly as she reached back and wrapped her arms around Regina.

“Ahhh ahhhh aaaahhhh AAAAHHHH!” Lexi’s body convulsed with pleasure as a powerful orgasm tore its way through all her muscles and nerves. Her pussy and her thighs clenched around Regina’s fingers. She panted loudly as the pleasure washed over her, more intense than any that she had ever had before. Regina leaned over her and gently locked lips with her as she gently rubbed her thumb in circles on Lexi’s clit. “That… was… amazing…”

Regina chuckled and planted another kiss on Lexi’s lips. Lexi’s eyes were filled with pleasure and lust. “You, darling, are amazing and so very sexy. And,” she said as she flipped Lexi around, “I think it’s time that you returned the favor.” Slowly, she began to guide Lexi’s head downwards. As she did, a thought crossed her mind.

I wonder how Maria’s doing.

“Augh,” I groaned as I scratched my head, trying to figure out what the next few pages should be. I rubbed my eyes and stared at the screen that held my script. I walked away from my desk and flopped down on the bed. “I’m never gonna finish this.”

I turned and looked at the Reality Ring that sat on my finger, the silver glinting off the lights in my room. I mean, I could just make myself more capable of finishing this script and writing the best one ever to turn into a movie, but, was that right? I am a fantastic filmographer and I should be able to write an amazing piece on my own… So why can’t I come up with anything?

I groaned again and looked over at my clock. It had been two hours since my last class and I had been working more on this. “Uggghhh.” I groaned face-down into my mattress again. I was getting so burnt out. Not only that, but I could hear my stomach rumbling.

I needed to get something to eat, so I grabbed my phone and put on a nice jacket and was about to head out when the front door opened.

“Maria! I’m home!”

The sudden voice of Vanessa rang harmonies into my ears, bringing a wide smile to my face. She was wearing a soft fuzzy white sweater with very slimming jeans, and some heels that made gentle clicks. I went to go give her a warm hug, but since I was still feeling burnt out though, I just kinda limply threw myself into her. My cheeks were met with the squishy softness of her boobs.

“Hey Vanessa.”

“Aww, what is wrong, ?????? µ???” I felt her gently stroke the back of my head, bringing me closer into her cleavage. Oh goddess, this was heavenly. Her mounds were holding me, gently holding me in place.

“Just struggling with my screenplay,” I replied with a big hefty sigh. I managed to wrap my arms around her waist and pull myself deeper between her boobs.

“Well, if I know my Maria, then I know that she can do it.”

Something about hearing her call me “my Maria” just set my heart aflutter. I tilted my head up and pulled her in for a firm kiss. We stood like that for a few moments before we finally released our lips.

“So, how about you take a break and enjoy the rest of your night?” She shut the door behind kaçak bahis her and took off her shoes. She guided my hand over towards the couch and sat me down. “Oh, hey, where’s Regina?”

“Um, last I saw, she was being taken by Lexi during lunch time,” I said, thinking now about how strange it is that Regina hadn’t been here for so long. “I guess she’s still with her.”

“Well, I hope she’s having fun. Haven’t gotten any messages from her yet,” Vanessa said, looking at her phone. It was only then that I began to realize that Regina didn’t exactly have a phone, so she couldn’t text us. Nor did she know what our phone numbers were, so Regina likely couldn’t even call or text us if she had Lexi’s phone.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” I said, trying to reassure her. I leaned over and gave her another kiss, which she reciprocated back before breaking it off.

“Oh, we should get ready,” Vanessa said, looking at her phone for the time.

“Ready? For what?” I asked, tilting my head in confusion.

“Our date night tonight, remember?” Vanessa said. “Danna and Summer are coming over soon to have dinner and watch a movie.”

“Huh? Oh right!” I said, wondering about when this was planned. My mind reminded me of a little bit ago when I was so engrossed into my screenplay that I subconsciously must have answered my phone. Quickly, I looked down at my clothes and gently tugged at my hair. I don’t think I looked too bad, but compared to the fashion sense of Vanessa, the rich style of Danna, and the mature air of Summer, I felt very inadequate. But, before I could rush to my room and change and prepare, there was a knock at the door.

“Ah, that must be them,” Vanessa said, heading over to get the door.

She opened it and there was Danna, in a very lovely flower dress, and Summer in her usual suit style with several bags of food. They greeted each other by exchanging kisses, then walked over and shared the same greeting to me. I couldn’t help but have a wide goofy grin on my face. Danna took a seat on the couch, sandwiching me between her and Vanessa while Summer headed towards the kitchen.

“Give me approximately half an hour,” Summer said. “In the meantime, decide on a movie.”

I looked over at Vanessa and then to Danna. “So, um, what movies did either of you want to watch?” Danna began to sign something, but then I realized that without Summer or Regina here, neither of us knew what she was saying. Danna seemed to have picked up on it too, so she typed something into her phone.

“So, Danna’s a big fan of action and romance movies,” Vanessa read. “Well, that’s great. Though, I’m preferable to comedies and thrillers. Of course,” Vanessa said while pulling my arm between her tits, “We have a resident movie buff here, and it’d be a real shame to waste her judgements, right?” Danna nodded in agreement and pressed her boobs against my other arm. “So, Maria, what movie should we watch?”

My head was swimming at the sensations of being the meat between two booby buns. “Uh, S-Summer! What kinds of movies do you like?”

Maybe there would be some common ground that I’d be able to get two out of three of them on. “I’m a big fan of horror and documentaries,” Summer replied from the kitchen. “But, I trust your judgement, Maria. I’m fine with whatever.”

Come on, Summer! I needed you, girl. Well, I certainly wasn’t about to put on a horror movie or a documentary. Nothing against Summer, but they didn’t really scream “date night” type of movie to me. A thriller also kind of sits in that same spot, so that was out. And we already would have plenty of romance between us, so that left action and comedy.

“How about an action comedy film then? Is that alright is everyone?” I asked, head still fuzzy from the softness on both sides of me.

“Completely fine with me, Maria,” Vanessa said as she hugged my arm tighter. Danna nodded her head in agreement.

“Certainly not an issue,” Summer said from the kitchen.

“Well, since we have some time until Summer’s ready, what say we have a bit of fun?” Vanessa asked as she eyed me and Danna up. Danna responded by licking her lips and pulling Vanessa in for a smooch.

Watching the two of them make out, I could feel my face starting to turn a little red. Goddess, I still couldn’t believe that all of this was happening. “G-Girl, let’s not forget that Summer said she’d only be about half an hour. We don’t want to- MMPH!” Before I could finish, Danna planted her lips onto mine.

The warmth of her lips flowed over me, soothing any tension that I might have had out of my muscles. Vanessa, meanwhile, wrapped my arm around her and just cuddled into my chest, covering my boob with gentle kisses.

Restrain yourself Maria! Come on! Don’t just give in to the sweet, soft, tender, warm… wonderful… amazing…

I got lost in the bliss and warmth of these two as they kept swapping positions of making out with me and my boobs. The constant switching between Danna’s gentle touch and Vanessa’s passionate feel was almost too much for me. I would get a bit of reprieve when they decided to make out with each other, but that didn’t last too long. It was only by sheer force of will and Summer finally bringing out dinner that I was able to resist fucking both of them right then and there on the couch.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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