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Risky Business

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“What is she doing?”

I looked up from my Psychology notebook to see what my friend Alison was talking about. I followed her eyeline to look at our lecturer, Elena, climbing onto a chair with a rolled up poster in her hand.

“Dunno,” I shrugged. “Probably another political poster, they made her take the last one down because it offended someone who actually liked Nigel Farage.” After letting my gaze linger on Elena’s hourglass figure for a second I looked back down and continued writing, thinking no more of it.

Suddenly, Elena’s voice rang out through the classroom. “Can I have everyone’s attention for a second?” I looked up, and glanced at the poster to find that it was not about politics OR attractive American actors. That made a change. It showed a middle-aged blonde with her face half-hidden behind a fluffy toy tiger, and lots of writing I could not make out.

Elena gestured to the poster. “This lady here is Dr. Diana Sarkissian. Has anyone here heard of her work?”

The reply was a definitive silence.

“Diana was my lecturer at university,” she explained.

“She must be ancient,” snorted an obnoxious guy near the back of the class.

“Kayden, that’s enough,” snapped Elena. “Diana and I are more or less the same age, anyway. I pursued my passion for psychology later than I’d have liked. I’m 55, as most of you know, so Diana must be approaching 60 now.” Kayden wisely kept his mouth shut.

“Anyway, Diana has since resigned from lecturing and gone on to do her own thing, giving talks and shows around the country, and she’s asked me to put up this poster and let all of you know that she’ll be giving a… well, technically a lecture, but she’s promised it will be very entertaining, about the psychology of fear and anxiety on the 5th of next month. All of the details are on this poster. I love Diana, I’d really recommend going if you’re interested in psychology.”

I squinted my eyes to look closer at the poster. “Tickets £10” jumped out at me from the page. I mean, I could afford it, but was it worth it?

“I wonder if Elena’s going? That would make it worth it no matter what,” I pondered out loud. Alison sniggered.

“You’ve got it bad for her, don’t you?” she giggled.

“Well, she’s hot,” I reasoned, gesturing to the lecturer with her flowing black hair, emerald green eyes and voluptuous hips while Ali shook her head and pretended to make herself throw up.

“Elena? Aubrielle would like to know if you’re going,” she called out suddenly. I felt my face flush from porcelain to crimson.

Elena turned her head and walked over to our table, red wine coloured lips pursed in a slight wry smile. “Well, Aubrielle, if it gives you any incentive to go – or not to go for that matter – I can confirm that yes, I will be there.”

I smiled without looking up from the table. “Thanks, Elena. I was just wondering… I’ll buy a ticket as soon as I can.”

Her hand rested on my shoulder, sending electric shocks through my body. “That’s what I like to hear! Perhaps I’ll see you there,” she smiled, then walked back to the front of the room to continue her lecture.

True to my word, straight after class I copied the web address from the poster into my laptop and bought a ticket. By the time the night of the show rolled around two weeks later, I was starting to look forward to it not because of Elena, but because I’d researched Dr. Sarkissian and her work sounded fascinating. That didn’t mean I didn’t take Elena into consideration though. As I looked at myself in the mirror before I left, I admired how my dark auburn hair cascaded around my full breasts , and my midnight blue strapless dress accentuated every curve and contour of my body. I slipped on a pair of heels and smiled. “If I ever sleep with Elena, it’ll be tonight,” I thought, before mentally scolding myself for the idea. Of course she wouldn’t be interested! She was a married woman, and my lecturer, for goodness’ sake. But if I caught her eye, if she struggled to get me out of her mind for even one second tonight, I’d be the luckiest girl alive anyway.

I got a taxi there, gave my name to the skinny guy at the door whose lingering eyes told me my look had the desired effect, and walked into the auditorium. I glanced around the room, hoping to spot a thick wave of black hair hanging over the back of a seat, or hear a loud brash laugh that somehow never lost its femininity, any sign of Elena. I soon gave up and realised she wasn’t there yet, and settled down into my seat to wait for the lecture/show/whatever this beautiful woman had talked me into coming to, to start.

Soon enough, Dr. Sarkissian took to the stage. She started talking, and I had to remind myself to breathe. Elena hadn’t mentioned she was American, and it took me aback for a second. Her Southern belle accent was simply beautiful and as she stood in front of this small theatre in Scotland she had all the presence of every diva to ever have graced Wembley. Suddenly, she ataşehir escort bayan said something that struck me. She was scared. Terrified, in fact. “Tonight is about taking risks… if you take anything away from tonight, be it that I want every one of you to take a risk, do something that scares you!”

Elena crossed my mind. I imagined embracing her as she walked through the door, kissing her… but she never did. And as Diana continued talking, Elena slowly faded from mind. “I came here hoping to leave with the wrong psychology lecturer,” I slowly realised somewhere in my spinning mind.

Then it was time to applaud Diana and leave for an intermission. I walked out to the wine bar and ordered a big glass of white wine. “Enjoying it so far?” a sweet Southern accent asked behind me. It couldn’t be. I turned around and came face to face with Diana, who was even more beautiful up close. Her blue eyes sparkled, and she had a light dusting of freckles across her face. Her blonde hair was actually a mix of different shades of brown, copper and blonde, teased into an impossible curly style that on some level reminded me of Margaret Thatcher… that or Marilyn Monroe, but my first impressions and tastes never have been conventional.

“Are you okay?” I thanked what higher will inspired someone to invent make-up as I felt my face flush; I’d stared a moment too long.

“Yes – yes I’m fine,” I stammered. “I just didn’t expect to bump into you… you’re brilliant, everything has been brilliant so far!”

Diana smiled, true happiness visible in her eyes. “I’m glad. I have to go, but thank you!”

And she was gone.

A man I recognised as one of Diana’s team approached me with a slip of paper. “In the next half Dr. Sarkissian will be answering some questions. If you have anything to ask or say, write it here and it may be randomly picked. Nothing dumb, it just won’t be read. Got it?”

I stared at him. “Got it,” I said in a deadpan voice as I took the paper from his hand.

I don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next. Maybe I didn’t think it would actually get picked. Surely even if it did, they wouldn’t actually read it. But it did get picked, and yep, they read it.

The MC picked a pink slip of paper, identical to every other, out of the box. There was no way of telling, but somehow I knew. Partly instinct, I think, but mainly the look on his face as he visibly tried to decide if to read it out or not.

He closed his eyes and cleared his throat, then read.
“Dr. Sarkissian. I’m so, so sorry about this but you told us to take risks and this is me, taking a risk and doing something I’d never have considered even earlier today. I want to tell you that you’re one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen. You leave me breathless. A.” He gestured to the paper. “It’s just.. just signed with an A.”

Diana’s eyes widened, then she collapsed in fits of giggles.

“Well you sure did teach me not to say things like that, lovely A. Now I’mma take a risk of my own. I’ll be backstage, back there, after this is done. If you really want to take a risk, come say that to my face.”

My heart stopped. I couldn’t possibly… or could I? “I hope they go,” the woman next to me piped up. “It’s hardly a risk if it’s anon, is it? Bad luck if it’s a guy though… barking up the wrong tree and all that.”

I spun around in my seat. “What do you mean?!” I asked a little too loudly and hastily.

“Well, Diana was my lecturer a few years ago, and she mentioned once that she doesn’t swing that way, you know…” she mumbled, looking uncomfortable.

“Oh, I see,” I smiled. It took every ounce of my self control to only say that.

After the show, everyone left, but I stayed in my seat, pretending to be busy on my phone or gathering my things, until the last people were spilling out. Diana and her team disappeared backstage, and I slipped down the stairs, up on the stage then walked over to the curtains, my heels clacking far too loudly on the wooden stage. I slipped through the curtains and walked right into the back of the grumpy guy who handed out the paper.

“Can I help you?” he snapped.

“Sorry, I… someone asked me to come backstage,” I stammered.

“Who would that be?” he growled, standing in front of me.

“That would be me, Jason,” Diana’s voice called from behind him. “Out of the way.”

He stepped aside and walked off, occasionally turning to keep his eye on me. Diana stepped closer to me and smiled, wrapping her arm around my waist. My stomach flipped as she looked into my eyes, into my soul. “So did you just want to get back here to see me, or was it really you who wrote that? Are you A?”

I nodded. “A stands for Aubrielle. I’m sorry, I don’t know what possessed me.”

“I hope that doesn’t mean you didn’t mean it,” she drawled, her accent even more husky now, her face inches from mine. I was speechless, and the only reply I could give was a long kiss escort kadıköy on her soft pink lips. She reciprocated, her lips melting into mine and her fingers tangling themselves in my hair.

“And I hope you don’t do this at all of your shows,” I whispered as I moved down to kiss her neck.

“Would it matter if I did?” she asked as she pressed herself against me. “I’m yours tonight.”

I grazed her neck with my teeth, making her whimper and push me against the wall. “Or rather,” she purred, “you’re mine.”

I surrendered to her completely. I glanced around and realised that all of her team were gone, as she pulled my strapless dress down to expose my breasts. “Di-” I gasped, but my protests were replaced before they started with moans of pleasure as she swirled her tongue around my right nipple and rolled the left between her fingers. She switched places, making sure that both nipples were fully erect, then began kissing and gently biting my neck. I cried out her name as she caressed me on top of my satin thong. I thrust my hips against her, begging her wordlessly to move the thong out of the way and slip her slender fingers inside me.

“I want you to tell me what you want,” she teased, her touches becoming even lighter.

“I want you,” I told her. “I want you to make me come, then it’s my turn to please you and I swear to you I won’t stop until you’re fucking shaking.”

“Fuck…” she cried softly. “Come home with me.. we’ll be alone there, really alone. And I can make you scream as loudly as I want you to.”

I inhaled sharply, fully aware that my panties were becoming wetter by the second.

“I’ll go anywhere with you,” I whispered. It was true. I was hers entirely, even if only for a night.

She led me by the hand outside to her car, and we drove in silence back to her home. As she parked the car outside and unbuckled her seatbelt, I leaned over and kissed her deeply, my tongue slipping between her lips. She moaned softly and kissed me back, then pushed me back. “Come with me,” she moaned desperately. I could only nod and follow her as she led me into her house and to her bedroom.

She pushed the door open with the hand that wasn’t between my legs, and I glanced behind her. Her bedroom was spacious, and decorated entirely in dark purple, with black satin sheets on her bed. I pulled her into my arms and unclipped the necklace from around her neck, a delicate diamond-encrusted D, and set it down on her dresser. It was too pretty to damage – much like Diana, but I wanted to treat her much more roughly than the necklace could have tolerated.

I pushed her towards the bed, then picked her up and threw her down onto the bed. We rolled around the bed in a heated struggle for dominance, pushing each other down, kissing frantically and pulling clothes off, until I conceded and let Diana pin me down and drape her slender frame over me. Already having removed my thong, she breathed heavily onto my neck as she slipped two fingers inside me. I bucked my hips and cried out for more, and she gave it. She alternated between expertly stroking my G-spot with her fingers and using the resulting wetness as lubrication to rub and stimulate my clit. “Fuck, Diana,” I gasped as she brought me closer and closer to climax. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna come…”

Diana looked deep into my eyes, nipped my bottom lip with her teeth and slid down to rest her head between my legs. She continued fingering me while using her tongue on my clit, licking and sucking until everything went white and the only things I was aware of in the world were intense pleasure and my own screams.

As my orgasm subsided she slowly crawled up back on top of me and kissed me, the taste of my pussy lingering on her lips and tongue. “Oh my God,” I sighed as I held her close. “I’ve never come like that before…”

Diana smirked and kissed me again, and this time I pushed her onto her back. I removed her bra, the only thing she had left on, and murmured softly in appreciation. She had beautiful small breasts topped with perfect dusky pink nipples, and I wasted no time in making the most of them with my hands and mouth. She writhed and sighed as I sucked and nibbled them, grasped my hands as I kneaded them and eventually, when her nipples were hard and I could feel her wetness on my stomach, I moved down.

I spread her beautiful pink lips and ran my tongue up her slit, making her grab my hair and push my face into her. I grasped her hips and looked up at her, the same smirk on my face she had given me, redelivered to her as I breathed softly on her dripping wet sex. “Now now, Dr Sarkissian,” I teased, trying not to let my voice quaver. “You’re mine now. I will do to you exactly what I want, when I want.”

Diana nodded, biting her shaking lip.

“I want you so much…” she begged. “I-“

“I know,” I told her. “Maybe we should take a few… precautions.”

I took her panties from the side of the bed and wound them around her wrists, bostancı escort before tying them to the ornate bars of the headboard behind her. She looked at me in both excitement and fear, her breaths short and jagged.

“Now you can’t bother me. You’ll come exactly as and when I want you to.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she said, her Southern accent stronger than ever. I ran my fingers up her thighs, barely noticeable touches that I knew would drive her crazy. She bucked and thrusted, but the more she tried to guide me to where she wanted me most, the more I teased her. I kissed her thighs, moving up and up until I could taste her sweet juices on my lips, then ran the tip of my tongue over her shaven lips.

Diana’s begging became more desperate, her eyes wider and her thrusting more frantic as she grew more and more desperate for release.

I looked up at her. The sight of the woman who had just hours previously been on a stage in front of me, tied up with her own underwear begging for me to make her come, was too much. I needed her too, needed to feel her and hold her.

I positioned her legs over my shoulders and dragged my tongue flat across her pussy, lapping up her wetness, then slid two fingers inside her. She was tight, but I knew she could take more, so I entered another one and pushed deep into her. I pressed down on her pelvis to increase the pressure, and fucked her relentlessly with my fingers while licking her beautiful pink little clit.

Her words became less coherent as they became louder until she hit her climax in a guttural yell of what sounded like “fuck me.” Let me tell you now, there is nothing hotter than an intellectual, erudite goddess being reduced to a screaming whore.

After she finished thrashing against her restraints, I pulled them loose and kissed her as she threw her arms around me.

“You’re amazing,” I sighed in her ear.

“Not as amazing as you,” she murmured as she mouthed my earlobe.

“Remember you asked if I do this – do someone –at every lecture, every show?”

I nodded.

“Well, I don’t. Truth be told, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“I don’t believe you,” I giggled. “But it’s a lovely thought for tonight.”

“Really,” she insisted, and nuzzled into my neck. I woke up that morning with her still there.

“Oh my God, I’m late for college!” I gasped.

“Worth it though, right?” she grinned, kissing my forehead.

“Now I see why you’re not a lecturer any more,” I teased, and she pushed me, making me almost topple off the bed.

She drove me back to my house, and came inside, she says to spend some more time with me, I said just to watch me get dressed.

“Why would I want to watch you put clothes on? That’s like watching someone put a sheet over the most beautiful sculpture in the world,” she drawled as she reclined on my bed doing just that.

I walked over and kissed her on the lips, and as I did so, she pulled something out of her pocket. “Pull your hair back,” she told me. I did just that and felt her fastening a clip behind my neck.

I stood up and looked in the mirror to see that she had put her diamond “D” necklace on me. “Diana, I can’t accept this,” I gasped.

“Why not? It’s not like I’ll never see it again, at least I’m hoping to see a heck of a lot more of you. It looks good on you… and you won’t forget who you belong to.”

I resisted the urge to tear her clothes off again, and settled for a long, passionate kiss. “I could never forget,” I whispered.

Diana drove me to college, and I promised I’d go straight to her place afterwards. I kissed her lips one last time and walked in, realising I’d missed my first class but was just in time for Psychology. Psychology… the class that started it all.

I walked into the room and looked at the poster on the wall. It seemed surreal now, the blue eyes I’d gazed into from between silken thighs looking at me coldly from the classroom wall. Elena walked in and put her hand on my arm, making me jump. “Didn’t mean to startle you,” she laughed. “It’s just that I couldn’t make it to this last night,” she gestured to the poster. “I was wondering if you enjoyed it.”

I couldn’t hold back the laugh that came out as I tried to reply. “It was amazing. Really, really good… it’s a shame you couldn’t make it. I learned that taking risks really can pay off.”

“Really? How so?” she asked, then I followed her eyes down to my chest, where Diana’s initial sparkled proudly.

One of her arched eyebrows raised even further, and she looked up into my eyes with a look of disbelief. “Change of subject for a second – where did you get that necklace? And what does D stand for? I… I recognise it…”

“I got it from… from a friend,” I stuttered. “Well, a bit more than a friend. It’s her initial… it’s like, a very sparkly ‘property of’ sign.”

Elena smiled slightly, but the look of astonishment never left her face.

“It looks like you really did learn a lot last night,” she said quietly, and I simply nodded and walked to my seat.

I looked up at the poster, and accepted that from now on, I was hers, she was mine, and the only thing I knew for absolute certain is that it was all I wanted in that moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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