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Room 715

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Kim woke to Max kissing her forehead, his hands were already pulling off her flannel pajama bottoms. Morning sex was their routine, his cock slid in easily she looked up and sighed. Today would be a long day at the hotel bar. She was set to work all day, from the breakfast rush through dinner.

Max tensed up for a moment, grunted and pulled out. He fell back asleep without even removing the condom from his deflating cock. Kim wondered if today would be the day that Max finally got off his ass and got a job.

As Kim ran a brush through her long brown hair, she smiled at herself in the mirror. She was feeling sexy today. The black leggings hugged her tight ass and her white shirt showed just the right amount of cleavage. And of course her blue eyes were as big and bright as ever.

The morning went fast an endless rush of coffee for hurried business men in their suits and ties. As the breakfast rush gave way to the late morning, Kim noticed one man kept staring at her from a table in the corner of the restaurant. He had a handsome face and graying hair and was wearing a black polo shirt that showed off his muscular arms. He was seated with a pretty blonde woman, his hand gently resting on her shoulder. As the blonde got up, the man remained seated.

His eyes caught Kim’s, he smiled and she blushed and looked away. As she approached his table, his eyes never left her. The constant attention was unsettling, but she couldn’t deny being a little intrigued by his bold confidence.

“What can I get you?” She leaned over the table in a practiced position giving him a perfect view down her shirt. This position never failed to bring the tips in.

“Coffee with a shot of whiskey,” his eyes never left hers for even an instant.

As she turned away she could sense his hand hovering so close to her ass, but never quite making güvenilir bahis contact. Her cheeks were bright red as she handed him his drink. He was much too old for her, besides she was in love with Max. But he was just so completely self assured, Kim didn’t know anyone like him.

By the time Kim returned to refill his coffee he was gone. On the table was a $100 bill a room key and note. Kim’s heart was pounding.

“Room 715, 8:30 tonight” was all the note said.

The afternoon was a typical dull afternoon at the hotel restaurant, but Kim’s body never got the message. Every time she walked past the corner table her mind drifted to the bold stranger. And every time she thought of his intense stare, her cheeks turned bright red, her breath shortened and her heart raced out of control.

Kim’s phone was ringing at 8 when she got off work, it was Max, but she didn’t answer. They were supposed to grab a bottle of wine, a frozen pizza and watch some cheesy action movie that Max had borrowed from his buddy. Now, Kim didn’t know what she wanted to do.

Without realizing what she was doing, Kim found herself in the elevator pushing the button for the 7th floor. She wasn’t really going to do this? It was fun to imagine, but she couldn’t cheat on Max. Could she?

The door opened to the 7th floor and her feet carried her to room 715. She took a deep breath before slowly opening the door. The room was just a typical hotel room, a king size bed a slightly dated TV and an overly busy pattern on the carpet. She was kind of scared but even more, she was excited this was something new.

She was a few minutes early, so she sat on the bed and took off her shoes. She tried calming herself with a few deep breaths. Before she knew it, the clock said 8:30 and she began thinking about the mysterious stranger. The more she pictured him the türkçe bahis more badly she wanted to see him.

Her phone began ringing again, but she let it go. As if acting on their own both her hands made their way down between legs and were gently rubbing against the thin fabric. She could feel a slight wetness spreading between her legs as she traced the outline of clit with the tip of her finger.

Just then she heard the click of a key in the keyhole. She jumped out of bed and put her hands up like a kid caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

The man looked like he had just worked out. He was wearing black athletic shorts and a sweaty grey t-shirt. He let out a slight laugh as he entered, locking his eyes directly on Kim. She opened her mouth to speak, but he silenced her holding a single finger up to his lip.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded with absolutely authority. There was no way Kim could resist. She unbuttoned her shirt showing her flat stomach and black bra. He was slowly stepped towards her as the shirt floated gently towards the ground. He mirrored her ripping his shirt and showing off his well muscled physique.

Kim continued sliding her pants down her legs, exposing her tight red panties. He was now directly in front of her. He never took his eyes off of her as he smoothly pulled his shorts and underwear off in one motion. Kim let out a gasp.

It was enormous; bigger than any she’d ever seen. It pointed straight at her like some kind of primitive claim of ownership. Before she knew it, he grabbed the back of her head and guided her down with his strong, but gentle hands. Kim instinctively opened her mouth and the penis shoved inside.

She could barely breath, the deep masculine scent drove her wild as she pushed towards the base with both arms clutching his bare ass. Kim slid her left güvenilir bahis siteleri hand down and as she touched herself, the feeling was electric as if she had completed a circuit.

Without realizing it she was lying on her back completely naked. He grabbed both her thighs pushing them apart with firm, but gentle strength. She felt folded in half, her vagina more exposed and open than it had ever been.He bent over her sliding his lips along her collarbone then deeply kissing the side of her neck.

As he leaned over her his cock was pressed firmly against her stomach. As he pulled away his tip slid down her belly towards her open slit. She took a deep breath as she prepared to be stretched like never before.

He entered slowly at first, but then pushed in harder and deeper. She was overwhelmed, a moment of aching pain before she lost all sense of self. This was ecstasy. The large penis felt like it was always meant just for her.

She locked eyes with him. She felt each point of contact; hands, feet, chest, lips ,hair and places deep inside of her body that she never knew could feel pleasure. A wave of pleasure spreading from deep within her washed over her body.

She was cumming hard; wild and unrestrained she roared. He responded in kind letting out a deep growl as she felt his seed exploding into her filling her body. His fingers squeezed her back pulling her up off the bed as he came again.

Just then, he relaxed his arm and exhaled as he rolled off of her. Kim stared intently at him as he jumped off the bed. Kim couldn’t help, but admire the cock that only moments before had been deep inside of her. She held her hands against her pussy, enjoying the warm and slightly sore feeling as she watched him dress. He dressed quickly and left without saying a word.

It was ten o’clock. As she caught her breath, Kim slowly reacquainted herself with her surroundings. Her phone was ringing. Max must be getting worried, but she couldn’t answer now. Her first real orgasm left her questioning her relationship. She couldn’t go back to their usual routine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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